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Write a class for a warehouse that hold radios, televisions, and computers. Provide a constructor that starts a warehouse with no items. Include instance variables to store the quantity of each item in the warehouse. Include methods to add to the stock of each item, and a method to display the contents of the warehouse. Test in a Main method, creating two warehouses. Add items to each and display the final contents of each warehouse.
If we want to develop an app for bio institution, can we use desktop application, mobile application or both? Justify your answer with reasons.
Design a class named Person with properties for holding a person’s name, address, and telephone number. Not by using get/set functions.
Write a C++ program that initializes an array with numbers {-1, 5, 6, 18, 19, 25, 46, 78, 102, 114} and then uses a binary search to locate for the position of any number input to the program. Display an appropriate message in case the number in not located
Question 3 C# 3.1) Write a C# program that will calculate the space of a room .as the user will be able enter the height, weight, roll cover and width then u will calculate the space and convert it from centimeters to meters .All the calculating should be done using void method namely Space and the roll cover the user will enter should increments by 0.5 Formula S=(((height*length*witdh)/(roll_cover))/4 Expected output Length=18 Height=15 Width=20 Roll cover =45.5 Answer=30
Write a Csharp that will calculate the space of a room as the user will be able to enter the height , weight , roll cover and with then you will calculate the space and convert it from centimeters to meters. All the calculating should be done using void method namely Space and the roll cover the user will enter should increments by 0.5
A restaurant wants an application that calculates a table’s bill. The application should let user enter the number of people in the party. If it is more than 6, it adds 15% tips to the total. Otherwise, let user enter the tips amount. The application should display all the menu items in a ListBox (ComboBox). The ListBox (ComboBox) should Display the category of food offered by the restaurant separately (Beverage, Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert). The user can choose from one of the ListBox (ComboBox) to add an item to a table’s bill. As each item is selected, it adds the price of that item to the subtotal. The program should include Subtotal, Tax, Tips, and Total fields in the GUI. Also, the user can click the “Clear Bill” Button to restore the Subtotal, Tax, Tips, and Total to $0.00. The application should allow the user to modify the menu items in the database (update, delete and add). Use the RestaurantMenu database
Create a Windows application that can be used as a sign-up sheet for ski equipment for the Flyers Sports Club. The club has ski equipment that it makes available to members at a minimal charge. In an attempt to determine what type of equipment members might need for an upcoming trip, they have asked you to design and implement an equipment-needs form. Include CheckBox objects that allow users to select the type of gear they will need to purchase for the trip. Include selections of snow gloves, skis, goggles, earmuffs, and other items you feel are appropriate. Include at least one picture
1) Create an abstract class named Account (include methods like Deposit, Withdrawal and properties like AvailableBalance, MinBalanceRequired) a) Derive classes SavingAccount & CurrentAccount from Account. You can use some additional properties & methods in these derived classes b) In the main program, give an option to the user to create any type of account and then give the options to Deposit, Withdraw & check balance. Also give a warning to user as soon as Available balance goes below MinReqdBalance. Use—Abstract Class, Properties, Constructors, User defined Exception, Function overloading. Static Members
ou often need to do a “prime the read” for counter controlled loops which means that you would input a value before going into the body of the loop. true or false
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