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1) Create an abstract class named Account (include methods like Deposit, Withdrawal and properties like AvailableBalance, MinBalanceRequired)

a) Derive classes SavingAccount & CurrentAccount from Account. You can use some additional properties & methods in these derived classes
b) In the main program, give an option to the user to create any type of account and then give the options to Deposit, Withdraw & check balance. Also give a warning to user as soon as Available balance goes below MinReqdBalance.

Use—Abstract Class, Properties, Constructors, User defined Exception, Function overloading. Static Members
ou often need to do a “prime the read” for counter controlled loops which means that you would input a value before going into the body of the loop.

true or false
a function return the minimum distance between indices of an array that have adjacent values,the function should return -1 if the minimum distance is greater then 100,000,000. the function should return -2 if no adjacentindices exist
DressingRooms class
• Define a class with a constructor that takes number of rooms as a parameter.
• The default constructor will use three rooms as the default.
• Use a semaphore object.
• Provide a method to wait and access next available room.
Customer class
• Constructor is included with a number of clothing items parameter.
• Use a random number when the number of items is not
Scenario class
• Accept the number of rooms and customers as parameters
• Create the rooms.
• Create the customers.
• Keep track of results.
Define a test using these parameters:
• 10 customers
Define a test using these parameters:
• 20 customers
Define a test using these parameters:
• 20 customers
A program that scan a number n and then output the sum of the powers from 1 to n. Thus, if the input is 4, the output should be 288:
1¹ + 2² + 3³ + 4^4 1 + 4 + 27 + 256 = 288

Solution: for loop, while loop, do while loop
Write a program that accepts a number and outputs its equivalent in words.
Ex. Enter a number: 1380 Output: One Thousand Three Hundred Eighty
Note: The maximum input number is 3000

Solution 1: if / else if / else conditional statement
Solution 2: switch / case conditional statement
The primitive operation for adding the value of X to list L at position 1 is given as
A. Add(L,X, 1)
B. Add(X, 1,L)
C. Add(1,X,L)
D. Add(L,X) 1
The primitive operation for adding the value of X to list L at position 1 is given as
C program you wrote to do division in constant time
1. The label for the dividend is dividend
1. 4 bytes of space should be made for the dividend
2. The label for the divisor is divisor
1. 4 bytes of space should be made for the divisor
3. Place the quotient in EAX
4. Place the remainder in EDX
5. Don't forget that if you want to shift by a variable amount the shift amount must be placed
in CL. Your assembly code won't work if you try to place it in any other register.
6. AFTER the last line of code that you wish to be executed in your program please place the
label done.
1. Make sure that there is an instruction after the done line and a new line after that
instruction. If you don't your output won't match mine.S
VARIABLE! I will be using gdb to test your code and if your labels do not match then the
tests will fail.
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