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two identical metal sphere carry charges +q and -2q .when the spheres are separated by a large distance r.the force btw them is F .now the sphere are allowed to touch and then moved back to the same separation .find new F
hi is it possible to calculate the force between two parallel plates?
Two resistors, made of different materials having temperature coefficient of resistance
a1=0.004 per degree Celcius and a2= 0.005 , are connected in parallel and consume equal power per degree celcius at 15 degree celcius. What is the ratio of power consumed in resistance R2 to that in R1 at 70 degree celcius? (Answer is 0.9615)
A galvanometer of resistance 'G' is connected with the a shunt of resistance 'S' .A resistance of 'R' is connected in series with galvanometer such that main current in the circuit remains same.Find the value of 'R' ?

are current and voltage directly proportional?
How can a circuit be used to obtain a series of measurements to show how the current flowing through the lamp varies with the voltage across it
current of 800mA passed through lamp for 1 minute.find no. of electrons passing through it if charge of electron is 1.6 × 10^-19 C
An emf of 100 V is applied to a series RC circuit in which the resistance is 200 ohms
and the capacitance is 10-⁴ farads. Determine the charge q(t) on the capacitor if
q(0) = 0. Also determine the current i(t).
If the resistance of a copper site at 30°C is 4 Ohm, then what will be the resistance at 100° C? The temparature coefficient of resistance of copper wire= 42.5x10^-4°C^-1.
Hi! Our sir explained to us that the voltage at the negative terminal of the battery is zero when connected in circuit. I didn't get it! could you please explain it in detail?
Also if you could explain potential difference to me that would be amazing (in terms of circuits)