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Write a program that declares three one-dimensional arrays named price,quantity,and amount. Each array should be declared in main()and should be capable of holding 10 double-precision numbers. The numbers that should be stored in price are 10.62,14.89, 13.21, 16.55, 18.62, 9.47, 6.58, 18.32, 12.15, 3.98. The numbers that should be stored in quantity are 4, 8.5, 6, 8.35, 9, 15.3, 3, 5.4, 2.9, 4.8. Your program should pass these three arrays to a function called extend(), which should calculate the elements in the amount array as the product of the equivalent elements in the price and quantity arrays (for example,amount[1] =price[1] *quantity[1]). After extend()has put values into the amount array, the values in the array should be dis-played from within main().
use a one dimensional array to solve the following problem. read in 20 numbers, each of which is between 10 and 100 inclusively. as each number is read, print it only if its not a duplicate of a number already read. provide for the worst case scenario in which all 20 numbers are different . use the smallest possible array to solve this problem.
Consider a point of sale terminal at a supermarket that displays electronic versions of receipts in the following format ***Touch Supermarket*** Item 1 2000 Item 2 4000 Item 3 1000 Total: 7000 Amount: Seven thousand only. Required: Create a program that has a menu with 10 items of your choice and allow a user to select up to a maximum of 5 items. The program should display a receipt like above (including the total amount in words)
conduct a survey from 10 people to discover most popular sport. the result will be typed in to the computer for analysis at the end of the survey analysis the result and disply the most popular sports “type in the letter Q for finish” A athletes B swimming C football D badminton
Write a Function that outputs a) The String : The one half is 50%. b) Two integers and their difference. c) Two floats and the result of dividing one with the other.
use a while loop that finds the x3 where x = 20...10 (use the order from 20 to 10 and not 10 to 20)
Write a C program to read 1 integer input from user. Multiply 3 to the input, convert the result to string and print the result.
Write a C program to read 1 integer input and 1 float input from user. With the inputs, calculate the quotient and print it to screen.
Kesa has changed RS as per unit consumption is one month as per the following condition- 1) unit>=200-> 0.50 paise/unit 2) unit>100 and unit <200->0.60 per/unit 3) unit> 50 and unit<100->0.70 per/unit 4) otherwise 0.8 per/unit Note- 50 RS meter changes will also add.
The following data has been collected by a technician: Gas volume: V=0.8 m^3 Gas pressure: p=160 kPa Compression index: n=1.4 Pressure/volume relationship: pV^n=C Work done = &int;(V1)^(V2) pdV Evaluate C Calculate the work done in compressing the nitrogen from 0.8 m^3 to 0.6 m^3 using: integral calculus Simpson&rsquo;s rule the mid-ordinate rule
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