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In a class test teacher announces the marks(negative marking allowed) of n(n>0) students. A student can achieve max 100 marks. Write a python function Print_marks(*marks) that takes no. of students, marks of students and return the marks and check the marks are valid or not. If valid then it calls the recursive function rec_sort(*marks) which returns the students marks as a comma-separated string with elements in ascending order (You can use built-in function max/ min too do this). Specify input in fixed form don't use input function.

Can you complete this Perl/bash script for a url and for a list of urls and tell me how to write several regex in the same script?

wget -Otest.html

perl -nE 'if (/\bmailto:([\w\.]+\@[\w\.]+)/) { say $1 }' test.html

perl -nE 'if (/Straße: \[A-Za-z] [0-9]/) {say $1}'test.html 

perl -nE 'if ( /PLZ und Ort: \ [0-9] {5} - [A-Za-z]) /{say $1}'test.html 

perl -nE 'if (/FirstName and LastName: \[A-Za-z] [A-Za-z])/{say $1}'test.html

perl -nE'if( 's|\([0-9]{2}\)-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}|##-###-###-##-##|g')

To extract an email, this regex works well.

The other regex are validated by regex 101.

I have the link to get the CEO's first and last name but don't know which tool allows you to decode it to use it in the script.

An executive with a financial investment company is shopping for a new laptop. He has narrowed his choices down to four computers. Each laptop is equipped with a different central processing unit (CPU) and he wants to make sure he chooses the fastest one. (a) Explain which processors would perform the fastest. (10 marks) (b) Discuss the options of this executive based on his priorities. (15 marks) 

1. Print the city and state where Norma lives.
2. Give everyone a $250.00 raise.
3. Calculate Lori’s age.
4. Print lines 2 through 6. (The $. variable holds the current line number.)
5. Print names and phone numbers of those in the 408 area code.
6. Print names and salaries in lines 3, 4, and 5.
7. Print a row of stars after line 3.
8. Change CA to California.
9. Print the file with a row of stars after the last line.
10. Print the names of the people born in March.
11. Print all lines that don’t contain Karen.
12. Print lines that end in exactly five digits; no more, no less.
13. Print the file with the first and last names reversed with only the first letter of the first name and the full last name; for example, Savage,
Your project is to create a simple shopping cart using CGI scripts. You'll have ample time to do your research and create scripts.
Place all scripts in the zip file along with a text file containing the link to your website where the CGI resides.
Write a program called tripper that will ask the user the number of miles he has driven and the amount of gas he used. In the tripper script, write a subroutine called mileage that will calculate and return the user's mileage (miles per gallon). The number of miles driven and the amount of gas used will be passed as arguments. All variables should be my variable. Print the results. Prototype tripper.
Write the script called checking that will take any number of filenames as command-line arguments and will print the names of those files that are readable and writeable text files. The program will print an error message if there are no arguments, and exit.
Print Ephram's name in capital latters.
Change William's name to Siegfried
Tommy Savage : 5/19/66
Print Tommy Savage's birthday
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