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An agriculturist has a 125-acre farm. He produces radish, Carrot and potato. Whatever he raises is fully sold in the market. He get $5 for radish per kg, $4 for carrot per kg and $5 for potato per kg. The average per acre yield is 1500kg of radish, 1800 kg of carrot and 1200 kg of potato. To produce each 100 kg of radish and carrot and 80 kg of potato, a sum of $12.5 has to be used for manure. Labour required for each acre to raise the crop is 6 man-days for radish and potato each and 5 man-days for carrot. A total of 500 man-days of labor at a rate of $40 per man-day are available. Formulate this as a linear programming model and solve by simplex method to maximize the agriculturist’s total profit.

The Unilever Company plans to allocate some or all of its monthly advertising budget of GH¢82,000 in the Mankato area. It can purchase local radio spots at GH¢120 per spot, local TV spots at GH¢600 per spot, and local newspaper advertising at GH¢220 per insertion.

The company's policy requirements specify that the company must spend at least GH¢40,000 on TV and allow monthly newspaper expenditures up to GH¢60,000.







Every facet of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Citizens are encouraged to use online platforms at the expense of face-face-face interactions. With specific examples explain how information technology can be used in this challenging times in the following disciplines;

a) Education

b) Government

c) Health Care

d) Science and Engineering and

e) Banking and Finance

Q1. Suppose that you have the following site map of website associated with hypothetical users’ navigations percentage. Accordingly, what is the probability that a user who visits the Page A will visit the Page D? Show the calculation steps and write the answers

In two or more complete sentences, describe an activity you perform that has an impact on climate change? Is it positive or negative? Can it be adjusted to improve our climate? Justify your answers in two or more complete sentences. Write your answer in the essay box below.

Convert the following decimal numbers into equivalent binary numbers and then convert the binary answer back into equivalent decimal Show all the steps of conversions



Solve the given Boolean Expression by using truth table,
What is the difference between these cell addresses: $A1, A$1 and $A$1?
.1. Locate Microsoft Word and open a new document.
2. Type the following text:
He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf
Stream and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish.
Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea (1952)
3. Italicize the text.
4. Underline the title of the story.
5. Bold the author’s name.
6. Increase the font size to 14.
7. Change the font style to (your choice!).
8. Adjust the line spacing to 2.0 (double space).
9. Spellcheck your work.
10. save your document. Name the document : The Old Man and the Sea.
11. Insert a picture onto your document (find an image of a fish from the internet,).
12. Add a numbered list with your top three favourite authors (or movie
stars, etc.).
13. Save your work. (10 marks)
The statement of financial position of KY Limited at 31 December 2019 shows the following. Non-current assets GHC 1,350,000; current assets GHC 140,000; ordinary share capital GHC 900,000; general reserve GHC 150,000; 10% debentures GHC 200,000; current liabilities GHC 90,000; retained earnings GHC 150,000 The profit from operations for the year was GHC 65 000 and the finance costs were GHC 20 000. What is the return on capital employed for 2019?
Solve the following problems showing clearly all steps taken to arrive at the solution sets.

1. 3x²-5x-2=0​where ​-3<x<4

2. 2x²-4y+y²-5x+3xy-5=0; Let​-1<x<3​and​0>y>-2

3. 4x3m – 5x2y + 3y2x – 3x + 2y – 10 = 0

​-4<y<3​as their respective variable ranges.
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