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Write a program to calculate and store the average obtained by 20 pupils in 7 subjects. Output the pupil that made the highest average mark in addition to those pupils making 50 marks and over.
write a program using pascal to calculate and store the average obtained by 5 students and print the student that made the highest average mark and those obtaining more than 50 marks.
write a program that will input a number,then display the first 10 multiples of that number.
Can i assign a value to a custom memory adress and then recall it instantly with that adress? For example store an integer at memory place 56 (without an array, thus using all the memory from 1 to 55 that i don't need to) and then writeln(memory[56]);
I have an array of about 8760 numbers. i need to write it in one line in delphi.
if i use the writeln command like this
writeln(array[1],array[2] on) it gets really really long. is their a shorter way.
please help.
write a program which prints letters given the array S in the form of a table.For example we have an array of size 5 and we enter abcde,the results should be:
i need a program to solve

integral x Power 2 From 0 to 10

with 2 Conditional Loop and show in Indefinite

i really need this please help
using backtracking, determine whether two graphs are isomorphic
using delphi components write a program showing system clock with time zones
how to write a program that makes me possible to know what day is today.for example i say today is the 08th of october,and the program must tell me if it's monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday or sunday...the program must be in pascal..please hel me...
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