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What is the voltmeter reading across a 20-ohm resistor connected in series with a 10-ohm resistor and a 60-volt power source?

What is the voltage drop across the 3.0 Q for a parallel circuit containing a 12 V potential and three resistors R1= 3 ohms, R2=2 ohms and R3= 1 ohm

a voltmeter v of 23 k ohm resistance in series with a resistor r across a 230v supply reads 92v. calculate the value of the resistor r 

   Two straight, parallel, current-carrying wires separated by a distance of 5cm contain the same 1000 A current, flowing in similar directions. Determine the force per unit length exerted by the two wires.

Why are there at least two prongs on every electrical plug? If power is traveling in one direction (from the wall to the appliance), why can't there be just one wire carrying it? And don't just say "because circuits need to be closed' - after all, current can flow through a capacitor, and that's an open circuit.

A microwave oven connected across a potential difference of 122 V has a resistance of 49 Ω . What is the current in the microwave oven? Answer in units of A. 

Explain how the back emf of a motor causes the development of mechanical power.

A tungsten filament bulb rated at 500w, 100v is to be connected in series to a capacitor across 220v, 50hz supply. Calculate the capacitor such that the voltage and power consumed by the bulb are according to the rating of the bulb

B. Using a hydrogen atom as an example, compare the gravitational 

and the electrostatic forces between a proton and and electron

In the manufacture of copper wire a 5 m length of thick circular rod, which has a resistance of

 0.02 ohm is drawn out without change in volume until its new diameter is one-tenth of what it

 was. Calculate the length of the drawn conductor and its resistance. [Ans: 200 Q]

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