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The role of the hypothalamus in puberty is to …

1. control the action of the frontal lobes.

2. regulate the production of sex hormones.

3. lead to distancing from parents.

4. its role is not yet known.

Explain one criticisms of the logical positivist’s principle of verification? Do you agree or disagree with any of the criticisms? Justify your answer.

Q1.Differentiate between Rationalism and Empiricism in theory of knowledge with examples.

(Discuss at least two essential characteristics of each view)  

Q2.Discuss Materialism as the concept of Reality in metaphysics with example.

  1. Discuss the illusion argument against common sense realism.
  2. Why does Descartes employ Methodic doubt and how did he escape that doubt?
  3. What are some of the main features of Empiricism?
  4. How is Locke's Representative Realism different from common sense realism.
  5. What is the purpose of Locke’s distinction between primary and secondary qualities of an object?
  6. On what basis Berkley rejected Locke’s distinction between primary and secondary qualities and what does he suggest?
  7. Explain Berkely’s Subjective Idealism.
  8. How is Berkley’s subjective idealism different from Plato’s Idealism.
  9. Define idealism as a metaphysical world view.
  10. Distinguish between Plato’s world of Being and the world of Becoming. Which one of these is the ultimate reality and why?
  11. How can we access or understand real forms of things according to Plato?

Discuss whether or not the philosophical foundations of any discipline is an education

Would you rather be a utilitarian or a deontologist? Justify your answer.

Philosophy of science consists of multiple paradigms as well as significant 

moments in its history. What is the 20th century position that science should 

not be thought of as being absolute or objective be termed?

1) Linguistic turn

2) Social turn

3) Positivism

4) Conservatism

Popper delineated between “science”, “pseudo-science” and “non-science”. 

Following this demarcation, chemistry is considered a science. What would 

cybertronics be considered as?

1) Science

2) Non-science

3) Technology

4) Pseudo-science

Which of the following terms encapsulates the definition: “The rights of 

women are absolutely equivalent to those of men in every regard.”

1) Egalitarianism

2) Feminism

3) Libertarianism

4) Marxism 

Which of the following is the most appropriate definition for a “law of nature”?

1) A scientific theory regarding the natural world.

2) An hypothesis that comprises much theoretical language.

3) A non-theoretical observation about an aspect of the natural 


4) A statement that draws attention to constancies in nature. 

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