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The statement below reveals our policy concerning your personal information that we maintain when you use the Assignmentexpert.com web site (www.assignmentexpert.com). We never sell or share any kind of information collected in this way with any third party.

We strive to complete your orders in a timely manner that meets your deadlines and adheres to your specifications; while this is our goal, we understand that some requests will not always meet your needs or timelines based on any number of circumstances within and without our control.

  • You must submit all the necessary information to complete your assignment with your original order, changes to your request during the solving process can and will delay your returned work and may result in a refusal of refund.
  • Once an expert is assigned to your assignment, refunds cannot be processed other than through the steps listed here.
  • Completed assignments submitted to a customer cannot be refunded; they may have revisions and refund requests, based on the regulations provided here.
  • In situations where your assignment has been paid, but no writer was able to complete your project or any portion thereof, your request for refund will be granted in full as per the regulations and restrictions listed here.
  • If your work is completed, but there has been some misunderstanding of the request by your expert, we will work to provide you with a free revision; however, revisions do not include complete changes to instructions, if there are changes to your instructions - from those you posted with your request, a free revision cannot be requested.
  • If you are unhappy with the results of your request, you may submit a request for refund for review by the administrative team.
  • If your assignment cannot be completed within your deadline, we will work with you to reach a compromise on your deadline; however, our expert availability is strictly based on level, discipline, and peak times. Should your deadline be missed, our administrative team will determine if your request was both reasonable and responded to accurately, and will evaluate your particular situation, only upon your request. In most cases, your refund will be based on the request itself, whether partial or full refund will be provided.
  • PayPal┬ápayments charge 3% for every transaction; if you are granted a refund; your refund will not include this charge, as it is not a charge from our organization. In the case of a refund granted, refunds will not exceed the 97% of the order paid due to these charges.
  • Changes to our Money Back Policy may occur, and to determine our current policy you must review this page when you place your order.
Updated 02/17/10
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