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How many grams of HCL solution which is 73% by mass are needed to saturate 16.8 liters of propene at STP ?
What is the relationship between these two subject 'Economics' and 'Human resource management' and How are these two subject related to each other?
What are the main components (given the name and, where practical, the chemical formula) for the following fossil fuels and biofuels: coal, petroleum, petrodiesel, natural gas, biogas, biodiesel, and bioethanol.
A small block of mass m is kept on a bigger block of
mass M which is attached to a vertical spring of spring
constant k as shown in the figure. The system oscillates
vertically. (a) Find the resultant force on the smaller
block when it is displaced through a distance x above
its equilibrium position. (b) Find the normal force on the
smaller block at this position. When is this force smallest
in magnitude ? (c) What can be the maximum amplitude
with which the two blocks may oscillate together ?
how do you know if beer lambert law has been obeyed
state beer lamberts law and explain the principles behind it

if a=0.5 and b=0.4 then what is 4a-b , b+4, 4(a+b-1) , 6a+b b-2a+1 a squared + b
The table shows the demand and supply schedules for a good before and after the imposition of a tax.

price quantity demanded quantity supplied before tax quantity supplied after tax
20 340 440 380
19 340 430 340
18 340 410 290
17 340 380 230
16 340 340 160
15 340 290 80
14 340 230 0
What was the amount of the tax revenue raised for the government?
A $1020 B $1360 C $5440 D $6460
Assume, in an industry where there are no barriers to entry and firms are making an economic loss in the short run.
a) What options are available to firms in the short run to minimise their losses?
b) Using demand and supply analysis together with the cost curves, explain why the actions to minimise loss lead to firms’ making normal profit in the long run? 3 + 3 = 6 Marks
Voluntary acts are normally necessary for criminal liability. Can and should one be held responsible for involuntary acts? Please discuss under what conditions people should be criminally liable for having omitted to act. Provide some examples