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United States 263278, C++ Jul 2020

I never honestly thought about using this site. Then I took a crazy amount of classes and shit was crazy. This website helped me graduate early!!

United States 262902, C Jun 2020

Great prompt service, thank you so much for everything.

Australia 262446, Computer Networks Jun 2020

Although it was late the assignment was done perfectly

United States 262810, Python Jun 2020

Thank you for the help in a time where I needed it. My eye surgeries made it impossible to look at a screen even in low brightness. It was the best money i’ve ever spent academically.

Australia 260257, Electrical Engineering Jun 2020

The service was good. Unfortunately on my order, the solutions were exactly the same as other students. But its okay because i can refund. Please check ur expert and make sure they have different solutions. Thank you

United States 262815, NodeJS Web Application Jun 2020

Assignment Expert really are experts. They are very professional and very helpful. I will not only recommend them to others in the future but I know who to go to in the future myself!

United States 262844, C Jun 2020

Staff tries their best and even meet deadlines faster than expected.

United States 262767, General Chemistry Jun 2020

Thank you so much received 100% on my grade!

Canada 262750, C++ Jun 2020

The price is way too high. Good quality though

United States 261903, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

Nice work!

Canada 261190, Visual Basic Jun 2020

Perfect as usual

United States 262285, Excel Jun 2020

5 Stars!!!

United States 262335, Python Jun 2020

I received 100% on the assignment that AssignmentExpert helped me with. I would definitely recommend to a friend or coworker who needs help with their assignments.

United States 261773, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

Very Reliable!

United States 261529, History Jun 2020

Super grateful for this website! They’ve helped me with two big essays. Not only were they done in time they both received A’s. The price was higher than expected but honestly they deserve it. Thank you, you guys were life savers Spring 2020 semester during these crazy times!!

Saudi Arabia 261449, English Jun 2020

Great service! Assignment was completed on time

United States 261477, Evolution Jun 2020

You guys always amaze me !! Thank you so much for all the help. The assignments are always correct . Great communication. A++++ love the assignmentexpert team

Canada 260206, Python Jun 2020

I got 95% in the assignment. I am very pleased with your work. Thank you so much

Turkey 260948, C Jun 2020

I really love it thank you.

Turkey 260955, Java | JSP | JSF Jun 2020

I really love it thank you

Saudi Arabia 261444, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

As always, the project was completed on time with 93% accuracy.

Saudi Arabia 260965, English Jun 2020

The assignment was completed on time with no issues. It was also completed with 100% accuracy! Thank you

United Arab Emirates 260730, Electric Circuits Jun 2020

Impressing, I got 100 in my online test. Great quality and time management.

Saudi Arabia 261172, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

Project was completed on time with accuracy

United States 260939, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

5 stars!!!

Kuwait 260410, Biochemistry Jun 2020

excellent service and real experts with high quality job

United States 260675, Databases | SQL | Oracle | MS Access Jun 2020

Outstanding service and very timely response. Appreciate the helpful staff and experts.

United States 260447, C Jun 2020

Great explanation, to the point and fair price.

Saudi Arabia 260741, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

Assignment expert is one of the only sites I trust with help on my assignment! Customer service is always available through chart and pleasant! They complete requests on time and 90% accuracy! Prices are a little expensive at times but worth it. I wish they had discount codes sometimes. I recommend then and will continue to use their service.

Canada 260457, Web Development Jun 2020

I got 100% in this exercise. Thanks

United States 260267, Statistics and Probability Jun 2020

Fast service!

United States 259948, Finance Jun 2020

They get your awesome results even if they miss something they will correct it immediately great job

United States 258133, Management Jun 2020

The work done by this expert was excellent.

Australia 257381, HTML/JavaScript Web Application Jun 2020

Amazing love you guys!

Canada 259826, History Jun 2020

Good and reasonable price

United States 257664, C++ Jun 2020

Professional work

Sweden 259873, Java | JSP | JSF Jun 2020

Great work guys

Kuwait 259317, Law Jun 2020

Excellent work with every detail from the introduction to the conclusion including references , always on time , at the end we as customers are always satisfied . They may have some things missing , but you can always talk to them live and they can fixe the issue very fast .

Canada 259435, Visual Basic Jun 2020


United States 259567, C Jun 2020

Very reasonable prices for the services provided and customer support is very quick.

Malaysia 259041, Calculus May 2020

Very reasonable and satisfy

South Africa 259748, Algebra May 2020

The service was very super quality and top class.

South Africa 259747, Statistics and Probability May 2020

Very high quality service and top class presentation

United States 259726, General Chemistry May 2020

You guys always pull through . Everything is always given back on the proper due date & the work is done correctly . A+++++

United States 259429, Atomic and Nuclear Physics May 2020

Great job on the assignment. Got a 97/100.

Australia 259179, C# May 2020

Excellent service, quality work with a fast turnover to meet deadline. Very happy customer, highly recommended.

Oman 259239, Calculus May 2020

Best prices, best services in the entire world

Canada 259183, Web Development May 2020

Excellent work. Thank you so much

United States 258819, Excel May 2020

Completed on time, a bit pricey but overall did a great job, and trusted.

United States 257697, English May 2020

Very professional but a little bit pricey.Thank you for your excellent job with my assignment. I have recommended many peers and they were equally satisfied.

Mauritius 258360, Java | JSP | JSF May 2020

Great work. Thanks a lot

United States 258419, Statistics and Probability May 2020

Very pleased with customer service and presentation of work.

Australia 258411, C# May 2020

A very satisfied customer. Quality work with a fast turnover time to meet deadline. Highly recommended.

Australia 257490, C May 2020

Submitted an assignment about UNIX programming and the quality of work that you got was the best. Will definitely rely on the experts here again.

United States 258722, C# May 2020

Quality of service was excellent. Fast response and turnaround. Definitely worth it!

United States 257948, English May 2020

I can't say enough about how professional and excellent your service has been. Thank you very much!!!

United States 257634, Discrete Mathematics May 2020

Extremely fast and great pricing. Got a B, honestly can’t complain for not having to break my head with a single problem and the perfect pricing. Amazing service!

United States 257837, C# May 2020

Excellent customer service priced appropriately will use this service again. Thank you for your help

United States 257805, Financial Math May 2020

Very satisfied, I passed all my classes with good grades!

United States 258300, Statistics and Probability May 2020

The services I have receive were remarkable. Everything was finished before the deadline and superseded my expectations as a first time user. I was honestly really nervous at first but now that I can trust Assignment Expert, I will definitely be utilizing it more and recommending friends as well! YOU ROCK

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