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Could a person's offspring have mutated skin as a result of a mutation in a person's skin cell?
Is a spongy bone light and weak
I have a question regarding non-disjunction that I'm struggling with. The question is "Normally a make of genotype produce sperms with genotype(s) A or a. Occasionally non-disjunction happens during meiosis 1 and consequently results in sperm with genotypes of (pick all that apply):
1) AA
2) Aa
3) aa

Similarly, if this non-disjunction error occurred in meiosis 2, what genotypes would the sperm have?
Using the Codon table and the following DNA strand below, what is the prediction of the correct sequence of Amino Acids that would be produced? The Codon table I am suppose to use has the word "start" beside of the AUG listing.

5' T C A A A A G C T G C A 3'
In Ulothrix, reduction division takes place at the time of
germination of zygote
formation of spores
formation of gametes
formation of zoospores
I need to do qRT-PCR on aleurone of wheat and I would like to know what are the housekeeping genes I could use as my reference genes. Is there any source where I can just look up housekeeping genes?
What cell organelles would you expect to occur in large numbers in a cell with the following function?

Function: An animal cell (human liver cell) that is involved in detoxifying alcohol.
May I know the recommended dilution factors for the strain Acetobacter nitrogenifigens sp. if i am presented with approx. 10^9 CFU/ml? If I am designing an experiment to test if the pH level is suitable for human intestinal flora, what would be the negative control to inhibit the growth of Acetobacter if I have to keep the temperature and conditions the same? Please help and thank you!
1.Whether photorespiration would be present at low co2 concentration on ___c3cycle or __c4 cycle.
2.whether photorespiration would be present at high co2 concentrations in ___c3cycle or ___c4 cycle.
Option=high /negligible/sometimes.
3.temperature optimum in ___c3 cycle or ___c4 cycle.
Option=30-40/20-25/above 40
What is the structure and function of features of transcription factor domains such as DND binding domains, dimerization domains,transcription activation domains,transcription repressor domains,etc?