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Having minor homework questions or simply want to make sure your homework answers are correct? Then use our free service to get quick answers to your homework questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry and biology. We already have a database of multiple homework questions and answers you can look through . If you can’t find the solutions to your homework problems, then post your homework questions and find a well-formulated answer from a professional within a very short timeframe.

Please save your time and DO NOT send us your full assignments or not precise, well stated questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry or biology as they will be ignored. In this section we can answer only your short questions of qualitative, primary theoretical nature (for FREE!). Use filters to display the questions to a particular subject or section. By entering your e-mail in the box "Search" you can browse the questions posted exclusively by you. Do not worry if you cannot find your question in the list after it has been submitted; every question is being checked by a moderator and appears in the list only after its approval.

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2sin45 + 2cos45
I wish to ask how to create LaTeX equation editor? How to convert the LaTeX script into image and PDF format?
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Could you please make a program to read data from attached file and save the data to a data base in C++ ?
program that will convert kilometer to meter and meter to kilometer
why water is wet?
what is nitrogen?
im a beginner in programming especially in asp.net. i had set of aspx pages in which each page had different title but how can i call the title appear for each page automatically without set at every aspx pages.
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i have a sql question, was wondering why my query does not work. Here is the question:
A list of the contact details (names, postal address and phone number) of all of the providers who
supplied equipment for more than one activity.

here is the code i entered:
Select phonenumber, line1, city, postcode, providername
from phone, address, provider
where phone.extbusinessid=address.extbusinessid=provider.extbusinessid
and provider.providerid IN(Select providerid, count(providerid)from a_p_equipment
group by providerid having count(providerid)>1)
limit 0,30;
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Currently i m working on some project in this i face the problem to attach the mail function but its not working means mails are not reaching on the desired space..please guide me ..
Im wanting a program that goes on a website searches for a certain phrase and then tells me if that phrase is there. E.g goes on a local news site searches for my school district on list of closed schools, and if it is there tells me. I would prefer to do this in Java because I have an android tablet, and would like mobile access.
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