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Need a function that finds the GCD of two integers.

The number of concurrent users is recorded at Seventy - seven locations (thousands of people), 55.3 55.3 55.3 55.9 55.9 55.9 55.9 56.1 56.1 56.1 56.1 56.1 56.1 56.8 56.8 57.0 57.0 57.0 57.8 57.8 57.8 57.9 57.9 57.9 58.8 58.8 58.8 59.8 59.8 59.8 62.2 62.2 63.8 63.8 63.8 63.9 63.9 63.9 64.7 64.7 64.7 65.1 65.1 65.1 65.3 65.3 65.3 65.3 67.4 67.4 67.4 67.4 68.7 68.7 68.7 68.7 69.0 70.4 70.4 71.2 71.2 71.2 73.0 73.0 73.1 73.1 74.6 74.6 74.6 74.6 79.3 79.3 79.3 79.3 83.0 83.0 83.0 1) Construct a grouped frequency distribution for the data using five classes. Add the Relative frequency and the Percent frequency tables to the main frequency table. 2) Compute the Arithmetic mean, Geometric Mean and the Harmonic Mean. 3) Find the Range of the distribution 4) Compute the Standard deviation using the coding method, the Mean Deviation and the Coefficient of Variation. Interpret your results. 5) Compute the Upper Quartile and the Lower Quartile

Found and fix errors in the following code:

Write a program that takes a digit as input and returns its string representation (1 - one, 2 - two, etc.).
I need a function that extracts the square root of a number.
Write a program that counts the number of characters in the sentence entered by the user and displays it on the screen.
This set of problems involves conversions of a value in one unit to another unit. Each conversion option should prompt the user for a value in the specified units and then print the converted value, along with the units.
Option1: convert miles to kilometers. (Recall that 1 mi= 1.6093440 km)

Option 2: convert pounds to kilograms. (Recall that 1kg = 2.205 lb)

Option 3: converts degrees Fahrenheit (Tf) to degrees Rankin(Tr). ( Recall Tf = Tr - 459.67 deg R)

Use SWITCH statement so that it will simply select from those given conversions:

(1) Conversions from miles to km

(2) Conversions from pounds to kg

(3) Conversions from deg. F to deg. R

Write basic console calc with + - * / operators on C++

The moon sighting is a major and complex activity being performed at the start of every Islamic month. The moon sighting is based on the age of the moon. Age is determined with day and hours. If the age of the moon is less than 24 hours its hard to sight. The user can input the age in hours or both (day and hours) using constructors. If date is given in both days and hours through 2-Arg constructor then it must be converted into hours, within the constructor using overloaded decrement (--) operator. Write a C++ class Age using OOP concepts to determine that either the moon can be sighted or not with respect to age of the moon in hours. Main function is given below for your help (change in main function is not allowed).
Write a function that takes two distance values as argument and returns the Large one. Include main ( ) program accepts two distance values from the user , compares them , and display the larger
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