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1. State two common characterstics found in the following animals a dog, a squirrel, a human being and an elephant. Also name the classes to which the four belong

2. Answer in one or two words or in a sentence.
(i) Which organelles possess DNA? (ii) What is the function of WBC in the body? (iii) What is the function of the organelle that animal cells have but plant cells do not? (iv) Name the unit of muscle fibre

3. What is meant by (i) Biopiracy and (ii) Biopatent

4. (i) Compare the sections of root of a maize plant with that of grain plant with respet to vascular bundles. (ii) Which of the above is a monocot and which is a dicot? (iii) State the importance of vascular bundles in a plant
5. Define homeostasis and explain how. Homeostasis is maintained in the body with the help of an example
Why is oil added to the layer of water during the test for transpiration?
Translation begins at a nucleotide sequence called?
A. the start codon
C. Initiation complex
D. Okazaki
What are errors in DNA called?
Why is it necessary to convert the oxygen consumed by the rats during the experiment (the mL O2 column in your data table) to a rate of oxygen consumed per kilogram per hour? In other words, why can’t you use the data in the mL O2 column to answer the questions?
why are all enzymes are protein molecules?
The following data about a protein sequence was collected. You know that the peptide is 37
amino acids long.
1) cleavage with CNBr (using the single letter amino acid code):
M1: I-P-G-W-V-M M2: S-K-K-G-G-N-I-P-M
M3: D-F-P-T-G-K-E-S-G-D-F-L
2) Cleavage with trypsin:
T1: S-K T2: E-S-G-D-F-L-A-I-D-L-G
T3: G-G-N-I-P-M-I-P-G-W-V-M-D
3) cleavage with chymotrypsin:
C1: L-A-I-D-L-G-G-T-N-L-R C2: S-K-K-G-G-N-I-P-M-I-P-G-W
C3: V-M-D-F-P-T-G-K-E-S-G-D-F
4) cleavage with Endopeptidase Asp-N (“Endo Asp”):
EA1: D-F-P-T-G-K-E-S-G EA2: S-K-K-G-G-N-I-P-M-I-P
EA3: D-F-L-A-I- EA4: D-L-G-G-T-N-L-R
How was this data generated? You can show this in a flow chart.
as cells divide in the growth phase of the organism it is necessary for each cell to receive a copy of the genetic information. this process is called DNA replication. develop an analogy of this process that is as complete as you make it. in your analogy you should include counterparts to the template strand the newly made strand the parts needed to construct the new strand and the enzyme DNA polymerase that oversees the replication.
how does NADPH present in chloroplast converted into ATP? does chloroplast membrane has ETS same like mitochondria which convert FADH and NAPDH etc into ATP? or its just ATP synthase which can convert NADPH directly into ATP? {RESPIRATION IN PLANTS}
1. FARAON CLAY A MONGGO 1.25 1.25 1.25
2. SAND A MONGGO 1. 30 1.40 1.50
3. SAND FARAON A MONGGO 1.60 1.70 1.80

1. What is the problem?
2. Please gather me an information
3. Make a hypothesis
4. Experimentation
5. Analyze the data collected
6. Conclusion