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how is recombinant dna is applied in the areas of industry,medicine and agriculture

What anatomical features help the testicles maintain this temperature?

how extension occur in cell wall and what are the two forms of cell wall?

 (4) Almost every lecture in this course focused on a different animal behaviour. Choose your favourite and tell me about the adaptive basis of this behaviour. In particular

Favourite behaviour: Gazelle stotting 


1. Name a benefit (B) of this behaviour. What is a cost (C) of this behaviour? 

2. Choosing one personality category, how would this behaviour vary among individuals? 

3. Describe two ways human induced, rapid ecological change can impact this behaviour. 

4. How can this behaviour be used as an early-warning indicator of population threat?     

5. How can knowledge about this behaviour be used to facilitate the successful colonisation of restored or recovering habitat? 

Although the five immunoglobulin isotypes share many common structural features, the differences in their structures affect their biological activities.

i. Draw a schematic diagram of a typical IgG molecule and label each of the following parts: Hchains, L chains, intra chain disulfide bonds, hinge, Fab ,Fc, and all the domains. Indicate which domains are involved in antigen binding.

ii. How would you have to modify the diagram of IgG to depict an IgA molecule isolated from saliva?

iii. How would you have to modify the diagram of IgG to depict serum IgM?

How would you have to modify the diagram of IgG to depict an IgA molecule isolated from saliva?

As a result of working out, you are able to jump higher and run faster. In biology, this is an example of

If T is the enzyme required to convert citrate to isocitrate, and "II" is the enzyme required to convert malate to B. then I and II are respectively,

1) In stool culture, the following media are used for direct/primary plating:

Salmonella Shigella Agar (SSA) and MacConkey Agar (Mac). With regards to the

two culture media, give the following:

a. media classification (i.e. general, differential, selective) of the 2 culture media

b. sugar/s incorporated in the media

c. colonial appearance of probable enteropathogens

2) With reference to urine culture give the following:

a. method of streaking the primary plates and the reason for such method

b. significance of the different colony count in urine culture

Scientific evidence that the green algae is closely related to vascular plants

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