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Convert the following decimal numbers into equivalent binary numbers and then convert the binary answer back into equivalent decimal Show all the steps of conversions



Solve the given Boolean Expression by using truth table,
What is the difference between these cell addresses: $A1, A$1 and $A$1?
.1. Locate Microsoft Word and open a new document.
2. Type the following text:
He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf
Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish.
Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea (1952)
3. Italicize the text.
4. Underline the title of the story.
5. Bold the author’s name.
6. Increase the font size to 14.
7. Change the font style to (your choice!).
8. Adjust the line spacing to 2.0 (double space).
9. Spellcheck your work.
10. save your document. Name the document : The Old Man and the Sea.
11. Insert a picture onto your document (find an image of a fish from the internet,).
12. Add a numbered list with your top three favourite authors (or movie
stars, etc.).
13. Save your work. (10 marks)
The statement of financial position of KY Limited at 31 December 2019 shows the following. Non-current assets GHC 1,350,000; current assets GHC 140,000; ordinary share capital GHC 900,000; general reserve GHC 150,000; 10% debentures GHC 200,000; current liabilities GHC 90,000; retained earnings GHC 150,000 The profit from operations for the year was GHC 65 000 and the finance costs were GHC 20 000. What is the return on capital employed for 2019?
Solve the following problems showing clearly all steps taken to arrive at the solution sets.

1. 3x²-5x-2=0​where ​-3<x<4

2. 2x²-4y+y²-5x+3xy-5=0; Let​-1<x<3​and​0>y>-2

3. 4x3m – 5x2y + 3y2x – 3x + 2y – 10 = 0

​-4<y<3​as their respective variable ranges.
You went to the fresh produce market with a crate that that can handle a weight of
3 kg and you can choose to fill with any of the following products listed in table 1.
Which products will you take to maximize the value of your prize?
# Item Price ($) Weight (Kg)
1 Watermelon 15 0.85
2 Mango 20 0.30
3 Banana 10 0.1
4 Carrot 1 0.05
5 Peach 5 0.08
Table size 9
Show those figures using Binary Tree insertion
Suppose Y=Wx²/6Ei(3a-x) for x<=a Y=Wx²/6Ei(3x-a) for x>a Use the if function to compute the value of deflection if W is in cell A4,E in A5,I in A6,a in B6 And x in B8
create a worksheet that compares the type, specifications, and the price for each laptop, as well as the costs to add ab extended warranty.
I cannot upload everything in one page so I separated it. Here is the question what I want to get based on this excel sheet.
Kowalski 140000 7 140280
Leibowitz 80000 10 82431
Lessig 185000 17 187124
Linn 35000 6 33188
Liu 110000 6 109102
Lowe 50000 2 51231
Madison 50000 8 50728
Mancini 20000 8 19183
Marcos 185000 17 183401
Marin 185000 14 182612
Martin 110000 12 112406
Martinez 80000 13 78051
Matthews 155000 6 154906
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