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Miguel's boss asks him to distribute information about a new dress code as quickly as possible to the entire staff. There are fifty people on the staff, and each has a networked computer. In one or two sentences, describe what Miguel should do.

Consider the following CFG grammar,
S → aABe
A → Abc | b
B → d
where 'a', 'b', 'c' and 'd' are terminals, and 'S' (start symbol), 'A' and 'B'
are non-terminals.
a) Parse the sentence " abbcbcde " using right-most derivations.
b) Parse the sentence " abbcbcde " using left-most derivations.
c) Draw the parse tree.
“Brains are to intelligence as wings are to flight”. Explain.
Q1)True or False? Justify your answer. Assume cost is always non-negative.
a) Assume that a rook can move on a chessboard any number of squares in a straight line, vertically or horizontally, but cannot jump over other pieces. Manhattan distance is an admissible heuristic for the problem of moving the rook from square A to square B in the smallest number of moves.
b) A* tree search is optimal if the heuristic is consistent.
c) The Euclidean distance is an admissible heuristic for Pacman path-planning
d) Azeroheuristicisconsistent.
e) The sum of several admissible heuristics is still an admissible heuristic.
f) The admissibility of a heuristic for A* search implies consistency as well.
BITNET, one of the predecessor of the Internet, was launched in 1981. What does BITNET stand for?
Assume OS1 is a normal Linux system (e.g Ubuntu 12.04). What types of system calls does it have? (Give at least 4 broad categories and broadly describe each)
Suppose Bob rents another virtual machine, VM2, running on the same hardware machine with Alice. What problems may affect applications of Alice and Bob simultaneously?
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