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Which data warehouse architecture is effective for an organization with various business units that generally has unique data needs, and where some data and processes may overlap?


Hub and Spoke
Centralized Data Warehouse
Department Data Mart
Your answer must explain why or why not each option is or is not appropriate.
Consider a database with relations R(A,B,C), S(D,E), and T(F,G).
(i) Give the initial query plan (constructed as in Lecture 12) for the SQL query
WHERE A = 10 AND C = D AND E = F AND A > G;
Then use the heuristics from Lecture 16 to transform the initial query plan into an optimised
(logical) query plan. Perform the transformation step-wise, pushing a single operator over a
single operator in each step, and indicate the heuristics you apply.
Database Systems - (Query) I have duplicate invoices and I need to combine the customer balances. How do I write the equation?
2:again with the column names they should be singular rather than plural, for example StudentCourse not StudentCourses, this will suggest multiplicity and be confusing for the user same should be said for spaces between words and the use of special characters, these too are bad practices.

3: databases without proper documentation for users are also bad practice, so make sure to give ER schemas so users could follow the integrity of data.
I need help on my database homework . I need to write SQL Statements i am not to sure how to do it
SQL Group By
A sql-6-9.sql file has been opened for you.

Write each of the following tasks as a SQL statement in a new line (remember that you can source the file to compare the output reference):

Use the e_store database
Join the products and the reviews tables that would output this:
| id | name | avg_stars |
| 2 | Smartphone | 2.3333 |
| 3 | PC | 3.0000 |
2 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Use the e_store database
Get the average rating of product_id 4. Alias the average result as: avg_rating.
The result should look like this:
| id | avg_rating |
| 4 | 3.5000 |
1 row in set (0.08 sec)
what is the benefits in digital arts and contents of digital arts?