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I want to create a neuron in C# that predicts salary. It take seven inputs and have one output. The data is in supervised leaning and have to use gradient descent.
1.) A circular racetrack is composed of 4 portions: concrete, mud, sand, and asphalt. Schumacher’s car takes 15 seconds to cross the concrete, 20 seconds to cross the mud, 35 seconds to cross the sand, and 30 seconds to cross the asphalt.
All students are asked to develop window form application individually. Application should have minimum five forms. All form open in MDI parent form. MDI parent form should have menu strip control. All forms should have multiple controls and some functionality on it.

Students are asked to develop application on (but not limited to) following topic:

School Management System.
1. Write the code of a class by the name of Person that contains attributes like name, age income etc and a method called calculatedTax(). All attributes should be private and use properties for read and write values for above mentioned attribues and a public method that calculates tax on the basis of a person’s income. If the income of the person is below 100, 000 it should say no tax applies on you. For income between 100,000 and 300, 000 15% tax should be displayed of the entered income amount. For income above 300, 000 25% should be displayed for the entered income amount. Write the complete code for the Person class and how the Person object is created and its method is called? The person object should be created by entering the required information in that should take input for the person’s name, age and income using properties ?

Select two types of sporting teams and define subclasses for them. These classes should inherit from a base team class such as that created in Exercise 1. Include unique characteristics about the sport. For example, for a sporting team such as a tennis team, the field location and/or the person to contact to restring rackets may be of interest. Be sure to implement any virtual methods included in the base class. Provide ToString( ) methods in both subclasses that invokes the ToString( ) method in the base class and adds unique characteristics about the individual team to the return value.

Make a class named Fruit with a data member to calculate the number of fruits in a
basket. Create two other class named Apples and Mangoes to calculate the number
of apples and mangoes in the basket. Print the number of fruits of each type and
the total number of fruits in the basket.
A company distributes 5 different items around Nairobi through its 10 salesmen. Using arrays write a C# application program to input a salesman name and the corresponding sales made by each of the salesman for each of the item. The program should then output each of the salesman’s name, sales, total sales as well as grand total using the format shown below.
Name Item1 Item2 Item3 Item3 Item4 Item5 TotalSales
Brian 20 50 25 10 0 15 120
Joan 45 55 10 25 5 30 170
GrandTotal xx
Write a complete C# application program to calculate the area of a triangle, rectangle or circle. The program should have a decision making statement(s) to decide:
 If the figure is a triangle then ask for base and height values to input.
 If the figure is a rectangle the ask for length and breath values to input
 If the figure is a circle then ask for the radius values to input
The program should display the output on the screen and should enable the user to re-enter choice for at most three times incase a wrong selection is entered
Write C# application program to be used to evaluate the credit worthy of a client. The program reads the credit limit and the price and quantity of the item to be purchased by the client. If the value of the goods is more than the credit limit, the program displays “Sorry you cannot purchase goods worthy such a value on credit” and allows the customer to re-enter the quantity, otherwise, displays “Thank You for purchasing from us” and the value of the purchase. This should be repeated for n customers.
Using nested loops, write a C# application program that produces the following output.
& & & & & &
* & * * * *
* * & * * *
* * * & * *
* * * * & *
& & & & & &
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