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Create a Java program that determines if two (2) words rhyme. 

  1. Write the import statements to be able to use Scanner, Pattern, and Matcher.
  2. Enable user input.
  • Create three (3) String variables.word1 shall store the first word.
  • word2 shall store the second word.
  • sub shall store the last two (2) letters of word1.
  1. Initialize a Pattern as defined by the regular expression "[______]{___}" + sub + " " For the first blank, allow uppercase and lowercase letters. For the second blank, allow either 1 or 2 letters before sub (contains the last two (2) letters of word1).
  2. Initialize a Matcher to store a possible match between your pattern and word2.
  3. Use the matches() method to check if the two (2) words rhyme.

Create a “Boss” class that inherits from the “Armed Enemy” class. Implement an additional

armor level field for the “Boss” class and provide suitable getter and setter methods. Create a

“Boss” Object in the main function to test the functionality of your “Boss” class.

Task 3:

Consider a class Computer having Two fields (i.e. companyName, price) and A single function named show() A class named Desktop inherits Computer class and adds fields representing color, monitor size, and processor type and Override function named show() to display values of its all attributes A class named Laptop inherits Computer class and adds fields representing color, size, weight, and processor type and Override function named show() to display values of its all attributes In Main() instantiate objects of derived classes to access respective show() functions to see the polymorphic behavior.

Task 2:(Inheritance and Polymorphism)

We want to calculate the total marks of each student of a class in Physics, Chemistry and

Mathematics and the average marks of the class. The number of students in the class are entered by the user. Create a class named Marks with data members for roll number, name and marks. Create three other classes inheriting the Marks class, namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which are used to define marks in individual subject of each student. Roll number of each student will be generated automatically.

Task 1:(Inheritance and Polymorphism)

Make a class named Fruit with a data member to calculate the number of fruits in a basket. Create two other class named Apples and Mangoes to calculate the number of apples and mangoes in the basket. Print the number of fruits of each type and the total number of fruits in the basket.

Do the question with only python

Write a program in which you need to 

Create a class called ‘SHAPE’ (should be made an abstract class) having two instance variable Length (double), Height (double) 

instance method Get Data () to get and assign the values (to length &Height) from the user 

it also has a method Display Area () to compute and display the area of the geometrical object. 

Inherit two specific classes ‘TRIANGLE’ and ‘RECTANGLE’ from the base class that utilize the base class method. 

Using these three classes design a program that will accept dimension of a triangle/rectangle interactively and display the area.


Area of Triangle=1/2(L*h)

Area of Rectangle=L*h

You have done 95% of your assignment that took you one month to complete. When opening the file to complete the final 5%, the document is blank. Tell us what steps you will follow to fix this?

Write a program that accepts student mark out of 100, and return the corresponding letter grade based on the following condition:

if mark is greater than or equal to 90 A

if mark is greater than or equal to 80 and less than 90B

if mark is greater than or equal to 60 and less than 80C

if mark is greater than or equal to 40 and less than 60D

if mark is less than 40F

for other cases NG

N.B write the program using both switch and if-else if- else Statements.

It is known that a score for a given course is b/n 0-100

Write a program that gives the maximum value from an array with size 8. The data stored in the array should be accepted from the user and should be an integer value. Write another program which orders the same data in an ascending order

1 Write a program which inputs a person’s height (in centimetres) and weight (in kilograms) and outputs one of the messages: underweight, normal, or overweight, using the criteria:

Underweight: weight < height/2.5

Normal: height/2.5 <= weight <= height/2.3

Overweight: height/2.3 < weight

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