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Need help with sociology questions? You are not the only college/university student who has trouble answering questions in social sciences, sociology in particular. As a science that involves all kinds of information in terms of society and how it works and functions, sociology requires more than just knowledge of qualitative or quantitative approach. Some questions in sociology require more than just black-and-white answers, but rather the ability to understand and apply abstract theoretical concepts. In addition, it draws from a variety of other social sciences, and thus answering sociology questions may be challenging at any stage of your studying. Whether you have difficulty understanding a sociological concept, or you lack specific knowledge or skill in related sciences required to answer your question in sociology, you may need some help with it. We are happy to offer a free sociology questions and answers service where you can post your question and get a reply from an expert in sociology within a short time. Ask your sociology question here, and be sure to get a professional answer for free. If you need a solution to the entire set of questions or assistance with a project in sociology, order now, and our sociology experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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1.Which is a better approach to study society and social problems?Why?

2.How can we apply the multidisciplinary approach in the social science to understand and address the problem?

3.How can the socual sceinces help understand and solve social problems of the Philippines?

4.Why is it important to use the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach in the social sciences to understand social issues in society?

1.What contribution do you think hermeneutics as a philosophy of education can make to your

classroom practice? Provide reasons and examples for your answer.

2.Discuss the work of Max van Manen and Shaun Gallagher. In your discussion you should indicate

how their phenomenological views could influence your classroom practice. 

3.Explain how African feminism can help you to implement equal opportunities for male and female

teachers at your school.  

An example of a symbol in micro-interactionism is...

a) the learning environment

b) language

c) the teacher

d) the learner

Which are the ranking systems in society?

Talcott parsons was a structural functionalist and an author of numerous publications. What was his view on how society functions.

Briefly explain the link between conflict theory( marxism) and the dominant role of the family?

What are the assumptions about the theory of symbolic interactionism?

Functionalism is one of the major theorical approaches in sociology of education. Briefly provide an explaination of the two levels of foci of functionalism.

Discuss keyness ideology . Provide and discuss one social policy that support this apporoch . What is your sociological opinion of this approch . 300 words

1. Discuss the two types of citizenship education.

2. Explain the main aspects of citizenship education in post-apartheid South Africa.

3. Explain the main aspects of citizenship education in the USA.

4. Discuss two of the main features of the apartheid state in SA

5. Explain what a cosmopolitan approach to citizenship education entails and indicate how learners could benefit from this approach.

Children need role models who are not afraid to stand up against harmful gender stereotyping and duscdimination. What should these role models do?

How can culture as tradition be explained?

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