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create 3 pages webpages with bootstrap
Modify the quiz application in the previous module, this time create a 10-point quiz using a multidimensional array with the use of HTML elements ( forms and tables )
Create a simple web application that converts decimal into binary, octal, hexadecimal, using functions and arrays . Do not use built in function for the conversation

Write a Program:

Write a html and css code to design a "Tour-n-Travels" webpage containing one tourist place with appropriate description. The page should contain a suitable background image, heading should be with a background color, italicised, underlined and centrally aligned, the description should be in a different font color, size and style. The description should be supported with an appropriate image. Also add an Enquiry form for fixing an enquiry call consisting of fields such as name, contact number, date and time and budget ranging from 20000 to 50000 and a summit button 

void setup() { float a,b; int result; serial.begin(9600); a = 15.2; b = 27.1; result = compute(a, b); serial.print(result); } void loop() {} int compute(float number1, float number2){ int comp; comp = number2 * number1; return(comp); }

A. What will be the output on the Serial Monitor?
Write function to check if word is palindrome. For example "radar" is palindrome, "hello" is not.
write a program to draw a happy face. because you dont know how to make an arc yet, you can use an oval or a line for the mouth. use lines for some hair. experiment with different colors
Create a webpage that has an image that opens a page with the Wikipedia website when clicked.
Create a web page that has two paragraphs. One of the paragraphs should be aligned to the center and have red text. The other paragraph should be aligned to the right and be in italics.
Create a web page that has two paragraphs of text. Label each paragraph of text with a header.
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