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Implement a class Student.For the purpose of this exercise, a student has a name and
a total quiz score.Supply an appropriate constructor and functions get_name(),
add_quiz(int score), get_total_score(), and get_average_score().To compute the latter,
you also need to store the number of quizzes that the student took.
Library Card Catalog - Problem Description
A library wants to replace its outdated card catalog with a computerized system. Your job as
analysis is to create a software that uses a set of new classes that are used to build the system.
The new system should allow a user to enter either a catalog number or a title and have all
the information on the identified title printed on the screen. In addition to the title and catalog
number, the system must keep track of whether a book is hardcover or paperback
Write a function named "g_c_d" that takes two positive integer arguments and returns as its value the
greatest common divisor of those two integers. If the function is passed an argument that is not positive (i.e.,
greater than zero), then the function should return the value 0 as a sentinel value to indicate that an error
occurred. Thus, for example,
cout << g_c_d(40,50) << endl; // will print 10
cout << g_c_d(256,625) << endl; // will print 1
cout << g_c_d(42,6) << endl; // will print 6
cout << g_c_d(0,32) << endl; // will print 0 (even though 32 is the g.c.d.)
cout << g_c_d(10,-6) << endl; // will print 0 (even though 2 is the g.c.d.)
Write a function named "shift_right" that takes as its arguments the following:
(1) an array of floating point values;
(2) an integer, call it "left", that tells the leftmost cell of the part of the array to be shifted;
(3) an integer, call it "right", that tells the rightmost cell of the part of the array to be shifted;
(4) a positive integer, call it "distance" that tells how many cells to shift by.
The function should make sure that left is less than or equal to right, and that distance is greater
than zero. If either of these conditions fails, the function should return the value 1 to indicate an error.
Otherwise it should shift by distance cells the contents of the array cells with subscripts running from
left to right . Thus, for example, if the array passed to the function looks like this:
Write a class studentInfo that represents a student
record. It must have variables to store the student ID,
student’s name and student’s CGPA. It also must have a
function to print all the values. You will also need to
overload a few operators.
• Create a list of objects of class studentInfo.
• Insert 5 student records 15234 Jon 2.6
13732 Tyrion 3.9
13569 Sandor 1.2
15467 Ramsey 2 3.1
16285 Arya 3.1

• Delete the record with ID 15467
• Retrieve the record with ID 13569 and print whether
found or not along with the entire record

Item is found
13569, Sandor, 1.2
• Print the list 15234, Jon, 2..6
13732, Tyrion, 3.9
13569, Sandor, 1.2
16285, Arya, 3.1
Please help me i need the code of this program
design a balancedstring class having 2 members string str and a counter.the default constructor of balancedstring initializes str to the empty and resets counter to zero.the class's one-argument constructor passes a strings to str and resets counter to zero.the balancedstring class also provide a boolean method boolean balanced() that returs true if a stringcontains a blanced set of parentheses.
for example:
the string "((hello)(goodbye))" has balanced parentheses , but "((a)(b)(0)" does not. A string with no parentheses is balanced.
To check whether or not a string contains a balanced set of parentheses
scan the string, left or right
if a character is left parentheses ,increment the counter and
if a character is right parentheses, decrement the counter
A string is balanced if the final counter value equals(),and while scanning the string, the value of the counter is never negative.

please send the answer quicklz
Can you tell me the logic why you assign pointer pa with names of array and how 1d pointer is working as 2d like storing and accessing values (can you tell me back end programming)
1.Students at a local middle school volunteered to sell fresh baked cookies to raise funds to increase the number of computers for the computer lab. Each student reported the number of boxes he/she sold.Write program for the above statement.

2.Write a program that will ask as input the number of volunteers, the name of the volunteer, and the number of boxes sold by the volunteer. the the program produces as output the total number
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