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(long essay)

Besides skin colour, what other elements are used to distinguish people based on their race/ethnicity?

With the assistance of the appropriate diagrams, describe in detail the THREE (3) conditions in the conventional radiography technique that needs to be fulfilled, so that the image formed is approximately the same size as the specimen inspected.

Children's learning is best supported through a play-based, informal approach towards teaching and learning that promotes the holistic development of children. play as a pedagogy is regarded as one of the effective methods of developing the child holistically. Briefly discuss and give practical examples of how you would apply a PLAY-BASED, INFORMAL APPROACH TO DEVELOP YOUR LEARNERS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Physically, emotionally, socially and mentally
Example(3):Write a program ask about point axis and circle radius it is center the original point, then compute if the pont is nsade, or on or outside the circle
A particle of mass 10 kg is attached to one end of a light inextensible string whose other end
is fixed. The particle is pulled aside by a horizontal force until the string is at 60° to the
vertical. Find the magnitude of the horizontal force and the tension in the string.
Five objective of procurement reforms in Ghana
Write a 200 word essay that tells me what was the most interesting part of Johann Sebastian Bach life for you.

2. Then tell me where you have heard his music in either a commercial, TV production or a movie. Please include a link.
1. Alpha Ltd is expecting an annual earnings before interest and tax of ₹ 1.5 Lakhs. The company has 10% debentures of ₹ 4 lakhs and cost of Equity capital is 12%. Calculate the total value of the firm and the overall cost of capital of the firm according to Net Income Approach. Also comment what will happen to the value of the firm and the overall cost of capital if debt is increased in the capital structure.
You are tasked to conduct a research on “ Socio Economic impact of covid-19 in Namibia. Answer the following questions.

1. In not more than four lines, write the statement of the problem. [10]

2. Outline any three specific objectives of the study. [6]

3. Specify both the null and alternative hypotheses to be tested [6]

4. In not more than 8 lines discuss and motivate the appropriate research design of the study
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