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If you are not using any STANDARD for your device manufacturing, then what sort of problems you may encounter?
assignment 5 animation. How do i get started on a coding like this? How do i tell a story behind it? How long will this coding be?
Quick Sort as explained in class uses a Pivot value to arrange all numbers greater than the pivot on one side and all values smaller than the pivot on the other side. Pivot in the class example used the first element of the array. “Median of three” rule uses the median of the first last and the middle elements of the array as the Pivot so that we avoid the chance of picking the smallest or the largest element in the array. a) Write the status of the list F= (12,2,16, 30,8,28,4,10,20,6,18) at the end of each phase of recursive Quick sort using median of three rule to determine the pivot key. (20 points) b) Show that recursive QuickSort takes O(n2) time when input list is already in sorted order(20 points) c) Write a non recursive version of Quicksort incorporating the median of three rule to determine the pivot key. You can use the F array above from a) for your testing. (40 points) d) Show that the non recursive version of Quicksort above takes O( n logn) time on already sorted list. (20 points)
Write a program that uses a while loop to calculate and print the multiples of 3 from 3 to 21. Your program should print each number on a separate line.
Loops and flow control. Make function called loopTest(N) that loops through the values 1 through N and for each number n it should display ‘n is divisible by 2’, ‘n is divisible by 3’, ‘n is divisible by 2 AND 3’ or ‘n is NOT divisible by 2 or 3’. Use a for loop, the function mod or rem to figure out if a number is divisible by 2 or 3, and num2str to convert each number to a string for displaying. You can use any combination of if, else, and elseif.
Fun with find. Write a function to return the index of the value that is nearest to a desired value. The function declaration should be: ind=findNearest(x, desiredVal). x is a vector or matrix of values, and desiredVal is the scalar value you want to find. Do not assume that desiredVal exists in x, rather find the value that is closest to desiredVal. If multiple values (entries) have the same distance from desiredVal, return all of their indices. Test your function to make sure it works on a few vectors and matrices. Useful functions are abs, min, and find. Hint: You may have some trouble using min when x is a matrix. To convert a matrix Q into a vector you can do something like y=Q(:). Then, doing m=min(y) will give you the minimum value in Q. To find where this minimum occurs in Q, do ind=find(Q==m);
Write a program that asks the user to enter ten temperatures and then finds the sum. The input temperatures should allow for decimal values. Sample Run Enter Temperature: 27.6 Enter Temperature: 29.5 Enter Temperature: 35 Enter Temperature: 45.5 Enter Temperature: 54 Enter Temperature: 64.4 Enter Temperature: 69 Enter Temperature: 68 Enter Temperature: 61.3 Enter Temperature: 50 Sum = 504.3
Write code using the range function to add up the series 99, 98, 97, ... 1 and print the resulting sum. Expected output: 4950
Write code using the range function to add up the series 20, 30, 40, ... 90 and print the resulting sum. Expected output: 440
Is it ethical for a company to quote a low price for a software contract knowing that the requirements are ambiguous & that they can change o high price for subsequent changes requested by the customer?
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