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Reid held that philosophy should be based on instinctive commonsense beliefs about sense perception, personal identity, God, free will, and morality. Discuss this claim and explain what those commonsense beliefs might be.
Reid argued that the flawed “theory of ideas” held by modern philosophers ultimately leads to skepticism. Discuss Reid’s point and whether you agree with his assessment
In direct reference to Rousseau’s concept of the General Will, during the French Revolution the tyrannical leader Maximilien Robespierre claimed that he was the General Will. Discuss Rousseau’s notion of the General Will and whether it lends itself to tyranny
Explain and evaluate Rousseau’s claim that popularizers of science and philosophy will undermine traditional values which, in turn, will lead to moral corruption and social decay.
Explain Holbach’s view of determinism and how it follows from his materialism.
Discuss Holbach’s argument against an immaterial human spirit and how a dualist like Descartes might respond to him.
Voltaire famously argued that a society of atheists is not possible. Explain his point and discuss whether you agree.
Discuss any cultural factors related to items on the stress scale that might be relevant for you.
Herbert argued that five common notions of morality and religion are instinctively known to everyone. Examine those five principles and discuss whether any of them are as instinctive as he believes.
2. The best way that science can answer the problem of the identity theory of materialism (which means chemical brain states = mental states…which seems to indicate chemicals can “feel” and “think”) is by saying _________________________________________.
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