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List the reason code, reason description, block code, block minutes for the appt detail row with the highest number of minutes in each appointment. Show the minutes formatted as “# minutes” and use the following column headings: Reason Code, Description, Block Code, Minutes. Hint: use a GROUP by and nested SELECT.
In oracle
Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) using Unified Modelling Language (UML) notation according to the below business rules. Your design should be at the logical level – include primary and foreign key fields and remember to remove any many‐to‐many relationships. Tip: Pay attention to the mark allocation shown below. Movie meta‐data – business rules:  A website about the film industry wants to store data about movies.  A movie contains several scenes (at least one), and a scene will never be used in more than one movie. (20)
Draw an ERD based upon the following Scenario. Also mention the attributes name and relationship between the entities.

I am the manager of a training company that provides instructor-led courses in management techniques. We teach courses, each of which has a code, a name, and a fee. Introduction to UNIX and C Programming are two of our more popular courses.
Courses vary in length from one to four days. Paul Rogers and Maria Gonzales are two of our best teachers. We need each instructor’s name and phone number. The students can take several
courses over time, and many do this. Jamie Brown from AT&T took every course we offer!
We like to have each student’s name and phone number.
a. Let Computer A is creating an object, which is on the spot and automatically delivered to
computer B , So both computers have the same updated record each time
Write the name and purpose of this type of DBMS?
Purpose of an index
How to get the best out of an index?
What are the four scenarios Cleveland and Cleveland noted when an information seeker consults an index and abstract
What are the four scenarios Cleveland and Cleveland note, when an information seeker consults an index or abstract? How do information professionals ensure that information seekers get the best of the four scenarios?
Please research the encryption capabilities for the latest version of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.
Indicate the granularity level (What is encrypted? individual rows, tables, or the whole database?) and how keys are managed.
Then discuss what type of protection can be achieved using these capabilities. For example, are data-in-motion, data at rest, or data in use protected? Can bilateral security be achieved using these encryption capabilities?
Customers have Catogory: 1, 2 and 3 and a unique number.
Each transport operation is a job, which involves picking loads of products from a start location and delivers it to an end location. number is given for each job and for each load when they are created.
A Load is transported using a specific transport unit, which consists of lorry, driver, assistant, and a container. A container is fixed to a trailer so it needs to be coupled to a lorry at the start of a Job. (Single container can transport only one chemical product due to safety requirements).
Payments for a job depends on customer type, product type (No Risk, High risk) and the load type (small, medium and large).
Transport operations are run from 9 regional depots. Jobs are allocated to individual depots to service. Depots hold, manage and maintain transport units which allocated to them to service Jobs. transport units are held at the base Depot they belong to.
Identify user and system requirements
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