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To check the complexity of an architecture, what could a programmer use
Prepare and discuss SRS format
From the user's perspective, what was the difference between the first version of the game and the one with the bug?
Why would tests designed for testing a component of a system not be usable during system test ?
A Company decides to develop a website, which lets people buy and sell their software applications. This company works as negotiator between buyers and sellers and takes commission for the service. The company aims to develop this website user friendly. You are required to study this idea deeply and prepare Functional and non-functional Requirement specification of placing online order module.
Discuss and explain the software development life of a software system that can be represented as a series of cycles within the Unified Process.
Using examples, evaluate the open source model of software development. In your discussion highlight some of its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, explain some of the alternatives that also exist.
Discuss possible ramifications of these opposing objectives on the project. What would you do if you were the manager?
Write an argumentative essay on the role of testing in a software project. The essay should describe testing's purpose and limitations, and touch upon black-box, white-box and acceptance testing, ultrahigh reliability and beta-testing. (A mere list of definitions will receive little credit.)
Define coupling and then present a critical essay on the various types of coupling.
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