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name the part of the involved in regulating body temperature
explain how two examples of physical mutagens exhurt thier mutagenic effects
If solution A has 10,000 times as many H+ ions as solution B, what is the difference in pH units between the two solutions? Explain.
How many quanta of light are required for production of 4mmolecules of NADPH.H+
Some coat colour in cats are sex-linked and are associated with X-chromosome.Blck coat colour is codominant to ginger.Tortoiseshell coat colour is phenotypic expression to heterozygous condition.
A female ginger mates with an unknown male and whose daughter mates with a different unknown male to produce black coated female kitten and two male kitten, one with all black fur and other with all ginger fur

Explain the genetics associated with the generation of cats given by using Punnett square
Cells are the basic units of living things, which means that they must show all characteristics of life. Which of the following is not one of the characteristics that all living things to share?
Why liver is called as metabolic factory?
why plant cell does not burst even if placed constantly in hypotonic solution? reason
Please draw in a full 8x10 piece of paper, a comprehensive phylogeny of extant protochordates and vertebrates, starting with the protostomes as the root group. This phylogeny should include two synapomorphies of each group, as well as the main evolutionary changes in the time axis. These should include all the chordate characteristics, plus dorso-ventral inversion, appearance of paired appendages, appearance of jaws, neural crest cells, vertebral column, cranium, etc, as well as the extant anamniotes and amniotes (14 pts). This question merges 3 individual questions from those 3 lectures. Please use this type of phylogenetic representation with as many branches as needed.
Describe the molecular organisation of cell membranes
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