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Programming does not always happen smoothly, sometimes a lot of patience, devotion and perseverance are required to solve programming problems and stumbling blocks on your way of creating a new programming solution.While developing an application you might come across a number of programming questions the answers to which are not easy to be found. To spare yourself the trouble, submit your programming questions here and you will get programming answers within the shortest time period.

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-Weight of Package (in Kilograms) = Rate per 300 miles shipped
-2 kg or less = $1.20
-Over 2 kg but not more than 6 kg = $2.20
-Over 6 kg but not more than 10 kg = $3.80
-Over 10 kg but not more than 20 kg = $4.80

Write a program that asks for the weight of the package and the distance it is to be shipped, then displays the charges with two decimal places. Input Validation: Do not accept values of 0 or less for the weight of the package. Do not accept weight of more than 20 kg (this is the maximum weight the company will ship.Do not accept distances of less than 10 miles or more than 3,000 miles. These are the company’s minimum and maximum shipping distances.
Write a program that inputs the length of two pieces of fabric in feet and inches (as whole numbers) and prints the total.
what is the answer for the edhesive assignment 1 silly sentences?
So i have a canvas, an image, and a 10 input fields for y and x coordinates. When i press start button the image will move to these coordinates in an animation like movement. How can i do that?
Write an application that displays the factorial for every integer value from 1 to 10. A factorial of a number is the product of that number multiplied by each positive integer lower than it. For example, 4 factorial is 4 * 3 * 2 * 1, or 24. The output would then be The factorial of 4 is 24.
what is the difference between a RAM and a ROM according to storage
Create a Flask Web Service that will generate lottery numbers. It should have the following capabilities. It should generate 6 numbers from 1-58
>All dates must be given in YYYY-MM-DD format
>Random numbers are generated with the date as the seed.
Get winning numbers from start date to end date
> URL: winning_numbers?start_date=<start_data>&end_data=<end_date>
> if start and/or end date are not defined, the default value is yesterday
> start date and end data cannot be greater than yesterday
> output is a json with this format
<date>: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],
<date>: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],
Write a loop that reads strings from standard input, where the string is either "duck" or "goose". The loop terminates when "goose" is read in. After the loop, your code should print out the number of "duck" strings that were read.
A bagel shop charges 75 cents per bagel for orders of less than a half-dozen bagels and 50 cents per bagel for orders of a half-dozen or more. Write a program that requests the number of bagels ordered and displays the price for each bagel and the total cost. Format the output results with two decimal places
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