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It is very hard to master any of programming language and many students have troubles with it. That is why we have decided to render assistance for those who have difficulties with Python. Python problems are very common among students. They are tired of constant Python questions and try to find the Python answers. Ask your questions here and be sure to get the 100% truthful answers. The only thing you will have to do – is to send the request with Python questions and to have no hesitation that all your Python questions will be satisfied.

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what is a possible output of "print (random.random()*5)"
Write the definition of a class Counter containing:
An instance variable counter of type int, initialized to 0.
A method called increment that adds one to the instance variable counter. It does not accept parameters or return a value.
A method called get_value that doesn't accept any parameters. It returns the value of the instance variable counter.
Write a program to output the following:

* *
* *
Write a program to output the following:

* *
* *
Write a program that uses two input statements to get two words as input. Then, print the words on one line separated by a space.
Write a function matched(s) that takes as input a string s and checks if the brackets "(" and ")" in s are matched: that is, every "(" has a matching ")" after it and every ")" has a matching "(" before it. Your function should ignore all other symbols that appear in s. Your function should return True if s has matched brackets and False if it does not.

Hint: Keep track of the nesting depth of brackets. Initially the depth is 0. The depth increases with each opening bracket and decreases with each closing bracket. What are the constraints on the value of the nesting depth for all brackets to be matched?

Here are some examples to show how your function should work.

>>> matched("zb%78")

>>> matched("(7)(a")

>>> matched("a)*(?")

>>> matched("((jkl)78(A)&l(8(dd(FJI:),):)?)")
Adam wants the program to:
repeatedly ask the user to input the winner of each game
stop asking for input when the Character 'X' is entered
add up the number of wins for each player as the winner of each game is inputted
display a message congratulating the player who won the most games or display a message saying that the match was tied
Write a function called “sortNamesBySurnameAsc” that will receive an array of names by
surname then first name and sort it array in terms of ascending alphabetical order of surnames
Write a function called “sortStringArrDesc” that will sort an array of strings in descending order
Write a function called “sortNumArrAsc” that will sort an array of integers in ascending order.
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