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In C++ Inheritance, create a game program using C++.

The game specifications are the following:

1. The user has 3 types of player against a monster.


Life = 10

Super Power = Double attack (1 time)

Damage = Life to 0 if double attack was used


Life = 10

Super Power = Restore life of warrior (1 time)

Damage = attack / 2 if healing power was used


Life = 10

No super power

2. Every attack of monster cause equal damage to player’s life. Deduct monster’s attack to player’s life

3. Effect of player attack to monster depends on how player attack.

4. Player’s super power (master and healer) can only be used once throughout the game.

5. Player with 0 life is not allowed to attack

6. Monster has an initial life of 30

7. The game will continue until monster is defeated or all players are dead.


1. Use inheritance to create the program.

2. Display current life status in the given format (see testcase)

3. Ask user to choose a player ‘m’ for master, ‘h’ for healer and ‘w’ for warrior. If user selects master or healer, ask user if they want use the super power if yes, apply proper attack value to monster else perform a simple attack.

Note: They can only use each super power once.

Current life = previous life – attack

4. Generate random number from 1 to 6 as the attack value of both players and monster.

Note: remove srand() on monster attack

5. At the end of a single round, display current status after the attack (see test case)

6. Player with zero life is not allowed to attack thus inform user to choose another player.

Note: if user selects dead player, the round will still be the same.

7. Use looping statement to generate rounds of the game. The program will only terminate if the total life of the team (life of master + life of Healer + life of warrior) is equal or less than zero thus, monster won the game or the life of monster is equal or less than zero.

8. Do not display negative life. If current life is less than 0 after the attack then display zero.

In this program, we will display a menu to the user. The user can choose any option from the given menu. The

menu would be something like this:

Welcome to the World of Control Structures

• Press (A) to add two integers

• Press (S) to subtract two integers

• Press (M) to multiply two integers

• Press (E) to exit the program

We would like to implement the abstract data type called “Bag” that keeps track of bag of blobs. A bag has a maximum size Msize and supports insert, delete, IsEmpty, IsFull, and constructor/destructor operations.

Insert adds a new blob to the bag and Delete removes a blob from the bag. Assume blob is a record type. A bag of blobs can be implemented using an array A[1..Msize] of blob pointers. If there are k blobs in the bag then the entries A[1], ..., A[k] point to these blobs. The remaining entries of the array point to null.

Write a program which takes 10 numbers from the user and store them in an array and find the average, Largest and smallest number in the array

Write a program that assigns Twenty random numbers to an array and counts all prime numbers entered by the user. The program finally displays a total number of primes in the array.

Company ABC, an airline company is closely monitoring the distance between airplanes as they take-off on the same airport. You are asked to create a system that would calculate the distance between two planes A and B given the following plane attributes: Take-off Time, Speed (mi/hr), direction (north, east, west, south). Also, given the time where the navigation officer would like to check the distance.

Write a C++ program in which, read data from user into an integer array and an integer n. now rotate the array n times. 

Write a C++ program in which, read data from user into an integer array and an integer n. now rotate the array n times. 

Write a C++ program in which, read data from user into an integer array. Now remove all duplicate values. 

Write a program that initialize 10 values in arrays. Your program asks a number from user and prints only last location of entered number. 

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