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From: Zdenek Markovic
zdenek@pcnet.com Jul 26 2018
I need small help with my C programming code.
I am tryint to read temperature from Analog Devices chip AD7414.
To read the value needs a two byte read.
The fist byte returns the correct value but the second one always return FF.
I can't fugure out why.
Can someone help me.

I am enclosing the whole zipped project.
I beleive the issue is in the AD747_Read.c/EpromRead file
Thank you

8. Write a C program that can generate an IC Process the received ICMPv4 echo reply.
John was given a task to make a rectangular box during his innovation competition. He was given with the P cm of wire and S cm2 of special paper. He had to use all the wire (for the 12 edges) and paper (for the 6 sides) to make the box. So what will be the maximum volume of that box?

Input Format

The first line contains n, the number of test cases.
Each test case contains two integers A and B in a line.

Resultant to be of two decimal places accuracy.
Output Format

Single lined output for the maximum volume of the made box with 2 two decimal places.
Sample Input 0

20 14
20 16
Sample Output 0

What is the top element in the stack S.
Stack(S); //create a stack S
Queue(Q); //create a queue Q
Push (S,1); Push(S,2);
Push (S,3); Push(S,4);
Enqueue(Q,5); Enqueue(Q,6);
For (i=1) to 4) {
X=Pop (S);
For (i=1 to 6) {
Z=Dequeue (Q);
i really need help regarding my c coding in my assignment. i did the raptor but cant seem to figure out how to do the c. i need someone to do it for me so i can understand it.
Problem 5B (50 points + 5 bonus)
Implement a program in C that checks the personnel file for two types of errors: (1) crew members
other than the captain who have no supervisor, and (2) crew members other than the captain who
have multiple supervisors. Note that your program does not need to check whether the captain
has a supervisor (or multiple supervisors); you may assume that the file is correct in that respect.
For instance, the file shown above has one error of each type: Person 100 has no supervisor, and
Person 300 has two supervisors. On the other hand, note that the duplicate record “200 100”
(lines 3 and 5) is not considered an error, since it shows the same supervisor for Person 200.
Input and output: Your program should input the name of the personnel file, and print (1) the
number of people other than the captain with no supervisor, and (2) the number of people with
multiple supervisors. The file name is a string, the length of which is between 1 and 60.

A list of integers is divided into two smaller lists of equal size. Two separate threads (which we will term sorting threads) sort each sublist using a sorting algorithm. The two sublists are then merged by a third thread—a merging thread—which merges the two sublists into a single sorted list. Because global data are shared across all threads, perhaps the easiest way to set up the data is to create a global array. Each sorting thread will work on one half of this array. A second global array of the same size as the unsorted integer array will also be established. The merging thread will then merge the two sublists into this second array
Write a function named shopping() that enables Monica and Pheebe to shop. This function needs to ask to enter which
one is shopping, in which store, which products and how many of the product is purchased. The products that they can
purchase can be seen in following table:
Product 1: G Store=10 $ W Store=15 $
Product 2: G Store =12.5 $ W Store=17 $
Assume that they can only shop from Store G or Store W
At the beginning Monica got 100 TL and Pheebe got 120 TL
After each purchase, print the remaining money
If any of them do not have enough money to buy, print a warning message
They will continue shopping unless any of them spend all the money

Sample Run:
Which one is shopping :M
Which store : W
Which product,how monay : 1 4
Remaning money for monica : 40.00

Which one is shopping :M
Which store : G
Which product,how monay : 1 5
Not enough money!
Remaning money for Pheebe : 40.00
Player who has health (integer) and a position (structure). Position structure must have two values (int x and int y). Player’s health will be initialized to 100 and player’s position will be initialized to (8, 8).
The map which the player will move must be a 2D structure matrix. This matrix must have 15 rows and 15 columns. Each cell in the matrix should consist of two integer values. These integer values must be initialized to 0.
W up: Increases the y coordinate of the player by 1
S down: Decreases the y coordinate of the player by 1
A left: Decreases the x coordinate of the player by 1
D right: Increases the x coordinate of the player by 1
There must be 30 enemies and 10 tokens. Both token and enemy coordinates are all random. Damage value varies between 1 to 30 which should be set randomly. Values of tokens may differ between -5 to 10, 0 excluded. After initialization of the map these values must be placed into map.
Full assignment : https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvfws9n3sm0fumh/HW.doc?dl=0
I need to program an tic tac toe game on MSP432 with the booster board programming in c.
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