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Programming does not always happen smoothly, sometimes a lot of patience, devotion and perseverance are required to solve programming problems and stumbling blocks on your way of creating a new programming solution.While developing an application you might come across a number of programming questions the answers to which are not easy to be found. To spare yourself the trouble, submit your programming questions here and you will get programming answers within the shortest time period.

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Fill in the blank in the following program that draws a figure resembling the letter 'M' (lying on its side). Remember that the turtle starts at the center of the canvas and facing right.

forward(100); right(150); forward(50); left(120); forward(50); right(__); forward(100);
write a c++ program that implements a linked list as an abstract data type. the program must: · be type flexible, that is, could be a list of integers, string, or any type. · allow the user to add members into the list · delete members from the list · make sure the list is still sorted after all the deletion and addition . show all the function implementation.
Create two classes Date and GroceryItem with their respective fields given in
Mr. John wants to calculate the total marks and average marks for his class of 5 students
for Maths, Science and Geography (for each subject). Write down coding that will help
him to accomplish this task using while loop
A large retail food chain wants to leverage any advantage it can get based on this module's technologies, especially as they could be applied

Develop a feasibility study that examines the potential impact of this module's technologies on a business in the industry described above. Use the resources and templates introduced on the Feasibility and SWOT Analysis page in Module 01 as a guide. Your submission should be:

grammatically correct and free from spelling errors
def mystery(l):
l = l + l

mylist = [22,34,57]
Develop an Institution management system (based on VB.NET platform) linked with
Microsoft Access Database as infrastructural support. The primary purpose of this application is to
automate students, modules, staff’s information and other data resources.
Consider the following function f.

def f(m):
if m == 0:
Which of the following is correct?

The function always terminates with f(n) = factorial of n
The function always terminates with f(n) = n(n+1)/2
The function terminates for non­negative n with f(n) = factorial of n
The function terminates for non­negative n with f(n) = n(n+1)/2
Consider the following function f.

def f(n):
for i in range(1,n+1):
if n%i == 0:
s = s+1
return(s%2 == 1)
The function f(n) given above returns True for a positive number n if and only if:

n is an odd number.
n is a prime number.
n is a composite number.
n is a perfect square.
What is g(24) - g(23), given the definition of g below?

def g(n):
for i in range(1,n+1):
if n%i == 0:
s = s+1
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