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Is Html,Css,Javascript,Bootstrap,React Js good enough to be a Frontend web developer?
Can I use domain for my site thats similar to some other company (not exact same but similar)?
For example there is a company domain named "sportsitems.com", now can I use "sportsitemss.com" (with double "s"). Is it legal or not?
Write a PHP script to accept a string from the user and display the total number of vowels in the string. Also show the number of occurrences of each vowel in the string. (Do not use in-built function for counting vowels.)
We can make a website easily using Google sites, and we know that Google sites have high domain authority. Consider that i have made a google site and written an article on it and in the article if i write a link (url) of my blog, then what kind of link it will be dofollow or nofollow?
Describe in one paragraph1- Describe in one paragraph what is the main purpose of the following PHP function? [5 marks]
2- Show your detailed work that guides you to the purpose of the given PHP function. Your detailed work should include:
a. The PHP code that you used for tracing the given PHP function. [5 marks]
b. Sample of the output that you got when you traced the given PHP function. [5 marks]
function trickyFun($list)
$counter = sizeof($list) - 2;
for($i = 0; $i < $counter; $i++)
if ($list[$i] + $list[$i+1] + $list[$i+2] == 0)
return $result;
what is the main purpose of the following PHP function
Refer to Q2.php provided in Canvas, modify the PHP program to display the day of tomorrow as Figure 2. Note: You are required to create a new function called tomorrow to display the day of tomorrow.
The internet and the world wide web are entities that are. ...
Select the correct answer.
You have written, as part of a school assignment, a research paper on the solar system. You want to share this paper on your school website. On which type of server will you upload it?
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