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An electric field of 11.6 N/C directed due north is superposed on an existing electric field of 16.9 N/C directed due east. What are the magnitude and the direction of the resultant field?
A 2m long fixed string has nodes at both ends when it vibrates in its fundamental
mode. If the distance between this nodes is 25cm. what are the number of (1) nodes
(b) anti-nodes?
How to find a chemistry formula from compounds?
for example like I have a compound consists of three compounds which are 43% of cellulose(C6H10O5),35% of hemicellulose (C5H10O5) and 22% of lignin (C31H34O11)with the molecular mass of C is 12 g/mole,H is 1 g/mole and O is 16 g/mole.So how can I find the chemistry formula for this coumpounds?
Explain the concept of obtaining a reflection about an arbitrary line starting from the plain reflection about an axis. How do you obtain the orthographic projections of 3D geometric data base?
If the 1 kg standard body has an acceleration of 2.00 m/s2 at 20.00 to the positive direction of
an x axis, what are (a) the x component and (b) the y component of the net force acting on the
body, and (c) what is the net force in unit-vector notation?
Find the change in volume which 1cc of water at the surface will undergo, when it is taken to the bottom of a 100m deep lake, given that volume elasticity is 22000 atm.
I don't understand my edhesive program is saying I have a unexcptcted outcome when it looks good to me. Here is the code.

a = input('Enter a number: ')
b = input('Enter a number: ')
c = input('Enter a number: ')
d = input('Enter a number: ')
e = input('Enter a number: ')
f = input('Enter a number: ')

list1 = str(max(a,))
list2 = str(max(a, b,))
list3 = str(max(a, b, c))
list4 = str(max(a, b, c, d))
list5 = str(max(a, b, c, d, e))
list6 = str(max(a, b, c, d, e, f))

print (('Enter a number: ') + a + ('\nLargest: ') + list1)
print (('Enter a number: ') + b + ('\nLargest: ') + list2)
print (('Enter a number: ') + c + ('\nLargest: ') + list3)
print (('Enter a number: ') + d + ('\nLargest: ') + list4)
print (('Enter a number: ') + e + ('\nLargest: ') + list5)
print (('Enter a number: ') + f + ('\nLargest: ') + list6)
a cab taxi company has 12 santro and 8 alto cars. If these taxi cabs are in the workshop for repairs and a santro is as likely to be in for repair as a Alto. what is the probability that, i) 3 of them are Santros and 2 are alto. ii) At least 3 of them are Senators iii) All the 5 are of the same make?.
The molar mass of phenolphtalein an acid base indicator was determined by osmotic pressure measurements. A student obtained an osmotic pressure of 14.6 mmHg at 25 degrees celcius for a 2.00 L solution containing 500.0mg of phenolphtalein. what is the molar mass of phenolphtalein?
if a body which is uniformly retarded comes to rest in five secs after travelling a distance of 10m. what is its initial velocity?
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