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Create a method named check_angles. The sum of a triangle's three angles should return True if the sum is equal to 180, and False otherwise. The method should print whether the angles belong to a triangle or not.

11.1 Write methods to verify if the triangle is an acute triangle or obtuse triangle.

11.2 Create an instance of the triangle class and call all the defined methods.

11.3 Create three child classes of triangle class - isosceles_triangle, right_triangle and equilateral_triangle.

11.4 Define methods which check for their properties.

Create an empty dictionary called Car_0 . Then fill the dictionary with Keys : color , speed , X_position and Y_position.

car_0 = {'x_position': 10, 'y_position': 72, 'speed': 'medium'} .

a) If the speed is slow the coordinates of the X_pos get incremented by 2.

b) If the speed is Medium the coordinates of the X_pos gets incremented by 9

c) Now if the speed is Fast the coordinates of the X_pos gets incremented by 22.

Print the modified dictionary.

Create a simple Card game in which there are 8 cards which are randomly chosen from a deck. The first card is shown face up. The game asks the player to predict whether the next card in the selection will have a higher or lower value than the currently showing card.

For example, say the card that’s shown is a 3. The player chooses “higher,” and the next card is shown. If that card has a higher value, the player is correct. In this example, if the player had chosen “lower,” they would have been incorrect. If the player guesses correctly, they get 20 points. If they choose incorrectly, they lose 15 points. If the next card to be turned over has the same value as the previous card, the player is incorrect.

Consider an ongoing test cricket series. Following are the names of the players and their scores in the test1 and 2.

Test Match 1 :

Dhoni : 56 , Balaji : 94

Test Match 2 :

Balaji : 80 , Dravid : 105

Calculate the highest number of runs scored by an individual cricketer in both of the matches. Create a python function Max_Score (M) that reads a dictionary M that recognizes the player with the highest total score. This function will return ( Top player , Total Score ) . You can consider the Top player as String who is the highest scorer and Top score as Integer .

Input : Max_Score({‘test1’:{‘Dhoni’:56, ‘Balaji : 85}, ‘test2’:{‘Dhoni’ 87, ‘Balaji’’:200}}) Output : (‘Balaji ‘ , 200)

Write a Python program to demonstrate Polymorphism.

1. Class Vehicle with a parameterized function Fare, that takes input value as fare and

returns it to calling Objects.

2. Create five separate variables Bus, Car, Train, Truck and Ship that call the Fare


3. Use a third variable TotalFare to store the sum of fare for each Vehicle Type. 4. Print the TotalFare.

Write a Python program to demonstrate multiple inheritance.

1. Employee class has 3 data members EmployeeIDGender (String), Salary and

PerformanceRating(Out of 5of type int. It has a get() function to get these details from

the user.

2. JoiningDetail class has a data member DateOfJoining of type Date and a function

getDoJ to get the Date of joining of employees.

3. Information Class uses the marks from Employee class and the DateOfJoining date

from the JoiningDetail class to calculate the top 3 Employees based on their Ratings and then Display, using readData, all the details on these employees in Ascending order of their Date Of Joining.

You are given an array of numbers as input: [10,20,10,40,50,45,30,70,5,20,45] and a target value: 50. You are required to find pairs of elements (indices of two numbers) from the given array whose sum equals a specific target number. Your solution should not use the same element twice, thus it must be a single solution for each input

1.1 Write a Python class that defines a function to find pairs which takes 2 parameters (input array and target value) and returns a list of pairs whose sum is equal to target given above. You are required to print the list of pairs and state how many pairs if found. Your solution should call the function to find pairs, then return a list of pairs.

1.2 Given the input array nums in 1.1 above. Write a second program to find a set of good pairs from that input array nums. Here a pair (i,j) is said to be a good pair if nums[i] is the same as nums[j] and i < j. You are required to display an array of good pairs indices and the number of good pairs.

How to find largest number inn list in python

Given a list of integers, write a program to print the sum of all prime numbers in the list of integers.

Note: one is neither prime nor composite number

Using the pass statement

how to get a input here ! example ! 2 4 5 6 7 8 2 4 5 2 3 8 how to get it?

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