How to Finish your Summer Homework Easily

Summer homework

Summer is slowly but surely coming to a close. This year has been wild so far, and quite unexpected. Some schools have chosen to close down during the past few months to take control of the global pandemic, and some have resumed through online courses and classes. Whatever the case may be, education is an important factor that should be handled carefully. (more…)

How exercise improves your studies and mental health

How exercise improves your studies

Stress is something that is increasingly more common as you grow older. More responsibilities, more decision making, and more obligations seem to weigh people down and cause them to feel stressed. Students especially have to carry this burden of stress because they are still learning to deal with life and everything that comes with it. Some find ways to manage it wisely, while others still struggle mentally to deal with their stress. It’s not unusual for students to have mental breakdowns because of this stress, but there are ways to avoid and even handle your stress levels. Many studies show that exercise is a sure-fire way to improve your stress levels and ultimately your mental health. (more…)

How to Write a Great History Essay

history essay writing

One of the most common cliches ever used is that “you learn from your mistakes.” This rings true of almost everything, as it can be used as a teaching point for yourself and others. Some also view History as a crucial subject taught in schools, mostly because of this very idea. History is an evaluation of our past and helps us understand our society today that we live in and how it came to be. (more…)

How to Avoid Plagiarism in your Essay

How to avoid plagiarism

When it comes to writing essays, students find them to be the most daunting task and also the most time consuming. These essays usually weigh heavy on their grades, so they are important to complete with a good mark. Essays are meant to showcase what you have learned and to test your critical thinking skills. You develop your own idea and transform and explain it all the way through to the end, hoping that your reader understood your ideas. (more…)

How to Develop Self Management Skills

Self management skills

As students grow older, the sense of responsibility grows. Gone are the worry-free days, where all you were concerned about was what food you’ll have for lunch at school the next day, or whether your parents would let you stay over your friends house over the weekend. It’s hard growing up and going off to college for higher education. (more…)

Is Programming Really Boring?

Programming boring

One rule of life that is almost universal is this: everything in moderation. Too much of one thing is a bad thing, so it’s best to varietize or take a break from some things. Computer programming is one of those things which requires a lot of time and effort spent on it, and sometimes if you do it too much without breaks, it results in a burnout. It starts to lose its appeal and becomes dull and mundane and even a chore. (more…)

Writing with APA and MLA: What’s the Best?


Once you reach college or university, the level of writing that is expected from you should be quite high. They sometimes teach you this in high-school or junior high, but at a very basic level.  Your professors will demand that your paper be written in a certain format, and your brain might be hurting on figuring out what exactly that means. (more…)