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g(0, Y, Y):- !.
g(X, C, R):- Y is X - 1, C1 is C * 2, g(Y, C1, R).

What is the final value of Y after g(3, 2, Y)?
Many devices are build and programmed with another computer than How the first computer was programmed to do something?
1. When the following are true? The following symbols are used:
~ - negation,
v – disjunction,
& - conjunction,
-> - implication

1. p & ~p v q

2. ~(x v y) = ~x & ~y
3. ~( a -> ~b)

For each of the following, under what circumstances are they TRUE
For example, question 1 is true only when q is true


This is about boolean logic

Conjunction: a AND b, a ∩ b, a & b, a && b
True only if both a and b are true
Disjunction: a OR b, a ∪ b, a || b ,
False only if both a and b are false
Negation: NOT a
True only if a is false
Implication: a IMPLIES b
False only when a true and b false
Equivalence: a IS EQUIVALENT TO b, a = b, a == b ,
True when a and b are the same
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