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Derive an expression for the work done by a gaseous system for an isothermal expansion of an ideal gas.
Explain the working of a platinum resistance thermometer with the help of a neat am labelled diagram.
write molecular orbital configuration for following molecular ions . commenton paramagnetic properties of these ions -
1 . N2+ and
2 . N2 2-
using bohr atomic model , derive expression for calculating the radius of orbits in He+ . using this expression , calculate the radius of fourth orbit of He+ ion .
what is matter wave ? what do you understand by in phase and out phase waves ? calculate the wavelength associated with a body of mass 1.5 Kg moving with velocity of 100 m/s .
A stretched string of mass 20 g vibrates with a frequency of 30 Hz in its fundamental mode and the supports are 40 my apart. The amplitude of vibrating at the antinode is 4 cm .Calculate the velocity of propagation of the wave in the string as well as the tension in it.
The linear density of a vibrating string 1.3×1/10000 kg/m .A transverse wave is propagation on the string &is describe by the equation y (x,t)= 0.021sin (30t-x) where x&y is in meter &t is in second calculate the tension in the string.
A sinusoidal wave is describing by y (x,t)=3.0sin (3.52t-2.01x) cm where x is the position along wave propagation. Determine the amplitude, wave number, wavelength ,frequency &velocity of the waves.
Derive an Expression for the tidal force for the earth- moon system and show that its magnitude depends on the latitude. Explain tidal bulge on the basis of this expression.
Explain how we estimate the effective surface temperature of the Sun.