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What featuring justifies the placing of prawns and grasshoppers in the same phylum
what happens in the Krebs Cycle
What are the similarities between rho dependent and rho independent terminations in prokaryotes?
Endometriosis is a condition where the cells that line the uterus can move to other parts of the body. The cells react in the normal way to hormones controlling menstruation. This can cause fatigue and pain. Explain what happens to the cells that have moved and how doctors could treat the condition using sex hormones?
This could fall under Molecular biology too.

Why does increase in age of the mother increases the chance of having an offspring with Down Syndrome?

I want to know the molecular basis of this observation.
How do I define haploid and monoploid?
Name the type of root modification found in Cuscuta. What is its function?
According to An Introduction to Genetic Analysis,
Genetic code is the set of correspondences between nucleotide pair triplets in DNA and amino acids in protein.
Can you explain what it correspondence in this regard?
I don't understand why nucleotide pair triplet and not simply nucleotide pair? Is it mostly because DNA is ds?
Is Type I Topoisomerase any way involved in bacterial DNA replication?