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Programming does not always happen smoothly, sometimes a lot of patience, devotion and perseverance are required to solve programming problems and stumbling blocks on your way of creating a new programming solution.While developing an application you might come across a number of programming questions the answers to which are not easy to be found. To spare yourself the trouble, submit your programming questions here and you will get programming answers within the shortest time period.

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Write algorithm for interviewer candidate problem
Write a algorithm to solve

the interviewer candidate problem.
i really need help regarding my c coding in my assignment. i did the raptor but cant seem to figure out how to do the c. i need someone to do it for me so i can understand it.
In the United States there is no federal sales tax, so every state may impose its own sales taxes. Look on the Internet for the sales tax charged in five U.S. states, then write a program that prints the tax rate for five states of your choice.
Sales Tax Rates
Alaska: 0%
Hawaii: 4%
. . .
Write an algorithm that allows a robot to mow a rectangular lawn, provided it has been placed in a corner, like this:

The robot (marked as R) can:
•Move forward by one unit.
•Turn left or right.
•Sense the color of the ground one unit in front of it.
Magic squares. An n × n matrix that is filled with the numbers 1, 2, 3, . . ., n2 is a magic square if the sum of the elements in each row, in each column, and in the two diagonals is the same value.

Write a program that reads in 16 values from the keyboard and tests whether they form a magic square when put into a 4 × 4 array. You need to test two features:
1.Does each of the numbers 1, 2, ..., 16 occur in the user input?
2.When the numbers are put into a square, are the sums of the rows, columns, and diagonals equal to each other?
Consider a, b, c as three arrays of size m. N. And. M+n respectively array a is stored in assending order where as array b is stored in desending order. Write a c++ program To produce a third array c containing all the data of arrays a and b and arrenged in desending order. Display the data of array c only
search the web to locate three organizations that provide service desk outsourcing services for each company visit its web site and then write a paragraph that answer the following questions
what services do they deliver?
what do they consider standard services and what do they offer as optional services?
hot do they distinguish themselves from their competition?
what do they say about their staff?
what do they say about their hiring practices?
what do they say about satisfying their customers?
1. Convert the following unsigned binary numbers to a decimal base: 011011, 001001

2. Convert the following decimal numbers to a binary base: 33, 44

3. Convert the following unsigned binary number to hexadecimal base: 01101101, 0010010111

4. Convert the following hexadecimal numbers to a binary base: 0xEA5D, 0x11A

5. In the following perform addition of unsigned binary numbers. Solve each problem and convert your result to a decimal base for verification (a) 0101 +0001, (b) 1101 +1110, (c) 0111 +1000, (d) 0111 +1010

6. Find the decimal equivalent for each binary fraction.
a. 1101.0111

b. 111.111

c. 101.01011

7. Find the binary equivalent for each decimal fraction.
a. 32.45

b. 28.555

c. 7.0202
Text messaging is a popular means of communication. Many abbreviations are in common use but are not appropriate for formal communication. Suppose the abbreviations are stored, one to a line, in a text file named abbreviations.txt. For example, the file might contain these three lines:


Write a program that will read a message from another text file and surround each occurrence of an abbreviation with <> brackets. Write the marked message to a new text file.

For example, the message to be scanned is

How are u today? Iirc, this is your first free day. Hope you are having fun! :)

the new text file should contain

How are <u> today? <Iirc>, this is your first free day. Hope you are having fun! <:)>

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