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What is the weakest light that can be seen the lightest touch that can be felt?

A Alcohol abuse interferes with intellectual processes.

B Memory is impaired by alcohol abuse

A Anorexia is far more commonly diagnosed among boys than girls.

B Anorexia is not a life-threatening emotional disorder. 

A Adolescents who speak about or threaten to die by suicide will not actually

take this extreme step as they merely want to attract attention.

B The majority of adolescents who die by suicide have relatively long histories

of disturbed behaviour and psychiatric symptoms.

A The primary symptom of anorexia nervosa is a relentless pursuit of thinness

and the consequent loss of weight.

B Bulimia nervosa is a disorder more common among girls and young women

and is difficult to detect because normal body weight is maintained.

A The inclusivist approach is a view where all organised religion is seen as

neither right nor wrong.

B The pluralist approach is a view where all religious views are respected.

A Peers can contribute to considerable stress experienced by adolescents.

B During adolescence, social cognition becomes more abstract.

According to Bronfenbrenner's ecological model, family, school, church and

peer groups form part of the microsystem.

B According to Bronfenbrenner's chronosystem, the adolescent is surrounded

by cultural values, laws and ideologies.

A. Interpersonal intelligence is identified by Gardner as part of the multiple

intelligences theory.

B. Existential intelligence is displayed in daydreamers and learners who pay

little attention in class. 

A Compared to Piaget, Vygotsky places more emphasis on language and the

social environment in the intellectual development of children.

B According to Vygotsky, the zone of proximal development is an indication of

what the children have already mastered on their own.

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