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What is the different between inference ,summarizing and prediction
Read the extract below and answer the question :when people of masarwa tribe heard about marus marriage to one of their own, a door opened on the small, dark airless room in which their souls has been shut for a long time. The wind of freedom, which was blowing thought out the world for all people, turned and flowed into the room. As they breathed in the fresh, clear air their humanity awakened. The examined their condition... How had they fall into this condition when, indeed, they were as human as everyone else? They started to run out into the sunlight, they then turned and looked at the dark small room. They said :"we are not going back there". (Muru by Bessie Head, 1995,Heineneman Series Sandton, pp126-127). 1.2.1 describe two themes that are addressed in the extract. Give textual evidence to support your answer.
In your opinion, was Fray Jupinero primarily a spiritual man or a practical- minded one? Explain
What are the 2 productive communication skills
Inference, Summarizing and prediction. During which part of the reading process do you use each of them?
Conflict theorists argue that schools classify learners based on their... a) merit b) social class and ethnicity c) understanding of politics d) ability to adapt 1.b) 2.a) 3.c) and d) 4.a) and c)
Assimilation can be described as when a... a) group develops the same technical skills b) usually subordinate group takes on the attitudes,speech patterns and economic status of the dominant group c) group accepts the process of a democratic government d) group becomes part of a rural community 1.a) and d) 2.d) 3.a) and c) 4.b)
Argumentative essay Children should read more non-fiction than fiction. In a well-constructed essay, argue either for or against the above statement.
Dreeben's norm of independence is based on one of the following points: a) learners take responsibility for their own actions b) learners learn to be competitive c) Not all learners have the same skills d) Learners are individuals 1.b) 2.c) 3.d) 4.a)
Functionalists argue that societies require all their members should learn to perform different tasks, such as engineering, nursing, etc. This is known as... a) cognitive orientation b) role differentiation c) cultural roles d) individualism 1.b) 2.c) 3.d) 4.a)
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