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Circuit battery is 24V and R1 is 22 ohms, R2 is ? , R3 is 43 ohms and R4 is 48 ohms. The total supply current is 317ma. Find Vt, Vr1, Vr2, Vr3, Vr4
Design and draw voltage regulator to provide 4 to 10 V variable output voltage using IC 7812.

Design an adder circuit using op-amp to satisfy following equation:

-Vo = V1 + 3 V2 + 2 V3 + 2V4 + 4V5

The supply voltage of the op-amp is +/- 13V and output saturation voltage is +/- 12 V.

The circuit should always operate in its linear range. What are the minimum- maximum voltage values of V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5 when only one of them is connected to the input at a given time (i.e. other input voltages are zero)? What is the value of maximum voltage Vi if V1 = V2 = V3 = V4 = V5 = Vi ?)

Design and draw a zener voltage regulator to provide 12V output if load resistance varies between 100 ohm and 200 ohm. Assume that the input unregulated dc voltage is 18V and minimum zener operating current is 10 mA. Calculate the wattage of the Zener diode, value and wattage of RS
During a biological process, 3900 K+ ions pass through a channel in the phospholipid bilayer of a cell membrane in 680 μs.

a) What is the electric current through the channel during that time interval?

b) If the potential difference across the channel is 75 mV, what electric power is associated with the current?
What will happen to a bulb if the current passes through it and then passes through an insulator?
How much electrical potential energy does a proton lose as it falls through a
potential drop of 5kV?
What will be the current if 3 Ω and 6 Ω resistors are connected in parallel and 2 V potential difference is applied?

A three–phase transformer has its primary winding delta-connected and its secondary winding starconnected. The number of turns per phase on the primary is four times that on a secondary, and the secondary line voltage is 400V. A balanced load of 20kW, at power factor 0.8, is connected across the secondary terminals. Assuming an ideal transformer, calculate the primary voltage and the phase and line currents on the secondary and primary sides. Sketch a circuit diagram and indicate the values of the voltages and currents on the diagram.

Formula for the conductivity of a wire
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