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• Give an example of a business system and model its behavior by data-driven modeling. • Give an example of a Real-time system and model its behavior by event-driven


Identify critical use cases that could serve as a basis for understanding the requirements of an ATM system.

Develop the "Withdraw Money" use case using ASTAH.

Draw ERD, Class Diagram, System level Use Case diagram, Sequence Diagram of Online Ordering and Payment System

Write 5 Real life Examples of Volatile requirements and 5 real life Examples of Stable requirements?

What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing for enterprise resource planning (ERP)?

(1)list the functional requirements of shopping ordering system.

(2) Non-function equipment ordering shopping system, categories into

i Usability

ii Reliability

iii Performance

iv Supportability

v Implementation

vi Interface and Operation

how can we 1 gb memory design using 256 mb Ram blocks-Microprocessors

Perform hierarchical task analysis for the goal of downloading final term exam from uni web portal then upload your paper on web portal. Include all plans in your answer. Express the task analysis textually and graphically

write a report on different cpu scheduling algorithms its advantages and disadvantages in various operating system

Write a report on the SCRUM agile development methodology from the point of view of a programmer trying to argue the case for the management of ESOFT Metro Campus to adopt the SCRUM methodology for internal system development and contracted (procured) system development. You can assume the organization has no experience in agile development processes at all so you will need to provide detailed arguments (this is not true but for the purposes of the assignment you should assume it is true).

Your report should be structured as follows:

A) An overview of Agile processes

B) An explanation of the SCRUM framework

C) Arguments for and against the adoption of SCRUM. You will need to reference authoritative sources to convince your management

D) Clearly identify what sorts of projects would benefit and what sorts of projects will not benefit. This can be part of your point 3 arguments.

E) An explanation of two aspects of Agile methodologies (XP, SCRUM, or other

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