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Write a program that asks the user for an input string. The program produces a table showing each character and the Unicode/ASCII value for that character.
A school has three houses A, B and C. Write a program to read a house and the points awarded for winning each race in an athletic finals terminated by “D”. Calculate and print the total points gained by each house appropriately labeled. Also print the 1 St and 3rd house entered and the points.
Program 1 - Vehicle load capacity Every vehicle has a maximum value, in kilograms, that can be loaded unto the vehicle. You must write a small application in JAVA that can assist a builder to determine if the goods he wants to buy weighs less than load capacity of his truck. Your program must:- 1. Read the load capacity of the vehicle as input 2. Read the name and weight of three items as input 3. Calculate the total weight for the items 4. Display all items and the weight. 5. Display the total weight for all items 6. If the total weight of the items is less than the load capacity of the vehicle, display the available weight capacity of the truck 7. If the total weight of the items is greater than the load capacity of the vehicle, display the value that is more than the load capacity of the vehicle. Remember that all output must be user-friendly.
draw a trapezoid
write a program to draw a dog house use fillRect for the use, drawLine for the roof (you cant fill it though), fillRect for the door, drawString to print your dogs name over the door
write a program to create a picture frame. use fillRect() to create the bottom layer in one color. use another fillRect for an inner rectangle for the next layer in another color. finally use fillOval() inside the inner rectangle for the top layer in a 3rd color
write a program that plots 5 different colored pixels anywhere on a graphics screen with a black background
What is the longest side in the shape made from the file datatest1.txt whose contents are shown below (just give to two decimal places)?
Write a menu-driven program that uses an array of queues to keep track of a group of executives as they are transferred from one department to another, get paid, or become unemployed. Executives within a department are paid based on their seniority, with the person who has been in the department the longest receiving the most money. Each person in the department receives $1000 in salary for each person in her department having less seniority than she has. Persons who are unemployed receive no compensation. Your program should be able to process the following set of commands: Join <person> <department> --> <person> is added to <department> Quit <person> --> <person> is removed from his or her department Change <person> <department> --> <person> is moved from old department to <department> Payroll --> Each executive's salary is computed and displayed by the department in decreasing order of seniority
Develop a program to maintain a list of homework assignments. When an assignment is assigned, add it to the list, and when it is completed, remove it. You should keep track of the due date. Your program should provide the following services: • Add a new assignment. • Remove an assignment. • Provide a list of the assignments in the order they were assigned. • Find the assignment(s) with the earliest due date.
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