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Potassium hydrogen phthalate, KHC8H4O4, is a solid acidic substance that reacts in a 1:1 mole ratio with bases that have one hydroxide ion. Suppose that 0.7025 g of KHC8H4O4 is titrated to the equivalence point by 20.18 mL of a KOH solution. What is the molarity of the KOH solution?
A solution of NH3 has a pH of 11.00. What is the concentration of hydroxide ions in this solution?
a) A single cylinder petrol engine has a volume compression ratio of 8:1, takes in a mixture of fuel and air at a temperature of 250°C and its pressure is 101 kPa. If the pressure at the end of the compression stroke is 1.5 MPa what will be its final temperature?
b) A compressed air storage cylinder has a volume of 0.5 m3 and contains air at an absolute pressure of 1.8 MPa and temperature 20°C. A quantity of the air is released during which the temperature of the remaining air falls to 15°C and the pressure to 1.5 MPa. Calculate the mass of the air released. The characteristic gas constant for air is 287 Jkg−1K−1.
A brass tie bar of length 500 mm and diameter 20 mm undergoes a change in temperature from 25°C to 135°C. The linear expansivity of copper is 19 × 10−6°C−1 and its modulus of elasticity is 84 Gpa.
i) Determine the change of length that takes place.
This part of the task provides part of the evidence for the grading criterion P8.
ii) Determine the compressive force induced in the bar if it is rigidly held and expansion is prevented.
What is the difference between lowering and depression in chemistry
Mrs. Tong makes semi-annual deposits into a fund earning interest at j2 = 8% p.a. Her first
deposit is $2500 and each succeeding deposit is 6% higher than preceding deposit. What is
the accumulated value of her fund immediately after her 15th deposit?
9.00×10−3 mol of HBr are dissolved in water to make 15.0 L of solution. What is the concentration of hydroxide ions, [OH−], in this solution?
Q) Ceteris paribus, at the same time when demand for yoga services have increased the government has introduced strict regulations on yoga providers, resulting in the decrease in the number of yoga providers. Using demand and supply analysis what will be the impact on price and quantity in the market for yoga services.
The average of the 20 random numbers is 71

Enter a double value 11.11
Enter a double value 22.22
Enter a double value 33.33
Enter a double value 44.44
Enter a double value 55.55
The total is 166.65
Press any key to continue
A restaurant offers a new promotion of 20% off the original price of cheese pizzas, which is $12. Before the promotion 250 pizzas were sold each day. After the promotion, the sale of pizza increases an average of 18% more per day.

How much more or less does the restaurant make each day in pizza sales after the promotion?