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Describe how 7AED would be stored using UTF-8 encoding in binary
Describe how catching exceptions can help with file errors. Write three Python examples that actually generate file errors on your computer and catch the errors with try: except: blocks. Include the code and output for each example in your post.

Describe how you might deal with each error if you were writing a large production program. These descriptions should be general ideas in English, not actual Python code.
def histogram (s):
d = dict()
for c in s:
If c not in d:
d[c] = 1
d [c] + = 1
return d
Copy the code above into your program but write all the other code for this assignment yourself. Do not copy any from another source.

Part 1.
Write a function called has_duplicates that takes a string parameter and return True if the string has any repeated character, otherwise, it should return false......

Part 2
Write a function called missing_letter that takes a String parameters and returns a new string with all the letters of the alphabet that are not in the argument string.......
1. convert binary number 11.01 to deposit
2a. write the position number (valve of each of the digital number
2b. sketch the electrical representative of binary number.
C. complete the following boolean's expression
1. x.0=?
2. x.1=?
3. x.x=?
4. x+x=?
Computing Distance
Consider the radius or circumference of the wheel(s) mounted to the motor(s), how can this information be used in combination with encoder info to accurate move a specified distance? (Show your calculations)
Modify the example in Adruino to such that when the motors turn clockwise, the green light blinks, and when the motor turns counter-clockwise, the red light blinks.


void setup() {

prizm.PrizmBegin(); // Initialize the PRIZM controller

void loop() { // repeat in a loop

prizm.setMotorPower(1,25); // spin Motor 1 CW at 25% power
delay(5000); // wait while the motor runs for 5 seconds
prizm.setMotorPower(1,0); // stop motor (coast to stop)
delay(2000); // After stopping, wait here for 2 seconds
prizm.setMotorPower(1,-25); // spin Motor 1 CCW at 25% power
delay(5000); // wait while the motor runs for 5 seconds
prizm.setMotorPower(1,0); // stop motor (coast to stop);
delay(2000); // After stopping, wait here for 2 seconds, then repeat

Modify the example in the Arduino to such that the red LED light flashes 3 times for 0.5 seconds, followed by 2 one-second flashes of the green LED light.

/* PRIZM Controller example program
* Blink the PRIZM red LED at a 1 second flash rate
* author PWU on 08/05/2016

#include <PRIZM.h> // include the PRIZM library

PRIZM prizm; // instantiate a PRIZM object "prizm" so we can use its functions

void setup() {

prizm.PrizmBegin(); // initialize the PRIZM controller


void loop() { // repeat this code in a loop

prizm.setRedLED(HIGH); // turn the RED LED on
delay(1000); // wait here for 1000ms (1 second)
prizm.setRedLED(LOW); // turn the RED LED off
delay(1000); // wait here for 1000ms (1 second)

At the start of each year, a list of units offered by a university is provided its students.
The students check the units available, and enrol in the units that are part of their degrees.

The timetable of classes for each unit is provided by the Class Management office.
Each unit has a few available classes that run at different days during the week.
Students check the class schedule and register for a class of their choice. They get a
confirmation after they have registered for their classes.

The academic staff members coordinating units check the class registrations during class
registration week. They inform the Class Management office to open or close classes if
needed. They also get a list of students registered in each of their classes once registrations
are closed. They also get a list of students enrolled in each of their units at census date.
Which of the following is validFORTRAN?

1. -0.123

2. 15.673

3. All of the options

4. +16
Language used to solve Computer mathematical computations is termed as;

1. Pascal

2. Fortran

3. Ada

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