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 ABC private Ltd wants to maintain Employee’s Information. You need to define an Entity class to hold Employee Information and generate a DLL. You also need to test this class usage by writing a Console application as a client.

Task 1: Define a class called “Employee” with the following fields: EmployeeId, Employee Name, Address, City, Department, Salary Define the functions to set the values of each property and to get the value of the Salary in the class: Compile the class to generate a DLL.

Task 2: Create a Console application and use this class. Create an object of this class. Accept the values from the user and assign the members.

Task 3: Modify the console application to define an array of objects to hold 10 records of Employee. Accept the details of 10 employees from the user using a loop. Display the Employee Name and Salary of all the employees.

Task 4: Modify the class to add properties using get, set blocks. Modify the console application to use the properties.

  1. A "Submit" asp:Button control that, when clicked, submits the selected Email field from the DropDownList as a query string value to the "MemberHome.aspx" Web page
  1. Create a Web page "FriendInfo.aspx" with the following elements:
  2. When the Web page loads, the "Email" property contained in the query string passed from the "MemberHome.aspx" Web page is stored in a global "Email" variable of type string
  4. A "Submit" asp:Button control that when clicked submits the global "Email" string variable in a query string to the "MemberHome.aspx" Web page


library management system
easiest way to learn programming code
I would like to know how to upload a file using knockout js and mvc and save file name on the database on single button click event.
how can i create dynamic checkbox and get that's value when i click button

in using
The user should be able to save data to the customer details file. Write the code that Elina
should use to save data to the customer details file.
The user should be able to view the data stored in the customer details file. Write the code that
Elina should use to read the data stored in the customer details file and display it to the user
I have an ASP website with thousands of articles comes from SQL database.
In the ASP web page the code that pulls out\shows the article is: <%=the_article%> only.

Is there a code to insert iFrame in each article?
For example: I want every 10 lines of the article to show a banner, that means that if an article is of 35 lines, Than the banner should show up 3 times, after line 10, 20 and line 30.
Write an application in ASP.NET to upload user images and other documents.
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