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Task 1:

Create a presentation to deliver to the chamber of commerce in which you provide an evaluation of the different ways in which a business can use social media.

You should cover how social media can be used to interact with customers and promote business products and/or services.

You should also cover ways in which social media can be used to target a specific audience and the audience profiles of different social media sites.


For this task you will need to submit a presentation with speaker notes. You will not be required to give the presentation so make sure that your notes are detailed. You can use PowerPoint to do this or Google slides.


Evaluate the business use of social media to interact with customers and promote products or services to a target audience.

Assess the different ways in which a business can use social media to attract a target audience.

Explain the different ways in which a business can use social media.

Explain the audience profiles of different social media websites.

Design a 1:4 Demultiplexer (Use gate level modelling).using xilinx and isim.

A customer has accidentally left an umbrella in one of the cinemas and needs help finding it. They don’t remember which cinema it was in but say they were “pretty sure” that it was on a Tuesday either last week or the week before last. The movie they watched was shown in 3D and was one of the Star Wars films, though they don’t know which one. They say that they bought the same snack they always buy when they go to the movies. The last movie they saw was Forrest Gump in Cinema 1, yesterday morning. Write a query to find the cinema name where the umbrella was lost.

Q1. Define priority encoder. How to represent a priority encoder by using truth table and draw a diagram. Differentiate between encoder and decoder.                  

Q2. Define MUX and DEMUX. Where we use mux and demux system? How to create a 16:1 MUX by using 4:1 MUX with a truth table and draw a diagram for this MUX.                                                                                                               

Q3. Define latch and flip flop. Describe upon Master-Slave J-K Flip Flop by using figure and truth table.                                                                                       

 Q4. Differentiate between sequential and combinational circuit with example. Describe and draw the 3 bit Synchronous and asynchronous Binary counter. 

How companies use the database for business? Mention at least 5 names of those companies.

The technique of developing a system model and testing to make adjustments until an acceptable product is realized is known as:
A. Waterfall technique
C. Flow charting
D. Prototyping
A task in a project was programmed to take 6 days although it can be finished in 4 days. This task is said to:
A. Be a lag task
B. Be a critical task
C. Have a successor
D. Be a milestone task
Which of the following is a volatile medium?
B. Main memory
D. Flash memory
Eyestrain can be reduced by:
A. Reducing room light intensity
B. Using LCD monitors
C. Using CRT monitors
D. Avoiding breaking eye contact with the monitor
Components in a CPU can communicate through the:
C. Register
D. Bus
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