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Design your own assessment of True or False and multiple choice questions based on the following themes.1.Computer application for teaching and learning hardware for teaching and learning 3.the fourth industrial revolution 4.Artificial intelligence in teaching and learning 5.21st Century Skills for teaching and learning Provide 10 questions for each theme0
write database technology,management,and users in bullet points
write management requirements for database systems in bullets points
write data planing and modeling methodology in bullets points
describe advantages to web access to database in bullets points?
You are sitting at your desk at work, using your laptop computer. The boss calls an emergency meeting for you and several coworkers, and asks everyone to bring his or her laptop computer. When you get to the meeting room, the boss wants to download an important file from his laptop to all your coworkers’ laptops. List three possible media solutions that will support this download, along with their advantages and disadvantages
. GJ Enterprises has hired you as a productivity consultant. Currently, the company employs six people who routinely exchange information via flash drives. All of GJ’s employees are in the same brick building, but not in the same room. They will be sending word-processing documents and small spreadsheets as well as e-mail to each other. GJ wants the least expensive network wiring solution with only the minimal required hardware support. What medium would you recommend, and why?
. You have been asked to recommend a type of wiring for a manufacturing building. The size of the building is 200 meters by 600 meters (corresponding to about 650 feet by 2000 feet), and it houses large, heavy machinery. Approximately 50 devices in this building must be connected to a computer system. Each device transmits data at 2 Mbps and sends a small packet of data every two to three seconds. Due to various building-related factors, any cable used for this network has to be suspended high overhead in a hard to-reach location. What type of cable would you recommend?
Consider a Pulse Code Modulation to encode an analog signal of 30,000 KHz. What is the digital bandwidth in Mbps and Gbps if the number of levels used in encoding is 128.
If you are not using any STANDARD for your device manufacturing, then what sort of problems you may encounter?
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