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A drug company is testing a drug intended to increase heart rate. A sample of 100 yielded a mean increase of 1.4 beats per minute, with a population standard deviation known to be 3.6. Since the company wants to avoid marketing an ineffective drug, it proposes a 0.001 significance level.

Obesity is a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. Mr M was recommended to have an Oral glucose tolerance test

Q4. Briefly describe how this test can be used to check whether Mr M is in the

early stages of the disease. Your answer should include the underlying biochemical

principles behind the test.

explain the responses of plants against history

Mark has blue skin who married Jenny who has pink skin. Mark and Jenny want  to know what are the chances that their kids would have blue skin. Mark is  homozygous dominant and Jenny is homozygous recessive. Determine the  chances their children will have blue skin

The product when 1,3-biphosphoglycerate is reduced by NADPH

The food that we eat in the form of rice, corn flake and bread are products of photosynthesis. Justify

why dead organism does not grow

Discuss the industrial applications of enzymes (25 marks)

Describe the following factors that affect enzyme action:

a)competitive inhibitors(10 marks)

b)non competitive inhibitors(10 marks)

c)pH(5 marks)

describe the fluid mosaic membrane structure( 15 marks)

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