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write a notice for the school notice board informing the student about the audition schedule for the annual day play to be staged in coming weeks.
your school is organizing a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children the education minister has consented to be the chief guest on the occasion. draft a notice for the school notice board. your are neha/nitin, the head boy/head girl (word limit 50 words)
1 page reflection for Nerd alert: Reading is good for your health
For a poor reader to achieve a comprehension rate of 80 - 90%, the study speed may be as low as
when a speaker speaks'above your head' he is said to mean what?
The document then goes on to list a series of charges that denounce British rule of the American colonies. In the context of the Declaration of Independence, what does the author mean by “candid world”? What effect does this word choice have on the rhetoric as well as the intended audience of the text?
what is expository text
Briefly characterize the kinds of settlements existed around 600 B.C. along the Mediterranean coast of what is now France?
what is the outsiders about
define the term communication and various channels of communication