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what is the net resistance of a parallel circuit?
i need to make a circuit with 20 to 180 micro amp current, frequency between 100 to 1000 Hz and voltage less than 1V.
The potential difference across the heater is 250V. What is the resistance heater?
A charge of 240 coulombs passes through the heater in one minute. What current flows in the heater?
State, with reasons, whether the following statements are True or False. (2×10)
i) In L-C-R circuit, the current and voltage are in same phase only at a single
ii) Suppressor grid in pentode is kept at anode potential.
iii) Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) is a voltage controlled device.
iv) Reverse biasing of a semiconductor junction diode increases its energy band gap.
v) Amplifier with common emitter mode offers maximum current gain.
vi) Rectification efficiency is proportional to the number of diodes used in a rectifier
vii) Slew rate of an op-amp influences its frequency response.
viii) IC 7805 and IC 7905 must always be used together.
ix) Highest Modulus of the ring counter made up of 5 flip-flops is 25.
x) In a CRO the signal input voltage is given to the horizontal deflection plates.
Consider an RC series circuit with e=24volts, R=10, and C=15.calculate the following (I) the maximum charge on the capacitor, (ii) the time constant of the circuit (iii) the initial current if the internal resistance, r of the battery is 2
A positive 20μC charge is placed at the centre of a circle of radius 20 cm. If we
move a positive 2μC charge once along the circumference of the circle, will any
work be done in the process? Justify your answer.
The magnitude of work done in taking a unit positive charge in electric field E from
point A to point B is given by:
= −
W E.d r
Show that the value of the line integral of the electric field (right hand side of the
above equation) does not depend on the path taken to move the unit positive charge
from point A to B.
a) Design and draw a voltage comparator circuit using op-amp IC 741 to give +VSat at the output if the input voltage is less than -3V and -VSat for input more than -3V.
b) Design and draw the circuit of a voltage regulator using LM 317 to provide an adjustable voltage between 6 to 12V.
Design and draw the circuit using op-amp to provide the output voltage obeying following relation of input voltages:
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