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. Lee Kwang Soo wants to prepare a buffer with a pH of 5.00.
a) What ratio of CH3COO/CH3COOH does she need?
b) How could she mix 0.100 M CH3COOH and 0.100 M NaCH3COO to make this buffer?
c) How could she make this buffer using 0.100 M CH3COOH and 0.100 M NaOH?
d) Name another buffer system she could use.

Find the pH of the following solutions:
a) 0.010 moles HCl in 10.0 liters water.
b) 6.0 g NaOH dissolved in 15.0 liters water.
c) 5.0 ml 0.40 M HBr diluted to 20.0 liters with water.
d) 0.10 M solution of benzoic acid.
e) 0.20 M NaClO.
f) 0.20 moles HCl plus 0.10 moles KOH dissolved in 1.0 liter water.
A drug is taken which makes the inner membrane of the mitochondria permeable to NADH. Describe the impact on the organism.
A glass plate 0.9cm thick has a refractive index of 1.5 how long does it take for a ray of light to pass through the plate?
Explain how the Mg-N bonds are formed in the magnesium-disodium edetate complex
If 150ml of .35M barium chloride is reacted with 150ml of .4M sodium sulphate.
a) Write the balanced chemical equation.
b) Determine the limiting reagent.
c) What mass of precipitate could form?
Without actually calculating the elasticity of demand, as an estimation, is the demand for McCain french fries elastic or inelastic? Why, using theoretical reasoning.
I need help with the following question:

What is the maximum mass of ethane (C₂H₄) that can react with 100.0dm3 of oxygen in a combustion reaction? (Assume STP Condition)

This is an example in a book, I have an exam tomorrow and I am revising and there are no steps for this example, just question and answer.

I know ethane is C2H6, not C2H4, still, the answer below this example was 42.7g.

How is the answer 42.7g? ( please show with steps)

I know how to solve this with other elements and other ones of this kind of exercises, but I don't know how the answer to this is 42.7g and not something else I got.

Thanks in advance.
How far does an object fall in the first 12.0 seconds when dropped from an airplane?
Separate and Purify the organic acid
1.00 g of an unknown solid mixture
9 mmol of acid in their sample.
Student drawer contents
Small filter flasks
20 mL Dichloromethane
Saturated NaHCO3
I just need to know how to set up the experiment?
1.5 M NaOH
6 M HCl
DI Water
Anhydrous MgSO4
95 % Ethanol
Hot plates
pH paper
A 60 degree prism of refractive index is 1.5. what is the angle minimum deviation? calculate the angle of refraction of light passing through the prism at minimum deviation and the angle of incidence on the prism at minimum deviation