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Programming does not always happen smoothly, sometimes a lot of patience, devotion and perseverance are required to solve programming problems and stumbling blocks on your way of creating a new programming solution.While developing an application you might come across a number of programming questions the answers to which are not easy to be found. To spare yourself the trouble, submit your programming questions here and you will get programming answers within the shortest time period.

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Implement a class Student.For the purpose of this exercise, a student has a name and
a total quiz score.Supply an appropriate constructor and functions get_name(),
add_quiz(int score), get_total_score(), and get_average_score().To compute the latter,
you also need to store the number of quizzes that the student took.
Translate the following sentences into a Prolog program smart.pro:

Messi teaches Prolog language.
Prolog is a programming subject.
Nabil teaches Algebra.
Algebra is a Mathematics subject.
Everyone who teaches a programming subject is smart.

Consult the above program and query Prolog: "Who are smart"? Print screen and submit the output.
Assume you have an IP network connection with the following characteristics:

• 97% of packets reach their destination correctly in less than 50ms

• 1% of packets reach their destination correctly in more than 50ms but less than 10,000ms.

• 1% of packets are lost in transit

• 1% of packets arrive at their destination in less than 50ms but have one or two random single-bit errors.

For each of the following applications, indicate and explain your decision whether it would be best to use TCP with checksum, or UDP with checksum, or UDP without checksum:

(a) A live audio / video chat system like Skype

(b) A general purpose network file system such as NFS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_File_System

(c) Remote control of a bomb disposal robot (each packet contains an array of floating-point numbers indicating the current desired location of the robot)
joe's mean marks for physics tests for the term was 72. his teacher decided to scale all the marks according to the formla y=2*.6,where y is the new marks and x the original mark.find joe's new mean mark.
Given the line coordinates (1, 2), (2, 3). Do the following operations on the given coordinates, entailing what occurs in the output.
• Rotation of the line by 45 degrees about its center (5, 3)
• Translate the line by (7, 2)
• Scale the line by 3 in x and 2 in y
the probability that a student is accepted to a prestigious college is 0.3. if 5 students from the same school apply,what is the probability that at most 2 are accepted?
Write a C program to read 1 integer input from user. Multiply 3 to the input, convert the result to string and print the result.
Write a C program to read 1 integer input and 1 float input from user. With the inputs, calculate the quotient and print it to screen.
Design a class named Person with properties for holding a person’s name, address, and telephone number. Not by using get/set functions.
Write a function in this file called nine_lines that uses the function three_lines (provided below) to print a total of nine lines.

Now add a function named clear_screen that uses a combination of the functions nine_lines, three_lines, and new_line (provided below) to print a total of twenty-five lines. The last line of your program should call the function clear_screen.

The function three_lines and new_line are defined below so that you can see nested function calls. Also, to make counting “blank” lines visually easier, the print command inside new_line will print a dot at the beginning of the line:

def new_line():


def three_lines():



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