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what is the difference between a RAM and a ROM according to storage
9. a) Explain the layers of TCP/IP reference model. Compare its advantages and
disadvantages with respect to OSI model.
You have upgraded your Windows 7 system to Windows 10 but now the network connection will not work. You realize you need to install Windows 10 drivers for the network port that comes directly off your ASUS P4P800 motherboard. What is the name of the driver file you need to download and how did you find it?
__ is not a valid data type
A. Character
B. Integer
C. Boolean
D. Numeric
An array with dimensionality__ is said to be 4-dimensional.
A. 32
B. 8
C. 16
D. 4
search the web to locate three organizations that provide service desk outsourcing services for each company visit its web site and then write a paragraph that answer the following questions
what services do they deliver?
what do they consider standard services and what do they offer as optional services?
hot do they distinguish themselves from their competition?
what do they say about their staff?
what do they say about their hiring practices?
what do they say about satisfying their customers?
A junior system administrator needs to build a script to list all properties from all users in active directory. Create a userID and name it “patrick101”. Research the windows command(s) that will provide to the junior system administrator with all properties from this new user. Execute the command and provide the output.
A medium size organization is running a relatively old windows infrastructure. Unfortunately, the organization has small IT budget to do any upgrades. The IT manager has identified some critical areas in the currently infrastructure that needs to improved asap, or the organization may be faced with services outages. One of these areas includes the DNS infrastructure. Currently, the organization has a single DNS server for the entire company. Provide a group of options to improve the DNS infrastructure. Describe the main advantages and disadvantages of each of your options.
You are building a windows environment for a new company with 400 users across 2 cities. You want to keep the level of complexity to the minimum. But you want to make sure that the proposed infrastructure will support any future growth.

a) Define the types and number of containers that you are planning to deploy in the new solution. Provide a justification for your recommendation(s)

b) Since the company has offices in 2 cities, do you recommend the implementation of Sites? Provide a justification for your recommendation

c) Assuming you are implementing Sites, how can you control the data replication between multiple Active directories on both sites?

d) Using Microsoft Visio, develop a logical design diagram (FYI, Microsoft Visio is available in all computers @ Seneca)
In regards to the previous technical issue, a couple employees are calling to the help desk to complain that they can’t connect to the network, as they are not getting an IP Address from the DHCP Server. After analyzing the issue, you realized that these users are located in a different network. Which DHCP configuration will allow these users to get an IP Address?
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