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FCFS algorithm is also better algorithm in case disk scheduling when the queue has only one request at a time. Justify this statement .
In a paged memory system where the entire process is loaded in memory (not demand paging), you have a 35-entry TLB. Assume that the probabibility of a memory access being in any one page is the same (unlike normal). If the TLB search time is 5nsec and memory access time is 50nsec, how large is the process in pages if the effective access time is 70nsec? Show work.
Consider the following page reference string: 1,2,3,4,7,1,5,6,2,1,4,3,2,1,2,3,6,7. How many page faults would occur for the LRU replacement algorithm, assuming FOUR frames for the working set?
Consider a multi-partition memory mgmt system that may use any of the FF, BF, or WF allocation schemes. Suppose that we added a "magic" sorting routine that could sort the free space list by size, either large to small or small to large, with almost no effort(a neat trick). Would you sort the list large blocks to small or the other way around? Explain. (Hint: what is the impact on the three "fit" methods?)
Given the following set of processes with the specified length of CPU burst and arrival time, compute the turnaround time for P1 thru P4 using Round-Robin scheduling with a time quantum of 15. Show the final Gantt chart. Process CPU Burst time Arrival time P1 30 10 P2 20 17 P3 15 21 P4 10 27
Given the following process/resource information, construct a resource- allocation graph. Is deadlock possible? Explain. Resource # of instances Requested by Allocated to R1 2 P3 P1, P2 R2 1 P4 P3 R3 2 P4 P2, P3 R4 1 P1 P2
2020 © The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd 2020 Page 4 of 6 Question 2 (Marks: 50) The system to be developed for Williams and Son needs to produce the following slip for a customer once the sale has been concluded. Please note: For the purpose of this assignment, assume that a customer will only purchase one unit of each item. Q.2.1 Write the pseudocode that will produce a slip similar to the one illustrated at the beginning of the question. Your solution should satisfy the following requirements:  The solution must illustrate the use of good programming practices;  The solution must make use of a loop;  The loop must make use of a sentinel value. (22) Q.2.2 The mainline logic of almost every procedural program con
▼ MORE Ali AP Practice - Create PT - Choosing an Abstraction One component of the AP Create Performance Task is creating and describing an abstraction in your program. Here's the actual prompt. 2. Written Responses 2d. Capture and paste a program code segment that contains an abstraction you developed individually on your own (marked with a rectangle in section 3 below). This abstraction must integrate mathematical and logical concepts. Explain how your abstraction helped manage the complexity of your program. (Must not exceed 200 words) Here's one row of the scoring guide for this question Grade the Response Below is a segment of code from a "clicker" program with a rectangle drawn around a portion of the code identifying an abstraction. Each row is worth one point that either can or cannot be awarded. Explain why you would or would NOT award the point for Row 7 based on the criteria given above. code.org
Respond to the following questions about your investigation into the bug with the counting game. Feel free to go back and look at the game again (but do so in another tab or be sure to click "Submit" to save your work!): From the user's perspective, what was the difference between the first version of the game and the one with the bug? From looking at the code, what specifically was the difference between the two, and why is that an issue? How did you fix the bug?
Online retailers collect data about your online behavior and use it in user profiling. Their intention is to make shopping recommendations and offers that suit your taste and budget. But is it ethical to track you without your consent?
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