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Using the four steps of the pre-production plan outlined in the learning unit 4, explain how you would plan and implement the production of the newsletter for the promotion of the Stats SA's census period above

Provide example of each macro environment force

You are the marketing director for Super max theatre chain. You want to build a footprint for the chain across India. Before the commercial launch of the service you want a better orientation of consumer expectations. a. Plan a research program with clearly defined target groups, geographies, demographics you shall plan your research project. (5 Marks) b. Create a 10-question survey questionnaire. (5 Marks)

You are the marketing director of the Football Federation of India. Soccer as a sport although very interesting is not a popular audience sport in India. How would you generate consumer interest in Football? Create a marketing plan for making Football a consumer sport using the marketing mix principles. 

. Italiano is a popular restaurant in the Vile Parle area of Mumbai. The lockdown and subsequent Covid restrictions force the restaurant to shut shop. The owner Mr. Ranjeet Sharma is also the main chef of the restaurant decided to start operations from home and use the apps of Zomato and Swiggy to run the place as a cloud kitchen. The business not only survived but became a profitable venture. The recent lifting of restrictions has put Mr. Sharma in a quandary, should he now re-rent restaurant space at a very expensive rental value or should he continue to run it as a cloud kitchen. He has approached you, a marketing consultant for advice on devising a plan of action. What would you advise? Create a plan of action for the business. Create a communication plan. Create a consumer outreach plan

. ‘Housing Depot’ has hired you as an HR Consultant to help them improve their

processes. Explain the 7S framework for this home furniture company. Give suggestion


Write a complaint letter to the Director of Consumer Grievance Redressal Cell based on the facts given below: You are Jass Javvy. You bought a Kitchen Aid stand mixer from Flipkart on 1 January 2022 for an amount of Rs.40, 000. This included delivery and a 40-day money-back offer. As the stand mixer did not perform satisfactorily you decide to return it to Flipkart and send it back on 5th January. You call the company every week and the representative informs you over the phone that the transportation and handling charges, as well as money equivalent to the price of the mixer, would be credited to your account. On 15th March you receive a statement for your credit card and to your dismay, you find that no credit has been applied to your account for the mixer, its transportation, and handling charges. You are dissatisfied and decide to write a complaint letter.

a. What is the appropriate 'tone' of a letter of claim? How will the tone affect how the reader responds? Explain

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in Southern Africa is keen on exploring the use of

ICT to support development in the villages. They have been informed by different

individuals that Drones could offer them the necessary solutions to meet this need.

The NPO is unsure as to where to start and how to go about using these Drones. Help

the NPO by searching the Internet and find a solution.

In not more than 5 pages, submit a report that includes the following:

1. Identify the Sector and explain how the drone is used in that particular sector

(1 page).

3. Describe the Type of drone that is selected (1 page):

i. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE e.g. speed, camera quality, smart

modes, flight time, range, difficulty, playfulness

4. Briefly discuss why you have suggested this Drone to the NPO

5. In your view, what is the future of Drone technology in society

6. Reference the site(s) you have used. Apply APA style (go to Lesson 0 for

further assistance)

In no more than 2 page (between 300 – 500 words), discuss how societies use

social media platforms for economic growth. Choose to discuss between Facebook

or YouTube.

In your answer, include:

• discussion / explanation with real-life example (provide accessible link or

social media handle)

• benefits of using this platform

• disadvantages of using this platform

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