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How/why does each landform (region) influence the natural/human/economic patterns?
two cities that experience the urban heat island effect
Question 4 : Anthropogenic contribuion to desertification excludes _________
bush burning,
depletion of resources
land management
Question 9 : Burning of fossil fuel contributes _______ of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
Does anyone know if the aqa gcse human geography is likely to cover case studies in depth? I am unsure of the likelihood of there being many, after there being a single 3 marker on the physical paper.
State the processes of river erosion
The formation process of Bungle Bungle Ranges in Australia.
why London especially needs more than rain water
What role did trade play in the revival of urbanism at this time?
Bolivia was brought to a standstill in 2003, as local protestors mounted strikes and roadblocks against the government’s decision to export natural gas through which “unpopular” neighboring country?
Using any example you’ve found useful from this semester (think about examples from the text, as well as lectures, film, discussion posts, and assignments), describe how you understand the interconnectedness of three of the following four geographies: social, political, economic, and/or cultural. Also describe how these geographies are distinguished from each other. Be specific and be sure to ground your answer in the example you’ve chosen.