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Do you think the population density in your area is more or less than three people per square kilometer? What might account for Canada's low overall population density?
the north pole , the northermost point on earth is located in which ocean
How does Morocco have 75 percent of the planet's known reserves of phosphorus?
Imagine a transportation device that would enable all humans to travel instantaneously to any location on earth. What might be the impact on the distribution of people and activities across the earth?
Explain the variation in the annual rainfall pattern in Singapore throughout the year 2010
tectonic plates info
what is the exact position of a place on earth
Structure is a way that we can measure or quantify ecosystems, communities and populations.
We use structure to inform land management decisions. Define what structure is for
ecosystems, communities and populations . For each of these ecological levels, describe how
we might use structure to achieve one type of land management objective (e.g., wildlife
corridor, erosion, etc.) HINT: Think about the differences between structure levels, including
spatial/non-spatial representation and the scale represented by each level and what land
uses/management objectives would benefit from that type of measurement.
Identify five significant contexts through which oil has transformed the landscape of North Africa/Southwest Asia
I need help on how to approach this essay:
Explain how fertility and mortality rates as well as internal and international migration are changing the cultural characteristics of places. (20marks)