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when opening a file, the “wt” parameter indicated that we:

want to append to the end of the text file.

want to write data to a text file.

that we are opening a binrary file.

that we are reading from a text file.
An object is launched at a velocity of 20/s in a objection making an angle of 25degree upward with the horizontal
Starting in las cruces you drive north to T or C (79 miles) in 68 minutes, then turn around and drive south to El Paso (122 miles) in 98 minutes. Assume north is the positiv direction and that you are driving in a straight line. What is your average velocity? What is your average speed?
Ammonia can be reacted with carbon dioxide to form urea, as shown below. If 170 g ammonia were consumed in a reaction with excess carbon dioxide, what mass of urea could be produce?
The molar mass of ammonia is 17g/mole and that of urea is 60g/mole.
2NH3 + CO2 —> CO(NH2)2 + H2O
C7H6O3 + CH3COOH —> C9H8O4 + H2O
The above reaction between salicylic acid (C7H6O3) and acetic acid shows the synthesis of aspirin (C9H8O4). If the percent yield of the reaction is 33.3% then what mass of aspirin could be recovered from the reaction of 18.8 g of salicylic acid?
Using Maxwell’s equations in free space, derive the wave equation for the
electric field vector. Obtain the conditions under which the following time varying
electric and magnetic fields satisfy Maxwell’s equations in vacuum with no source
charges or currents:
E = k^ E0 sin ( y- vt )
B = i^ B0 sin (y − vt)
where E0 and B0 are constant.
What happens to the solubility of alcohols as they get bigger
In the arithmetic series 2/3+1+4/3...,which term is 25 1/3?
What is the value of h(231,8) for the function below?
def h(m,n):
ans = 0
while (m >= n):
(ans,m) = (ans+1,m-n)
Two hunters A and B of e same height of 1.6 tall were standing on a horizontal plane at the opposite direction. The hunters sighted a bird on top of
a coconut tree of height 8m standing between them, The angle of elevation of the two hunters A and B are 30 degree and 60 degree respectively 1(a)Sketch a diagram to illustrate this information. 1(b)Which of the two hunters
Is closer to the coconut tree.
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