Is Homework Beneficial To Students: Pros and Cons

Is homework beneficial

There is the never-ending question of homework and whether it’s beneficial to students or not. Both camps have staunchly defended their point of view to the grave, claiming that homework is NOT beneficial or that homework is COMPLETELY necessary to a student’s learning. Well, here we are again at a crossroads trying to get to the bottom of this argument; does homework benefit the students, or is it more detrimental to their overall learning experience? We’re going to break it down so maybe you can settle this argument once and for all. But to get to the bottom of this, we should understand what the sides are — (more…)

How to Write a Good Business Letter

Business letter writing

There are certain things that people in the business world frown upon. Things like lows in the economy, housing crisis, and bad, unprofessional business letters. The latter is something that most people don’t really think about or pay attention to because quite frankly, they don’t think it matters. But in the business world, how you communicate and network with others can determine your success or failure.  (more…)

Why am I so Bad at Math? How Can I Improve?

Why am I so bad at math

Math is one of those subjects that people believe you either “get it” or you don’t. You have to be a “numbers” person to understand math. But this growing idea isn’t supported by enough evidence to say so. Mathematics just seems to be a subject that requires a lot of practice and time to master and understand, rather than just a subject for “math people”. Nothing always comes easy, no matter the subject. The most successful people utilized what opportunities they had to be successful.  (more…)

How our Experts can Help You Manage Student Life

help you manage student life

Out of all of the many skills students learn in University or College, there seems to be one that alludes everyone’s mind, something that is uncommon but extremely resourceful and quite overlooked. (more…)

How to improve programming problem-solving skills

programming problem solving skills

From a young age, our brains develop to the world around us, the environment we live in, and the people who we interact with. The brain thinks about road-blocks and problems we have and how we can possibly overcome these situations. It tries many things until the problem is solved or your run out of energy trying to solve it. Being a good problem solver isn’t something that people have an innate ability to do, rather it is something that is studied, learned, and analyzed, which makes it much more desirable to have problem solving skills in programming. (more…)

How to Write an Essay on Leadership

Leadership essay

The world needs great leaders to move forward and progress, the type of people that can inspire others and make tough decisions. Great leadership is not only defined by the words they say, but even more so by the actions they take. Globally, leadership traits are hard to define because being a leader can mean so many different things. It’s no wonder that this topic is heavily explored by universities and professors and given as term papers to see how the youth defines great leadership. Learning how to write a leadership essay can be easy if you follow these steps.  (more…)

Maximize Your Winter Break Productivity

winter break productivity

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Winter Holidays! Thanksgiving dinner was served, Black Friday has finished, and now we wait for Christmas and New Year to commence! But that doesn’t mean we can’t start a bit sooner! Students are ready to take their exams and head home for Christmas and take a break before the academic grind comes back. Sometimes there are projects you need to finish, sometimes there’s some reading you need to complete, and sometimes there is work to be done before the next term begins. How can you possibly fit all of this into your holiday? Aren’t holidays esupposed to be relaxing?  (more…)