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Occasionally homologous chromosomes fail to separate during meiosis 1. Using a hypothetical example of an adult organism that has two pairs of chromosomes, describe the chromosomal makeup of the eggs that would result from this error in meiosis.
Plant Growth Substances stimulate root growth from a cut stem. Describe an investigation to find the best concentration of plant growth substance to simulate root growth. You should include experimental details in your answer and write in full sentences. (6 Marks) *I am struggling with this question - please help!* Urgent
Explain why each parent has two of each chromosome. How do the chromosomes compare?
Compare the oxygen dissociation curves of haemoglobin and myoglobin.
Compare the tubes with 72 ml gluccose/100 MLS water. How many times greater was the growth of the yeast when the air was present?
Describe the appearance of the nutrients broth. Is it uniformly cloudy or turbid compare an unioculated broth tube with your broth culture Discard the plates properly
Describe properties of phytochrome and various biological responses controlled by it.
What about coronaviruses that make them particularly “prone” to spread between species

Why do we suffer repeatedly from influenza. Why does active immune response fail to protect us from influenza?

1.Outline the factors that affect the growth of organisms in a habitat. 2. Define the term mutation and outline its causes
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