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if the temperature of a battery connected conducting resistance wire reduces by cooling process then how current in it will change?
If a scan takes 30 minutes to complete, how much charge has flowed through the scanner in total? Assume that the current is constant and equal to 84.3 A.
How much energy does a 2400 watt microwave oven use in 3 minutes?
Can you please give two examples of series connection word problems? And 2 parallel connection problems. Thank you
The wire in a parallel circuit carries 8.0 A of current and 5V of electricity. What is a) total and individual current; b) total and individual voltages; c) total and individual resistances
How much current passes through the 20-kΩ resistor when the resistors ( 20 kΩ, 30 kΩ, 60 kΩ) are connected in series with a 220 V source?
a. 2 mA
b. 11 mA
c. 20 mA
d. 110 mA
Which change can make a generator stronger?

decreasing the size of the slip rings
increasing the size of the slip rings
decreasing the number of coils in the armature
increasing the number of coils in the armature
The charge on the plates of a capacitor is 8mC when the potential
between them is 4 kV. Determine the capacitance of the capacitor.
two charges -q and -3q are separated by a distance l. these two charges are free to move but do not because there is a third charge nearby. what must be the charge and placement of the charge for the first two to be in equilibrium?
Explain how a hole moves through a p semiconductor, remembering that the impurity atoms are very far apart
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