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The sixth kingdom classsification of living things shows that they are
Which of the following differentiates eubacteria from archaebacteria?
Design the most efficient compost pile; one that can take organic waste material and quickly break it down into a form of mulch.Compost pile of:Green materials (fresh grass clippings, fresh leaves). Brown materials (dried grass, twigs, hay, dried leaves).Water/Aeration
The efficiency of a compost pile is measured by how quick organic matter is decomposed and efficiency is dictated by the proper combination of the components listed above but you do not know where to begin! You have a compost simulator that will allow you test a variety of compost designs before you have to construct your actual compost pile. Use the Scientific Method to determine the best design for the most efficient compost pile. Parameters can be varied (using the slider bar) in our simulator are:Brown to Green Balance: 100% Green material, 100% Brown material or a combination of both. Water Concentration: 0 to 100%water. Number of turns per Month: 0 to 8 turns per month (the greater the number of turns the greater the aeration)
The sub-phylum veterbrata is made up of how many class?
In certain cats, tail can be long, manx (no tail), or in the case of the heterozygous condition, short. What is the probability that many offspring are produced if a short tailed cat is bred with a manx cat?v
Which is a function of the spinal cord?

Differentiate fluorescence microscopy and phase contrast microscopy...?
You order a PCR primer from Eurofins Genomics. They deliver a tube with 35 nmoles of DNA
in it. How much TE buffer do you need to turn it into a 100 µM freezer stock? Which pipettor
should you use? To what should it be set?
An individual has the following genotype: AABbDdeeFfGghh. How many unique gametes can
they form?
Recombinase is a protein that finds adjacent pieces of DNA that have nearly identical DNA sequences, facilitates a backbone break in each piece of DNA near the identical sequence, physically rearranges the pieces of DNA, and then facilitates backbone repair. How does recombinase know when it’s found the right combination of DNA?
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