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Assume you have an IP network connection with the following characteristics:

• 97% of packets reach their destination correctly in less than 50ms

• 1% of packets reach their destination correctly in more than 50ms but less than 10,000ms.

• 1% of packets are lost in transit

• 1% of packets arrive at their destination in less than 50ms but have one or two random single-bit errors.

For each of the following applications, indicate and explain your decision whether it would be best to use TCP with checksum, or UDP with checksum, or UDP without checksum:

(a) A live audio / video chat system like Skype

(b) A general purpose network file system such as NFS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_File_System

(c) Remote control of a bomb disposal robot (each packet contains an array of floating-point numbers indicating the current desired location of the robot)
1. Explain how network adaptors and protocols are checked?
Compare the OSI and TCP/IP reference models in computer networks.
What is an intranet network ? Describe its advantages and disadvantages.
Explain the routing of call through strowger step by step switching system.
What are the two classes of computer network architecture ?
Ce projet consiste à implémenter une architecture logicielle (composants, connecteurs,
codes…) au choix répondant aux cas suivants :
1er Cas : Avec UML
Architecture logicielle d’un GAB. Décrire le type d’architecture utilisée, ses
avantages et inconvénients.
2e cas : Avec ADL ADA ou autres ADL
list and explain how networking troubleshooting steps operate.
you are given the position at richfield graduate institute of technology and will be using windows server 2008 R2. explain step by step how you would assign a static IP adrdress to a computer.
state how the name resolution will take advantage of the current configuration.
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