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At the start of each year, a list of units offered by a university is provided its students. The students check the units available, and enrol in the units that are part of their degrees. The timetable of classes for each unit is provided by the Class Management office. Each unit has a few available classes that run at different days during the week. Students check the class schedule and register for a class of their choice. They get a confirmation after they have registered for their classes. The academic staff members coordinating units check the class registrations during class registration week. They inform the Class Management office to open or close classes if needed. They also get a list of students registered in each of their classes once registrations are closed. They also get a list of students enrolled in each of their units at census date.
Which of the following is validFORTRAN? 1. -0.123 2. 15.673 3. All of the options 4. +16
Language used to solve Computer mathematical computations is termed as; 1. Pascal 2. Fortran 3. Ada 4. COBOL
Overflow in C++ is a one kind of 1. Logical error 2 . Run time error 3. None of the options 4. Syntax error
Unsigned integers in C++ are: 1. Non-Negative number 2. Float number 3. Negative number 4. None of the options
What are the basic data types inFORTRAN? 1. Integer, Real, Complex, Character 2. Integer, Real, Double, Precision 3. Integer, Real, Logical, Character
Which of the following is invalid statement in FORTRAN? (A). Do 10001=15 (B). CONTINUE (C). P+Q+ (D). DIMENSION×(30,20)
Question 2 (Marks: 50) The system to be developed for Williams and Son needs to produce the following slip for a customer once the sale has been concluded. Please note: For the purpose of this assignment, assume that a customer will only purchase one unit of each item. Q.2.1 Write the pseudocode that will produce a slip similar to the one illustrated at the beginning of the question. Your solution should satisfy the following requirements:  The solution must illustrate the use of good programming practices;  The solution must make use of a loop;  The loop must make use of a sentinel value. Q.2.2 The mainline logic of almost every procedural program consists of three parts namely housekeeping tasks, detail loop tasks and end-of-job tasks. By making use of flowcharts, show how these parts can be implemented in your solution for Question 2.1. Q.2.3 All of your solutions should be structured. Explain why your solution can be considered a structured solution.
g(0, Y, Y):- !. g(X, C, R):- Y is X - 1, C1 is C * 2, g(Y, C1, R). What is the final value of Y after g(3, 2, Y)?
Many devices are build and programmed with another computer than How the first computer was programmed to do something?
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