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Is the word problem a chef needed 32 plates away in the kitchen. She broke 4 of the plates. How many plates does she have left? A conclusion of 32%4=8?
prove that ((x+y+z)/3)^(x+y+x) <=x^x.y^y.z^z<=((x²+y²+z²)/(x+y+z))^(x+y+z) where x,y,z bleongs to N
For any two subsets A and B of a set U , we define their symmetric difference to be A ∆ B = (A \ B) ∪ (B \ A) i) Check whether ∆ distributes over ∩ . ii) Show that A ∆(fi)=A. iii) Prove that A∆B= (A∩ B' ) U (A' ∩B)
Let A, B and C be subsets of a set. Prove that , A ∩ B ⊆ C iff A ⊆ B' U C
Use the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality to solve x³-25x²- 4x+ 100= 0 if we know that all its roots are rational.
2. ten person were appointed in a clerical position in an office. Their performance was noted by giving a test and marks recorded out of 50. They were given 6 months training and and again they were given a test marks were recorded out of 50. Employees A B C D E F G H I J Before training 25 20 35 15 42 28 26 44 35 48 After training 26 20 34 13 43 40 29 41 36 46 Apply the t.test can you conclude that the employees benefitted by the are given ᾳ 5 %.
The set of all the points (x, y,z) satisfying the equation x−z = z−y represents a line.
Sam purchased 500 company shares at $3.20 per share. Brokerage fees were 1.5% of the purchase price. Sam is paid a dividend of 26 cents per share, then immediately sells the shares for $4.80 each. If he pays no further brokerage fees, what is Sam’s total profit?
Use the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality to solve x³-25x²-4x+100=0, if we know that all its roots are rational.
Find the orthogonal canonical reduction of the quadratic form -x²+y²+z²+xy+xz-6yz . Also, find its principal axes.
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