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If a market begins in equilibrium and then the demand curve shifts​ leftward, a
surplus is​ created, which is eliminated by a rise in price.
Your answer is not correct.B.
shortage is​ created, which is eliminated by a fall in price.
surplus is​ created, which is eliminated by a fall in price.
This is the correct answer.D.
shortage is​ created, which is eliminated by a rise in price.
surplus is​ created, which is eliminated by the supply curve shifting leftward.
The diagram shows a sector of a circle of radius r cm containing angle Ө radians. The area of the sector is Acm2 and the perimeter of the sector is 50 cm.
a. Find Ө in terms of r.
b. Show that A = 25r – r2
what is the program code for stone game in c
What do you mean by polarisation of lattice vibrations in real crystals?
How 1D diatomic chain acts as band pass filter?
a 0.8870 g sample containing only NaCl and KCL was treated with AgNO3. the AgCl formed had a mass of 1.913 g. Calculate the %Na and %K in the sample.
The function

may be used to model radioactive decay. Q represents the quantity remaining after t years; k is the decay constant. The decay constant for plutonium-240 is k = 0.00011. What is the half-life, in years?
5. A 20.0 g sample of a mixture of CO2(g) and CO(g) is treated, according to the following reaction, with air at room temperature over a Pt/CeO2-ZrO2-Bi2O3 catalyst. The total mass of CO2(g) at the end of the reaction is 27.9 g.
A bird experiences a wind gust of 13 m/s [E] while flying 16m/s [W]. What is the overall velocity of the bird? Which direction is it moving?
A manufacturer of guitar amplifiers markets one of its models, Vagabond, at a power rating of 45 watts. GuitarGod magazine suspects that this rating is inaccurate for this year's model of the amp. In a random sample of 32 units of this year's version of the Vagabond the mean output power is 42 watts, with a standard deviation of 8 watts.

Assuming a confidence level of 95%, which of the following statements do these data support?

A. This year's Vagabond's output power is 45 watts.
B. This year's Vagabond's output power is 42 watts.
C. This year's Vagabond's output power is not 45.
D. None of the above