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What are the limitations of science in regard to the service for the society?
Letter from coordinator of IGNOU studycentre to student who hasn't received her ID card and book material and has sought his help in greeting them
1. What is the basic difference between Gerund & Present Participle in sentence?
2. How to identify Adverb Phrase & Clause?
3. Difference between Relative, Distributive, Reflexive & Demonstrative Pronoun Phrase?
Determine whether each of the following groups of phonemic segments form a NATURAL CLASS or not in Canadian English. Yes or No.

/ u o a / --> natural class or not

/ ʊ o / --> natural class or not

/ æ ə ʌ a / --> natural class or not

/ i / --> natural class or not

/ I ɛ æ / --> natural class or not

/ e ɛ / --> natural class or not

/ i I u ʊ / --> natural class or not

/ ɛ ʊ ʌ / --> natural class or not

the following words and phrases have been transcribed as they would be pronounced in both careful and rapid speech. For each pair, name the ARTICULATORY PROCESS that explains the difference between rapid speech form and its corresponding careful speech form. For assimilations, please specify the PROPERTY BEING ASSIMILATED as well as the DIRECTION.

1) go away
careful speech: go əwe
rapid speech: go we

2) sushi
careful speech: suʃi
rapid speech: ʃusi

3) hamster
careful speech: hæmstər
rapid speech: hæmpster

4) pumpkin
careful speech: pHʌmpkIn
rapid speech: pHʌŋkIn

5) get it
careful speech: gɛt It
rapid speech: gɛɾIt
What similarities or differences do you notice between your culture and the culture of the rice paddy described by Gladwell?
I need a good thesis statement on Domestic Violence
You have just returned from a trip to a foreign country. Write a letter to your friend narrating your experience and the difference between the country you visited and Nigeria
Change into passive voice.
1.She invited him to her house yesterday.
2.Lincoln emancipated four million African slaves.
3.We propose to built a dam for irrigation purposes.
4.Alas! We shl hear her voice no more.
5.India won the cricket match.
We propose to build a dam for irrigation purposes. change into passive voice