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21g of sodium carbonate is dissolved in water and the solution made up to 500cm cube. Find the molarity of the solution. Naco3

What is the gram of 1.22 mol/dm cube of sodium hydroxide (na=23,o=16,h=1) naoh
What is the molar concentration of solution of 162.8g of calcium hydroxide dissolved completely in 1000cm cube of distilled water (ca=40,o=16,h=1)
a piece of chalk is dropped by a teacher walking at a speed of 1.5 m/s. from the teacher perspective, the chalk appears to fall
In the stomach and small intestine ,the enzymes for digestion of proteins are secreted in an active form.Why?
A person eats chicken breast. Name the enzymes that will digest this meal in the GIT?
Why Hydra has both types of digestion?
How does carbon monoxide oxide acts as a poison for human beings?
How to determine nitrite using cadmium reduction column by titration method ?
I am going to do this experiment in the laboratory & I need to find out the exact measurements for this method.
Why is the higher percentage of carbon dioxide transported by water of RBCs as compared to water of plasma.Also gives the equations of this process?