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What is the difference between the four types of computer generations in terms of computating time
Find several provisions of the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

(Appendix A.1) that were violated in the Therac-25 case.
B-Tree (order of the tree is 3) 5,2,13,3,45,72,4,6,9,22
Although many techniques exist to help create a consistent look and feel for a website, certain problems can detract from a website design.
1.Briefly describe these common design problems.
2.Write a code to create a web page with the words "Web page Master". Include formatting.
Website security is the use tools and methods to protect the electronic assets of an organisation from abuse by authorised and unauthorised people who gain access to corporate assets through the corporate website.
1.Explain the offline ways to enhance security.
A business model show an e-commerce organisation intends on generating revenue.
1.Discuss the following business model: advertising model, e-tailing, informediary, brokers, market, makers, community,
2.Benefits of internet virtual chain
The internet is vast. It is a host to a myriad of information resources that provide access to a wide range of information. Outline and discuss 5 internet resources.
What programming language should be best for me as a beginner to become a computer software engineer?
Draw the flowchart that will input a grade of student and determine wether the grade is passed or failed. Print the name, grade and remarks of student.
The table below represents the same scenario as part 2 using a write-back cache...
Index V Tag Data Dirty
000 Y 01 Mem[01000] N
001 N N
010 Y 10 Mem[10010] N
011 N N
100 N N
101 N N
110 Y 11 Mem[11110] N
111 Y 00 Mem[00111] N

a) Show the modified table after the following the following sequence of cache accesses (listed by address): {0x1F, 0x1D, 0x08, 0x18, 0x1E}. Assume that underlined accesses correspond to cache writes, while all others correspond to cache reads.
b) Which of the accesses from part 3a result in a read hit?
c) Which of the accesses from part 3a will immediately change a value in memory?
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