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How do I find the recursive definition for an arithmetic sequence
for each of the following curves, make a sketch of the curve and find:
I. the gradient function
II. the gradient of the tangent at the given point.
a. y=X2 + 3 at point (2,7)
b. y=y2 + k at point (1,1 + k)
Q.Download the following book.
Q. solve (D4+8D2−9)y=9x3+5cos2x
in a rectangular parallelepiped the length and width of the base are 12 in. and 9 in respectively. find the volume of the solid if the length of the diagonal of the solid is 25 inches.
Nick is given $50 to spend on a vacation.He decides to spend $5 a day.The amount Nick has left and the number of days are related
Identify the variables in this situation : x=______ y=_______
y-intercept ________ slope _______
a)write an equation relating x and y
b)use your equation to find out when Nick will have $15 left