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Identify and discuss the key customer markets by using examples of businesses/ companies who sell their goods in those markets as well as examples of goods/services sold in those markets.
Using two businesses/companies as an example, one with a flat or broad structure and the other with a narrow or high structure, discuss the factors that determine the best span of management
Using an example of a company of your choice, discuss the functions of management.
Randall Holcome Fall2017 Economics questions with answers
Samsung aims to lead by example and has thus set high standards for its employees at all levels and they strive to consistently meet them. The company is guided by its standards of corporate governance and ethics. The core of the ethics and compliance program at Samsung is its Code of Business Conduct.

In view of the above statements discuss what should be included in the Code of Business Conduct of a global company like Samsung.
Multiple choice questions.
......is the lightness or darkness of a colour. Fill in the right term.
Recommend a job evaluation system for a small family owned business with 6 job titles and 32 incumbents. Recommend a system for an FMCG company with 1000 employees in managerial, technical & blue collar jobs. Would your recommendations differ, and if yes, why?
The seven R's of strategy highlights how an organisation must compete by using information systems strategy to respond to its external environment. List and describe each of the seven R's.
1.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of computer based information system.
2.Outsourcing is the process of hiring another organisation to perform a service. Asses arguments for and against outsourcing
1.Discuss the factors that should be considered when selecting an output device.
2.List and explain the advantages and disadvantages of hard disk storage device.
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