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When scaling Mt. Everest, climbers usually require supplemental oxygen, because the partial pressure of this gas is too low to meet their O2 demand. What is the partial pressure of O2 in torr at the top of Mt. Everest where the atmospheric pressure is 200 torr, the partial pressure of N2 is 156 torr, and the partial pressure of the other gases (excluding O2) is 2 torr?
What would be the approximate speed of vehicle (A) weighing 3306 lbs
striking vehicle (B) broadside weighing 3459 lbs and moving vehicle (B)
clockwise 180 degrees and continuing past vehicle (B) for approximately 8
feet before stopping?
My text book says

The problem of respiration is a matter of difficulty in the soil which is saline, water logged and rich in putrefying organic bodies-hence poor in oxygen. This problem is solved in many plants like Rhizophora sp. by pneumatophores...

Again Wikipedia says


These specialized aerial roots enable plants to breathe air in habitats that have waterlogged soil... The surface of these roots are covered with lenticels which take up air into spongy tissue which in turn uses osmotic pathways to spread oxygen throughout the plant as needed.

Gaseous exchange generally occurs through stomata and does not involve the roots. Why then does the nature of soil affects the respiration in halophytes?
How can i find this fornula
It is a speed formula

2.Assume the following information represents the National Income Model of a hypothetical economy.

Y = C + I + G,C = a + b(Y – T),T = d + tY, I = I0,G = G0

Where a > 0; 0 < b < 1,d > 0; 0 < t < 1,T = Taxes, I = Investment ,G = Government Expenditure

Explain the economic interpretation of the parameters a,b,d and t.
Find the expression of equilibrium income, consumption and taxes
(1) Given a hypothetical consumption function of the form:

Y = C + I0 + G0 ,C = α + β Yd Where: Yd = Y – T, Y = Income, T = Taxes

Government spending and investment are exogenously determined at G and I respectively. Assuming this model represent a three sectors economy, determine Investment multiplier, Government spending multiplier and Tax multiplier. If there is an increase in marginal propensity to consumer, how will this affect the national income?
A Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) uses fuel of energy content 48.3 MJ/kg, at a rate of 6 kg/h. It is tested that the engine has the thermal efficiency of 25 %. Thus, determine: i) the power output in kilowatts
4) Sir Paul Incorporated is a company engaged in the selling of household floor tiles. The company produced 15000 pcs of tiles on its first month of business and sells it at P50 per piece since it is the accepted market price. On its next month, the price of the materials used to create the tiles however increased and as a result, the company was forced to increase the price of the tiles it sells by 50%. The company invested on new machines that enable the workers to produce tiles faster. Production on the part of the company tripled compared to the previous month. Compute for supply elasticity. Is it elastic, inelastic or unitary? Write it beside your supply elasticity coefficient.
How can we deduce that electrons are not stationary?
The price to drive on a freeway is $0 at all times of the day. This price establishes equilibrium at 3 a.m. but is too low to establish equilibrium at 5 p.m. There is a shortage of freeway space at 5 p.m.

Graphically show and explain how carpooling may eliminate the shortage.
Graphically show and explain how building more freeways may eliminate the shortage.