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Int x = 25;
Ing i= 1;
While (i <5)
{x = x-5;
i +=1;
What is the value of x after this code executed?
What is the value of i after this CNNode executed?

Give an example of a class and an example of an object. Describe what a class is, what an object is, and how they are related. Use your examples to illustrate the descriptions.

1 For the relations s and r in your study manual of our chapter 2 (i.e., joining two relations), suppose
we type a collection of relational algebra queries, and get the following results.
Implement the class called Panel which contains the class definition specified in the header file Panel.h (see below). Save your implementation file under the name Panel.cpp
Test if a number grade is an A (greater than or equal to 90). If so, print "Great!".
Differentiate between a software and hardware
Write a single (one-line) declaration for each of the following situations:
(i)Num1 and Num2 are single-precision real variables.
(ii) Customer and address are string variables.
(iii) Rate is a name constant whose value is 0.55
(iv) Counter is an integer and Deviation is a double precision variable.
(v) Unknown is a variable that can store any type of data
Write a visual BASIC expression for each of the following algebraic expression
(i) x^3 + y^3
(ii) (4t)^1/6
(iii) z= x/y+3
(iv) f= 2xy/c +1 - t/3(p+q)^1/3
Classify the following as either valid or invalid variable name in visual BASIC:
(i)TaxRate (ii) Matric Number (iii) Dim (iv)$Name (v)House address (vi) Double (vii) student name (viii) singles (ix)1stcourse (x) Number1234

Draw a flowchart to calculate the average of a set of N numbers, where N is an integer to be supplied by the user of the algorithm

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