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t 1

Write a 3,000 word paper explaining the key sources of information and data required to calculate taxable income when preparing tax documentation for individuals and outline the key accounting principles and practices relevant to the preparation of taxation documentation.

In the paper consider and describe:

consultation with clientsuse of expert or specialist advice when necessarythe rules and principles of Australian tax lawthe legislation, regulations and organisational policies and procedures that must be adhered toethical issues relevant to the preparation of tax documentation for individual taxpayersconcepts and acceptability requirements relating to income, assets, deductions, tax rebates and offsets -that is, what should be includeddifferent forms of taxationprocedures and timeframes for completing, recording and submitting documentation
Find lower and upper integrals of
f, defined
on [ -1, 1], by
f (x) =
{1, if x is rational
{2, if x is irrational
Hence check the integrability of
f on [ -1, 1].
A particle mass m, traveling at a speed of v, strikes a stationary particle mass 2m. As a result the partucle of mass m, us deflected through an angle of 45 degrees at a speed of v/2. What is the speed and direction of mass 2m?
b) A typical sheet of metal has on the average 2 defects per 5 m^2. What is the
probability that a 10 m^2 sheet of metal will have at least 3 defects?
The probability that a patient recovers from a rare disease is 0.6. Calculate the
probability that out of 5 patients suffering from this disease, at least two would
Show that for two scalar fields f and g:
∇.[∇f ×( f ∇g)]= 0.
Select the option that does not contribute to child s oral language development.
1. Children answer questions about the story.
2. Children illustrate the story.
3. Children talk about the illustrations in a book.
4.children to retell a story to a friend.
Select the correct option
1. Telling stories that always show that the father goes to work and mother does the cooking is an example of sex role identity.
2. The early childhood teacher should select books that only portray females in leading role to emphasise the importance of the mother in the household.
3. Many of the current books often portray the female character in leading roles.
4. The early childhood teacher should select books that only portray males in leading role to emphasise the importance of the father in the household.
Which one of the option is not characteristics of 'ego-centrism'
1. Thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of other.
2. The child s inability to see a situation from another Person s point of view.
3. According to Piaget, the egocentric child assumes that other people see, hear, and feel exactly the same as the child does.
4.always consider the needs of other first before themselves
Derive the following expression:
hv = ge βe Bz.
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