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Question 2
The National electricity supplier in South Africa (Eskom) has applied for a 16% price hike over five years to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) which will see them not requesting for any increase in electricity tariffs up to 2018.
2.1 Use the AD-AS analysis to evaluate the type of inflation and its resulting effect on production, income and employment since the above application by Eskom was approved by NERSA. What course of actions, do you think NERSA should take based on the effects discussed above?
(45 marks)
What is the partial pressure of hydrogen gas in a mixture of hydrogen and helium if the total pressure 600mm hg and partial pressure of helium is 439 mm hg?
Two or more atoms chemically bonded together are called a
using L’Hˆopital’s in the following questions

1) I = limx-0 [1/x - 2/ln(1 + 2x)]
2) limx-0 [e^x + x]^1/x
3) limx-1+ (ln x)(tan(pi*x/2))
How many words can we build using exactly 4 A's, 4 B's and 4 C's if the first 4 letters cannot be A's, the second 4 letters cannot be B's and the third 4 letters cannot be C's?
what causes the change in direction when light travels from air into glass
Two identical mechanical waves travel different distance to a place where they interfere. One ware travels the distance of 20m, and second wave the distance of 60m. Wave length is the same 30 m. Calculate the phase offset, an inference ( constructive, or destructive).
The aim of taxes is to change the behaviour of people.
What do you mean by suspense account?
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