How it Works

Submitting your assignment is easy:

Click on “Submit Now” and fill in the information to configure the project you need assistance with. Then, create your login and set up a password to make a profile for the system. After you have read the terms and conditions, you may submit all the information. You can add new projects by selecting “Create New Order” and entering the information about your particular assignment request.

The price for every assignment is based upon factors of:

  • the complexity of the assignment;
  • the volume of the project;
  • the deadline.

As soon as you inquire about our service, you must be prepared to supply all specific instructions and details regarding the project. Our qualified support team will verify your materials and inform whether that the instructions were successfully accepted. As soon as we manage to evaluate your project and be ready to assist, we'll guide you in processing the payment. We start doing your assignment as soon as we receive the payment.

Our dedicated support team will match your needs with an expert:

The process of locating the right expert for your particular needs takes typically under 1 hour; however, if you have any questions during the process, you can always contact us to verify the information or check on the status. Prices for your math, physics, or programming assignment are determined after confirming that our experts can complete your assignment within the deadline. Once your assignment is complete, it is submitted to your personal area at as well as forwarded by email for you to review.

Contacting Assignment Expert:

  • we are available through online live chat and at;
  • there is no such thing as a “wrong” question;
  • you can write notes and configure your order until it is approved and pushed to development.

When you have questions, we are here to assist you. Through the use of our contact methods, we are available to assist you in every way possible. We are here no matter what your question is, and will assist you. There are never wrong questions here at Assignment Expert. If you are concerned that your assignment does not have the right information, please add more notes to set up the project perfectly. Once the project is done, you have at least 14 days to review it. Once the completed project does not correspond to the initial requirements, you are in the right to demand fixing it as soon as possible or request a refund.

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