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Case Project 2-3: Selecting Server Postinstallation Tasks You have finished installing Windows Server 2012 R2 on the new server for CSM Tech. Next, you need to decide what to name the server and how it will participate in the exist-ing domain: as a domain controller, a member server, or a stand-alone server. The server will be named CSM-Server1-DC and located near the existing server in the equipment closet. List the postinstallation tasks you must perform on this server, including details on the server name and its role in the domain (if any). Don’t include installing specific server roles just yet.
In a Bayesian network with n discrete random variables,
a) describe the structure and the contents of the conditional probability tables (CPT)
b) given an instance where the values of n – 1 of the variables are known, how would you go about determining the most likely value of the nth variable?

You download a PDF file from the Internet and upload it to VirusTotal in order to make sure that it is not malicious. The report from VirusTotal says that 1 out of 50 antivirus engines, namely Alibaba, identifies the file as a Trojan. Do you think that this is right? What would you recommend an appropriate course of action would be to solve this?
You are given an RSA crytosystem with primes of p=101, q=701 and a private exponent of d=23, what is the complete public key information that needs to be published? (20 marks)
Code generation for expressions.
Generate CMA code for the following expressions: a ← 2 • (c+ (b − 3)) b ← b • (a +3)
Assume the following address environment: ρ = {a→ 5, b→ 6, c→ 7}
Execute the generated code by displaying the stack contents after each instruction! Assume that the variables are initialized with the values a = 22, b = 33 and c = 44.
Of the following statements, which ones can be said to be TRUE?

1. The time complexity of all single statements is constant

2. According to the Big O Notation, the time complexity of some statements can be said to be logarithmic

3. Time complexity can only be expressed by using the Big O notation

4. Time complexity can be expressed as a differential equation

5. The time complexity of an algorithm can vary over time

6. Quadratic time complexity can be expressed as a quadratic equation

a) 1, 3 & 5

b) 2 & 4

c) 5, 2 & 6

d) 2 & 6

e) 2, 4 & 6
what is the benefits in digital arts and contents of digital arts?
How can you prevent or stop a DDoS attack? Highlight the steps that should be followed in such an event.