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XYZ has a lot of work to do. They have tight deadlines both from development and support. They evaluate the product release after every k days. Every day they remove the best IQ guy and worst IQ guy from the team and add a new guy with IQ same as there difference.

This happens usually many teams during the whole financial year. You are given a list of guys with there IQs. There you would have multiple queries stating the Kth day the team wants to evaluate. At the end of each query you have to return the whole possible IQs of the team.


First line contains two spate-separated integers N and Q, denoting the number of guys in team and number of queries respectively.

Next line contains N space-separated integers denoting 10s of each team member

Next Q lines contain a single integer K.


For each task, print answer in a new line.


Create a class Card, and its children classes are Valentine, Holiday, and Birthday. A card class will have a greeting () method that writes out a greeting. Each type of card contains an appropriate greeting. The Holiday card says "Season's Greetings." The Birthday card says "Happy Birthday." The Eid card says "Happy blissful Eid". Create objects of the three child classes: Holiday, Birthday and Eid and show the polymorphic behavior (call the greeting methods from each object).

Write a Java program to find the maximum and

minimum value of a 1-d array.

4. In the main, compile the file. This has a cascading effect of compiling all of the classes used in the program; thus compiling the Customer java, Account java, and files under the same directory. Javac TestBanking java If you're using any environment to work with, just click on the Compile button.

2. Create the Customer class in the file a. declare three private object attributes: firstName, last Name, and account. b. declare a public constructor that takes two parameters (first and last) that populate the object attributes firstName and lastName. C. declare two public accessors (1.e., get methods) for the object attributes; these methods get First Name and get Last Name simply return the appropriate attributes. d. declare the setAccount method to assign the account attribute. e. declare the getAccount method to retrieve the account attribute.

1. Create the Account class in the file a. Declare one private object attribute: balance; this attribute will hold the current (or "running") balance of the bank account. b. Declare a public constructor that takes one parameter, initBalance, which populates the balance attribute. C. Declare a public method getBalance that retrieves the current balance. d. Declare a public method deposit that adds the amount parameter to the current balance. The deposit method is to always return true, meaning all deposits are successful. e. Declare a public method withdraw that removes the amount parameter from the current balance. The withdraw method is to check that the amount being withdrawn is not greater than the current balance. If amt is less than balance, then subtract the amount from the balance and return true; else, leave the balance alone and return false.

Sample Input 1

11 k

Sample Output 1



Ram performs the following sequence of n = 2 moves:

Ram jumps from point 0 to point 0+1=1.

• Ram jumps from point 7 to point 1+2= 3; observe that he avoided point k = 2 by jumping over it.

Sample Input 2


Sample Output 2

Based on the basic requirements stated below, design a program that simulates the point of sales program for a hair salon.

Basic Requirements

A hair salon offers a variety of hair salon services for its customers. 

The program should calculate the price a customer has to pay for the services and (or) products acquired in the salon.

The program is intended to be used by the hair salon owner, staff or cashier. 

This can be designed as a simple Point Sales System (POS) program for a hair salon.

Only basic requirements are stated here, each team need to include relevant functions into designing and implementing this project.

The program must demonstrate the following concepts:

•      Inheritance

•      Overloading

•      Overriding

•      Object

•      Class


The following concept implementation is optional; include this can design relevant interface(s)  Interface


The program is NOT required to use GUI design.  

Write a program that asks the user to enter an integer from 20 to 99 in numeric form. The program should output the equivalent number in words. For example, if an input of 58, the output is fifty eight

Create an abstract class Shape and the derived classes Square, Triangle and Circle. Write a

java program to display area of different shapes.

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