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For each scenario, identify the type of therapy or technique used, and state your rationale for your choice.

Diseree told her therapist, “I feel so inadequate and useless, and I can’t seem to cope with even the smallest things in my life. What should I do?” Her therapist answered, “You are feeling very helpless about things in your life, and sometimes you feel unable to cope. Can you think where these feelings come from?”
describe three reasons why you might want to measure "normal positive functioning". What is meant by normal positive functioning? Is there value to trying measure elusive states of happiness, contentment, or life goals?
give 3 alarming problems in obesity
The null hypothesis states that there is no relation between birth order and personality - the two variables are independent. With n = 100 and the following observed frequencies, determine the chi-square value (chi-square observed):
What are the principles of psychology?
Please answer all three parts of this question:

1. Which brain area is most important for producing the circadian rhythm?

2. What evidence indicates that this area produces the rhythm itself?

3. How does light reset the biological clock?
Explain the difference between "sensation" and "perception." Be sure to include a discussion of where or how these concepts overlap (if they do overlap) as well as where or how they do not overlap (if they do not overlap).
Amir is older than Nadeem by 4 years and Danish is younger than Saleem by 4 year. But Saleem's age is 1/4th of Amir. If Danish's Age is 8 years .
(a): How many time is Nadeem in age to saleems age?
(b): What is the age of Amir Nadeem Saleem And Danish?
Examine the direct link between biological race and violent criminal activity.
Victoria wanted her daughter, Kimmy, to stop having temper tantrums in the grocery store if she didn’t get the candy she wanted. She was already using a system at home to reinforce good behavior with a gold star on a chart. If Kimmy got 10 gold stars, the family would go out for ice cream. This system was working very well and Kimmy’s good behavior was improving. Victoria started to take a star away every time Kimmy had a temper tantrum in the grocery store. In the future, Kimmy would behave better in the grocery store because she didn’t want to lose a star.

7. Is this positive or negative punishment?
8. Is losing a star a primary or secondary punisher?
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