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The wavelength of light visible to the human eye is on the order of 5 × 10−7 m. Find the frequency of the lightwave if the speed of light in air is 2.99792 × 108 m/s. Answer in units of s−1.
An alpha particle having a speed of 1.0X6^6ms^-1 collides with the stationary proton which gain an initial speed of 1.60X10^6ms^-1 in the direction of an alpha. 1. What is the speed of 2particle immediately after the collission? 2. How much kinetic energy is gain by the proton after the collission?
A resultant force at 200N is applied to a vehicle of mass 400kg which is initially at rest on a horizontal surface at the total for opposing the motion is constant at 800N.1.Calculate the acceleration of the vehicle, 2.Kinetic energy of the vehicle at 5second After the force is applied? 3.Total power develop 5second after the force first applied?
A nozzle is a device for increasing the velocity of a steadily flowing stream. At the inlet to a certain nozzle, the enthalpy of the fluid passing is 3000 kJ/kg and the velocity is 60 m/s. At the discharge end, the enthalpy is 2762 kJ/kg. The nozzle is horizontal and there is negligible heat loss from it. Calculate: a. The velocity of the fluid at the exit
75cc of water sample require 10.2cc of 0.01M EDTA for titration in presence of eriochrome black T indicator. Calculate the total hardness.
Provide an algorithm to illustrate the assignment of 10 to X if X<Y otherwise 5 is assigned to X.
CORRECT hybridization state of the CARBON atom
What is the product formed in the reaction of 2-butyne with H2/Lindlar’s catalyst? (1) trans-2-butene (2) cis-2-butene (3) butane (4) 1-butyne
what alcohols are produced by the acid catalyzed hydration of 2-methyl 2-butene?
The set of all the points (x, y,z) satisfying the equation x−z = z−y represents a line.
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