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What happens when liquid pollutants are dumped in the ground?
Write a research proposal of the topic of your choice including all following parts.(30MKS)
1. Introduction 1.1 Background to the problem 1.2 The statement of the problem 1.3 The purpose of the study 1.4 The objectives of the study 1.5 Research questions 1.6 Research hypothesis (these can be substituted with assumptions of the study. In other words, it is not necessary or a must for the student to have research hypothesis especially if the study is of descriptive nature). 1.7 Theoretical background / conceptual framework. 1.8 Rationale or justification / conceptual framework
1.9 Limitations and delimitations of the study. 1.10 Assumptions of the study. 1.11 Definition of terms.

A random sample of 400 sick people is classified by two characteristics: whether they took medicine A or B and by what type of state they ended up in (i.e. sick, healed, dead). The results of this investigation are given below:
sick Healed Dead
Took Medicine 150 60 20
Never took medicine 45 68 57

It is required to test at the 5% level of significance.
Given the data in the table below;

Home values 85 147 340 94 120 105 135 162 480 88
Debt data 12 27 45 10 17 4 20 25 35 14

(i) Use the spearman rank correlation to determine the value of rs and state the relationship between the two variables.
(ii) Develop a test of hypothesis that uses the ranks correlation rs in i) above as the test statistics
iii) Determine whether the derived value of rs in i) above is large enough to support the conclusion made in i)
A product line operation is designed to fill cartons with laundry detergent to a mean weight of 32kg. A sample of cartons is periodically selected and weighed to determine whether under filling or overfilling is occurring. If the sample date lead to a conclusion of under filling or overfilling, the product in line will be shut down and adjusted to obtain proper filling.
a) Formulate the null and alternative hypotheses that will help in deciding whether to shut
down and adjust the production line (b) Comment on the conclusion and the decision when H0 cannot be rejected.
We are watching Hd movies on pc or laptop.
How a hallprint movie is converted to a hd movie pls details and links for more information
Q.3 What are the differences between Real Time System and Timesharing System?

Course Name: Operating System
Q.1 what is difference between Job and process.? (Course Name: Operating System)
What is etched into the surface of the digital camera sensor?
a) film
b) light sensitive receptors
c) shutters
d) pixels
How would you find the categoric and continuous variable for questions like 'how does your hight affect your shoe size?'
Thanks a lot Kay
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