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Credit card default risk is the chance that companies or Individuals will not be able to return the money lent on time.


You are given relevant information about the customers of a company.

You are required to build a machine learning model that can predict if there will be credit card default.

Dataset description

The dataset folder contains the following files:

•  train.csv: 45528 x 19

•  test.csv: 1 1383 x 18

•  sample_submission.csv: 5 x 2

The columns provided in the dataset are as follows:


Afrihost is running a recruitment campaign for students in the field of computer systems, with a focus on operating systems and programming. Afrihost host many servers for clients, running both Windows and Linux servers. The first recruitment drive is for students with Linux and scripting backgrounds. To be considered for recruitment, students will have to submit their best work. The bash script you need to submit needs to do the following:

a) The script should welcome the user and asks him/her to enter the following details, first name, surname, email address, cell number, marital status, and South African ID number. b) You need to make sure that every field has validation so that no wrong data is entered.

c) Here is a sample of the script output: Hello Mrs. Zuma and Welcome to Afrihost Here is the info you entered: First name: Jane Surname: Zuma Email address: Cell number: 0459871236 Marital status: Married ID number: 5201128001180

Define Uni-gram, bi-grams and N-grams in detail. What are N-grams useful for? Also explain hidden markov model in detail


Jabu is from the marketing and advertising department, he will help with any graphics-related tasks; Mantho is from the communication department, she will help with all proof-reading tasks; Chris and Tumi are from the IT department and there will oversee the technical part of the project.


You are required to write a bash script that will accomplish the following when the script runs:

1. The script should prompt you as to how many users need to be created.

2. Then create all the four users before the script exit.

3. When users are added, they should also be added to the secondary group project_x

4. The script should create a shared directory called ProjectX_Share under /var and give all the users read and write permissions to this directory.

5. After all the users are created, the script should create a report and save it to a file named projectX_report_file. The file should contain the following:

a. Username

b. User ID c. Home directory

d. Groups each user belongs to

“A main programme calls three modules: getDetails(), calculateFees(), and register(). The calculateFees() module calls a module called courses() and a module called courseCost(). The register() module calls a module called printProof().”
Read the following scenario, then answer the question that follows:

“To help students determine whether they qualify for a supplementary exam, students can enter their final module mark and exam mark on a webpage. If the student obtained more than 30% for their exam mark and a final mark of less than 50%, the student will be informed that he/she qualifies for a supplementary exam.”
Write the pseudocode that will prompt a user for the required information and accurately represent the logic contained in the scenario provided at the beginning of the question.
Write the pseudocode for a program that will continue prompting a user for a value whilst the total of all values remain less than 100. The program must keep track of the number of times the loop executes and display the number of times the loop executed once the loop had finished executing.
Write the pseudocode for an application that will:
a. Prompt a user for three numbers.
b. Store the values entered by a user in an array as they are provided by
the user.
c. Ask a user if they would like to search for a value:
i. If the user wishes to search for a value, the user needs to be prompted for a value to search for. If the value is found, a notification needs to be provided to the user.
d. Use a for loop to cycle through the arrays in order to calculate and display the total of the values stored in the array.
Add code to the following method to move a Robot one mile (8 moves). Assume the method is in a class that extends the Robot class.

public void moveMile() { // what could go here? } // end-moveMile

Programing Language Java
Given the line coordinates (1, 2), (2, 3). Do the following operations on the given coordinates, entailing what occurs in the output.
• Rotation of the line by 45 degrees about its center (5, 3)
• Translate the line by (7, 2)
• Scale the line by 3 in x and 2 in y
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