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Given the line coordinates (1, 2), (2, 3). Do the following operations on the given coordinates, entailing what occurs in the output.
Rotation of the line by 45 degrees about its center (5, 3)
Translate the line by (7, 2 )
Scale the line by 3 in x and 2 in
1. Determine if these devices are on the same subnet or different subnets. Use the address and mask of each address belongs. Show all working outs.

Device A:
Device B:
Describe the configuration required for accessing Internet via ISP.
State with reasons whether the following statements are True or False.
1) Compilers are higher language specific
(B2F)16 in octal form is equal to
Draw a clear ,bold and labelled illustration of basic units of computer
1. Draw a non-deterministic finite automaton which accepts the language denoted by the regular expression
(0 + 1)∗0101∗

4. If L = {10, 100} and M = {01, 1, 100} are languages on the alphabet {0, 1}, then write down the values of (i) LM and (ii) L + M.

6. Show that the grammar below (written with BNF notation) is ambiguous.
< Program > ::= < Stmt > | < Program > ; < Stmt > < Conditional > ::= if < Bool > then < Program >
< Bool > ::= true | false
<Stmt> ::=<Conditional>|S1 |S2
Parse trees can be used to give meaning to words in context free languages. Use your example to give two different meanings to a word in this grammar.
The approximate number of marks to be assigned to these questions are, in order, 3, 5, 2, 2, 2, 6, making 20 in total.
According to information obtained from mathematics department regarding three mathematics units done by 100 students, those who are doing calculus are 45, those doing discrete are 49 and those doing statistics are 38. Those doing calculus and discrete are 17, those doing calculus and statistics are 12 and those doing the three units are 5. Use Venn diagram to find the number of students doing discrete and statistics but not calculus.
Is the statement true or false?
The forward and backward recursive formulation in Dynamic programming techniques can result in different optimum solutions to the same problem.
A 3.5inch diskette labeled 2HD has a capacity of 1.44MB.
Convert 1.44MB to bytes.
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