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Why transformer coupling is not
preferred at low frequencies?
Why is it necessary in the case of cascade amplifier to use coupling network between the two stages?
Using Maxwell's equation in free space,derive the wave equations for the z-component of electric field vector.
Two resistors of 4Ω and 6Ω are connected in parallel circuit. The total amount of current flowing in the circuit is 30 Ampere. Find the current of each resistor.
Design and draw a Mod-12 counter. Explain its working.
You are given one IC 7812 and you require +8V regulated voltage. Design and draw
a circuit to obtain the required voltage by using this IC and appropriate resistors.
A high frequency signal source with large output resistance is to be connected to the
input of an op-amp inverting amplifier. Which characteristics of the op-amp will be
significant in handling such signal? Justify your answer.
Draw the circuit of full wave bridge rectifier with capacitor filter. How does the
capacitor help in reducing ripple in the rectified signal? What is the effect of load
resistance value on this ripple?
Draw the circuit of phase shift oscillator using n-p-n transistor. Explain how
positive feedback is achieved in this circuit.
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