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Implement a class complex no.which has two int nos.as private variables,ine for real part and other one for complex part.define input(),display()and constructor to initialize the object .include a member function to add two complex nos.
Java program to print the nelson number
In a Bayesian network with n discrete random variables,
a) describe the structure and the contents of the conditional probability tables (CPT)
b) given an instance where the values of n ā€“ 1 of the variables are known, how would you go about determining the most likely value of the nth variable?

I want to make a website, What ever it cost me.But i do not want to buy domain and hosting from bluehost or any other services.I want to make hosting and domain server all that with own.How can i do that? Please remember i do not want to make a free hosting and domain because i want to make a customized website? Please tell how can i do all that?
write a program that will compute for the tuition fee
how i make a flow chart about entering marks five subject(phy,bio,math,comp) and find persentage
What is a bank transaction control system?
I have an assignment that I need to send urgently but I can not. I do not understand linked lists and how to apply them to code. Can you help me?

Write ā€œCā€ function and draw the flowchart of your algorithm, which constructs the linked list representation of your school number as shown below. This function inputs your school number as an argument and returns the address of the first node of the linked list.
Sample school number: 705102005
Why we have to buy domains from other services?
Can we make our own domain and use it?
I want to make my site!
Please tell me how can i do that!
I do not want to buy domain and hosting from bluehost etc., I want to make my site with own!
Please what i would have to do?