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2. The best way that science can answer the problem of the identity theory of materialism (which means chemical brain states = mental states…which seems to indicate chemicals can “feel” and “think”) is by saying _________________________________________.
explore the concepts of diversity and inclusive in education. As part of your essay you have to (a) clearly indicate what role worldviews and ideologies might play in complicating diversity and inclusive, as well as (b) how the knowledge of worldviews and ideologies might assist us to overcome it as a potential issue and (c) improve education practice in general.
Your mother, whom you love, has died unexpectedly and you are in the airport, trying to catch the last flight available to make it to her funeral. The flight is about to leave and as you run down the corridor, an elderly woman suddenly slips in front of you and falls to the ground with a cry. There is no one around to assist the elderly woman except for you. Do you stop to help, knowing you will miss your flight because of it and therefore miss your mother's funeral? Be specific in exactly what you think you should do. (Remember to use one of the four moral theories acceptable for this test to solve this dilemma. Any discussion of personal opinion, religious perspective, or theory other than the moral theories acceptable for this test will result in a score of "0" for this question.)
Can you solve indirect and conditional proofs for me
Describe the Socratic Method in terms of its subject matter and its approach at arriving at truth.
1) Describe the Socratic Method in terms of its subject matter and its approach at arriving at truth.

2) Explain the “Euthyphro Dilemma”.
3) Explain the retorsive argument that Socrates uses against Protagorean relativism in the Theaetetus.

4) Explain Aristotle’s three metaphysical distinctions; how does he employ them to explain both accidental and substantial change?
5) Describe Aristotle’s four causes & give an example
The philosophy the teacher employs to facilitate learning better and also accommodate all learners in the classroom
Let’s say Tom told you he thinks the beard is part
of his personal religion that he is forming. Do
you think that announcement would change how
you talk to Tom about the issue?
What was your group’s consensus decision regarding
the issue with Tom’s facial hair?
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