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List six (6) main attributes of traditional diplomacy and discuss each of them with salient examples.

Will it make a difference to you if you know that the local television station will cover the council meeting?

Which century did Athens join the public private partnership

Should all departments and commissions be interdependent with each other?

According to Robert Nozick’s theory of justice, liberal calls for justice as the redistribution of

resources attempts to create a forced equality. I this process, the idea of equality is turned into

a dogmatic application of distributive schemes.

Critically discuss this position by Nozick with reference to the issue of land-redistribution in

South Africa. Focus specifically on Nozick’s idea of justice as entitlement in formulating your



Which one of the following statements on the characteristics of the different variations of 

capitalism and socialism is correct?

1. Social capitalism and collective capitalism are similar in that both encourage strong relations 

between regional banks and locally owned businesses with manufacturing industries 

displaying the same level of commitment to the preservation of a collective social identity. 

2. State socialism and social capitalism are ideologically similar since both advocate for a 

state-centred approach to national economic development. 

3. Market socialism constituted a shift from a centrally planned economy that defined state 

socialism to embrace certain elements of the free market economy. 

4. The UK under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher was the epitome of the beneficial effect 

of social capitalism in practice.

5. Post-Second World War Germany is a classic example of the effectiveness of collective 


What is the name given to a type of a government which does not have a monarchy?

1. Republic.

2. Democracy.

3. Dictatorship.

4. None of the above.

5. All of the above.

In this type of monarchy, the monarch has powers granted to him/her by the country’s 

constitution. An example of this form of monarchy is in Sweden. Here, the monarch can only 

use powers granted in the country’s constitution.

Which type of monarchy is describe above?

1. Partial.

2. Absolute.

3. Constitutional.

4. None of the above.

5. All of the above

Fill in the missing words.

A is a statement that predicts the relationship between the variable and 

variable. A are as specific as possible.

1. Hypothesis, independent, dependent, hypothesis.

2. Hypothesis, dependent, dependent, hypothesis.

3. Hypothesis, independent, independent, hypothesis.

4. Hypothesis, dependent, independent, hy

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