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Encrypt the message “CRYPTOGRAPHY” using the following encryption function:
f(p)=(-7p+1) mod 26
What is the missing 8th digit (depicted as a question mark) in the following ISBN-13:
What are the elements of the set S={x∈(-100,-50)┤| x≡6 mod 17}?
Prove that for any integer n such that n≡2 mod 3 , n^k≡1 or 2 (mod 3) , where k∈N
Use pseudocode to describe an algorithm that displays the last occurrence of each element in an input sequence a_0,a_1,…,a_n . In other words, if an element appears more than once in the sequence, only the last occurrence is displayed.


4, -5, 3, 2, 3, -1, 4, 3
-> displays -5, 2, -1, 4, 3

Determine the running time of your algorithm as a function of n (in the worst, best and average case) and then use asymptotic notation to simplify it.
Q 4. Write a function, reverseDigit that takes an integer as a parameter and returns the number with its digits reversed. For example, the value of reverseDigit(12345) is 54321; the value of reverseDigit(5600) is 65; the value of reverseDigit(7008) is 8007; and the value of reverseDigit(-532) is -235.
Write a program which repeatedly reads numbers until the user enters 0. Once 0 is entered, print out the Max and Min. Use an array to store all the numbers.
Draw flow chart tha allow 's thd user to input the text/code/password.thus password compared with existing word ''program" which is stord in server computer.
recursive backtracking maze generator in windows forms