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Write a program that computes the results of integer and floating-point division, where variables a, and b are declared as integers, c and d are declared as floating-point numbers, and all are user-specified.

Integer division is defined as whole-number division. For example, 1/2 (as integers) = 0. Whereas, if we specified 1/2 (as "floats"; i.e., floating-point numbers), the result is 0.5. In C++, the result of an arithmetic operation (e.g., whether the computer computes the result as an integer or as a float) is specified by the data type.
Your task is to make edits within main such that, when run, the program produces the following console output:
Enter two integers: [user-specified value for a] [user-specified value for b]
Integer division: [a]/[b] = [a]/[b]
Floating-point division: [c]/[d] = [c]/[d]
Mixed-type division: [a]/[d] = [a]/[d]
Mixed-type division: [c]/[b] = [c]/[b]
i am having a problem with errors in my code and i would like an open line of questioning to get assistance if that is possible. Specifically segmentation fault for my object orientated programming class
Write a program in C++ using the While loop, that continues to ask the user to enter
any number other than 5 until the user enter the number 5.
When the user enter the number 5, two messages will be display “Hey! You weren’t
supposed to enter 5!” and “End of the game: Good Bye”. After these messages the
program should execute.
Write a program in c++ to read an array of sorted integers.Search for a value using binary search method.If the element is found,print its location else print element not found.
An internet cafe chargers Rs 10 per hour from its customer seven if user does not use for full hour, he/she has to pay minimum for a full hour . To keep track of number of customers visiting and total collection made the following class definition is used.
Define a class Icafe to model a public internet cafe:
Q12. A user has written a cpp program in capital case and saved it as "my.cpp". Since C++ recognizes only lower case, write a program to read the above file and convert the entire program to lower case and save it to another file named "mynew.cpp".
Write a program that is a database for tests/projects assigned by professors. It needs to be in a calendar format and send out an error message when more than one assignment is due on the same day. First, I need determine some of the general algorithms that will be necessary to implement for the project
make your program will read at least three relevant inputs from the keyboard, store them in variables and output three comments to the display including at least one that includes input. This will be done in Microsoft visual studio. Thank you
Add the even numbers between 0 and any positive integer number given by the user.
Write a program that accepts marks of five students and then displays their average. The program should not accept mark which is less than 0 and mark greater than 100. using recursion
Write a program which reads 10 integers from the keyboard in the range 0 - 100, and counts how many of them are larger than 50, and displays this result. Using recursion.
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