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You are the trusted external party. Construct a four-person Shamir secret-sharing scheme (where the common prime to be used is 37) for Lorraine, Martin, Nancy and Oliver. Show what secret you will send individually to each of the four participants and how they can work together to find the secret (which would be the a0 term of the polynomial).
Calculate the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in months for a system with five components (e.g. Software bugs, for one), call them A, B, C, D, and E, with expected failure rates for A (22 months); B (37 months); C (18 months); D (61 months); and E (47 months).
You have been instructed to change the password of your Trello account, which of its feature are you going to use?
What are the issues if wired network uses CSMA/CA?
#1. What is the output of the first round of the DES algorithm when the plaintext and the key are both all zeros?

we work for a large communications corporation named GlobeComm which has been assigned a class A network address. Currently, the company has 1000 subnets in office around the world. we want to add 100 new subnets over the next three years, and you want to allow for the largest possible number of host addresses per subnet.

which subnet mask would you choose?
Question: in4GB ... how many BITS are there?!

32000000000 does not seem to be correct
Given the following:

Comp 1:
IP Address:

Comp 2:
IP Address:,

Which is correct?

A. The computers can't communicate w. each other

B. There is not anything wrong with this configuration

**This link http://greatwordpresshosting.com.au/thinklikeacomputer/2011/03/04/computer-networking-basics/ has some information regarding this matter, and on the bottom I posted the same inquiry and got the response that nothings wrong w the configuration..but I am not 100% certain on this given the computer circumstances...

Was wondering which is correct a or b?
Which of of these is the best example of a "systems integration tool" ?

Would it be: SAP or Oracle Or Tibco ?