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• A 50.0 kg circus acrobat drops from a height of 2.0 m
straight down onto a springboard with a force constant of
8.00 × 103 N/m. By what maximum distance does she
compress the spring?
• Using energy considerations and assuming negligible air
resistance, show that a rock thrown from a bridge 20.0 m
above water with an initial speed of 15.0 m/s strikes the
water with a speed of 24.8 m/s independent of the direction
In aqueous solution, almost all D-glucose molecules are in the pyranose form. Other aldoses have a greater proportion of molecules in the open-chain form. D-Glucose may have evolved to be the predominant hexose because it is less likely than its isomers to react with and damage cellular proteins. Explain why D-glucose reacts less than other aldoses with the amino groups of proteins.
A bike is traveling to the left with a speed of 27 (m)/(s). when the rider slams on the brakes. The bike skids for 41.5m with constant acceleration before it comes to a stop. What was the acceleration of the bike as it came to a stop?

Give an example of a class and an example of an object. Describe what a class is, what an object is, and how they are related. Use your examples to illustrate the descriptions

Discuss some applications of Legendre polynomial in physics. Derive in detail
Spherical harmonics Laguerre polynomials.
A 3kg mass with an initial velocity of 5m/s collides with and stick to a 2kg mass with an initial velocity of-3m/s .find the final velocity of the composite mass
distinguish between a plant,firm and an industry.
How to solve it?
A stream of Methane flowing at a rate of 200 g/s is completely oxidized using air taken
as 100% excess. If the standard heat of reaction for oxidation of methane is -890 kJ/mol,
calculate the net heat released when methane conversion is 60%. Also calculate the oxygen
remaining in the outlet stream?
Dry air, at a rate of 15 liters/ min under STP, is bubbled through 25 liters of water in a
tank. The air leaving the tank is saturated with water at 25 C and 1.5 atm. How long it will
take for all of the water in the tank to vaporize? Please note that the vapor pressure of water
at 25 C is 23.76 mm of Hg, Molecular weight of water is 18 and density can be considered
as 1 g/cm3.
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