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write an algorithms and a corresponding flowchart to find the simple interest
write an algorithm and the corresponding flowchart to find the area of a circle
Answer the following questions to the point Convert the given CNF SAT problem to a 3 CNF sat problem (a) ^ (b V C).^ (d V e V f) ^ (f Vg V h V i) use d1, d2, d3 .... for dummy variables.
There are 8 hotels available in the province. A customer plans to visit all of these eight hotels through the shortest path within a day. Analyze the operation, using illustrations, of two shortest path algorithms, showing how it operates using a sample graph.
Determine the operations of a memory stack
Count Red Nodes. Write a program that computes the percentage of red nodes in a given red-black BST. Test your program by running at least 100 trials of the experiment of inserting N random keys into an initially empty tree, for N = 10^4, 10^5, 10^6, and formulate an hypothesis. *It is experiment from textbook Algorithms, 3.3.42
You are running algorithm with squared complexity on data with 100 elements and it takes 10 seconds. How much time do you expect the algorithm will take when executed on data with 1000 elements?
Squaring a binary number requires a number of additions (of binary digits) - as well as other manipulations such as copying strings of bits and layout. Assuming an addition counts as one operation and other manipulations don't count as operations then calculate a worst case scenario value for the Big-O of the squaring function assuming the values being squared have N binary digits - i.e. Squaring = O(f(N)). Approximate f(N).
Language used to solve Computer mathematical computations is termed as A. Pascal B. Fortran C. Ada D. COBOL
Q1.Write an algorithm to compute the quotient and reminder given that integer x(x >=0) is divided by another integer y(y>0). Assume that only addition and subtraction are the available arithmetic operation Q2. Write an Algorithm to compute the perimeter and area of a triangle given the co_ordinates of its vertices
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