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A series LCR circuit with L= 400 mH, C= 20 nF and R= 250 Ω is connected to an
AC source of 65 V. Calculate the resonance frequency and Q of the circuit. What is
the current flowing through the circuit and voltage across the capacitor at resonance
State, with reasons, whether the following statements are True or False.
1. Ripple factor of a center tapped full wave rectifier is greater than that of a bridge
rectifier, which uses four diodes.
2. Operational amplifier in non-inverting mode cannot amplifynegative signals.
3. IC LM380 is a small signal amplifier used to amplifythe voltage.
4. Largest decimal number represented by a 2-digit hex number is 99.
5. In a CRO sweep generator output is given to the vertical deflection plates.
State, with reasons, whether the following statements are True or False.
i) Ideal voltage source has infinite internal resistance.
ii) Transformer is a passive device hence it cannot increase the voltage.
iii) Field effect transistor (FET) is a current controlled device.
iv) Forward biasing of a semiconductor junction diode reduces its energy band gap.
v) Amplifier with common collector mode offers maximum voltage gain.
Why and how is depreciation expense reported in a statement of cash flows prepared using the indirect method?

Is this potentially confusing to the user of the financials?
What are realized gains/losses?
What are unrealized gains/losses?

When is each kind calculated, and where are they reported on the financial statements?

Do you think the reporting requirements of these gains/losses adds to or detracts from the users' of financial statements understanding of the company?
(a) As a source of long term financing, what are the major advantages of bonds over common stock?
(b) What are the major disadvantages in using bonds for long-term financing?

If you had to somehow acquire new monies for your business, which would you use, stocks or bonds?
Three gases (8.00 g of methane, CH4, 18.0 g of ethane, C2H6, and an unknown amount of propane, C3H8) were added to the same 10.0-L container. At 23.0 ∘C, the total pressure in the container is 5.00 atm . Calculate the partial pressure of each gas in the container.
Express the pressure values numerically in atmospheres, separated by commas. Enter the partial pressure of methane first, then ethane, then propane.
A pound of coffee beans yield 50 cups of coffee. How many milliliters of coffee can be obtained from 1.5 g of coffee beans?
If your car gets 39.5 mi/gal, how many gallons of gasoline would you use if you drove 474.2 miles? 1 mile = 5280 ft (exactly)
what is the molarity of a solution containing 240.g of NaOH that is mixed with enough water to make 0.875L of solution?