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Explain how data might be consolidated or converted to allow it to be analysed.
What is benefits, drawbacks, future of online shopping trends. does online shopping have some impacts on students. what is benefits online shopping gives to general public. how online shopping can be promote and does it is trust full way of shopping?
Which statement best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and an independent variable in a scientific investigation?
As a business administrator, outline management-related causes of business failure and explain how you would determine business failure in family and small business in industry and commerce
Curtis works for general purpose software and Hardware Company on a project for the Department of Defense (DoD). The project involves developing a system that monitors radar signals for missiles and launches nuclear missiles when deemed necessary. Curtis was initially reluctant but eventually agrees. His thinking was that if he does not do it, someone else will anyway. During his work he develops some reservations concerning the fine distinction between missiles and small planes. He expresses this to his manager who promptly dismisses the claim on the basis that he does not agree with the claim and that the project was already late. Curtis feels morally responsible. What should he do? What can he do? Identify at least 3 alternate courses of action he could take; using an ethical or professional framework to support each alternative and recommend what he should do.
Extremist groups use Web sites to recruit individuals to organizations. Do you think these Web sites should be protected by the principles of freedom of speech? Why or why not? Does the fact that they are Web sites rather than printed and mailed newsletters make a difference? Should the people behind the Web sites be held responsible for the violence some of their followers commit even though the Web sites do not give directions to commit violence? Why/why not?
questioner on bullying in schools looking for 15 very good questions to asked
Why societal concept of marketing is also know as three dimensional approach of marketing
There are four steps in _________ decision-making.
How do you define learning? Do you agree with digital natives/immigrants? Can you find any evidence to support this claim? Why is it important that we look for support for arguments that we are making?
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