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i have a webpage which contains html dynamic content as well as multiple pdf files(in iframes). how to print all this by one button click.
i dont know how to print multiple iframes. so please help me with that.
I have to write a code to calculate the discount rate and sales tax for a hardware store. Employees get a 10% discount, contractors 20%, and orders over 800 get 5%. The sales tax rate is 8%, and customers over 90 do not pay sales tax. I have to write this using nesting in javescript
Create an attractive and responsive Web page using the following:

Flex Box Model
@media query
two-column description (CSS3)
at least one box with rounded corners (CSS3) with a background color or image
pseudoclasses and pseudoelements
embedded video
some text color with different sizes
an image
at least one HTML5 structural element
at least a link
a form for the user to submit asking for more info about the product
The content is an advertisement of a product of your choosing. It should have enough information to promote the product and make the user wants to buy or learn more. The layout is up to you to attract future customers.
You should use a radio button to request the user enter either EVEN or ODD and a text box for
a number between 1 and 20. You should check to make sure both the values entered comply
with the previous sentence and if not, you should change them to EVEN and 5.
If the user enters EVEN you should output all the numbers between 1 and what they entered
that are EVEN. Do not output the number 1. You should output the number they entered if it is

If the user enters ODD you should output all the numbers between 1 and what they entered
that are ODD. Do not output the number 1. You should output the number they entered if it is

If the user enters 1 for their number between 1 and 20 you should output “There are no even
or odd numbers between 1 and 1. Changing your input to 5.”
When creating a table in html, what marks the start and end of the table?
Trying to code this but not working what am I missing
Using the logical operator for AND, fill in the if statement to check if even and odd are greater than 19.

let odd = 7;
let even = 20;
let greaterThan;
greaterThan = true;
} else {
greaterThan = false;
Create html code for accessories ofmen and women
The operation of the AND, OR and NOT logic operators can be represented by????

You are required to create a web-based ToDo application using:-
1. Front-end:-
o Javascript
2. Back-end:-
This ToDo web-based application should have the following features:-
1. A login page for user to log into the application.
2. A Registration page for new user to register to the application.
3. Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete the ToDo list.
4. All ToDo information to be stored in a database.
5. Allow multiple user to use the same application.
6. A user can only create, retrieve, update and delete his/her own ToDo list.
Good day to you,
Please am developing an application that has to do with web based finger-print authentication with PHP but i cant seem to find a way to retrieve any data from the thumb scanner. Can the great minds help me out here
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