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4. Is marketing today only limited to the operation country? With the help of example describe how different brands strategize their promotion internationally
1. Assume yourself as a fashion designer who is planning to launch a new bridal clothing line. In the light of above scenario, list the activities you will be taking to complete the process of organization buying (HINT: It is a B2B transaction) (10marks)

You are the brand manager for Tata Nano. Your job depends on how well Nano sells in the market. Recently, you have observed that Indian customers are shifting to more feature-rich cars within the market. While the Nano is not selling that fast, you are aggressively trying to rejuvenate that brand by changing the marketing mix. You have a plan to introduce new product features by undertaking a major factory investment. Are you in the right direction? If you fail, you will lose your job!

Create a marketing promotion for the product. Decide on either a manufacturer’s rebate or a coupon that would be used by the final consumer. Detail the expenses involved in the process and show how it would affect the price and the profit for those involved. Please provide a citation if a reference is used.
APA citation
Marketing Price Adjustment Details:
It is it possible for a product with no distinct differentiating feature to be successful in the market?
Is the market driven by customer needs and wants? Give atleast 5 examples of product or services that are offered because of customer needs.
What is the main difference between consumers and industrial users
What retailers would be considered intratype competitors for a convenience store chain such as 7-Eleven? What firms would be intertype competitors?
You have made arrangements with a magazine publisher who has given you telephone numbers of a random sample of its subscribers. You can send some of these people a copy of the magazine with the new advertisement in it and send others copies which are same in every other way but without the advertisement. Awareness will be measured using telephone interviews. In the present case, which of the following two designs will give you a more accurate result: (1) before-after with control group design, or (2) after-only with control group design? Clearly state why you say so, taking into consideration the specific nature of the task here. If you think both methods would give you equivalent results, clearly say so. (Ignore costs of administering the two designs.)
In Part A, with no more than 500 words, students should discussion their personal views on what entrepreneurship and innovation mean to them, and why entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking are important (or irrelevant, if this is what they think) to our society in general, and business in particular.

In Part B (again with a word limit of 500), students should present and discuss an innovative idea, which can be an idea based on which they are going to develop a new business, an idea which can be adopted by a business (or the government, or a non-government organization) to improve their operations or to solve their problems.
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