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Write a JavaScript program that prompts for an employee name, employee no, rate of pay and hours worked, and computes the total pay for the employee. If the hours worked is greater than 40 hours, compute by using 1.5 times regular rate for the extra hours. For example, if one works for 50 hours and the rate paid is RM10.00/hour, the total pay should be RM550.00.

Include screenshots that show the output of each code for working hours < 40 hours, = 40 hours, and > 40 hours. Sample window shown on Figure 1.
I need help on one of my computer science java homeworks. I am having trouble doing Homework 6 where you have to modify the linked lists and implement stuff. How do I do that?
5 by 20 array is declared in the Java code (e.g., Data [i][j])
Data[i][0] always has year information which is ranged between 2005 and 2018
Data[i][0] should be randomly assigned
Data[i][1~19] has a random integer which is ranged between 1~100
What is the value of Name[value[1]] and Name[value [3]] in the following array ?
( int[] value = {1,0,3,2};
String[] Name = {"John","Paul","Mike","Cassandra"};
what would be the following output from this code and why?

String str = "My first java program";
String reslt= str.substring(2,12);
What is the value of marks[2][3] in the following array ? AND why?
int [][] marks = { {88, 80, 79, 92}, {75, 84, 93, 80},{98, 95, 92, 94},{91, 84, 88, 96} };
Write a static method that accepts an array of LineSegments and returns the longest of the line segments. If the array is null, or empty, return null.

(Your answer to this should be a single method. No need to write a whole class.)
Create a program that satisfy the following requirements:
1. Ask user to enter integer numbers, one at a time.
2. If the number is -1, stop entering number.
3. Print out the total number that is greater than 18.

For example:
The following is screen shot when user enters the sentence “computer science is great”.

enter an integer:
enter an integer:
enter an integer:
enter an integer:
enter an integer:
Total number that is greater than 18: 2
1a.Implement maketree, setleft, and setright for right in-threaded binary trees using the sequential array representation. 1b. Implement inorder traversal for this right in-thread tree.
Write an application that displays the factorial for every integer value from 1 to 10. A factorial of a number is the product of that number multiplied by each positive integer lower than it. For example, 4 factorial is 4 * 3 * 2 * 1, or 24. The output would then be The factorial of 4 is 24.
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