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A. Indicate True or false The South African Reserve Bank is not accountable to the government of South Africa 1. True 2. False B. The nurturing process through which people learn their knowledge, feelings and evaluation about the political world is called............... 1. Political efficacy 2. Political ideology 3. Propaganda acquisition 4. Political orientation 5. Political socialisation C. A...........is an issue that involves a decision on the part of a collectivity to act, or not to act, in a particular manner 1. Political issue 2. Democratic issue 3. Private issue
True or false ? The terms international is used to describe activities between individuals and groups in one state and those in another state as well as intergovernmental relations
The following is not a key element of the state 1.ideology 2.permanent population 3.specific geographical areas 4.sovereignty
Which values are most prominent according to U.S citizens for the longevity of democracy in the United States?
A. Indicate true or false In South Africa, the police, magistrates' court and the parliament are all parts of the executive. 1. True 2. False B. Which of the following countries is not a monarchy? 1. Jordan 2. Sri Lanka 3. Brunei 4. United Arab Emirates B. Indicate true or false Some political ideologies only describe political behavior while others only ascribes political behavior. 1. True 2. False
A. Indicate true or false In most instances, the family is the most basic and initially the most important agent of political socialisation. 1. True 2. False B. What is the label for the ideology that stresses individual rights, small government, and minimal government intervention into the daily lives of its citizens? 1. Anarchism 2. Conservatism 3. Fascism 4. None of the above 5. None of the above
A..............is the notion that government's policy is made in a series of discrete and specialized cluster of government's departments and agencies, advocacy groups, politician, corporation and interested individuals 1. State capture 2. Dictatorship 3. Lobbying 4. Policy communities B. Empirical belief are concerned with the way things are while normative beliefs are not concerned with the way things should be. Indicate true or false 1. True 2. False
What are the following literary criteria’s of Charlie and the chocolate factory? ( believability, logical internal consistency, original and ingenious plot, and a universal truth.) What makes this text particularly useful or engaging for its targeted age group?
Assess at least two economic problems the United States faces today. In the assessment, explain the economic issues and what a conservative and modern liberal administration would most likely do to mitigate the problem.
the framers changed their mind about granting congress the power to “make war” (instead granting congress the power to “declare war”) for what reason?
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