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Resistors R₁ and R₂ connected in series, and

• Resistor R₃ connected in parallel with R₂.

If R₁ = 4 kΩ, R₂ = 4.5 kΩ, and R₃ = 12 kΩ.

4.1.1 draw the circuit diagram. (5)

4.1.2 calculate the voltage across R₃ if the applied voltage is 12V. (8)

4.1.3 calculate the current passing R1 and R3.

. Consider the circuit shown with the switch open and the capacitor uncharged. The switch is now closed. What is the time taken for the current in the circuit to drop to 14% of its maximum value (in s)?

Calculate The total current of 12 voltage and 4 ohms connected in parallel

Calculate the total resistance of 12 voltage and 4 ohms connected in parallel

You are asked to design a current circuit in which a 100 ohm resistor will carry a current of 1 mA. The circuit is at room temperature. Find out the minimum surface area of the resistor if the temperature of the resistor does not exceed 400 K

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The temperature coefficient of copper is 0.00427/°C. The resistance of the coil is 8.82 ohms

at 24°.C. Determine its resistance at 0°.C and 42°.C.

What potential difference must be applied to cause a current of 2.5 A in a circuit to have a resistance of 53 ohms?

2 meter of resistance wire of Cross section .5mm² has a resistance of 2.2ohm c calculate the resistivity of the meter

 The resistance of a uniform copper wire 50.0 meters long and 1.15 mm in

diameter is 0.830 ohms at

20° C. What is the resistivity of the copper at this temperature?

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