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homework 5 funtions next steps, I only started coding and im struggling. This homework sheet is hard and i need answers and help. Thanls
3. Squirrels: The squirrels in Palo Alto spend most of the day playing. In particular, they play if the temperature is between 60 and 90 (inclusive). Unless it is summer, then the upper limit is 100 instead of 90. Given an int temperature from the user print out to the user if the squirrels can play or not. (You may want to ask if it is summer)
2. SumTwenty: Given 2 ints, a and b, print their sum. However, sums in the range 10..19 inclusive, are forbidden, so in that case just print 20.
Adam regularly challenges one of his teachers to a pool competition. The winner of their matches is the person who wins the most individual games of pool. Adam wishes to write a computer program to calculate the total number of times each player wins a game and display a message congratulating the winner of the overall match.

a) Adam wants the program to:

* repeatedly ask the user to input the winner of each game

* stop asking for input when the character “X” is entered

* add up the number of wins for each player as the winner of each game is inputted

* display a message congratulating the player who won the most games or display a message saying that the match was tied.

Write a program below that meets Adam’s requirements.
You're a swimmer, and you want to compare all of your race times to find the fastest one. Write a program that continuously takes race times as doubles from standard input, until the input is "no more races," at which point it should print out the time of your fastest race.

Assume there are two variables, k and m, each already associated with a positive integer value and further assume that k's value is smaller than m's. Write the code necessary to compute the number of perfect squares between k and m. (A perfect square is an integer like 9, 16, 25, 36 that is equal to the square of another integer (in this case 3*3, 4*4, 5*5, 6*6 respectively).) Associate the number you compute with the variable q. For example, if k and m had the values 10 and 40 respectively, you would assign 3 to q because between 10 and 40 there are these perfect squares: 16, 25, and 36. Do NOT modify k and m.
This is what I have but I keep getting that q is incorrect
while i*i<k:
while i*i<=m:
Write an if/else statement that assigns True to fever if temperature is greater than 98.6; otherwise it assigns False to fever.
Write a program that first imports the math standard library. The program then defines a function called log_e that has one parameter called power_of_e. In the function, pass the parameter to the log function of the math module and assign the returned value to a variable called exponent. The last statement in the function should return exponent.

After the function and outside the function, write a statement to read a number from the keyboard, convert it to float and assign it to a variable called my_number. Next, write a print statement that has enclosed in the print parenthesis a call to log_e passing my_number to log_e. The output should be to three decimal places using format() function.

An example of running your program is as follows:

Enter a number and I will give you it's natural logarithm: 5

Write a program that inputs the length of two pieces of fabric in feet and inches (as whole numbers) and prints the total.
Create a Flask Web Service that will generate lottery numbers. It should have the following capabilities. It should generate 6 numbers from 1-58
>All dates must be given in YYYY-MM-DD format
>Random numbers are generated with the date as the seed.
Get winning numbers from start date to end date
> URL: winning_numbers?start_date=<start_data>&end_data=<end_date>
> if start and/or end date are not defined, the default value is yesterday
> start date and end data cannot be greater than yesterday
> output is a json with this format
<date>: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],
<date>: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6],
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