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Define "precondition" and "postcondition" as part of your description.
def add_dog(arr): arr.insert(2, 'dog') arr = ['cat', 'mouse', 'fish'] print(arr) add_dog(arr) print(arr) What does it print?
arr = [0, 3, 6, 1, 0, 4, 9, 2, 0, 9] arr[3] = 7 arr[2] = arr[7] - arr[4] print(arr) What does it print?
Assume that the variables gpa, deansList and studentName, have been initialized. Write a statement that adds 1 to deansList and prints studentName to standard out if gpa exceeds 3.5.
add a text box, a label, and a button to the form. The button's Click event procedure should store the contents of a text box in a double variable named dblCost. It then should display the variable's contents in the label. Enter the three Option statements above the Public Class clause in the Code Editor window, and then code the procedure. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the solution.
Write a program that asks the user to input their first and last names. The first prompt should state: Please input your first name: The second prompt should state: Please input your last name: After accepting the inputs, your program should output the input in the form last name, first name.
Provide an algorithm to illustrate the assignment of 10 to X if X<Y otherwise 5 is assigned to X.
In Python Implement some sort of geo location filter Then write at least three automated tests that test this feature with jobs that are in and out of the distance rule. I want to see all python jobs posted in the last 6 months that are less than 50 miles from Bridgewater MA
Q1.Write down the ouput of the following statements * cout <<s.subsstr(1, 3) * .cout <<s+s1. substr (4,12) *.cout <<s.erase (2,5) Q2. a.what is type casting in C++ b.with good examples explain how integer data types can be type- cast into real numeric data types and vice versa
create a class called Matrix to represent two dimensional matrices using c++ syntax. the matrix should store double precision floating point numbers.
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