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24 meters long, 8 meters high and 60 cm 24 cm to make wide wall Long, 12 cm Wide, and 8 cm How many bricks will it take, while 10% of the total volume of the wall is made of a mixture of cement and sand?
The following table gives for a sample of married women, the level of education and marriage adjustment score:
Marriage adjustment
Level of low high very high
Middle school 25 5 10
High school 50 30 40
College 120 60 60
Can we conclude from the above, the higher the level of education, the greater is the degree of adjustment in marriage?
A sample of size 3 is to be selected from a population of 10 households. List all possible samples by linear systematic sampling.
From the list of 500 names and addresses, 100 names are selected without replacement and 25 wrong addresses were found. Identify the population and estimate the total no. of addresses needing correction in the list. Also estimate the standard error of the estimate.
Based on the information provided in the graph, for which of the following situations could you expect to have the greatest increase in salary?
find the asymptotes of curve
sin inverse( xsquare /y) is a homogeneous function of x and y.True or false?
Find the principal invested if the simple interest earned in 5 years by an investment at 5% per annum is $100
Q1.A particle is positioned at the origin of a set of axes. Two forces act on it. The first has magnitude 5 N and acts in the direction of the negative x-axis. The second has magnitude 12 N and acts in the direction of the positive y-axis. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant force.

Q2 If a = 5i - 2j and b = -2i + 2j, find unit vectors of vectors a, b and a - b.

Q3 If u = 3i + 2j and v = -5i + 4j,
(a) Express i and j in terms of u and v.
(b) Suppose i + 8j = au + bv, find the values of a and b

Q4If a = 3i - 2j and b = 2i - 3j, find

(i) │a│; (ii) b ; (iii) │b - a│; (iv) │a - b│.
Intregation of (x^2/(x^4-1))dx
So in solution
2nd line (x^2/((x^2-1) (x^2+1)))dx
3rd line ((1/2)÷(x^2-1)+(1/2)÷(x^2+1))dx
I didnot understand The 3rd line please explain and what is the formula?
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