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Need help with sociology questions? You are not the only college/university student who has trouble answering questions in social sciences, sociology in particular. As a science that involves all kinds of information in terms of society and how it works and functions, sociology requires more than just knowledge of qualitative or quantitative approach. Some questions in sociology require more than just black-and-white answers, but rather the ability to understand and apply abstract theoretical concepts. In addition, it draws from a variety of other social sciences, and thus answering sociology questions may be challenging at any stage of your studying. Whether you have difficulty understanding a sociological concept, or you lack specific knowledge or skill in related sciences required to answer your question in sociology, you may need some help with it. We are happy to offer a free sociology questions and answers service where you can post your question and get a reply from an expert in sociology within a short time. Ask your sociology question here, and be sure to get a professional answer for free. If you need a solution to the entire set of questions or assistance with a project in sociology, order now, and our sociology experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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When a child experiences family instability, that child will likely ______.
Submit an assignment on "A critical assessment of the family institution as an agent of socialization in the face of incessant youth restiveness in Nigeria
describe three different cultures and how they see American culture. also, how They use a general view of how a sociologist would view these people way of thinking. what does that sociologists view have to do with sociological imagination

In one sentence, tell me how culture and socialization are related.Then, give an example of the following parts of culture using a culture other than any American culture: material, value, more, folkway. Use the same society for all your examples. Be sure to label each part of culture so I know you know that your example is a value, for instance.Then, using 3 agents of socialization, describe their role (or lack thereof) in each of the parts of culture you used.Finally, discuss how you would view this society's culture. Be sure to use the term for your view of the culture. Just so we're on the same page, here's what your essay should look like:•Sentence of link;•Paragraph of examples of culture parts from a Non-American culture;•4 Paragraphs of 3 agents' role in each example of a culture part;•Paragraph of way to view other culture.
While broad processes of socialization may be responsible for the development of personal prejudice there is another process that may contribute on an equal or even greater basis. It is described as
decribe the features of urban population and discuss the change brought out by urbanization in indian society.
What are three steps of preventive teaching?
What is the difference between causality and correlation? Give an example to illustrate the difference.
suggest at least 3 topics in sociological quantitative research
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