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You are driving on a country road when the road curves gently to the right. You are able to drive 40km/h around the curve. Which statement is correct? Defend your choice and explain why the others are incorrect. a) You are driving at a velocity of 40 km/h. b) Your speed is constantly changing as you go around the curve. c) Your velocity is constantly changing as you go around the curve.
Hat would the total bill be of a lunch at the cost of 7.99 with a tax rate of 7%
Recall that ν(n) is the divisor function and it gives the number of positive divisors of n. After knowing this, prove that ν(n) is a prime number if and only if n = p^q−1, where p and q are prime numbers.
Suppose that a random variable has the normal distribution N(6, 4). Find the expectation of X^2, E(X^2).
Toss two fair coins and let X equal the number of heads observed .Find the probability distribution for X.
Let A and B be two events. Suppose that the probability that neither event occurs is3/8. What is the probability that at least one of the events occurs?
Voici quelques masses d’objets exprimés dans plusieurs unités différentes (se reporter à l’activité 1 pour retriever les significations des différents préfixes) Un petit grain de sable : 3 microgrammes Un vache : 0,7 mégagrammes Une bactérie Escherichia coli : 0,0007 nanogrammes La grande pyramids de Gizeh : 6000 gigagrammes Un poids masculin en athlétisme : 726 décagrmes Un moustique : 20 centigrammes 1. Exprimer en crammed chacune des masses, en donnant le résultat en notation scientifique. 2. Combien de vaches sont nécessaires pour obtenir la même masse que la pyramide de Gizeh ? Écrire le résultat en notation scientifique
Suppose that one box contains 60 long bolts and 40 short bolts ,and that the other box contains 10 long bolts and 20 short bolts. Suppose also that one box is selected at random and a bolt is then selected at random from that box. Find the probability that this bolt is long.
A boy goes to his school either by bus or on foot.If one day he goes to the school by bus,then the probability that he goes by bus the next day is 7/10.If one day he walks to school,then the probability that he goes by bus the next day is 2/5. given that he walks to the school on particular Tuesday,find the probability that he will go to the school by bus on Thursday of the week
Question: Payments of $670 are being made at the end of each month for 5 years at an interest rate of 8% compounded monthly. Calculate the Present value? Expert's answer
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