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  1. Using a Venn diagram, compare (similarities) and contrast (differences) the reproduction and development of Procambarus virginalis (Marbled crayfish) and Chanos chanos (Milk fish).
  2. Employing a conceptual diagram, trace at what parts and or stages of the female reproduction wherein menstruation and miscarriage are comparable and contrasting.

Angela’s physician suspects that Angela has just suffered a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. She tells Angela that she is going to take a blood sample so that the hospital lab can perform a test to confirm her diagnosis. What information can Angela’s blood yield to help the physician?

mammals have important roles in the food webs of practically every ecosystem

Discuss the events that led to the development of the Out of Africa Hypothesis

  1. Explain why metagenomics is probably the most revolutionary application of genomics. What application of genomics would best serve your community and why?
  2. Research Bioremediation as an application of metagenomics, and comment on how this mechanism can be utilized as an environmental management intervention within your community. Here are some videos to get you started:

How does a high temperature affect photosynthesis? With regards to PSII, the reduction of NADP and Rubisco?

What are some factors which can affect the results of fecalysis?

describe the relation of heart beating in human circulatory system and pascals principle?

Cell is......unit of living organism

How does replica plating demonstrate that muta- tions to antibiotic resistance can arise even in cells that have never been exposed to the antibiotic?

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