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What are the differences and similarities between the Garman philosophy of getting your financial house in order and Dave Ramsey's 7 baby steps?
List any one important point you would keep in mind while selecting:
(i) Ceareals
(ii) Fruits
(iii) Milk and milk product
(iv) Fats & oils
(v) Nuts
List the disorder(s) caused by the deficiency of the following nutrients/substance:
i) Thiamine
ii) Folic acid
iii) Fluorine
iiv) Riboflovin
v) Vitamin D
Define the following terms:
1. Standardized Recipe
2. Enhancers
3. Essential Amino-Acids
4. Work Schedule
5. Adolescent growth spurt
7. Keratomalacia
8. Lathyrism
9. Synergism
10. Growth Monitoring
Prepare a snack rich in fibre, iron, adequate in protein and low in calories for a elderly
person. Your answer must specify. (10)
i) Name of the snack
ii) List of ingredients
iii) Method of preparation
iv) Sources of iron, fibre and protein included.
Look up section 2 activity 3. Read the activity carefully and record your result in
the proforma provided.
Prepare any two nutritions snacks for children and evaluate them using a score
card based on different characteristics as mentioned in section 6.5.
Based on the steps involved in planning balanced diets prepare a diet for a adult
female having a sedentary lifestyle and belonging to low socio-economic group.
How are anthropometric measurements used in assessment of nutritional status?
Discuss briefly.
What is a cycle menu? Discuss its relevance in the food service unit.