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Question 18 : Statements evoking pity in the audience even though its logically unrelated to the conclusion is called ______
fallacious statement
Ad misericordian fallacy
Ad ignorantian fallacy
none of the options

Question 19 : If the conclusion of an argument seems to be proven simply because nobody has contradicted it means ______
the argument is powerful
it is the truth
the oratory influence
it appears to be ignorant

Question 20 : In logic the term true or false are used to qualify___________
Question 15 : Given that "All Nigerian are saints. All saints are angels. Therefore all Nigerians are angels" Which of the following is not true?
The argument is unsound
the argumnet is not valid
Both the two premises and conclusion are false proposition
The argument is invalid but unsound

Question 16 : One of the aim of the the laws of thought is ______________
to reduce tautology when some logicians are speaking
to create a base for deductive argument
to set patterns for anyone who want to think and speak correctly
to enable us calculate well in logic and mathematics

Question 17 : The term sound and unsound argument are specifically used for _____________
invalid deductive argument
invalid argument
valid inductive argument
valid deductive argument
Question 10 : Which of the following is not true about argument?
an invalid argument is said to be unsound
if the premises of an argument contain false proposition it will be decleared unsound
for an argument to be sound, the premise and conclusion must be true proposition
an argument must be valid before deciding if is sound or unsound

Question 11 : Which of the following is not an example of syllogism__________

Question 12 : The author of the book “how to do things with words (1962)” is ______
Thomas Watts
Austin J.L
Henry Carr
Wole Soyinka

Question 13 : Which of these argument is based on probability
direct argument
indirect argument
deductive argument
inductive argument

Question 14 : The informative function of language could be performed through ______
none of the options
All the options
Question 6 : When language is used to evoke or propagate feeling for attitudes in human being is said to be _______

Question 7 : The type of definition that specifies and unambiguously distinguishes the object in question from other object in a given domain is
real definition
speculative definition
logical definition
genus definition

Question 8 : An argument to attack the person who advances it rather than providing a rational critique of the argument itself is called _____
Ad valorem argument
Ultra patem fallacy
Ad Hominen fallacy
non sequitor

Question 9 : Before the year 2000, the anticipatory movements people commonly make when they nearly collide with some person is called
anticipatory collision

Question 1 : The term valid or invalid are used to describe ______________

Question 2 : According to Otakpor (2000), fallacies is classified into the followings except one _____

Question 3 : The errors in reasoning that tend to be psychologically persuasive is regarded by logicians as ______

Question 4 : The term valid or invalid are reserved for ______________
indirect argument
direct argument
deductive argument
inductive argument

Question 5 : In logic the word "weak" or "strong" are preserved for__________
indirect argument
direct argument
inductive argument
deductive argument

Question 18 : Consider this propositions: "All birds have beaks. Some cat are birds. So some cats have beaks". Is this argument valid?
no, it is not valid
yes, it is valid
only the second premise is not valid
the second and thrid proposition are not valid

Question 19 : Which of these options is not correct?
any valid argument with at least one false premise is an unsound argument
all invalid arguments are unsound
if the premises are false, then the argument is not valid
any valid argument with all premises true is a sound argument

Question 20 : Which part of the conclusion in an argument automatically becomes the major term?
Question 14 : ______ is the smallest unit of argumentation

Question 15 : ___________ can be desribed as an argument that contain three propositions, two of which are called the premises and one the conclusion

Question 16 : The argument that proceed from general proposition to particular proposition is called______
direct argument
deductive argument
inductive argumet
indirect argument

Question 17 : Which of these claim about argument is false?
at least three proposition form an argument
not all statement are argument
report illustration, conditional statements are not argument
at least two statements are argument
Question 9 : Given that "All men are mortal. Adamu is a man. Therefore, Adamu is mortal. This argument can be described as_______
unsound argument
inductive argumet
Deductive argument
sound argument

Question 10 : An argument is said to be ____________ when the conclusion of that argument follows from the premises

Question 11 : Which of the following best complete this proposition? "All Camerounians are strong" Song is a Camerounian _____
strong is a Camerounian
because Camerounians are strong
in as much as Song is strong
therefore Song is storng

Question 12 : The term that occur in both premises but does not occur in conclusion is called ____________
middle term
major term
minor term

Question 13 : Argument is a proposition that is made up of ____
inference and conclusion
comand and conclusion
premise and conclusion
premise and inference
Question 5 : Consider this: "All men are monkies. All monkies are politicians. So all men are politicians" which of these options is not correct?
the argument is valid
although the second premise is not correct the argument is still valid
the argumnet is not valid
all the premises are not true

Question 6 : An argument is said to be valid if ____________
inference are based on premises
the conclusion follows from that premises
premise follows from the conclusion
inference and premises agrees

Question 7 : From the above, _______________ is the minor term

Question 8 : The validity of an argument depends largely in the ______
truthfulness of the conclusion
falsity of the premises
how truth and falsity of the propositions
the link between the premises and the conclusion
Question 1 : Which of the following statement is true about valid argument?
if the conclusion is true, the premise and inference must agree
if the conclusion and premise disagree, the inference must be true
if the premises are false, the conclusion must be true
if the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true

Question 2 : Which of the following terms is not part of syllogism?
middle term
major term
minor term
tangential term

Question 3 : Given that "All Cameroonians are footballers. Etoo is a Cmeroonian. Therefore, Etoo is a footballer" What is the major term?

Question 4 : The type of argument that proceed from particular to general is called___________
deductive argument
indirect argument
direct argument
inductive argument