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Explain what is wrong with the following code fragment and write code to correct it: int main() { PersonType family[20], newBaby("Anny Dube", 20180912, "2 Sept"); //Assume the array family has been initialised for (int i = 0; i < 20; i++) if (family.birthday[5] == newBaby.birthday) cout <<[5] << " share a birthday with " <<; return 0; }
Write a program in C++ to input a single character and print a message “It is vowel", if it is vowel otherwise print message "It is a consonant”.
You are required to maintain number of patients infected by corona per country. You are given data which needs to be updated as and when new data is received. The input line has two parts 1) string: Country, EXIT is specify end of input. 3) int: count At the end print count per country (sorted by country name). Following is the sample input and expected output.
Write a C++ program to calculate the total marks of each student of a class in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and the average marks of the class. The user enters the number of students in the class. Create a class named Marks with data members for roll number, name and marks. Create three other classes inheriting the Marks class, namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which are used to define marks in individual subject of each student. Roll number of each student will be generated automatically.
1. Running and Grand Total Program Create a .cpp program named hw5-1.cpp that asks the user for a maximum number. A loop will then run from 1 to this many times. Each time the loop runs, two user-defined function will be called, each passing in two variables and returning one. The first function will calculate and return the running total (total) based on the loop counter. The second function will calculate and return the grand total. Both running total and grand total are accumulators (total accumulators count and grand total accumulates total). Then, in the loop, the counter value and running total (accumulator) will be outputted as shown in the example below. Separate count and total by a tab and display the grand total as shown in the example. The grand total will be outputted after the loop is finished and is a total of all of the other totals.
Design a solution to calculate the amount of pay that Mr Teh has to pay a staff. Present your answer in an algorithm.
VISION is a world leader in manufacturing LCD Televisions. The company has decided that it will allow its customers to give the dimensions of the TV (in length and width). Once the length and width are ordered the company will manufacture the TV according to your requirements. In this regard they want you to create a program that will assist them. Carefully read all the instructions and follow the requirements.  Create a class called vision  Create three constructors as follows: - A nullary constructor that calls the setlength( ) and setwidth( ) function. - A parameterized constructor that will receive the length and width as integers - A parameterized constructor that will receive the length and width in float  By using a special function calculate the area of the TV  Create a function to calculate the price of the TV by multiplying the area with Rs. 65.  Create a display( ) function to show the details of the purchased TV.
Write a function that takes a string as parameter and returns true if the string is a palindrome, if not, it returns false.
Add the even numbers between 0 and any positive integer number given by the user
Then, write a program that reads 15 integer values from keyboard, computes and outputs the sum of their absolute values.
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