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explain why the plot of the function n^c is a straight line with slope c on a log-log scale
Describe the Emergence of nanotechnology?
Explain bottom - up and Top - Down approaches in nanotechnology?
What are the main challenges in nanotechnology?
The decay of a population by catastrophic two body collisions is described by
dN / dt =- kN2.
where 2 is supersubscribe
derive the solution.
N(t)=No (1+ t/T) -1,where o is subscribe and -1
A projectile is launched from ground level with an initial speed of 47.5 m/s at an angle of 33.3° above the horizontal. It strikes a target in the air 2.82 seconds later. What are the horizontal and vertical distances from where the projectile was launched to where it hits the target?
The general solution of
d2B/dr2+dB/rdr-B/a^2 =0
is B=C Io(r a) +D Ko(r/a)
In our particular case the solution is Ko.
How we get
B= (h/2 phi a^2) Ko(r/a)
Where h= magnetic flux= Integral B d2r. Phi=3.14. And a=(m/meu. n e^2) 1/2
Hydrogen is the lightest element and each atom has an average mass of 1.66 x 10-24 grams. This is a very small number, but remember that it is only one atom. What is the relative mass of hydrogen if it is the lightest element?
array class is transient by default ? {true,false} ,and why false if false
string class is serializable by default ? {true,false} ,and why false if false