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With reference to the condition in the Urochordata it would seem that the primitive function of pharyngeal gill slits among the chordates was most likely their use in _______________________________________________________
Among the several families of feather-duster polychaete worms, one difference is in the type of materials which they use in _____________________ ?
Imagine an isolated population in which each adult female has a distinct mitochondrial genome. In each generation, every adult female has two children (with a 50% chance of being male or female). After each generation, we will assume that all the adults die out, and all the children become adults.

After seven generations, what is the expected percentage of mitochondria from the original population of females that will still exist in the population’s children? Express your answer as a decimal between 0 and 1, rounded to three decimal places.

Note: after one generation, there will be 100% of the mitochondria from the original population present in the population’s children since male children receive the mitochondria from their mothers (but do not pass them on to their own children.)
What happens if there was a drop in the number of secondary consumers in a food chain, what link/s would be affected and how?
In cyclostomes, how are T3 and T4 stored?

A., Extracellulary
B. Intracellulary
C. Both
D. None
There are slight differences in the base pair sequences between the alleles of maternal and paternal genes that code for the same protein. These cause corresponding slight differences in the amino acid sequences of the resulting protein. Are these slight differences significant enough that the gene must have a mechanism to select whether the mRNA comes from the maternal or the paternal allele when the cell is synthesizing a specific protein? Limit this question to non-sex cells during the interphase stage when the cell is not dividing and is performing its usual function.
list of important objective questions from the phyllums=

please tell important objective questions from these phyllums?
Why is the highest percentage of co2 transportes by RBCs as compared to plasma
what important role enzymes play while breaking bonds?
Some fishes are dweller as they both live in water as well as on land