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Course JAVA Programming
Case Study
Case Study:
Read the following and create appropriate java applets
a. Create a try block that is likely to generate two types of exception and then incorporate necessary catch block to handle them appropriately.
b. Create a java applet with a button “Display”. On click of the button it should display rectangle, oval and circle within the applet
c. Create the following form in Java:
Q1. Subject should display name of subjects: C++, VB, Java
Q2. Foreign language should display choice of foreign languages French, German and Japanese
Q3. Submit button should submit the result.

Please if you can help me with this.. I would very much appreciate it.

import java.util.Scanner;
class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
int grade;
int nGrades = 0;
double sum = 0.0;
boolean done = false;
System.out.println("Enter grades (-1 to quit)");
while (!done) {
grade = scan.nextInt();
if (grade != -1) {
sum += grade;
else {
done = true;
double average = sum / nGrades;
System.out.println("Average grade: " + average);

I need to be able to put grades -5 to 20
Use any other number as a sentinel value other than -5 to 20
fix NaN error that comes up if you input -1 and press enter
Write a program to calculate and display the cost of a number of cinema tickets according to the rules:

• RM8 per ticket for the stalls (at the front, rows 1 to 10)

• RM10 per ticket for the gallery (the best seats, rows 11 to 25)

• RM6 per ticket for the upper gallery (far from the screen, rows 26 to 30)

The customer enters two whole numbers, row (the row number) and tickets (the number of tickets required) and the program should calculate and display the cost of that number of tickets for the customer.
An additional requirement is that there should be a RM1 discount per ticket for customers purchasing 10 or more tickets. Save the file as Tickets.java
2. Write a java program that will read an infix expression from the user, and print out the corresponding postfix expression.
Input: A + B * C
Output: A B C * +
1. Write a java program that inputs a line of text and uses a stack to display the words of a sentence in reverse order. Input and output for your program should be as following.
Input: My name is DSA.

Output: DSA is name My.
Need detailed explanation on differences between @ModelAttribute vs @RequestBody, @ResponseBody and when to use all these three. a sample use case and sample code snippet would be helpful.

1. What are the differences between @ModelAttribute and @ResponseBody
2. When to use @ModelAttribute and When to use @ResponseBody. Need examples to differentiate between the two.
3. Difference between @RequestBody and @ResponseBody. Need examples to differentiate between the two.
4. Difference between @ModelAttribute and @RequestBody
You displayed:
Susan Meyers, employee number 47899 , works as a Sales Rep in Marketing.
Mark Jones, employee number 39119 , works as a Programmer in IT.
Joy Rogers, employee number 81774 , works as a Engineer in Manufacturing.

instead of:
Susan Meyers, employee number 47899, works as a Sales Rep in Marketing.
Mark Jones, employee number 39119, works as a Programmer in IT.
Joy Rogers, employee number 81774, works as a Engineer in Manufacturing.

This is the error that is giving me and i do not have a space in between

Employee first = new Employee("Susan Meyers, employee number" ,47899, ", works as a Sales Rep","in Marketing." );

after each comma java will display a space in between and i do not want it
3. Assume that we are given n pairs of items as input, where the first item is a number and the second item is one of three colors (red, blue, or yellow). Further assume that the items are sorted by number. Give an algorithm to sort the items by color (all reds before all blues before all yellows) such that the numbers for identical colors stay sorted.
For example: (1,blue), (3,red), (4,blue), (6,yellow), (9,red) should become (3,red),
(9,red), (1,blue), (4,blue), (6,yellow).
5. Write a Java program to print all the LEADERS in the array.
[An element is leader if it is greater than all the elements to its right side.]
9. Write a java recursive function that computes and returns the sum of all elements in an array, where the array and its size are given as parameters.