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The human body is we resilience to handle some pain. Like a punch or kick. I'm not sure are we considered durability if so how? In movies durability is for fictional characters to survive fates that most people cant in the real world. So we have resilience not durability
Which of these animals have the power to break off their tail (a)toad(b)frog(c) salamanders (d)geckos
What is a source of genetic variation that involves the swapping of sections of chromosomes during meiosis?
what causes the differences between DNA and RNA structure?
Is oxidative phosphorylation is the only processes of ATP synthesis?
b. Elucidate two physical properties that will enable you to isolate TOL plasmid from the chromosomal DNA of the bacteria
name the portion of the blastula that’s initially penetrates the stratum functionlis(be specific)
What happened in STAGE 1: GLYCOLYSIS STAGE 2: Krebs' Cycle or citric acid STAGE 3: Acetyl-CoA STAGE 4: Electron transport and chemiosmosis (Cellular Respiration)
How do human activities impact species, communities, and ecosystem function across spatial and temporal scales?
Discuss the danger that antibiotic resistance poses in today’s society, consider how man has contributed to this and suggest any strategies that you think may be able to halt it or prevent its expansion
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