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2. A Northern Ontario Geneticist is mapping genes in Procyon lotor, also known as the common raccoon. She takes raccoon females heterozygous for each of three autosomal recessive mutations (red fur [a], no rings around eyes [b], and absence of striped tail [c]), and testcrosses them to males showing all three mutant phenotypes producing 1000 progeny of the following phenotype:
red hair, no ring, no stripe 432
WT 429
red hair, no ring 37
red hair, no stripe 35
no ring 34
no stripe33
Show the arrangement/order of alleles in the heterozygous trihybrid female parent
Draw the genetic map that explains the obtained data
Show whether or not Interference is occurring
Distinguish between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.
Zaphod, a space alien from a planet near the star Betelgeuse, meets and marries a phenotypically normal Earth woman, Jane. Interestingly, Zaphod himself has a father from his home planet and a human mother. Aliens from the Betelgeus region like Zaphod have pointed noses (specified by allele Q), purple ears (specified by B), and extra long arms (specified by S). All three alleles are dominant to corresponding wild type Earth alleles. The three gene loci are located on autosomes. The three genes are known to have the linkage arrangement where gene B is in the middle of Q and S with the Q-B distance equal to 15 mu and the B-S distance equal to 20 mu. If Zaphod and Jane have children, and there is no genetic interference, what proportion will have:
A] Alien phenotypes for nose, ears and arms
B] Earth phenotypes for nose, ears and arm
C] Alien nose and arms but Earth ears
D] Alien nose, but Earth arms and ears
Fred has Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) along with Norrie’s syndrome, an X-linked recessive disorder which causes cataracts. Fred’s mother and his father both do not have Norrie’s syndrome. Fred’s mother’s father does have Norrie’s Syndrome. Assuming Fred’s Kleinfelter Syndrome arose from nondisjunction in meiosis, then identify the parent and specific meiotic division where the disjunction error most likely occurred. Explain your answer using a pedigree and diagram to show the nondisjunction
Name the three layers of cell wall and give their functions?
In peas, Tall (T) is dominant over dwarf (t), Yellow is dominant over green (y), and
Smooth (S) is dominant over wrinkled (s). What fraction of the offspring in the
following cross would be homozygous recessive for all gene pairs in the cross:
YyTtss x YyttSs?
4. An agricultural geneticist who uses
Nepenthes distillatoria (the carnivorous pitcher plant) as
a model plant makes the following cross. She proceeds to take a wild type pure-breeding
female pitcher plant trisomic for chromosome 2 and crosses it to a normal diploid male pitcher
plant that is homozygous for a recessive mutation (v) that makes it hungry all the time (the
super hungry mutant). A trisomic F1 plant is then back-crossed to the super-hungry male
parent. From this cross:
A] What is the ratio of normal pitcher plants to those that are super hungry when you assume
that v is located on chromosome 2?
B] What is the ratio of normal pitcher plants to those that are super hungry when you assume
that v is not located on chromosome 2?
Describe the qualitative and quantitative characters used for the study of a
Whai is total biomass in an autotroph in ecosystem called?
the observation that identical genotypes express similar phenotypes in different envirnoments ins an indication that
a. environment components have a large effect on the expression of the phenotype
b. this phenotype is not multifactorial
c. the genotype is for a single gene
d. the environment is equally important to the phenotype as the genotype
e. the phenotype is multifactorial but the genotype strongly influences the phenotype
select and support the most appropriate response and explain why each of the incorrect statements is eliminated