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I need to advise a teacher/nursery teacher on how to support children in a 5 year age gap (of my choice) on developmental topics eg, theory of mind, memory development, reading development, moral development etc any advice

Which of the following symptoms are generally displayef by adolescents with anorexia nervosa?

1. Persistent behaviour that interferes with weight gain.

1. A pathological fear of gaining weight

3. A didtorted body image in which, even when clearly emaciated, suffers continue to insist they are overweight.

4. All of the above.

What is jung's collective unconscious and archetypes?

from the perspective of an advertising executive how you use the jung's concept of archetypes in designing your advertisements? which of the archetypes would you use?

can you think of ways in which freud's theories of unconscious motivations are commonly used in popular culture? how accurately do you think such popular uses of Freudian theories reflects freud's ideas?

Your cousin has come to tell the family that he has met the girl he wants to marry; she is a soloist at church and also a Sunday school teacher. Family investigations has shown her father is a notorious armed robber serving time in jail for murder and other crimes. Using the nature vs nurture debates, examine why your cousin should or should not marry this person.

Relationship is an important part of developing human. What sort of relationship in Early Adulthood can impact human life? Explain in terms of Sternberg’s Triangular Theory. Also provide with a resourceful explanation of choosing cohabitation and singlehood.

What is the significance of “Research” in different fields of Psychology?

Q 1. What is the significance of “Research” in different fields of Psychology? Elaborate your answer

Critical analysis of classical conditioning

3 definitions of health and illness

 Propaganda is the tool for exploitation the things give your own opinion , can you share the role of Media with updating examples of rise of media. 

A .How the direct and indirect messages affect human Behavior in Psychological aspect. 

B. analyzes how the people deliver the construct message and how it effect. 

C. Differentiate the role of media and how it affects the human Behavior.

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