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If you are not using any STANDARD for your device manufacturing, then what sort of problems you may encounter?
what do you meant by strategic control and give me a concept of strategic control main four systems.
how strategic control determines organization structure?
if you had 20 Ml of an tosic acid solution that has a concentration of 4.566 g per liter how many milliliters of 396 M NaOH would it take to completely react will all the tosic acid present
Suppose Peter buys Good X and Good Y only. The price of Good X is $1 per unit and the price of Good Y is $2 per unit. Peter has the weekly income of $1000. Suppose the utility function of Peter is U = 3XY and the slope of his indifference curve is –Y/X where X and Y are the quantity of Good X and Good Y in a bundle respectively. a. What is the utility level of Bundle A with 200 units of Good X and 200 units of Good Y? Show your workings. [5 marks] b. Bundle B has 100 units of Good X and 300 units of Good Y. Is Bundle A preferred to Bundle B? Explain your answer. [5 marks] c. Is Bundle A affordable to Peter? Clearly explain your answer. [5 marks] d. Solve for the utility maximizing bundle. Show each of your steps clearly. [10 marks]
solve the following differential equations 1- (y-2)dx-(x-y-1)dy=0 2- (x-4y-9)dx+(4x+y-2)dy=0
Why do you think the Ottoman Empire never spread into Western Europe
100 kilogram rests on a rough horizontal surface . the coefficient of static friction is .500 and coefficient of kinetic friction is .100. What is the normal force acting on the crate
If global warming raises 1 degree how much would the world expand, and how far would the tectonic plates separate causing more earthquakes. Seems 2 percent would be even worse.
Coby's crafts has mini wreaths on sale 5 for $12.75. SaveMart is selling them at 6 for $15.60. Who offers the better deal AND by how much
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