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Calculate how long it takes the Bus to complete a Journey if it leaves Point A on Friday, 11:50 and arrives at Point B, the next day (Saturday) at 07:20. The Average Speed of the Bus is 85km/h
A 9.87-mol sample of Zr represents how many atoms?
A balloon is rising at a constant velocity of 3m/s. While the balloon is rising, something falls off. It takes 3s to hit the ground. What is the velocity when they hit the ground? How high was the balloon?
1. How many grams of calcium hydride are needed to form 4.500 g of hydrogen gas?
Express your answer using four significant figures.

2. 1.22 g H2 is allowed to react with 10.4 g N2, producing 1.24 g NH3.
What is the theoretical yield in grams for this reaction under the given conditions?
Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.

3. What is the percent yield for this reaction under the given conditions?
Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.

4. How many grams of NH3 can be produced from 3.15 mol of N2 and excess H2.
Express your answer numerically in grams.

5. How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 12.34 g of NH3?
Express your answer numerically in grams.

6. How many molecules (not moles) of NH3 are produced from 6.66×10−4 g of H2?
Express your answer numerically as the number of molecules.
In the selective oxidation of isobutylene to dimethyl ketone using a MoO3/U308/SiO2 catalyst it is thought that each reactant utilizes different catalytic sites. The reaction rate is controlled by surface reaction between the two adsorbed species. Postulate a sequence of elementary steps and derive the LH rate equation; sketch the rate versus pressure of isobutylene curve assuming the 0 2 pressure is large. Compare this plot to the case where both reactants compete for the same sites.
The energy of a particular color of visible light is 4.113x10^-19. What is the wavelength of this light?
Profit-maximizing firms employ factors of production such that the marginal products per dollar spent on each factor are
63.9 ml of 0.560 M sulfuric acid solution was completely neutralized by 28.3 ml of potassium hydroxide solution. What was the concentration of the potassium hydroxide?
36.5 mL of 0.18 mol/L NaOH are required to titrated 10 mL of nitric acid. Determine the concentration of nitric acid.