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Design an algorithm to accept income from the user; compute the income tax to be paid and display the income and the tax payable on the screen.

Income tax calculation is based on the following table. it is also available at this link: https://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/Individulas/Locals/Working-Out-Your-Taxes/Income-Tax_Rates/

- Defining problem
- Pseudo code algorithm
-Desk check of the algorithm (two test cases for each question as in one success one invalid)
Divide 1161 by 31 both are octal numbers
The University sports club is organizing a running competition. All participants are required
to run 3 races: 400m, 200m, and 100m sprints. The sports club requires a system to record the
performance times of all participants for each of the 3 running events. The sports club also
wants to record the registration number and the age of each participant
1. Sales Tax
Design a program that will ask the user to enter the amount of a purchase. The program should
then compute the state and county sales tax. Assume the state sales tax is 4 percent and the
county sales tax is 2 percent. The program should display the amount of the purchase, the state
sales tax, the county sales tax, the total sales tax, and the total of the sale (which is the sum of
the amount of purchase plus the total sales tax)
Write a algorithm to solve

the interviewer candidate problem.
Write a pseudocode version of the factorial function . . .

(a) iteratively.

(b) recursively.
Using pseudo code, write a program that works out the price of a garden hose for a user defined length in m (£1.56 per metre)
Write a pseudocode algorithm to compute the product of the first n positive integers. How many multiplications does your algorithm perform?
programming and problem solving using IPO charts and algorithm to determine a golf gameplay
Let T(n) = 7T(n/2) + 3n2 + 2.
Using Master Theorem and the Limits approach, show that T(n) = O(n3)

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