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A battery is replaced with one of lower emf. State and explain how the resistance of the lamps would have to change in order to achieve the same brightness.
Design a zener regulated power supply to give 9.1V DC output with maximum load current of 50 mA. Assume that the minimum Iz required for proper functioning of zener diode is 5 mA, and the unregulated DC input is 12V. Indicate the value of Rs and power rating of zener diode and Rs.
If gap develops in the path of electrical charges the circuit is said to be
in an experiment the voltmeter reads 12v the ammeter 4 amp a mettalic block of mass 1kg os heated in 300s which cause a raise in temprature by 16 degree Celsius calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal
The edges of a square pyramid are made out of wires which are conductively
connected at all vertices. Compute the resistance across the opposite vertices
on a diagonal of the base square, given that the resistance of one meter of the
wire is 1Ω, the height of the pyramid is √7 m and the base length is 2m.
A 9.0 V battery and two restitors are connected. The current through the 3.0 ohm resistor is 2.0 A. What is the potential difference across the restiror R2
Three identical point charges, with mass m=0.10kg, hang from three strings, as shown below. if l =30.0cm and 0=45, what is the value of q?
6. Outline the steps taken with a help of an example how to reduce a circuit connected to points A-B can be reduced to a Thevenin’sand Norton’s sources
A voltmeter coil has resistance 50 ohm and a resistor of 1.15k ohm is connected in series. It can read potential difference upto 12volts . If the same coil is used to construct an ammeter which can measure current upto 2A, what should be the resistance of the shunt used?
Two capacitor connected in series with 100v battery and potential difference across them is 60 $50v. If a capacitor of 0.006mfF is connected in parallel and potential across 2nd capacitor becomes 50v.Find capacitance of both capacitor.
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