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Write a function, reverseDigit, that takes an integer as a parameter and returns the number with

its digits reversed. For example, the value of reverseDigit(12345) is 54321; the value of

reverseDigit(5600) is 65; the value of reverseDigit(7008) is 8007; and the value of reverseDigit(-

532) is -235.
Given the integer variables x, y, and z, write a fragment of code that assigns the smallest of x, y, and z to another integer variable min.

Assume that all the variables have already been declared and that x, y, and z have been assigned values .

4. Write a program that allows user to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. Displays the output of Celsius to Fahrenheit in a table. Entries in the table should range from 10 to 100 degrees Celsius with increments of 2 degrees.
• The formula f= (9/5 * c) + 32 converts Celsius to Fahrenheit.
The result format should have one decimal place. Example 3.3 @ 4.5
3. Write a class that contains variables that hold your hourly rate of pay and the number of hours that you worked. Display your gross pay, your tax please refer in the table below and your net pay (gross pay – tax).

Grosspay Tax
Below 2000 No tax
2001 - 3000 5%
Above 3000 10 %
2. Write an application that sums the integers from 1 to 50 (That is, 1+2+3…+50). Save the file as Sum50.java.
1. The following steps calculate the percentage profit from the sale of a stock. Convert the statements below to java code.

(a) Declare all variables as type Double.
(b) Ask user to input purchasePrice.
(c) Ask user to input sellingPrice.
(d) Assign, to the variable percentProfit, 100 times the value of the difference between sellingPrice and purchasePrice divided by purchasePrice.

Display the value of the variable percentProfit.
. Use forloops to construct a program that displays a pyramid of Xs on the screen. The pyramid should look like this
Write the necessary assignment statements to delete the second Node from the linked list headed by head
Need a program in java:
The cash register has the following bills: 1x 20eur, 2x 10eur, 3x 5 eur,1x 2eur, 1x 1eur. The program asks: „how large is the change:“ .If the change is too large, then: „There isnt enough change". If it isnt possible to give out an exact change (for example: 24 eur), then „Its not possible to give exact change". But if there is enough change (lets say 37 eur) then the program should say like this:
„The change is:
20 eur: 1x
10 eur: 1x
5 eur: 1x
2 eur: 1x
Program needed in java:
The program has to generate a random number between -1000 and 1000. User has 11 guesses max. Then the person guesses, if the quess is too high then the program has to say „your guess was too high“ and if the guess was too low then „your guess was too low“. If the user guesses the number then the program has to say „you found the hidden number“. If the user didnt find the number after 11 guesses then: „you lost. The hidden number is -(hidden number)-.