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To create a webpages involving to a multiview and wizard controls

create a capturing system for their facilitators, using ASP.NET MVC5. The system should allow the facilitator to add a new student to the system, Edit the details of the students when needed, show the details of each student and delete a student once they drop out or de-register.

  • Create appropriate models and connect it to your database (SQL).
  • Allow facilitators to Register, upon successful Login they can manipulate the system.
  • Create appropriate controllers that will communicate to the model and the view.
  • Create appropriate views that displays as illustrated.
  • Create 5 new students

How to Create login & registration page in MVC with database (ASP.NET)

Find latitude and longitude of utmost 20 countries, ordered by population, with a population greater or equal to the population limit given below and have atleast one currency exclusively for themselves. (countries like Madagascar, Sri Lanka but not India, USA). Use the country details from this dataset.

Your task is to find the sum of the length of all lines (in kms) that can be drawn between co-ordinates of these countries.

  • Assume radius of earth: 6371 km
  • Round length of each line and final result to 2 decimal points
  • If co-ordinates are missing for any country use 0.000 N 0.000 E

Create a ASP Program using ADRotator component

Create a ASP Program using response and request object

Create a XML Program to create job listing

The software shall display in the format of a graph over time the number of hours spent on a module per week. The ideal calculated number of hours should also be displayed on the graph.

The application developed in Task 1 is already useful in terms of functionality, but it has a serious usability flaw: the data is not persisted, forcing the user to capture all the data from scratch if the application is executed again. For this task, you will continue working on the application that you developed in Task 1. Remember to implement any feedback provided by your lecturer on Task 1 before working on Task 2. Marks will be awarded for this (see the rubric for details). All the requirements from Task 1 must still be met by the program, with the following changes and additions: 1. The software shall persist the data in a SQL database. 2. The user shall be able to register with a username and password. 3. The software shall store only the hash of the password in the database. 4. The user shall be able to log into the software with their username and password. 5. The user shall only be able to see their own data and never that of other users.
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