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There are some subjects in the curriculum that seem to be harder than all the others and visual basic is one of them. Sometimes students have no time to solve their visual basic problems or they just don’t have enough knowledge to understand the subject, and, as a result, they have poor studying progress. A lot of visual basic questions need to be solved and we are ready to provide you with help in this subject. Our professional specialists can easily give you all the Visual Basic answers you need and make things easier in the studying process.

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??? Can be used to represent different information
recursive backtracking maze generator in windows forms
What is a bank transaction control system?
What is wrong with the following loop?

Dim intIndex As Integer = 10

Do While intIndex >= 10


intIndex += 2


It is an infinite loop
The test variable should not be changed within the loop itself
It should have been written as a Do Until loop
What is the first stage of software development lifecycle?
This is the main idea. I can send extra material with grading rubric etc afterwards.

Write pseudocode to design a phone contact list program. Your program includes a Graphical User Interface that allows user to add new contacts, update existing contacts, search specific contact from the contact list, sort the contact list in ascending or descending order, delete an old contact. Your program should also provide help screen, an exit button to close the program and displays error messages for any exceptions.
Suppose the sequential file ALE.TXT contains the information shown in Table 1.1. Write a program to use the file to produce the Table 1.2 in which the baseball teams are in descending order by the percentage of games won. Note : A batting average can be displayed in standard form with Format Number(ave, 3, vbFalse).
A program using forms that is able to record patients details and connected to a database.
I am making a form with 3 textboxes. In the first textbox, the user will enter the SSID for a network he would like to connect to (Message box if SSID isn't in range), in the second and third text boxes, the user will enter password validations (as some wifi networks have 2-part passwords). All of the inputted information is actually inputted into the wifi network selected by the first textbox, and the user is signed in if the password is correct. If not, a message box is displayed. What is the syntax for inputting information into wifi passwords using 2010 express? How should I go about this?
Can visual basic 2010 be used to create softwares?