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1. A charge q = - 1.0 C is placed at (0, 0) m while another charge Q = 3.0 C is placed at (0.15, 0) m. Calculate the magnitude of the electric force acting on q.
The plates of a parallel plate capacitor 5.0*10—5m apart are maintained at a potential difference of 5.0*10—4v. Calculate the magnitude of the 1) electric field intensity on the surface of the sphere. 2)force of acceleration. 3) acceleration of the electron. Note. Electron charge =1.6*10—19c, Mass electron= 9.1*10—31kg
Electric field strength due to dipole of moment p at a distant point r along the axis of the dipole is
What is the phase angle in a series RLC circuit at resonance? (a) 180° (b) 90° (c) 0 (d) -90° (e) None of those answer is necessarily correct.
When a particular inductor is connected to a source of
sinusoidally varying emf with constant amplitude and a fre
quency of 60.0 Hz, the rms current is 3.00 A. What is the
rms current if the source frequency is doubled? (a) 12.0 A
(b) 6.00 A (c) 4.24 A (d) 3.00 A (e) 1.50 A (ii) Repeat part
(i) assuming the load is a capacitor instead of an inductor.
(iii) Repeat part (i) assuming the load is a resistor instead
of an inductor.
Product of open loop gain & its bandwidth =10^6 Hz
Calculate close loop bandwidth of amplifier .given R(I)=10k ohm
&R(f)=150k ohm
What is the electric field vector of a load that is at the origin of a coordinate axis at a distance of 50cm to a certain point P and makes an angle of 145 with respect to the axis of positive x and if the load of this is equal to Q = 8.9?
Quebec Francious Power is producing 11 120 MW of electrical energy right now. If they were attempting to transmit this power through a 2.0 ohms line using a potential difference of 75.0 MV, what would be the % power loss in the line?
a coil of resistance wire of 500turns and of resistance 4ohms is closely wound on time ring. the ring has mean diameter of 0.25m and a uniform cross-sectional area of 700mm^2 calaculate the flux in the ring when supply of 6v is applied to end of the wedding. assume a relative permeability of 550
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