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Change sentence into passive voice.

1) Sheffield invited him to her hose yesterday.
2) Lincoln imancipated four million African slaves.
3) we propose to build a dam for irrigation purposes.
4) Alas! We shall hear her voice no more.
5) India won the cricket match.
Complete the passage from given words. You can use a word more than onceyou need not use every word.
(And, when, while, that, which, but)

........ bill entered the gate of Mr. Dunley's house he was surprised not to find her working in her garden. She usually spent most afternoon there .......... the weather was fine bill went straight round to the back of the house ,thinking ........ she might be in the kitchen, the doors were locked ......... the curtains were drawn. Puzzled ,the returned to the front of the house ...... knocked the door.
Fill the correct prepositions

Then one ...... the man looked ....... his watch ,clapped his hand and said something ....... the other . Immediately they all went ....... their desks & in the space ...... a few seconds ,every one was working busily.
Complete the passage by a/an/the

While I was walking along ......... Road ........ other day ,I happened to notice ......... small brown leather purse lying on ........ pavement I picked it up and opened it to see if I could find out ........ owner's name.
I need notes on discourse analysis
What are the limitations of science in regard to the service for the society?
Consider the following phonetically transcribed data from Kwakum.

[sɛbɔmmɛ] ‘We bought (a long time ago).’
[sɛbɔmko] ‘We bought (recently).’
[sɛbɔmkowɛɛ] ‘We did not buy (recently).’
[njebɔmmɛ] ‘I bought (a long time ago).’
[ɔbɔmmɛ] ‘You (sg) bought (a long time ago).’
[jebɔmko] ‘They bought (recently).’
[nɛbɔmko] ‘You (pl) bought (recently).’
[abɔmmɛwɛɛ] ‘He/she did not buy (a long time ago).’

Match each of the following meanings with a Kwakum morpheme, indicating whether it
is a root or an affix; if it is an affix, indicate whether it is a prefix, suffix, or infix.
‘you (sg)’
‘you (pl)’
‘(a long time ago)’
Consider the following data from Zapotec. (The data have not been phonetically transcribed, but this isn’t critical to your analysis)

racan͂eea ‘I help’
racan͂eetonoo ‘we help’
racan͂eelo ‘you (sg) help’
racan͂eetoo ‘you (pl) help’
racan͂eeni ‘s/he helps’
racan͂eeni ‘they help’
cocan͂eea ‘I helped’
cocan͂eetonoo ‘we helped’
cocan͂eelo ‘you (sg) helped’
cocan͂eetoo ‘you (pl) helped’
cocan͂eeni ‘s/he helped’
cocan͂eeni ‘they helped’
cacan͂eea ‘I will help’
cacan͂eetonoo ‘we will help’
cacan͂eelo ‘you (sg) will help’
cacan͂eetoo ‘you (pl) will help’
cacan͂eeni ‘s/he will help’
cacan͂eeni ‘they will help’

Match each of the following meanings with a Zapotec morpheme; be sure to indicate
whether the morpheme is a root, prefix, suffix, or infix.
‘you (sg)’
‘you (pl)’

Rewrite the word in the space available, using hyphens to indicate morpheme boundaries. Then, where appropriate, indicate which morpheme serves as the root of the word, and indicate what types of affixes are used to build the word (e.g., prefix or suffix)

1. Lasers – what is root, prefix, and/or suffix. Draw word structure.
2. Pointers – what is root, prefix, and/or suffix. Draw word structure.
3. Preference – what is root, prefix, and/or suffix. Draw word structure.
4. Unbelievable – what is root, prefix, and/or suffix. Draw word structure.
Write an essay on:(1) Natural disasters (2) A morning walk (3) Problems of big/mega cities(4) Uses and abuses of internet (5) Role / impact of media (6) Traffic hazards