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Why is important for teachers to understand the development of sexuality and what factors are important to know

According to which theory is group work encouraged

Discuss the relationship between Brontenbrenners ecological theory and the factor that influence intelligence

In your PoE, you must also include a reflective piece that will consist of B1, B2 and B3. Ensure that your reflective piece follows the order provided below and please limit your responses to 2 lines each.

B1.1 Reflect on your own learnings in relation to the module outcomes.

B1.2 Reflect on how the assignments contributed to your learnings by linking them to the module outcomes.

B2.1 Please choose 2 activities that stood out for you the most (from the activities completed in section A) and explain why they stood out for you.

B3.1 Reflect on what you encountered as a hindrance to your learning.

B3.2 Reflect on how you attempted to minimise these hindrances.

“How can the concept of ubuntu be used to accommodate and teach multicultural disadvantaged learners in your classroom?”

The department of communication science at unisa is to give an adress on moodle intermittent connectivity which you experienced as a first year student at the institution briefly explain how you could use both verbal and non verbal communication in delivering that speech

Unethical leadership in South Africa has had the

following consequences:

What is the best way of ensuring that the mean of the sample that is drawn is close to the mean of the population

Sternberg proposed the triarchic theory of human intelligence. Which intelligence does he

consider to be the most important? Why do you say so?

Discuss the relationship between Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory and the factors that

influence intelligence

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