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Many students face the problems when they start studying the Statistics and Probability subject. Trying to understand a lot of different aspects they feel stressed and that doesn’t have a beneficial effect on their health. Students have a great deal of statistics and probability questions that they puzzle over every day. Our service will provide every client with the statistics and probability answers. We promise to do our best to help you solve your statistics and probability problems, just let us know your problem and you will get the best statistics and probability answers ever!

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An employee of selected from a staff of 10 to supervise a certain project by selecting a tag at random from a box containing 10 tags numbered from 1to 10. Find the formula for the probability distribution of X representing the number on the tag that is drawn. What us the probability that the distribution is less than 4
2.119) A producer of a certain type of electronic component ships to suppliers inlots of twenty. Suppose that 60% of all such lots contain no defective components,30% contain one defective component, and 10% contain two defective components.A lot is picked, two components from the lot are randomly selected and tested.

a) If both are non-defective, what is the conditional probability that one defec-tive component exist in the lot?
b) If exactly one of the two components is defective, what is the conditionalprobability that two defective components exist in the lot?
For married couples living in a certain suburb, the probability that thehusband will vote on a bond referendum is 0:24, the probability that the wife willvote on the referendum is 0:16, and the probability that both the husband and thewife will vote is 0:12. What is the probability that
a) a randomly selected married couple willnotvote?
b) a wife will vote, given that her husband will vote?
c) a husband will vote, given that his wife willnotvote?
Suppose you just received a shipment of twelve televisions. Three of the televisions are defective. If two televisions are randomly​ selected, compute the probability that both televisions work. What is the probability at least one of the two televisions does not​ work?
Determine and interpret Pearson’s correlation coefficient.
Q7.The grades in a statistics course for a particular semester were as follows

Grade A B C D F
f 14 18 32 20 16

significance, that the distribution of grades is uniform.
Q5. A machine is set to fill cereal boxes with a mean weight of 500 grams of cereal per box. The standard deviation is known to be 25 grams. A random sample of 100 filled boxes is taken and the mean weight of cereal per box is computed as 504 grams. Is there reason to
believe that machine is over filling the boxes use a = 0.05
Q.The burning time of an experimental rocket is a random variable having the normal distribution with p = 4.76 second and a = 0.04 second. What is the probability that this kind
of rocket will bum.

i. Less than 4.66 seconds
II. More than 4.80 seconds
III. More Than From 4.70 to 4.82 seconds.
To obtain Grade A, Ben must achieve an average of at least 70 in five tests. if his average mark the first four test is 68, what is the lowest he can get in his fifth test and still obtain Grade A?
In order to determine a relationship between an employee’s age and absenteeism following
random data was selected and presented as following.

Age in years(x) 42 27 36 25 22 39
No. of days absent / years 5 10 8 12 13 7


a) Compute the line of regression
b) Calculate coefficient of correlation (r)
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