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Write a static method that accepts an array of LineSegments and returns the longest of the line segments. If the array is null, or empty, return null.

(Your answer to this should be a single method. No need to write a whole class.)
I need to magnify a very small image (let's say 2mm in diameter) to something around 6" in diameter. I will be making my lens or lenses but not sure what curvature, thickness or radius I need. The distance from the image can be anything. The max thickness of the material is 45 mm. The material will be acrylic. The refractive index and extinction coefficient at 632.8 nm are 1.489 and 0.000.

The growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2010 was 3.1%. What was the growth rate in the first quarter of 2011?

a) -3%

b) 1.2%

c) 1.9%

d) 5%
If the working age population is 250 million, 170 million are employed and 9 million are unemployed, the unemployment rate is

a) 3.6%

b) 5.0%

c) 6.8%

d) 7.0%
Suppose that two cards are randomly selected from a standard​ 52-card deck.
​(a) What is the probability that the first card is a king and the second card is a king if the sampling is done without​ replacement?
To what temperature must a balloon, initially at 47 C and 3.00 L, be heated in order to have volume of 7.00 L ?
Determine the density of N2 gas at STP. Molar mass N2 is 28 g/mol.
Find the expression for the volume of liquid passing per second, V, through a pipe when the flow is steady. Assume the V proportional to (i) the coefficient of viscosity η of the liquid (ii) the radius r of the pipe and (iii) the pressure gradient, (ρ/l), causing the flow, where ρ is the pressure difference between the ends of the pipe and l is the length.
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