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De nombreux sports sont proposés à nos élèves. Dans notre nouveau gymnase, vous pouvez (can) (1) faites aérobic ou (2) faites basket ou (3) faites volley.
Vous........................vos cahiers.

Select one:
a. avons
b. avez
c. etes.
Pick the correct answer.

1. The reason Al is so knoledgeable about other countries ( because, that ) his dad is always took him everywhere.
2. ( Because, being that ) she is an experienced jeweller, I asked her to appaise my diamond.
3. I ( cant help asking, cant help but ask ) how much you paid for that emerald.
4. Remeber to ( bring, take ) these boots to be repaired.
5. The three boys strengthened ( each other's, one another's ) determination wothnencouraging words.
6. The counterp,ot was successful ( because, due to the fact that ) our agents performed sp cleverly.
Plan an itinerary for you and a friend or you and your family. Think about what your ideal day might look like and plan it out in French. Be creative and try to incorporate vocabulary that you already know from previous lessons. Include ten different items on the itinerary. Use at least five different verbs from the verb bank in your itinerary. You may use additional verbs you have learned in this class. Make sure you write your sentences in the Present tense and use two IR verbs.
Verb Bank
assister à
réussir à

Ma journée parfaite!
8:00 du matin
10:00 du matin
2:30 de l'après-midi
4:00 de l'après-midi
5:30 de l'après-midi
7:00 du soir
8:30 du soir
10:00 du soir

For example: A 8:00 du matin, ma famille et moi allons en ville et achetons des vêtements pour le concert
1. Si mes parents _____________________ (rentrer) tôt à la maison, nous _____________________ (pouvoir) dîner
2. Je t’_____________________ (appeler) pour te prévenir s’il y ________________ (avoir) de bons prix.
3. Si tu _____________________ (vouloir), je _____________________ (pouvoir) t’aider pour l’examen.
4. Si elle ne _____________________ (travailler) pas, nous _____________________ (aller) déjeuner ensemble.
5. Je pense que tu _____________________ (avoir) mal aux yeux si tu _____________________ (passer) autant de temps
devant la télévision.
Write a letter of about 130-150 words. Must include the four points mentioned. Be sure to use the appropriate tenses.

An aunt from abroad has just sent you a large sum of money for your birthday. Write a letter to her in which you:
(a) thank her and describe the other gifts you received
(b) say how you spent your birthday
(c) tell her what you plan to do with the money
(d) give news of the other members of the family
Write the nationalities of the inhabitants of the following countries.
Example: le Canada = les Canadiens
1. la France =
2. l'Italie =
3. la Russie =
4. l'Espagne =
5. Le Maroc =
6. L'Allemagne =
7. La Suisse =
8. l'Angleterre =
Les étudiants de Mme Martin ont organisé une fête pour Pierre, l’assistant de français, qui va rentrer en France. Albert raconte ce que tout le monde a fait. Qu’est-ce qu’il dit?

MODÈLE: La soirée _____ à 7 h 30. (commencer) →
La soirée a commencé à 7 h 30.

Daniel et Louis des boissons. (acheter)
Nous des crêpes. (manger)
Barbara et Jacqueline des CD français. (apporter)
Tout le monde français. (parler)
Même Mme Martin . (danser)
Nous des photos de cette année. (regarder)
Denise un album de photos à Pierre. (donner)
Quelques étudiants . (pleurer)
What 2:35 in French