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Jody asked her father to teach her how to drive. her father had recently taken a class in behavior modification and reasoned that because driving was a novel behavior for Jody, she could be taught how to drive by a shaping procedure. what is the problem with this application of shaping?
Why is it Important to prevent problem behaviors?
Researchers try to use a truly representative sample of the population of people in whom they are interested—one of the main reasons for using random selection. Even so, the sample is usually selected from within a particular segment of the social world in which the researchers themselves live and work. For example, in the United States there are some fairly distinct differences between people from the northeast and people from the southeast, and the same can be true in many other countries. There are also differences between urban and rural areas. If a psychologist is conducting a study in a particular geographical area of a country, how might regional differences impact the study’s results? What measures could or should the psychologist take to minimize the impact?
Diane's symptoms of loss of appetite and insomnia illustrate the.......... symptoms other principal diagnosis, the symptoms of apathy and depressed mood illustrate the...... domain and the psychomotor retardation illustrates the.... domain of her principal diagnosis.
Multiple choice questions.
Des, 23 years old, university student who had never used dagga before, was given two joints by his roommate. Des smoked first of the two joints in the same manner that he usually smoked a cigarette (in about five minutes). Noting no major impact, Des immediately smoked the second joint in five minutes. Within a half an hour he felt on top of the world, however shortly thereafter, he began to experience increased heartbeat, anxiety, dryness in his mouth and the belief that his throat was closing up and that he was going to die.des became more panicked witch led him to rush to hospital, reassurance that he would not die from casualty team, had no effect on him.
Which of the following DSM-5 diagnoses would be considered by a psychiatrist in des'case?
1.non problematic use of cannabis
2.cannabis intoxication
3.cannabis use disorder, moderate
4.addiction to a stimulant.
Multiple choice questions.
Strokes damaging the left hemisphere of the brain typically affect ...........,as well as physical movement on the right half of the body, whereas strokes occurring within the right hemisphere can....... in addition to impairing motor movement on the left side of the body.
1.soeech and language proficiency,impair judgement and short-term memory
2.judgement and short-term memory, impair speech and language proficiency
3.ability to feel empathy, increase impulsivity
4.impulse control, decrease empathy
Multiple choice questions.
According to dsm-5 classification system, a neurocognitive disorder caused by a toxic which has a rapid onset and involves a disturbance in consciousness and changes in cognition such as memory impairment, disorientation and language and perceptual disturbances,as well as reduced ability to focus, sustain or shift attention together with disorganised patterns of thinking is diagnosed as..........
Major neurocognitive disorder due to substance /medication use
3.intellectual disability.,severe
Multiple choice questions.
According to the dopamine hypothesis,......... May result from excess dopamine activity at certain synaptic sites in the brain.
2.bipolar disorder
3.major cognitive disorder
4.disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
Multiple choice questions.
As a therapist, you would be one of the first lines of defence against a person committing a suicidal act. Sue ET al.(2016) states that in most cases there are clues or risk factors that may be key indicators of the planned act of suicide. In the process of assessing the risk for suicide, which would be an immediate action to take when the determined lethality is high?
2.provide a crisis number
3.preventive counselling
Multiple choice questions.
Which of the following characteristics of suicide is incorrect according to sue ET al.(2016)?
1.there is a strong underlying desire to die by the person who attempts /commits suicide.
2.suicidal intent is communicated directly or indirectly through verbal or behavioural cues
3.triggering events include intense interpersonal conflicts
4.there is a perceived inability to make progress towards goals or to solve problems.
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