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Which of the instructions in the list of ARM machine instructions could lead to a control hazard in a pipelined implementation of the ARM instruction set?
The purpose of this question is to develop a web page for checking whether any three points (x_1,y_1), (x_2,y_2) and (x_3,y_3) in a two dimensional space (2D) are on the same line or not. In this question, you might need to search the e-library to remember how to check if any three points lie on the same line or not. You will see that there are some different techniques for solving this problem, you are required to apply only one of these techniques that use the slope in testing whether the three points lie on the same line or not. The web page should be implemented by using HTML tags and PHP codes. The final code with 2 snapshots should be provided in your answer sheet.
Source: (https://elpais.com/tecnologia/2019/07/17/actualidad/1563371290_289881.html) a. What are the benefits of a smart city? Considering the dark side of smart city are you sceptical to the benefits of a smart city. b. What are the potential cybersecurity challenges faced in a smart city with data being collected in this way?
Use the Generalized Inclusion-Exclusion Principle to determine how many bit strings of length seven contain four consecutive zeros.
Use substitution to solve the recurrence relation f(n)= 8f(n/2) + n^2 with initial condition f(1) = 1 , knowing that n = 2^k .
Find a recurrence relation for the number of hexadecimal strings that contain two consecutive Fs. What are the initial conditions?
which of the following service that need to be negotiated in service level agreements a)logging b)auditing c)regulatory compilance d)none of the mentioned
Which of the options divide its input\'s elements according to their position in the array?
Draw a DFA for the set of all non-empty strings (here, ∑ = {0,1})
A Table 1 have two inputs (x1,x2), and 1 output d. And we first train the first 20 training epochs progress under the certain conditions itemized for table 1. Then change the representation of x1, x2 as input for Table 2. Then, plotting the sum square error in the two Tables for each training epoch will show how effectively your perceptron converges (i.e. the training curve=learning curve). .Finally, we can conclude that the learning curve of Table 1 converges better than the learning curve of Table 2. question: Does here exist any impact on the perceptron's performance ? if exist, what is the main reason when learning algorithm itself has not changed?
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