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find the force on a vertical triangular plate of height h and base as shown in figure due to fluid filled in it?
How we can explain energy stored in capacitor.
the copper track on a printed circuit board is made from copper foil 35um thick. the width of the track is 0.16cm and the resistivity of copper is 1.69x10^-8ohms. what is the resistance of 1cm of track?
A sample of Si has electron and hole mobilities of 0.13 and 0.05 m /V-s 2 respectively at
300 K. It is doped with P and Al with doping densities of 21 3 1.510 / m and
21 3 2.510 / m respectively. The conductivity of the doped Si sample at 300 K is
An LED operates at 1.5 V and 5 mA in forward bias. Assuming an 80% external
efficiency of the LED, how many photons are emitted per second?
A signal of frequency 10k Hz is being digitalized by an A/D converter. A possible
sampling time which can be used is
A series circuit with a resistor of 100 Ω
capacitor of 25 μF and inductance of
0.15 H is connected across 220-V, 60-Hz
supply. Calculate (i) current (ii) power
and (iii) power factor in the circuit.
Calculate the amount of charge represented by six million protonsCalculate the amount of charge represented by six million protons
How much charge is represented by 4,600 electrons?
explain cohesive and adhesive force.
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