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Create a website that registers people for voting.

1. Must only register users over 18 year olds.

2. The user must enter their the following details



ID Number



3. Use an HTML form and display within the PHP script.

Write a script(php) i.e. an All-In-One form that will prompt the user for his/her email address and password.

The database table tblUser must be opened and interrogated by searching for the email address and connect to the database with the password.

Use the appropriate css and images folders with proper formatting of webpages.

Now display the user photo with comment Successful Logged in within a table!!

Please use the rubric supplied to complete the project.

Also add a button that will display the whole table with pictures and profile data within a table on your screen. You must at least have 10 users to display

• Using Php Script write a program that will compute the students average

• The user will input the following:

 Name

 Math

 Science

 English

• If the average is equal and above 75, it will display “Congratulations. You passed the semester” otherwise “You failed the semester.”

An educational institution has a number of buildings in the campus. Each building has its own independent network system, and all these networks connect to the central server located in the administration building. Which type of topology is this?

Create a PHP page, with the standard HTML ,

and <body> tags.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Save your file with the .php extension.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Inside the <body> tag, create a PHP section and create<br/><br/>several variables regarding on the student information example<br/><br/>Student_FirstName, Student_MiddleName, Student_Lastname, address, course, year, and motto will show as a text in the browser.<br/><br/>


includes all the arithmetic operators. Use them along with variables to print

equations to the browser. In your script, create the following variables:



Write code to print out the following:

10 + 7 = 17

10 - 7 = 3

10 * 7 = 70

10 / 7 = 1.4285714285714

10 % 7 = 3

In this section, you are required to research two existing online pre-used book selling store websites and then write up your findings in the essay below. You will need to present your findings in a document containing the following items: • Introduction. • Research the two web applications including: o Overview of each of the web applications; include screenshots with descriptions; o Strengths and weaknesses of the two web applications; o Innovative features; o UX Design Evaluation:  Are the websites mobile friendly?  Are the websites cluttered?  Do the sites load instantly?  Do the hyperlinks work? • Visual (infographic) comparison of both web applications. • List of the best features from both web applications you would like to include in your web application. • Conclusion. • References.

For this Part, you will need to plan and design your web app. The purpose of this Part is to ensure you know exactly what you need to build and how you will build it before you start with the final Part of the POE and implement your web app. You will need to present your design as a typed document with the following sections: • Introduction. • Brief overview of your planned web application including the app’s innovative features. • A list of functions described in detail for your app. • User interface design including: o a mock-up for each webpage; o a description of the purpose of each web page; o a sitemap for the entire web application. • Detailed listing of the data that the web app needs to capture from the seller and buyer and store in the MySQL database. • Identify actors and their role in the system, draw use-case diagrams. • ERD diagram. • Project plan detailing deadlines and milestones for your project. • Conclusion. • References.  


Develop a web page that contains 4 buttons and 3 images:

When button 1 is pressed, image 1 will be hidden and when button 1 is pressed again image 1 is will be shown

Button 2 hides image 2

Button 3 hides images 1 and 2

Button 4 hides all images

recommend three web 3.0 technologies tools that can be used in a cleaning service business to keep track of orders and for constant communication with customers

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