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Evaluate the impacts of food insecurity and poverty of informal settles an the rural poor in South Africa. Include specific examples and references to academic research as well as recommendations of how the impacts you have identified should be addressed. 50 marks

Question 1

Use specific examples and statistics to illustrate the impacts of covid 19bon mortality and economic development within the African continent. Provide recommendations on how the impacts you have identified should be addressed.

25 marks

 Write an essay to discuss the factors governing soil formation and describe the spatial variability (differ in location) of soil physical properties (soil organic matter, soil texture, soil colour, soil structure, soil temperature) in South Africa. word count 1500

Discuss the economic and political roles which South Africa or your own country plays at a regional, continental and international level

explain the impacts of heart disease on people and countries. (6 marks)

Explain the strategies used to reduce the incidence of heat disease. (6 marks)

The Needles are an example of the coastal landform ‘stacks’. Describe how a stack is formed.

Suppose the scale of a map is 1:3 000 000. Draw a line scale for the map from which 300 km could

be read in lengths of 100 km and 20 km. (Draw on a separate paper, take a photo and scan into your

answer sheet.) (6)

3.2 What is the difference in altitude between Fair Acres and Ncane?

The mean magnetic declination of this map is 23º 12’ west of true north (Jan. 1997). The mean

annual change is 8‘ westwards (1990-1995). Calculate the magnetic declination for 2022.

Explain why the number of deaths after the first 24 hours might have increased more significantly in the area affected by LIC and HIC.

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