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There is an int variable that stores a certain amount of time in seconds. I need a function that converts seconds to days, hours, minutes and seconds and returns this as a string.
Write a function that will merge the contents of two sorted (ascending order)
arrays of type double values, storing the result in an array output parameter
(still in ascending order). The function should not assume that both its input
parameter arrays are the same length but can assume that one array does not
contain two copies of the same value. The result array should also contain no
duplicate values.
Hint: When one of the input arrays has been exhausted, do not forget to copy
the remaining data in the other array into the result array.
Test your function with cases in which (1) the first array is exhausted first, (2) the second array is exhausted first, and (3) the two arrays are exhausted at the same time (i.e., they end with the same value). Remember that the arrays input to this function
must already be sorted .
The University of Namibia is having its annual Cookie Fund Raiser event. Students sell boxes of the following five types of cookies: Chunky Chocolate, Macadamia, Peanut Butter, Smickerdoodle and Sugar. The VC wants an application that allows him to enter the number of boxes of each cookie type sold by each student. The application’s interface should provide a list box for selecting the cookie type and a text box for entering the number of boxes sold. The application should use a five element one-dimensional array to accumulate the number of boxes sold for each cookie type, and then display that information in label controls in the interface.
Design a C# GUI Movies Club Application that will take as an input the number of Item Ordered for DVD’s and Bluray’s then select if it is to buy or rent. the application calculates and display the total cost for the transaction before Tax, display the taxes and total after tax as well.
Note: Use the Currency Format for all money outputs and assume that the tax rate is 8.75%.
The DVD and Bluray’s cost are based on the following criteria:
Items Buy Rent
DVD’s less than 5 Items $15 $6
DVD’s 5 or more items $12 $4
Bluray’s less than 5 Items $20 $8
Bluray’s 5 or more items $16 $5
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engineeringcomputer sciencecomputer science questions and answersIn This Project, You Will Be Asked To Implement An Electronic Warehouse That Keeps Track Of ...
Question: In This Project, You Will Be Asked To Implement An Electronic Warehouse That Keeps Track Of The Products Stored In The Storage. For Each Of The Products, The Following Data Are Common. • Product ID. • Product Name. • Product Description. • Product Price. You Will Be Asked To Implement Two Types Of Products. • Dimensional Products. • Weighted ...
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In this project, you will be asked to implement an electronic warehouse that keeps track of the products stored in the storage. For each of the products, the following data are common. Product ID. Product Name. • Product De
How do I create a windows application named wallpaper App that calculates the number of single rolls of wallpaper required to cover a room .It must consist of four comboboxes(length(feet),Width(feet),height(feet) with the range of 10-30 for all three of them,Roll coverage(sqrFt) with the range of 40-50.Use a sub procedure to make the calculation on the calculate button,the number of the single roll should be displayed as an interger.if the roll coverage is 45,5sqrFt and the length and width and height of the room is 15,18 and 20 then the number of single roll is 30.single roll should be displayed in a text box and the app consists of two buttons calculate and exit
Task 5: Calculate number of days since the Independence Day

Write a function num_indep_days() which computes the number of days elapsed since 14th August 1947 to the date provided as input to the function. Remember that February of each leap year has 29 days! The function prototype is given below:

int num_indep_days(int day, int month, int year)
A large Internet merchandise provider determines its shipping charges based on

the number of items purchased. As the number increases, the shipping charges

proportionally decrease. This is done to encourage more purchases. If a single

item is purchased the shipping charge is $2.99. When customers purchase

between 2 and 5 items, they are charged the initial $2.99 for the first item and

then $1.99 per item for the remaining items. For customers who purchase more

than 5 items but less than 15, they are charged the initial $2.99 for the first item,

$1.99 per item for items 2 through 5, and $1.49 per item for the remaining items.

If they purchase 15 or more items, they are charged the initial $2.99 for the first

item, $1.99 per item for items 2 through 5, and $1.49 per item for items 6

through 14 and then just $0.99 per item for the remaining items. Allow the user

to enter the number of items purchased. Display the shipping charges.
Create a class called time that has separate int member data for hours, minutes, and seconds. One constructor should initialize this data to 0, and another should initialize it to fixed values. Another member function should display it, in 11:59:59 format. The final member function should add two objects of type time passed as arguments. A main() program should create two initialized time objects (should they be const?) and one that isn’t initialized. Then it should add the two initialized values together, leaving the result in the third time variable. Finally it should display the value of this third variable. Make appropriate member functions const.
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