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A spherical Gaussian surface of radius a = 400 cm surrounding a -50 µC charge. Find the
flux through
If inputs A = 1, B = 0 and output X = 1, then it corresponds to the operation of a:
You decide to begin saving towards the purchase of a new car in 5 years. If you put $1,000 at the end of each of the next 5 years in a savings account paying 6% compounded annually, how much will you accumulate after 5 years?
what are the national cultural effects on organizational culture
mixture of 5% ethylene and 95% air is passed through a suitable catalyst in a reactor.
Some of the ethylene does not react, some form oxide, some turn to CO2 and water.
The entire gas mixture enters an absorption tower where water is sprayed. The oxide is
converted to glycol. The gas leaving the absorber analyzes C2H4 : 1.085%, CO2 :
4.345%, O2 : 13.055% and N2 : 81.515% on dry basis. The partial pressure (pp) of H2O
in this gas is 15.4 mm Hg while total pressure is 745 mm Hg. If one mole of water is
sprayed per 100 mole of gas mixture, calculate the composition of ethylene glycol–
water product formed.
A porcelain vase weighing 49.0N is supported by a tripod. The legs of the tripod are spaced at 120° apart and are inclined 60° with the horizontal. Find the force exerted by each leg of the tripod.
A porcelain vase weighing 49.0N is supported by a tripod. The legs of the tripod are spaced at 120° apart and are inclined 60° with the horizontal. Find the force exerted by each leg of the tripod.
mixture of isomeric Diphenyl and Dichloro Tetrachloroethane is used as a thermic
fluid in a liquid phase heating system. The thermic fluid enters an indirect fired heater
at a temperature of 450 K and leaves the heater at a temperature of 550 K. Calculate the
supply of heat to the heater per kg of the liquid heated. The heat capacity of the fluid is
given by the equation
CP = 1.435 + 2.19 × 10–3T, kJ/(kg K)
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