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Three charges of +5c , -10c and -8c are distributed as shown below.....
Calculate the resultant force acting on the 5c
How would you determine whether the charge on a particular rod is positive or negative?
The P.D.across the resistor is 160V and that of across the inductor is 120V .Find the effective value of the applied voltage.When these are connected across an a.c.source. If the effective current in the circuit be 1A calculate the impedance.
Two electrically neutral spheres are separated by 1.0 cm. Electrons are removed from one sphere and transferred to the other until a force of magnitude 1.0 × 10−6 N is generated between the two spheres. How many electrons were transferred in the process? Choose the correct answer.
Copper has a resistivity of Ω m. A wire of diameter 1.5 mm and length 25 m is connected across a potential difference of 50 V.


(a) The resistance of the wire

(b) The current

(c) The power dissipated in the wire
A 2.0 µF capacitor is charged to 12 V. The voltage supply is removed and then a 4.0 µF capacitor is fitted in parallel with the 2.0 µF one. Calculate the charge stored in the 2.0 µF capacitor finally.
A thin test-tube partially filled with water is placed vertically with its open end to the atmosphere. Due to diffusion in the tube, a linear change in vapor concentration is established with height so that near the water surface the vapor is saturated while at the upper open
end of the tube the vapor has a concentration of 2 times less. Then the tube is hermetically sealed from the atmosphere with a lid. How much will the pressure of humid air inside the tube change relative to the atmospheric pressure after the equilibrium is established? The atmospheric pressure is 760 mmHg. The experiment is conducted at temperature 320 K. The pressure of saturated vapor at this temperature is 80 mmHg. Give your answer in mmHg and round it to the whole.
When a LR circuit with L=3mH is connected in series to an AC source of rms voltage 30V a maximum RMS current of 6A is observed at frequency (500/π)Hz. If LR circuit is now connected to a battery of emf 21V And internal resistance of 3ohm the current will be
Ans 3A
A positively charged rod attracts a small piece of cork.a) Can we conclude that the cork is negatively charged?b)The rod repels another small piece of cork. Can we conclude that this piece is positively charged?
A current of 1000 MA passes through a conductor for 2minute. Calculate quantity of electricity transfered
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