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Develop a script that you can run on the provided nmap network scan results.
Your script needs to output each open service, and the applicable IP addresses for each service.
Output a summarized count of each open service in from the entire scan. Be sure to avoid output that isn’t relevant to the mission.
Include Screen-Capture of your script’s output in your submission.
Compare I/O based on polling with interrupt – driven I/O. In what situation would you
favor one technique over the other?
Write a Linux shell script to perform the following tasks:

a. Display current date and time
b. Display current working directory
c. To check whether a sample file is a directory
d. Display details of all files/directories in current working directory
e. To check whether a sample file is readable, writable, and executable.

Compare the views of memory that kernel code has versus what your Java programs have.
What does it mean when you say a system is starting to thrash?
why do we say it is easier to create a thread than a process?
How does Cluster Size affect the efficiency of the File System?
What affect do you think a heavily fragmented disk has on the performance of Sequential and Random access methods?
Why do you want a File System to cache file data in memory? What are the downsides to caching File data?
¨ Understand data representation
¤ number system: decimal and hex
¤ text and binary data
¨ Learn to use printf
¨ Title: my_student_id
¨ Requirements
¤ Implement a program to print out your student id in
various format
¤ Usage: my_student_id
Sample Output
¨ Let’s say your student id is 12345js
$ my_student_id
decimal = 49 hex = 31 char = 1
decimal = 50 hex = 32 char = 2
decimal = 51 hex = 33 char = 3
decimal = 52 hex = 34 char = 4
decimal = 53 hex = 35 char = 5
decimal = 106 hex = 6a char = j
decimal = 115 hex = 73 char = s
¨ Deliverables
¤ Source code
¤ Test log
n A screen dump of your testing
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