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Select two product of your choice. Then, interview two people to determine which social influences determine the specific brand each of the buys and where they Buy the product. Please help me as soon as possible.
discuss the role of integrated marketing within an organisation.
write an essay on company structure, communication problems and solutions
Which of the following is NOT a method for companies to inform consumers that a product has been recalled?
A. Provide information on the company website
B. Make a public service announcement on radio
C.agree for a spokesperson to be interviewed about the recall
D.provide information on packaging of the product
5. You are trying to set the selling price to one of your companies products and there are three prices under consideration. They are sh. , sh. 4.30 and sh. 4.40 per produ8ct.

The following information is also available.

Conditions Alternative prices
Sh. 4.00 Shs. 4.30 Shs. 4.40
Best possible 16,000 14,000 12,500
Most likely 14,000 12,500 12,000
Worst possible 10,000 8,000 6,000

Advice the company on the best price to charge using:
i. Maximin method
ii. Minimax regret criterion
6. A marketing manager wants to assign four regions to four different salesmen. The salesmen differ in their efficiency and territories also differ in potentiality. An estimated sale (in Ks, 000s) by different sales men in the four territories are given below.

A 16 13 17 23
B 7 12 37 18
C 10 25 14 9
D 25 27 18 25

Determine an optimal assignment schedule for maximum sales.

“Marketing should be the first activity in starting a new business venture”. Discuss the statement, giving your reasoned arguments.
Develop marketing strategy in the form of STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) on vegetable food industry in Malaysia.
Everyone must have a job to receive income to survive. You are a bookkeeper, and you make $15.66 an hour. You worked 80 hours during the pay period. Anyone who makes an income is required to pay taxes; your deductions are 20% of your gross income. Make a deposit in your register for your net pay.
You have been approached by Apple to conduct a marketing research project evaluating the
expected gain or loss after the initial Apple iPhone 6 problems listed in the case study above. Discuss
the following three (3) steps of the marketing research process you will go through for Apple.