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In operation and research for transportation problem with 4 origins and 5 destinations what is the maximum number of basic cells? Explain.
Consider this proposition "all birds have beaks,some cat are birds.so some cat have beaks".is this valid argument?
A) no,it is not valid
B) yes, it is valid
C)only the second premises is not valid
D)the second and thrid propositions are not valid
Which of these option is not correct?
A)any valid argument with at least one false premises is an unsound argument
B)all invalid argument are unsound
C)if the premises are false, then the argument is not valid
D)any valid argument with all premises true is a sound argument
A baker filled a measuring cup 3/4 cup water.he poured 1/2 of the water into the batter , and then spilled 1/8 cup of water on the floor. how much water will the baker need to add to what is left in the cup to have 50% more than what he started with%
ABC Company currently has 1/4 fewer computers than they employees

If they currently have 80 employees and they want to hire more, how many computers will they need to buy to ensure that each employee has one?
Given that all men are mortal, Adamu is a man, therefore, Adamu is a mortal.
An argumen can be described as?

A)unsound argument
B)inductive argument
C)sound argument
D)deductive argument
An argument is a proposition that is made of up?
A)inference and conclusion
B)comand and conclusion
C)premises and conclusion
D)premises and inference
Which of these claims about argument are false?
A)at least three proposition forms an argument
B)not all statement are Argument
C)report illustration,conditional statement are not argument
D)at least two statement are argument
A metal hydroxide has the formula M(OH)2. An aqueous solution of this hydroxide has a concentration 6.16g per litre 30cm3 of this solution required 24cm3 of acid solution containing 5.67gdm-3 of nitric acid for complete neutralization. Caculate
a) the molarity of the metallic hydroxide
b) Relative atomic mass of the metal M
10.08g of ethane dioic acid (oxalic acid) crystals H2C2O4XH2O made up of 1dm3 f solution 25cm3 of ths solution completely neutralized by 20cm3 of 0.2 molesodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the
a) molarity of acid
b) number of moles of water of crystallization in 1 mole of the acid
An argument said to be valid if?
A)inference are base on premises
B)the conclusion follows from that premises
C)premises follows from the conclusion
D)inference and premises agree
The validity of an argument defend largely on the?
A)truthfulness of the conclusion
B)falsity of the premises
C)how truth and falsity of the propositions
D)the link between the premises and the conclusion
One of the aim of the law of thought is?
A)to reduce tautology when some logicians are speaking?
B)to create a base for deductive argument
C)to set pattern for anyone who want think and speak correctly
D)to enable us to calculate well in logic and mathematics
If the conclusion of an argument seems to be proven simply because no body has contradicted it means?
A)the argument is powerful
B)it is the truth
C)the oratory influence
D)it appears to be ignorant
Which of the following is not true about about argument?
A)an invalid argument is said to be unsound
B)if the premises of an argument contain false proposition it will be declared unsound
C)for an argument to be sound,the premises and conclusion must be true proposition
D)an argument must be valid before Deciding if is
sound or unsound
Given that "all Nigerian are saint. all saint are angels therefore all Nigerian are angels" which of the following is not true?
A)the argument is unsound
B)the argument is not valid
C)both the two premises and conclusion are false preposition
D)the argument is invalid but unsound