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What is surrogate species? I was reading this book (pg-16 of link below) and the definition mentioned seem to mean that a surrogate species has the properties of an indicator species, keystone species and an umbrella species! It is a bit strange. Can you explain?

Why is Tiger for e.g Royal bengal tiger considered an umbrella species? How can its conservation inturn protect other species?
When it comes to conservation of endangered animals is there a preference of in situ conservation over ex situ or vice versa? If so why?

I think both have their own benefits like in ex situ conservation supervision of animals is comparatively easy. I can't think of any benefits of in situ though. But I would like to know what is preferred in practice.

Thank you.
Organic compounds are distinguished by molecules that contain ______ bonded to other elements
What are biodiversity indices? What are the broad categories of biodiversity indices and what falls under them?

Paul, a recidivist criminal, is suspected of stealing a large amount of jewelry from the millionaire Claude Dumont. Paul insists that he never set foot in the millionaire. During the flight, the burglar left several clues and traces of his passage. He left hair and a piece of cigarette. Paul agrees to provide DNA samples to the police.
Explains the techniques used to be able to compare Paul's DNA to the DNA found at the scene of the crime, from his hair or cigarette. You will have to include in your work three sources of information that you used to write your work. You can also include diagrams. We will leave it to the police to decide whether Paul is guilty or not.
Point diversity is biodiversity in a microhabitat or a sample taken from a homogeneous habitat.

What is meant by homogeneous habitat?
6. Many threatened species are K-based organisms. Gives two reasons why these species may be more fragile than others. Explain your reasons.

7. Give examples of technological innovations that have allowed humans to increase K, the limiting capacity of the environment.
During the G1 phase of interphase, enzymes and proteins needed for mitosis are synthesized. true or false?
Integral membrane proteins often act as tunnels for polar molecules to move across the cell membrane.