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A set associative cache consists of a total of 256 blocks divided into 4-sets. The main memory contains 4096 pages. Assume that size of a block is 64 bytes and page size is 4096 bytes..

(a) How many bits are there in a main memory address?

(b) How many bits are there in each of TAG and SET fields?
consider two arrays a and b with equal size. A is going to act as QUEUE and B is going to act as STACK. both A and B contains some elements. pop the top element from B and dequeue the front element from A. Multiply those deleted numbers store the result in general linear list
Int x = 25;
Ing i= 1;
While (i <5)
{x = x-5;
i +=1;
What is the value of x after this code executed?
What is the value of i after this CNNode executed?

Q. Write functional program

       I.           Display MENU


   III.           Generate On-Screen INVOICE

Assume that you have built a program Tech Comm. The system should allow 2
friends Amna and the Sara to be in remote location, but both can view a real-time
desktop. Amna should be able to change the code and the Sara can point to the
objects on the Amna’s desktop. Also, there is an audio/video chat portal to let both
friends to communicate. The system allows these friends to easily change/swap
roles and record sessions in the form of video chats. Also, Amna can issue the
system to back up the old work.
Part A. Draw a use case diagram to show the functionalities of the system.
Part B. Describe in detail five non-functional requirements for the system.
Write a pseudocode that incorporates all the food items below, however make
a selection between mangoes and oranges considering the weather is summer.
Call the name of the program WhatToEat. Since we have many food items in the
fridge so we will use function Eat, that takes as input a variable of type of food.
Instant Soup Mix
Describe how 7AED would be stored using UTF-8 encoding in binary
def histogram (s):
d = dict()
for c in s:
If c not in d:
d[c] = 1
d [c] + = 1
return d
Copy the code above into your program but write all the other code for this assignment yourself. Do not copy any from another source.

Part 1.
Write a function called has_duplicates that takes a string parameter and return True if the string has any repeated character, otherwise, it should return false......

Part 2
Write a function called missing_letter that takes a String parameters and returns a new string with all the letters of the alphabet that are not in the argument string.......
1. convert binary number 11.01 to deposit
2a. write the position number (valve of each of the digital number
2b. sketch the electrical representative of binary number.
C. complete the following boolean's expression
1. x.0=?
2. x.1=?
3. x.x=?
4. x+x=?
Computing Distance
Consider the radius or circumference of the wheel(s) mounted to the motor(s), how can this information be used in combination with encoder info to accurate move a specified distance? (Show your calculations)
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