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What is the process in which valleys are widened
what questions can you ask in a geography assignment based on questions about rural and urban settlements
green wash on a toposheet indicates what?
Most of the United States lies within which belt of wind that usually moves across the country from southwest to northeast?
Plan a road trip [ within the city or abroad ] Create your own travel guide map using GPS . Marks all the halts you wish to make on your onward journey . These can be restaurants / cafe , your favorite sites , scenic areas , your relatives house , restrooms , petrol pumps , landmarks . Also mark the place of origin and destination .
What reasoning is given for climate change adaptation funding being acceptable

A. Climate change adaptation budget are too costly for poor countries
B. Industrialised countries caused the damage resulting in climate change
C. Adaptation cannot wait for local funds to be put together
D. The aid is part of humanitarian assistance
what are the factors that influence precipitation in the tropics
a steep undercut area on the outside of a river bend is called what

could someone please explain what exactly is shown on the following image of Wissant Bay, France?

I have a few questions such as:

1. How did the 'Banc à la Ligne' come about? (I know it has something to do with the fact that the beach drift is subject to south-west winds, and the orientation change of the coast)

2. Why are the western sectors (Dune du Chatelet, Dune d'Aval) eroded in contrast to the more eastern locations (Dune d'Amont)?

3. I read somewhere that the height of the dunes is increasing towards the east, what is the explanation for this?

Thank you in advance!
Compare the population data for 2018 and 1998 of Costa Rica, does the population apper to be declining or expanding?
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