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  1. An investor is pondering on whether to invest in a siomai franchise or in a printing press company. He had his staff analyze the cost benefits that he would get from the two business ventures and they came up with this report.

A. The siomai franchise would need Php 800 000 as capital. It has a 60-percent chance of profiting Php 400 000; a 15-percent chance of profiting Php 600 000; and 25-percent chance of losing the capital entirely.

B. The paper manufacturing company would need Php 800 000 as capital. It has a 35-percent chance of earning Php 1 000 000 and a 65-percent chance of losing the capital entirely.

C. Which between the two business ventures should the investor invest his Php 800 000?

  1. List any TWO materials that you can include in the appendix of a long essay.
  2. In a single paragraph, describe what an abstract is.

Suppose the mean score of all ten-year-old children on an anxiety scale was 7 with a standard deviation of 2. In a sample of 16 children with alcoholic parents, the mean score was 8.1. Is there evidence that children with alcoholic parents have a different mean acore on the anxiety scale ? Use a 5% significant level.

One of the many claims against online teaching and learning is that it “throttles practice”. 

What are the literal and connotative meanings of “throttle practice”?

Explain connotative meaning for remote multi-modal.

Occurs when the children are confronted with new experience and have to deal with information that seems to be in conflict with what they already know

In the light of the above research, suggest a list of variables (e.g. IV, DV, or MV), develop conceptual model, and discuss their nature and potential relation to each other with proper justification. Develop relevant hypothesis for the variables.

The ---------------- is a compulsory component of formal assessment in FET and is weighted at 25% of the total marks for the academic year for the subject

Two groups were randomly assigned to spend 15 minutes either in a hot room (defined as 30 degrees Celsius) or a cold room (defined as 0 degrees Celsius). After the 15 minutes elapsed, a mood measure was completed by participants. Scores on the measure of mood ranged from 1-20, with higher scores indicating a better mood. Using an alpha of 0.05, test for a difference between the groups. Group 1 (hot) Group 2 (cold) 13 8 12 8 12 5 9 3 8 3 8 2 a) Which type of test will you use?

1.4. Driver fatigue in teaching and learning refers to:

A. The teacher drives a long distance to the school and therefore arrives there tired for lessons

B. The teacher has too many classes to teach in a day and gets exhausted

C. The teacher is overwhelmed by too much marking and has less teaching time.

D. The teacher also drives learners to sporting activities and this is too tiring.

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