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In a random mating population of 20000, 16800 individuals are the dominant then how many individuals will be homozygous?
Discuss the types of mediated permeability.
How is the Concentration of products kept at a desirable range?
Romeo is taking scuba diving classes, and is confused as to why he should not hold his breath under water while breathing from the air tank. What would you tell him?
Is Calcium a Major trace element or Minor in protoplasm in biomolecules
It we use upper epidermis, rather than the lower epidermis, what will be the conclusion and why?
why is the american chestnut susceptible to fungus while the Asian chestnut is not and how are scientist using this fact to help them create a solution to the problem?
Which is the
1. Smallest living cell
2. Smallest bacteria
3. Largest bacteria
4. Longest bacteria
5. First discovered bacteria ?
Genetic counseling is useful in predicting the probability of a child being born with a Mendelian inherited trait. Sickle cell anemia is caused by a recessive allele. A couple would like to know the chances of their child having sickle cell anemia. Parent #2 has the disease; parent #1 does not. Based on phenotype, parent #2 would have the genotype, ss. Parent #1 could be genotype, SS or Ss. Punnett Squares have been set up for crosses using both possible genotypes of parent #1. Should the couple be concerned that their child may have sickle cell disease? Why or why not?
Discuss the role of two tumor suppressor genes and their role in the cell cycle and cancer
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