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What are the important features of Indian Constitution?
For purposes of this assignment, you are to run the simulation three separate times so that you can observe the outcomes through the lenses of the three broad policy preferences provided in the game. They are:

The “centrists”: strengthen national defense, invest in the future, rein in entitlements

The “conservatives”: rein in entitlements, shrink government, tax cutter

The “progressives”: reduce inequality, invest in the future, strengthen the social safety net

How did the policy choices differ among the three preferences?
How difficult was it to pursue your goals while also hitting the debt target?
Did the policy options have the impacts—either on your fiscal target or governing goals—that you expected?
Did some choices have bigger or smaller impacts on the debt than you had anticipated?
What do you think the political obstacles would be to enacting your plan?
What did you learn from doing this exercise?
Please answer the following questions:
1.) Compare and contrast the primary doctrines of the framers of the Constitution.
That is discuss and analysis Madisonian Democracy, Jeffersonian Democracy, and
Hamiltonian Democracy. If any, what are the similarities between these three ideas
of Democracy? What are the differences? How, if any, are each applied to the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
Question 15 : Given that "All Nigerian are saints. All saints are angels. Therefore all Nigerians are angels" Which of the following is not true?
The argument is unsound
the argumnet is not valid
Both the two premises and conclusion are false proposition
The argument is invalid but unsound

Question 16 : One of the aim of the the laws of thought is ______________
to reduce tautology when some logicians are speaking
to create a base for deductive argument
to set patterns for anyone who want to think and speak correctly
to enable us calculate well in logic and mathematics
Question 19 : If the conclusion of an argument seems to be proven simply because nobody has contradicted it means ______
the argument is powerful
it is the truth
the oratory influence
it appears to be ignorant
The Nigeria became a federal republic in
Can president change law of his country?
Is GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council considered a regulator? Can a company be regulated by GCC or any of its departments? I'm asking specifically for financial markets
Factors that motivate people to enter politics in a contemporary society