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7. The following relations describe the supply and demand for specific good:
QD = 65000 – 10000P
QS = - 35000 + 15000P
a) Compute the following table
Price QS QD Surplus pr Shortage

a) What is the equilibrium price?
Find the value of 'a' for which the function f defined by
f(x)={(2-√(4-x))/x , x<0 ; a , x=0 ; (1-cosx)/2tan^(2)x, x>0
is continuous everywhere
With the help of clear and labelled diagrams describe how aneuploids are formed.
You are in America. Interest rates are currently 5.25% in Australia, and are 2.7% in the US. If
the current exchange rate allows you to trade $US1 for $A1.3, what is a fair forward price to buy
$A1000 in two years time? Explain how you would trade if the two year forward price for $A1000
was $US700.
The trial balance and additional information given below were extracted from the accounting records of Lafarge Limited on 29 February 2016, the end of the financial year
Prepare the Statement of Financial Position as at 29 February 2016.
Long-term loan: Aries Bank (16% p.a.) R 80 000 (CREDIT)
Adjustments and additional information
The loan from Aries Bank was obtained on 01 September 2015. Provide for the outstanding interest. (Interest is not capitalised.) Loan repayments (excluding interest) are expected to amount to R12 000 in the next financial year.
How will be the adjustment be entered in statement of financial position (Balance sheet)
A projectile is an angle of 30 degrees and a speed of 30m/s how long did I spend in the air
A standard man holds the upper arm vertical and the lower arm horizontal with an object of mass M = 5 kg resting on the hand, as illustrated in the figure above. The mass of the lower arm and hand is one-half the mass of the entire arm. As shown in the figure below, there are four forces acting on the lower arm: the external force Fext, exerted by the bones and ligaments at the upper arm at the elbow (fulcrum); the tension T, exerted by the biceps; a force W due to the weight of holding the holding object; and the Wf of the lower arm. The points along the lower arm at which the forces act are L1 = 5cm, L2 = 17 cm and L3 = 42 cm, as shown in the figure below. (Assume the mass of the lower arm is 2.3kg).

(a) Calculate the vertical component of the force Fext (Enter the magnitude only)
(b) Calculate the vertical component of the tension T. (Enter the magnitude only)
As a boy pulls a sled carrying his sister, he exerts a force of 2.6 lb at an angle of 30 degrees with the ground. How much work does he do if he pulls her at constant speed for exactly one- half mile (2640 ft)
A spring vibrates with a period of 0.50 s when a mass of 3.0 kg is placed on it. what is the spring constant for this spring
A 75 lb boy and 65 lb girl play seesaw. The seesaw is 14 ft long and is pivoted exactly in the middle. if the girl sits on the end of her side, where must the boy sit to make the seesaw balanced