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a current of i flows through a metallic wire of radius r and the free electrons in a drift with a velocity V D calculate the Drift velocity of free electron through the wires of the same material having double the radius when the same current flows through it
Two resistance R1 and R2, when connected in series give a resistance of 10amp and a resistance of 2.4amp when connected in parallel. Find the value of R1 and R2
A Wheatstone bridge used to make a musical instrument from a strain gauge (resistor R1 ) attached to a metal bar and three other strain gauges used as fixed resistors on the circuit board. When the bar is struck, the strain causes changes in R1 only. The change in resistance is Δ R1 =0.2 Ω per microstrain (i.e. 0.2 Ω for a strain of ε= 10-6) and the initial value of R1 is 119 Ω.

Vs =0.7 V, R2 =119 Ω, R3 =122 Ω and R4 =122 Ω.

(iii) When the bar is struck it oscillates with a maximum strain of 5 x 10−6 . Given that this varies the value of R1 by 1 Ω, complete these calculations for the minimum and maximum output voltage. Please give your answer to four decimal places.

(min) = ?V

(max) = ?V
A battery of 10Volts is connected to a resistance of 20ohms through a variable resistance R. The amount of charge which has passed in the circuit in 4 minutes, if the variable resistance R is increasing at the rate of 5ohms/min , will be.....
Why tapping on floor by foot produces sound
Does the floor vibrate which cannot be seen
An electric kettle is rated at 2kW when connected to a 230V electrical supply.
a) Calculate the current that will flow when the kettle is turned on.
b) What fuse should be included in the circuit of the kettle? Assume that the fuses available are 3A, 5A,
and 13A.
c) Calculate the resistance of the heating element of the kettle.
d) If 420kJ of energy are required to boil some amount of water, how much time would the kettle need
to boil this amount of water?
How electrons produced at zinc electrode i.e anode in a dry cell move through wire and produce electricity
Do they move through wire or directly through electrolyte to cathode
A microwave oven of unknown resistance is connected to a 110V voltage source.calculate the oven’s resistance if the current needed has an intensity of 7,200mA
two objects exert a force of 4.2 N on each other. The distance between the objects is 0.36 m. The charge on one object is 2.8x10^-9 C. What is the charge on the second object?
An electric toaster consumes 1875 W in operation. Assuming it is plugged into a 125 V source, what current flows in the circuit?
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