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Create a new project, and include in it the class

Create a class "Student" and another class "Teacher", both descendants of


The class "Student" will have a public method "GoToClasses", which will

write on screen "I’m going to class."

The class "Teacher" will have a public method "Explain", which will show on

screen "Explanation begins". Also, it will have a private attribute "subject", a


The class Person must have a method "SetAge (int n)" which will indicate

the value of their age (eg, 20 years old).

The student will have a public method "ShowAge" which will write on the

screen "My age is: 20 years old" (or the corresponding number).

You must create another test class called "StudentAndTeacherTest" that will

contain "Main" and:

Create a Person and make it say hello

Create a student, set his age to 21, tell him to Greet and display his age

Create a teacher, 30 years old, ask him to say hello and then explain.

Test the other methods also given in the diagram

Problem Statement: Find the average of an array using for and for-each loop

Given a positive integers array find the average of the numbers in that array using for-each loop

This exercise contains a class named NumberAverage with the following methods:

 +FindAverage(int[]) : String  
     - Should take positive integer array as input and return a String with the average calculated
     - The average of the array should be calculated by using a for-each loop 
     - Should send error message if all value in array are not positive
     - Should send error message if array is empty

write a program that finds a number of elements in an array without using built-in features

write a program to accept 10 integers to an array and perform the below actions

1) Print the elements in descending order

2) find the Min value, Max value entered

3) print the the sum we get after adding all the numbers in the array

create two class names User and administrator. the administrator class should inherit from the user class and the two classes should be members of the namespace named User Namespace.

You are assigned to develop a project(complete codes) in which project

manager wants following functionality.

1. Create Student Folder in C drive using Directory class.

Write a program that asks the users to enter five characters. Then the program should display the following menu

a. Sort in Ascending order

b. Sort in Descending order

The program should perform sorting of these five characters in ascending or descending order as per the user requirement

1. Create a button control that has the caption Close. Now write the code which will ask the user to confirm whether he wants to close the program when he clicks on the Close button.

2. Write a program that requests the user to input two numbers and select an arithmetic operator. The program will then perform the calculation using the selected operator. (Use the Switch construct)

Using C# and Visual Studio, design and implement a standalone command line application that can be used to calculate the average grade for a student doing four course:

1. Create a class called Grading to do the following:

2. In Grading class, the student must enter their name, Surname, StudentId (Use getters and setters for all variables)

3. In Grading class, the student must capture his/her final marks for PROG6211, CLDV6211, DBAS6211, and SAND6211, the marks must be captured into an array

4. In Grading class, Create a method that takes the array of marks as a parameter and returns a calculated average for all marks

5. Create another class Called FinalGrading that contain a method with a switch statement to grade the average returned mark.

a. Average mark >=75 => Frist Class

b. Average mark between 74% and 65% => Second class

c. Average mark between 50% and 64% => Third class

d. Average mark less than 50% => Fail

. Create a List / generic collection of 5 capital city names in Africa.

Display all the capital cities.

Insert Ghana capital city to element 3.

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