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After reading El Greco and viewing The Disrobing of Christ, answer the questions below.
reflecting on this.

5. Identify what you regard as the most meaningful contrast to take note of from this poem or story, or both – not merely drawing contrasts between poem and image but noting contrasts more generally, as art often does. In other words, what do you believe is important to walk away with, or what meaning do you see as significant, after your encounter with these creative

What does this quote mean: Trump doesn’t like experts, because they interfere with his right as an American to believe or pretend that fictions are facts.”
in the letter to saundra, what did rhonda mention about andy?
A flashback is a part of a narrative that returns to an earlier time. Identify an example of flashback in “The Café.” Analyze how the use of flashback contributes to the theme of the passage. Use evidence from the passage to support your analysis.
The rain had been falling steadily for almost two days. Roads were flooding, and travel had become dangerous. There was a small leak in the roof. Water in the basement. It seemed like staying at home was the best option for the weekend.

Which of the following portions of the paragraph is a fragment, and how should it be corrected?

“Water in the basement.” Suggested correction: Water dripped into the basement.

“Roads were flooding, and travel had become dangerous.” Suggested correction: Roads were flooding; travel had become dangerous.

“There was a small leak in the roof.” Suggested correction: A small leak in the roof.

“It seemed like staying at home was the best option for the weekend.” Suggested correction: Staying at home was the best option for the weekend.
Why has nature giving us fear and how can it be overcome?
a chart of the classification of english consonant sounds
list the types of verb 'be' with example (sentence)
what is the verb 'be'

Provide a brief analysis that looks at both the concepts of visual sensation and visual perception of the image. In what ways did the designer make use of Gestalt theories, constructivism, semiotics, and/or cognitive approaches to help the viewer derive meaning from the visual?