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Write a C++ program which reads in a line of text and counts the number of occurrences of the word ‘the’ in it. It outputs the line of text on one line, ‘The number of times the ppears is’ and the count on the next line using a single cout statement.
Give a function template SEARCH that can be used to search an array of elements of any type and returns the index of the element, if found. Give both the function prototype and the function definition for the template. Assume a class template Array <T> is available.
An electricity board charges the following rates to domestic users to discourage large consumption of energy: - For the first 100 units−50 P per unit - Beyond 300 units − 60 P per unit If the total cost is more than Rs.250.00 then an additional surcharge of 15% is added on the difference. Define a class Electricity in which the function Bill computes the cost. Define a derived class More Electricity and override Bill to add the surcharge.
Write a program that an integer value from the user. If the value between 1 and 100 inclusive,print "OK" otherwise don't print anything
Write an algorithm to a program that reads the traveled distance and time of 10 cars, calculate their acceleration, and print the results.
write a c++ code to compute altitude and velocity each hour, starting from zero to 48 hours. so increment in time will be one hour, also find the peak altitude and the time this peak occurred. your manual calculation should test for following time in hours
Write a program that generate 20 random integers between 10 and 90 and then stores it in an array. Your goal is to find: • Mean • Median • Mode For this question, provide switch menu to user in order to select one of the option from above.
Using the classes designed in Programming Exercises 6 and 7, write a program to simulate a bookstore. The bookstore has two types of customers: those who are members of the bookstore and those who buy books from the bookstore only occasionally. Each member has to pay a $10 yearly membership fee and receives a 5% discount on each book purchased. For each member, the bookstore keeps track of the number of books purchased and the total amount spent. For every eleventh book that a member buys, the bookstore takes the average of the total amount of the last 10 books purchased, applies this amount as a discount, and then resets the total amount spent to 0. Write a program that can process up to 1000 book titles and 500 members. Your program should contain a menu that gives the user different choices to effectively run the program; in other words, your program should be user driven.
Create template <typename T> void prioritized_insert(T& new_item) to the LinkedList class. This function must make some checks before inserting the element into the list to keep the list sorted in descending order according to the Processes’ priority. High priority means high importance and vice versa #define LOW_PRIORITY 0 #define MEDIUM_PRIORITY 31 #define HIGH_PRIORITY 63
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