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Walter Burton was a self-employed window washer earning approximately $700 per week. One day, while cleaning windows on the eighth floor of the Commercial Bank Building, he tripped and fell from the scaffolding to the pavement below. He was immediately rushed to the local hospital for surgery. He remained there for 54 days of treatment, after which he was allowed to go home for further recuperation. During his hospital stay, he incurred the following expenses: surgeon, $3,000; physician, $1,500; hospital bill for room and board, $260 per day; nursing services, $1,300; anesthetics, $600; wheelchair rental, $100; ambulance, $150; and drugs, $350. Walter has a major medical policy that has a $3,400 deductible clause, an 80 percent co-insurance clause, internal limits of $160 per day on hospital room and board, and $1,900 as a maximum surgical fee. The policy provides no disability income benefits.
1. How much should Walter recover from the insurance company?
2. How much must he pay out of his own pocket?
The heat island effect occurs mostly on islands in the South Pacific.
true or false
Dench has received a special order from Sands to produce 225 components to be incorporated into Sand's product It produces the components in batches of 15 and as the ones required are to be custom made to Sands' specifications a 'prototype' batch was manufactured
Materials $
4kg of A $ 7.50/kg 30
2kg of B $ 15kg 30
20 hrs skilled $ 15/hr 300
5 hrs semi-skilled $8/hr 40

Variable overhead
25 labour hours $ 4/hr 100 500

Dench's plans to exclude the prototype batch from Sands order Management believes a 80% learning rate effect is experienced in this process and would like a cost estimate for the 225 components prepared on that basis
Prepare the cost estimate assuming an 80% learning rate is experienced

Using Green’s Theorem evaluate the integral ∫(y^3dx- x^3dy)

where C is a circle of
radius 3 units centered at the origin.

Discuss any five ethical considerations in data collection. What should a researcher do to ensure compliance (10mrks)

The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific
Procedure. In light to this statement discuss the objectives of research 10mks
Write brief notes on the following
Extraneous variables
Dependent variables
Intervening variables
Reliability in research 10mks
Research and discuss, with examples, the influence of two cultural mechanisms on the development of social policy in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Ireland.
A piston-cylinder device contains 0.1 m3 of liquid water and 0.9 m3 of water vapor in equilibrium at 800 kPa. Heat is transferred at constant pressure until the temperature reaches 350°C.
(a) what is the initial temperature of the water,
(b) determine the total mass of the water,
(c) calculate the final volume, and
(d) show the process on a P-v diagram with respect to saturation lines.
If the Puget Sound orca population were to die off, then future generations won't be able to see whales in Puget Sound. This represents a lost
Is this question false or correct?
Methylation is one of the primary mechanisms of regulating gene expression. Hypermethylation / Overmethylation refers to loose DNA winding around the histone: More DNA is open to changes in gene expression. Hyperomethylation /Undermethylation refers to more tightly wound DNA: Less DNA is open to changes in gene expression
World Music

1. How do filmi songs differ from Qawwali songs?

2. In what ways is Indian music spiritual?

3. What made India and Indian music attractive to the “world traveler” or “hippy” generation of the 1960s and 1970s?