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A 3.82 g sample of magnesium nitride is reacted with 7.73 g of water.
Mg3N2 + 3H2O → 2NH3 + 3MgO
The yield of MgO is 3.60 g. The percentage yield of the reaction is ________%
The mass of a burger decreases as it is being barbecued. Does this follow the law of conservation of mass?
A bowling ball weighs 12.0 pounds and the length of a bowling lane is 60 feet, assume that you can treat the ball in the lane as a particle on a line. What is the quantum number that corresponds to the balls velocity of 7.55 miles per hour?
One mole of an ideal gas is heated at a constant pressure of 101300N m from 273.2 K. Calculate the work involved R=8.314 j/mol/K
1.)How much iron is present in 8 . 13 g of iron(III) oxide? Answer in units of g.

2.) A chemist wants to extract the gold from 62 . 21 g of AuCl 3 · 2 H 2 O (gold(III) chloride dihydrate) by electrolysis of an aqueous solu- tion. What mass of gold could be obtained from this sample? Answer in units of g.

3 (part 1 of 2) 10.0 points The molecular weight of erbium is 167 . 259 g/mol, sulfur is 32 . 065 g/mol, oxygen is 15 . 9994 g/mol, hydrogen is 1 . 00794 g/mol, carbon is 12 . 0107 g/mol, tin is 118 . 71 g/mol, and strontium is 87 . 62 g/mol. What is the percentage of C in glycerol? Answer in units of %.

4 (part 2 of 2) 10.0 points What is the percentage of H in glycerol? Answer in units of %.

5). 10.0 points What is the % carbon, by weight, in a 0 . 166 g sample of C 2 H 6 ? Answer in units of %.
8. What is the electron configuration of the element with 27 protons?
How to compare bond length in pcl2f3 :- [p-f(axial) and p-cl] also [p-f(equitorial) and p-cl]
How many protons, neutrons, and electrons are present in one Ti+2 ion with an atomic weight (mass number) of 46?
Give scientific reasons:(1)ionization potential of nitrogen is greater than that of oxygen.(2) sigma bond is stronger than pi bond.(3) unlike gases,liquids and solids can not be compressed easily.
Give scientific reasons:(1)Electron affinity increases along a period.(2)First ionization potential value is smaller than second Ionization value.(3)Na+,Mg+2 and Al-3 are iso- electronic ions.