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Trace the growth and evolution of political theory
distinguish between public law and private law
What is the relationship between liberal political ideology and the practices of colonial expropriation and slavery?

Compare and contrast: Locke, Coates, Honig
How has Rawls’s theory of justice (a) been developed by Rawls himself in terms of specific institutional arrangements, (b) been extended by Reeves and Carens and (c) criticized by Nozick?
What claims, if any, do outsiders (nonmembers) have on a political community?

Compare and contrast: Walzer, Carens, Honig
When we reason about rights and justice, should we seek to “rise above” our cultural contingencies (values, prejudices, social background and class position) to reach a more objective and universal position? Or is attempting to transcend our particularities a problem?

Compare and contrast: Burke, Rawls, Carens, and Walzer
How do each of the following theorists conceptualize the unjust and illegitimate state? (What are its key features and how, if it all, can it be overcome or transformed?)

Compare and contrast: Locke, Marx, Friedman, Coates, Brown
What is the relationship between an ideology’s conception of human nature and its vision of what a good political system looks like?

Compare and contrast: Locke’s liberalism, Burke’s conservatism and Marx’s socialism
What is the role of private property and its relationship to justice and a well-ordered political community?

Compare and contrast: Locke, Marx and Rawls