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Trying to format response of dividing input of 100 sales/ 6 days to get sales needed per day. Want to format to 15 decimal places so answer would be 16.666666666666668 instead of 16. what is the best method?

monica has cooked n dishes and collected the data on the level of satisfaction for all the dishes from a guest. the guest returns an array, where the ith element of the array is the liking level of the ith dish. also, the time taken to cook the ith dish is i. like-to-time coefficient of a dish is calculated by multiplying the time taken to cook food with its liking level, i.e., input 2[i]. totally like-to-time coefficient is calculated by summing up all individual coefficients of dishes. you want the total like-to-time coefficient to be maximum. you can also remove some dishes, in which case, a new coefficient is calculated using the left dishes. find the maximum sum of all possible like-to-time coefficients.​

ABC private Ltd wants to maintain employee need to define an entity class to hold employee information and generate a also need to test this class usage by writing a console application as a client

Create a program that will generate 1000 random number and then display a list of all numbers divisible by 7.

Create a program that will allow the user to input a 3 digit number and program will then break the number into 3 separate values and display the difference from the first number from 9, the second number from 12 and the third number from 15.

create Circle and Triangle class by inheriting the Shape Class. Both the inherited classes

should override the WhoamI() method of the Shape Class.

Implement a C# method TemperatureConverter(double tempInCelsius) which accepts the temperature in Celsius as input parameter and returns the temperature in Fahrenheitas the output value.Note:T(°F)=T(°C)× 1.8 + 32Sample InputExpected OutputtempInCelsius = 3289.6

imagine an atm machine, menus include balance inquiry, deposit, withdrawals and exit. write a method or function for each menu. the initial balance is d

Create a program that will ask a user to enter a number of tokens he/she want's to buy and displays

*the amount to pay

*total tokens acquired

*how many paid tokens

*and number of free tokens

use method to create a program that will display the area of circle based on the radius inputted by the user.It should contain the following method:input_radius,comp_area and display_result.You may use the formula: A=r², where r=3.1416

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