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six year old children fine motor ability allows them to trace
The concept of school readiness indicates:
The Concept "Intelligence" Includes The Following :
the ability to use language and to speak....
answer in 3 sentences

1. What does the line " Art is a reproach to those receives it" mean? Should art be a reproach?
Should we relate it to society? Explain answers
answer in 3 sentences

what is the importance of literature in the society?
Help me make a character chart with the characters from the book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.

Tim O’Brien Kathleen Azar
Linda Henry Dobbins Rat Kiley
Jimmy Cross Norman Bowker Curt Lemon
Mitchell Sanders Mary Anne
Kiowa Elroy Berdahl

Heres an example of a character chart:

-Very religious family
Personality Traits
-Sensitive and caring
Key Lines
-“I prayed and cried at night when others would not know my guilt and weaknesses” (845)
-Sam feels that killing is wrong even in war. He repents but wants respect from the men. He faces a moral dilemma—respect from soldiers or following his religious beliefs
Multiple choice questions.
Which is not applicable?
The value of free activity as a method lies in the following :
1.expression at the child s own level.
2.being busy in a creative way
3.free choices
4.dependent on demonstration
5.solving own problems.
Multiple choice questions.
Six year old children s fine motor ability allows them to trace
1.a vertical line and a circle
2.a diamond shape
4.a square and a triangle
5.a cross.
Multiple choice questions.
The 4- to 5- year-old enters one of the peak periods of self-expression and is at the universal stage, also called:
1.the exploring stage
2.the representational stage
3.the nonrepresentational stage
4.the pre-schematic stage
5.3 and 4.
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