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There are some subjects in the curriculum that seem to be harder than all the others and visual basic is one of them. Sometimes students have no time to solve their visual basic problems or they just don’t have enough knowledge to understand the subject, and, as a result, they have poor studying progress. A lot of visual basic questions need to be solved and we are ready to provide you with help in this subject. Our professional specialists can easily give you all the Visual Basic answers you need and make things easier in the studying process.

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What value will cause the outer loop to stop? For intX As Integer = 4 To 13 Step 3 For intY As Integer = 1 To 2 MessageBox.Show("Hello") Next intY Next intX a. 13 b. 14 c. 15 d. 16
How many times will the MessageBox.Show method in the following code be processed? For intX As Integer = 4 To 13 Step 3 For intY As Integer = 1 To 2 MessageBox.Show("Hello") Next intY Next intX a. seven b. eight c. nine d. none of the above
add a text box, a label, and a button to the form. The button's Click event procedure should store the contents of a text box in a double variable named dblCost. It then should display the variable's contents in the label. Enter the three Option statements above the Public Class clause in the Code Editor window, and then code the procedure. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the solution.
While programming using the Visual studio, selection and placement of components does not complete the programming. Rather, the programmer will provide functionality that performs the required work by modifying or adding material to what?
Five hundred students applied for admission in a university. Each student supplied the result for 8 subjects. Write an algorithm to find the aggregate score for 6 best subjects for each student
write a program, using DO statement that accepts five integer numbers from a USER, computes the sum and average of the five numbers and outputs the results.
Write a program that requests a date in a masked text box, and then displays the day of the week (such as Sunday, Monday…) for that date. Include an error trap for invalid date
how to take square on computer keyboard?
Write a program that contains 3 buttons with captain "1" "2" and "3". When the user clicks the 1st button I should display "One" on the form. When the user clicks on 2nd button it Should display "Two" on the form. When the user clicks on 3rd button it Should display "Three" on the form.
*Explanation:* Write a program for which the user has to log in before he/she can access it. The user supplies *two numbers* and the *sum of these numbers* (answer) himself. The program then shows whether the answer is *right* or *wrong*.
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