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Make a reflection paper about The rise of "worse is better" by Richard Gabriel composing of introduction, body and conclusion. The total words should have at least 750 words.
Write a reaction paper about the "An investigation of the therac-25 accidents" including Introduction, Body, Conclusion and the List of Citations.
Perform an analysis for disk ranges from 0 to 199 for the following sequence of disk tracks requests: 127, 12, 110, 92, 147, 141, 10, 14, 83, 188, 25 and 120. Assume disk head initially at track 100 and is moving in the direction of decreasing track number. Perform the analysis on FIFO, SSTF, SCAN, and CSCAN algorithms. Calculate the total head mowvement for each algorithm and represent with graph.
Suppose that a data warehouse consists of four dimensions customer, product, sales person and sales time, and the three measures Sales Amt (in rupees), VAT (in rupees) and Payment_type (in rupees). Draw the different classes of schemas that are popularly used for modeling data warehouses.
State how any cast routing is different from multicast routing.
What is a care-of-address in the case of routing for mobile hosts? Explain how packets are routed from a sender to a mobile host who has moved out from his home network.
An event registration system for which the size is estimated at 190 KLOC is to be developed for an institution.The values of cost drivers are as follows:low reliability->0.78,high product complexity->1.15,experiance->1.13,hogh programming language experience->.85,other cost drivers assumed to be nominal->1.Compute the overall effort and schedule estimates.
memory transfer is achieved via a system ___
a) Explain the differences between watermarking and steganography.

b) Design a watermark that includes several people's names, for example jack. Explain the major steps involved.

c). Professional photographers would prefer taking raw phtos rather than JPEG images. Justify the reason in detail in terms of color depth.