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Why are miRNA binding sites located in the 3' UTR and not in the 5' UTR? What would happen if we move it from 3' UTR to 5' UTR ?
production of urea results from the metabolism of
a) nucleic acid
b) fats
d) amino acids
What type of root system found in Ficus. Religiosa plant Adventitious root of tap root ?????
Do vocal cords are present in all vertebrates. If not, why.
Relate your lungs with ventilators
Urea and uric acid don't reabsorbed by the nephron. Justify
A student is investigating the affect of different salts on melting points. Four patches of ice of equal size are roped off and a different type of salt is poured on each, one receives table salt (NaCl), one receives Calcium Chloride (CaCl2), one receives Potassium Carbonate (KCO3) and the fourth receives inert sand instead. Each patch receives an equal amount of salt or sand. The student measures the volume of ice remaining and subtracts it from the original volume of ice to see how much melted away. What is a control variable in this experiment?
In rabbits short hair S is dominant over long hair s. In the cross Ss x Ss what is the probability of three offspring all having long hair
I have 9 biology labs due for my 9th grade biology class all different types. I am an online student. How much to do the work for these nine labs.
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