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Hi I want to know if you can answer these three questions

1. In which part(s) of cellular respiration is CO2 produced?

2. Which carb(s) was yeast able to use for cellular respiration

3. What equation describes the formation of carbonic acid?
The figure below depicts the relationship between fitness and phenotype (“character”), and how this relationship changes from Time 1 to Time 3 as the environment changes. “X” represents that average value of the character in a population. Selection is acting on this population in Time 1, moving the value of X towards maximum fitness. a) assuming at this point that selection is the only force acting on the population, explain why X gets “stuck” towards the left of the graph (a low value of the character) even as, by Time 3, a high value for the character confers the highest fitness . b) if other forces could act on this population, which one(s) could drive the population mean for the character to the right (to the global optimum)?
While water in her garden plants,she noticed that water droplets get accumulated on the surface of some plants and she wonders , why this is not seen in all plants ???
During fertilization sperm releases the enzymes hyaluronidase which dissolve the protective of ovum and helps the sperm penetrate easily.Apply the suitable mechanism for the process with the desired cell organelles.
During biological practicals,he noticed that
Sample A divides only once and give 2 daughter cells
Sample B cell divides twice and give 4 daughter cells
Identify the phenomenal and write any one distinguish feature
Which of the following most likely represents the specific gravity of granite?

You engineer a number of genetic mutations in E.coli's DNA and want to determine whether there is any change in size or relative abundance of the trytophanase operon mRNA produced by mutant strains. To do so, you will purify total mRNA from unmutated and mutated E.coli strains, run and separate the mRNAs on an agarose gel, and then perform a ___________ with a labelled nucleic acid probe to specifically visualize the tryptophanase mRNA.
you sequence the DNA of the tryptophanase operon promoter and obtain the DNA sequence shown below. Underline and name the two critical regions needed for binding the sigma 70 factor -40 AGAATAGACAAAAACTCTGAGTGTAATAATGCCTCGTAGATCG +6
What is mediated permeability? Discuss the types of mediated permeability.