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An electric irob of resistance 20 ohm draws a current of 5 amperes calculate the heat produced in 30 seconds
the type of listening skills that can enable you to master what the speaker is saying is ......
difference between trade deficit and foreign debt.
Suppose that a shop has N boxes of chocolates, which will expire in a week’s time. The chocolates are priced at $4 per box. The shop owner is wondering if he should offer a 25% discount and price these chocolates at $3 instead. The probability of selling D boxes of chocolates in a week depends on the price as follows:
$4: P(D=1) = 0.5 P(D=2) = 0.4 P(D=3) = 0.1
$3: P(D=1) = 0.25 P(D=2) = 0.25 P(D=3) = 0.5
Determine the values of N where the shop owner should price the chocolates at $4 and $3, respectively.
Generate a 2D array of size 20 x 20 comprising 0 or 1 using a RAND generator. Ensure the following: 1- Seed your generator with a different seed (time of the day for instance) each time you re-execute the code. 2- Your 2D array must be symmetric, i.e., corresponds to a valid adjacency matrix. That is, if there is an edge between (i,j) then this means there is an edge between nodes (j,i). So think carefully in generating your 2D matrix.
At STP, a sample of fluorine gas has a mass of 135.6 g. Calculate the volume of this gas.
Suppose an investor could get a 3% rate of return with no risk, but higher returns require more risk at a constant rate. Draw an investor opportunity schedule and show where a person might maximize utility. Does a person accept some risk?
Make a choice menu in matlab (4 buttom)
if you press on the first buttom it will open a plot

if you press the last one the programm wil quit
What are some of the major climatic and geologic hazards that Europe experiences? What causes them? How do the European people prepare for them? What have been some of the historical climatic and geologic events in Europe? What is the topography of Europe like?
On your way back from Planet X, you pass a space cowboy riding an asteroid going in the
opposite direction. You’re heading back to Earth at 150 km/s, and the space cowboy is going
250 km/s.
a) From your point of view, how fast does the space cowboy appear to be going, in m/s? (2)
b) If you beam a 650 nm red laser at the space cowboy before you pass each other, what
wavelength will he receive? (3)
c) If you beam the same laser at him after you pass each other, what wavelength will he
receive? (3)