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If 8 oz of soda has 35 g of sugar, what is the mass of sugar in a 2 L bottle of soda?
Which of the following does NOT represent a mole?
A). 18 g of H2O
B). 40 g of calcium
C). 6.02 x 10^23 atoms of copper
D). 16 grams of oxygen gas (O2)
If the linear expansivity of a copper rod is 0.000017/k, calculate the expansivity of 10m of copper rod when heated from 10 degree celcius to 80 degree celcius.
You are studying a population of 5000 winged Fargles. There are 3200 green Fargles and 1800 purple Fargles. Calculate p and q for the population
For what values of the constant (c) will the function f(x)=Ae-αx be an eigen function of the operator Q=d/dx d/dx+2/x d/dx+c/x? Whats the corresponding eigen value?
Calculate the elevation of boiling point when 21.2 g of Potassium Nitride is added to 135mL of water? The boiling point constant of water is 0.52 oC/m
For what values of the constant (c) will the function f(x)=Ae-αx be an eigen function of the operator Q=d/dx d/dx+2/x d/dx+c/x? Whats the corresponding eigen value?
5. The Ministry of the Environment is assessing a closed metal processing factory. Several large barrels of labelled sulphuric acid are awaiting disposal. However, before they can be transported, they must be neutralized. As the lab technician, you have been charged with determining the concentration of this acid.
a. Draw a labelled diagram of the equipment and setup you will be using.
b. You use 2.00 mol/L sodium hydroxide and carry out the titration on a 15.0 mL sample of the acid. You record the following information. Determine the concentration of the acid.
Consider what happens when liquid SCl 2 dissolves in CHCl 3 .
(a) What type of attractive forces must be overcome in the liquid CHCl 3 ?
(b) What type of forces must be overcome in the liquid SCl 2 ?
(c) What type of attractive forces are important when SCl 2 dissolves in liquid CHCl 3 ?
List the most important (strongest) intermolecular force(s) that must be overcome to
(a) vaporize liquid SCl 2
(b) remove water of hydration from FeSO 4 • 7H 2 O
(c) melt solid CuCl 2