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What is the volume of a 0.19 M sulfuric acid (H2SO4) solution that contains 0.34 mol sulfuric acid?
what is basic difference between enthalpy and heat?is there a one word definition for enthaply and heat?
Identify the property of the water
0.25 mol of an ideal monoatomic gas undergoes isothermal expansion from a volume of 2.0 dm3 to 10 dm3 at 27 oC. Calculate the maximum work that can be obtained from this process.
A particular medication dosage is 45.0 mg/kg of body weight. How many mg of the medication should a child weighing 25.1 lbs. receive?
can we consider diphosphorus tetraiodide(P2I4) to be an acid?
8. Determine the value of G at 25C for the reaction O3(g) + N2O(g) ⇌ O2(g) + 2NO(g) given the following information: Substance Hf(kJ/mol) S (J/mol  K) O3(g) 142.7 238.8 N2O(g) 82.1 219.9 O2(g) 0 205.0 NO(g) 90.3 210.7
7. Calculate the maximum amount of work that can be done by the reaction CH4(g)+2O2(g) ⇌ CO2(g)+ 2H2O(g) given the following information. Substance Gf(KJ/mol) CH4(g) -50.8 CO2(g) -394.4 H2O(g) -228.57
3. You have learned that adding table salt, NaCl (58.44 g/mol, 2.16 g/cm3), to water (Kb  0.52oC/m) increases the temperature at which it boils. You decide to try cooking pasta faster at a higher temperature in boiling salty water. What increase in the boiling point do you expect if you add 4 tablespoons (1 tbsp  14.8 cm3) of salt to 16 oz of water (474 mL)? 4. The standard molar entropy of lead (II) bromide (PbBr2) is 161 J/mol  K. What is the entropy of 2.45 g of PbBr2?
1. Water at 25.0C exposed to air at 1.50 atm pressure can contain a maximum of 13.7 mg/L of nitrogen gas. Calculate the value of Henry’s law constant (mol/L  atm) for nitrogen at this temperature. The mole fraction of nitrogen in air is 0.78084. 2. If 125 mL of aqueous solution with a density of 0.810 g/mL contains 10.7 mL of CH3CH2OH (ethanol). Pure ethanol has a density of 0.789 g/mL. (water is the solvent and ethanol is the solute) What is the freezing point of the solution? (Kf (water)  1.86C/m)
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