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Calculate how long it takes the Bus to complete a Journey if it leaves Point A on Friday, 11:50 and arrives at Point B, the next day (Saturday) at 07:20. The Average Speed of the Bus is 85km/h
SMNF is a regular triangular pyramid. SO (height)=6cm. Measure of the SEO angle is 60 degrees. Find: MF, apothem SE, total area of pyramid, volume of pyramid and the area of the SME triangle.

chem co manufactures a single product product W and have provided you with the following information which relates to the period which has just ended
Standard cost per unit of product W

Materials Price per kilo total
Kilos $ $
F 15 4 60
G 12 3 36
H 8 6 48
35 144
Labour: Rates per hour
Hours $
Department P 4 10 40
Department Q 2 6 12
Budgeted sales for the period are 4,500 units at $ 260 per unit There were no budgeted opening or closing inventories of product W.
actual materials and labour used was as follows

Materials price per kilo total
Kilos $ $
F 59,800 4.25 254,154
G 53,500 2.80 149,800
H 33,300 6.40 213,120

Labour hours rate per hour
Department P 20,500 10.60 217,300
Department Q 9.225 5.40 51.660
4,100 units of product were produced and sold for $1,115,800.

Calculate the following variances
Material price
material Mix
Material usage
Dench manufacturing has received a special order from Sands to produce 225components to be incorporated into Sand's product. The components have a high cost,due to the expertise required for their manufacture. Dench produces the components in batches of 15, and as the ones required are to be custom made to Sands' specifications, prototype' batch was manufactured with the following costs:
Materials $
4kg of A, $ 7.50/kg 30
2kg of B, $ 15kg 30
20 hrs skilled, $ 15/hr 300
5 hrs semi-skilled, $8/hr 40
Variable overhead 100
25 labour hours, $ 4/hr 500

Prepare the cost estimate, assuming an 80% learning rate is experienced. (10 Marks)
Briefly discuss some of the factors that can limit the use of learning curve.
Evaluate lim x →3 [(√3x)-3] / [(√2x-4)-(√2)]
Determine the interval on which the given function is continuous
f(x)={sin1/x if x≠0, 0 if x=0
An athlete is running in four races and in each race she has 60% chance of winning. What is the probability that she will win atl east two races?
Find the area between = -2 & 3

What ia the total area tocthe left of z = 2.18?

Obtain the Fourier series for the following periodic function which has a period of 2π:

f(x) = x^2 for -π ≤x ≤π
0 x 4x 8
4 3
+ + = .Descartes’ method