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let T[2 3 pi: 8 pi/2 1] calculate the square root,natural logarithm e^s and facorial of each element of the matrix S.

let m[-3 5 6 0 ; i+1 -1 3 2 ;2i 7 i -3 ; 5 -2 1 i+5] show that the elements in secound column &elements in third rows& the row 2to3 and coloumn 1 to 3.

let T[2 3 pi; 8 pi/2 1] find cos(T)&sin(T)&tan(T) and cot(T), then round the result to the nearset integar toward


In mechanics of materials, the behaviour of solid objects subject to stresses and strains are studied. You happen to work for one of the leading automobile industry in the Country. You have been asked to store in a file the stress data measurements experienced by a vehicle jack lifting several vehicles. Each line in the file has the vehicle serial numbers (which are integers) followed by the stress measurements for that vehicle. For example, if there are four vehicles and three stress measurements for each, the file might look like this

You are given a computer program (or a processor) that takes an N-point data sequence, x(n) and computes it’s DFT/FFT coefficients, X(k). You have no access to the code of program/processor, and you cannot change any aspects of it.

Show that the input sequence x(n) to the above program/processor and/or its output(results) can be modified such that the same program/processor can also be used to compute the inverse DFT/FFT. Show your answer with analytical proof
The gaussian function is de ned byf(x) =e^x^2:
(A) Write the barycentric form of the interpolating polynomialp3(x) for the gaussian function onthe interval [1;1] using four evenly spaced tting points.
(B) Use MATLAB to plot the gaussian function and thep3(x) you obtained in (A) on the sameaxes. Also plot the error on a separate graph.
(C) Use MATLAB to plot a tenth-order interpolating polynomialp10(x) using the barycentric formof the polynomial and eleven evenly spaced tting points on the same axis as the gaussian. Alsoplot the error on a separate graph.
(D) Compare and contrast the two interpolating polynomials

These are queries that use the full Red Cat Database as shown in Figure 3.1. You must use the full Red Cat tables of Customer, Sale, SaleItem, Product, Manufacturer, and Employee tables.

For each information request below, formulate a single SQL query to produce the required information.

1. Show the product name, city, and state for all manufacurers located in New York (NY), Oklahoma (OK), Florida (FL). Order alphabetically (ascending) by state and then product name. 

2. Show the customer first name, last name, city and state for all in San Francisco and San Diego. Include customers from California where city begins with letter A.

3. Which customer lives in city New York? First name, last name, city, phone number.

4. Show the customer's first name, customer's last name, customer's city ('CustCity'), product name, list price for all products made by manufacturers in Arizona and purchased by customers in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

Write a program which accepts four numbers entered by the user. The program will then display: • YES, if the distance between all the numbers is the same. • NO, if the distance between the numbers are NOT all the same. Example 1: Enter A: 2 Etner B: 5 Enter C: 8 Enter D: 11 YES (because the distance between the four numbers is 3) Example 2: Enter A: 2 Etner B: 3 Enter C: 6 Enter D: 7 NO (because the distances between the four numbers are NOT all the same)

An online retailer sells five products whose retail prices are as follows: Product 1, $2.98;
product 2, $4.50; product 3, $9.98; product 4, $4.49 and product 5, $6.87. Write a matlab program
that reads a series of pairs of numbers as follows:
a) product number
b) quantity sold
Your program should use a switch statement to determine the retail price for each product. It
should calculate and display the total retail value of all products sold. Use a sentinel-controlled
loop to determine when the program should stop looping and display the final results
How many times will this loop print 'Hello World'?

n = 10;

while n > 0

disp('Hello World')

n = n - 1;

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