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Need help with sociology questions? You are not the only college/university student who has trouble answering questions in social sciences, sociology in particular. As a science that involves all kinds of information in terms of society and how it works and functions, sociology requires more than just knowledge of qualitative or quantitative approach. Some questions in sociology require more than just black-and-white answers, but rather the ability to understand and apply abstract theoretical concepts. In addition, it draws from a variety of other social sciences, and thus answering sociology questions may be challenging at any stage of your studying. Whether you have difficulty understanding a sociological concept, or you lack specific knowledge or skill in related sciences required to answer your question in sociology, you may need some help with it. We are happy to offer a free sociology questions and answers service where you can post your question and get a reply from an expert in sociology within a short time. Ask your sociology question here, and be sure to get a professional answer for free. If you need a solution to the entire set of questions or assistance with a project in sociology, order now, and our sociology experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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Why divorce is getting so much famous in modern society
Society's role in representing the interests of children is called
In sociology of religion, what does Durkheim say about power and society?

Is our society’s increasing level of affluence good? Use the following theories to answer this question… Functionalism, Marxism, Feminist theory and Symbolic Interactionism.
After a mayoral election in a small town, nearly half the population readily accepts the leadership of the person for whom they did not vote. This is an example of what type of authority?
factors contributing to changes in the family in the 21st century
Hi im really stuck with answering this question for my essay its how do values and norms contribute to social solidarity ?
Thank you
10 ways people become aware of crimes committed against security agents
The U.S. has been affected by both Weber's idea of the Protestant Ethic and Veblen's idea of Conspicuous Consumption.

Discuss how these concepts relate to the success of capitalism.

Give examples of how each still operates in the U.S. today.

Veblen argues that Conspicuous Consumption is replacing the Protestant Ethic. What effects do you think this change in values is having/will have on U.S. capitalism?
Sociologists argue that people tend to give social meaning to biological characteristics.

What is your view? Do you agree or disagree that in Caribbean societies, biological characteristics influence people's use of race and gender stereotypes?