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In a state like South Africa with a system of judicial review, where a specific constitution court is responsible for testing the validity of the acts(law) passed by the legislature, as well as whether a particular act does not contravene the provision of the constitution, it is called.................

1. Centralized judicial review
2. Decentralized judicial review
3. Centralized and decentralized judicial review
4. None of the above
(A) which one of the following is not a functional of a constitution?

1. It ought to place limitations on government actions
2. It ought to determine the foreign policy of the government
3. It can protect diversity within the framework of the law.
Are there certain forms of authoritarianism that seem more susceptible to democratisation than others? If so, what distinguishes them from other forms?
Are there certain forms of authoritarianism that seem more susceptible to democratisation than others? If so, what distinguishes them from other forms?
(A) which of the following States has a committee system of the executive?

1. France
2. United States of America
3. South Africa
4. Sweden
5. Switzerland
(A) The electoral system will determine who will vote and how votes will be counted. Therefore, it is possible that the ideal of representation may be distorted by the electoral system.

1. True
2. False

(B) indicate whether the following stipulation with regard to the amendment of a constitution is indicative of a flexible or a rigid constitution.

In order to amend the constitution at least 51 of the 100 members of the legislature should approve the amendment

1. Flexible
2. Rigid

(B) indicate whether the following statements is true or false.
A state with a high population growth rate but a low life expectancy rate will have a population with a low average age.

1. True
2. False
(A) which of the following states have the most powerful second chambers (Senates)?

1. Canada and united States of America
2. South Africa and United kingdom (Britain)
3. United States of America and Germany
4. Germany and Sweden
5. France and Sweden

(B) indicate which of the following statement is true or false
The state is also the embodiment of a set of deeply held principles that shape the lives of the population and their expectations.

1. True
2. False
Explain the strengths and weaknesses of single issue voting.

a. Pick at least one issue and discuss why a voter might prioritize this issue over all others

b. Analyze how this kind of single issue voting affects electoral outcomes

c. Analyze strengths and weaknesses of single issue voting and propose which issue(s) should always be weighted alongside the "single issue." Explain why.

Responses should offer critical analysis and explanation of the problem.
I only have 4 hours until this is due, please help

Several states have opted to legalize medical marijuana use, and recently, California has changed its law to allow recreational marijuana use, alongside states like Colorado.

a. Explain why this is a federalism issue and the stance of the U.S. Attorney General. How is this the same or different from previous federal responses and why is this significant for state rights?

b. Explain the perspective of states like CA and CO and the different groups within the state that support the law and why. What does this show about the electoral connection?
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