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Use of articles :definite and indefinite
The brackets articles in the following two sentences are different, and they serve different purposes. Identify the articles.
a. I saw (a)man walking down the street.
B. I saw (the) man walking down the street.
Word formation
Modify the following English words into different word forms by adding a prefix and suffix to each. The use of plurals forms or different verb tenses of the words will not be accepted.
Example :appear :disappearance : dis(prefix,-ance(suffix)
a. Strange
b. Possess
c. Appeal
Sentence structure :simple, compound and complex sentences
Identify the nature of each of the following sentences according to structure.
I. My neighbours prefer the Far East to any other part of the world for their vocation.
II. You must remember your secret code
iii. She wouldn't have given them all the documents had she known that they would later use the very same documents to betray her
iv.what structural features of sentence (II) make it different from sentence (iii) above?
Verbs:semantic and grammatical function
Identify the different verb functions in each of the following sentences in brackets and explain the difference.
I. I (prefer) my tea very hot.
II. She (has won) a brand new car.
State type/function of the brackets conjunctions in the following sentences :
I. The athlete ran up to the finishing line, (despite) having sprained his ankle.
II. Computers, laptops, (as well as) printers were delivered at the school.
iii. The instructions were (as) clear as daylight.
iv. They couldn't join us on time (because) their car broke down on the freeway.
V. Please wake up early (so that) we may catch the earliest train.
What is the primary organizational pattern of paragraphs 10–12?

"Why, Ms. Goodman, do you have any idea how much this 1954 cardboard stencil is worth today?"

"Why, no, my mother bought it for 39 cents at Woolworth's."

"Well, she got quite a bargain. Today at the right auction you could get $1,300 for this!" Tears, followed by applause.

Can internal motivation be created?
What is ONE difference between a "bowler" and a "gambler"?
In The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, what are some challenging words to describe her book and what is she trying to portray or accomplish in her story?
A report
choose one of the following topics and write a report of about 260 words
1. imagine that you are a local government authority official.you have been asked to go secretly to a commercial area in town where expired goods are said to be on sale,and to write a report,write your report
2. you have been asked to write a report on trading in fake goods for your school magazine.imagine that you have to base the report on your visits to various shops in town
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