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write molecular orbital configuration for following molecular ions . commenton paramagnetic properties of these ions -
1 . N2+ and
2 . N2 2-
using bohr atomic model , derive expression for calculating the radius of orbits in He+ . using this expression , calculate the radius of fourth orbit of He+ ion .
what is matter wave ? what do you understand by in phase and out phase waves ? calculate the wavelength associated with a body of mass 1.5 Kg moving with velocity of 100 m/s .
Using balmer series, calculate ionization energy of hydrogen atom in kj mol -1.
What are the 4 real world application in which pH is important?
determine the oxidation number of cl in BECl2
How many atoms do mercury vapour molecules consist of if the density of mercury vapour relative to air is 6.92.The average mass of air is 29g/mol
If acid is added to suspension for pH control, does the particles reacts with that acid?? Means are the particles affected by adding acid to suspension?
The bones of a prehistoric bison were found to have a C-14 activity of 2. 80 dis/min gram of carbon. Approximately, how long ago did the animal live? Given that the half life of Carbon-14 isotope is 5668 years.
A 4.0L flask of argon gas at 500 torr is attatched with a rubber seal to a 3.0L flask of nitrogen gas at 200 torr. What is the final pressure of this system assuming that this scenario takes place at room temperature, 25ÂșC.