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A C program is needed for Children Camping Registration Day. The program has one user-defined function named Event( ). This function will ask 2 inputs from user (name and age), then it returns the participant’s age to main( ). If the participant is between 7 and 12 years old, the participant is considered as kid. If the participant is between 13 and 17 years old, the participant is considered as teenager. Write the program by implementing while loop and if-else statement.
How can you prevent or stop a DDoS attack? Highlight the steps that should be followed in such an event.
1)what is the motivation for using multi-level paging?
2)how may page tables be extended to provide various forms of memory protection? Give an example.
3)Explai the format of logical address in a memory management system that uses an inverted page table and explain how such an address is converted into a physical address?
4)Describe 3 components of logical address for a page segmented memory system.
Explain why short channelisation codes are associated with high data rates in WCDMA.
Aphone number,such as(212) 767-8900.can be thought of as having three parts: the area code (212) the exchange (767), and the number (8900).write aprogram that uses a structure to store these three parts of a phone number separately. Call the structure phone. Create two structure variables of type phone. Initialize one and have the user input the number for the ather one. Then display both numbers.The interchange might look like this.
Consider the finite-difference approximation
df/d x ≈ −f (x + 2∆) + 8f (x + ∆) − 8f (x − ∆) + f (x − 2∆)/(12∆)
(1)1. Write a function finite_difference(f, x, Delta) that approximates d f /d x for a given Python
function f, point x, and perturbation Delta using Eq. (1).
2. Compute df/dx |x=1 for f (x ) = cos(x ) using your function and ∆ = 0.4, ∆ = 0.2, and ∆ = 0.1.
3. Compute the corresponding absolute errors (i.e., |y' appx − y' actual |). Name these error_0_4, error_0_2, and error_0_1.
4. Use these errors, and the corresponding ∆’s to estimate the order of this method. Name this order.
Write a function called bisection_root(f, a, b, tol) that uses the bisection
method for solving f (x ) = 0. Feel free to compare it to scipy.optimize.bisect for testing (which
is what we’ll use behind the scenes).
A simple, undamped spring mass system (think m1 from the previous problem if the springs below it were detatched) can be modeled by the following differential equation: mx¨ = −g m − k x .
1. Solve the differential equation for x (t ). Assign the symbolic, sympy expression to x_sl30.

2. Given the initial values x (0) = a0 and x'(0) = b0, solve for the constants C1 and C2. Substitute the constants into your solution and assign your new result to x_sl31
Write a matlab script to display currency conversion for US dollar, british pound, euro with singapore dollar as the base currency. your output should show the equivalent values for USD, GBP, EURO for ever singapore dollar in increments of 1 dollar until 25 dollars.
Sample Output to be as follows:
1 - - -
2 - - -
3 - - -
. .
. .
25 - - -

I don't understand how to do this.
You have a unique ID number, which is represented by the variable id, containing a string of numbers. Write a program that continuously takes strings to standard input. If the string is not your ID number, print "This is not your ID number." If it is, print "This is your ID number: " followed by the number, and terminate the loop.