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a 0.8870 g sample containing only NaCl and KCL was treated with AgNO3. the AgCl formed had a mass of 1.913 g. Calculate the %Na and %K in the sample.
5. A 20.0 g sample of a mixture of CO2(g) and CO(g) is treated, according to the following reaction, with air at room temperature over a Pt/CeO2-ZrO2-Bi2O3 catalyst. The total mass of CO2(g) at the end of the reaction is 27.9 g.
A researcher studying the nutritional value of a new candy places a 4.60-gram sample of the candy inside a bomb calorimeter and combusts it in excess oxygen. The observerd temperature increase is 2.76°C. If the heat capacity of the calorimeter is 48.60 kJ·K-1 , how many nutritional Calories are there per gram of the candy?
A 1.00 g sample of zinc sulfide (Zns, M 97.47 g mol reacts completely with excess oxygen to produce zinc oxide (Zno, M 81.41 g mol and sulfur dioxide (SO2, M 64.06 g mol"). The heat released is sufficient to raise the temperature of 100.0 g of water from 25.2°C to 42.8°C. What is the heat of combustion of zinc sulfide in kJ/mol?
how many moles of bicarbonate where consumed in a reaction with acetic acid if 0.298 moles of co2 where produced?
Calculate the mass (in grams) of magnesium Chloride present in a 0.1575m soulution.
Consider a tray that is 25cm by 40 cm. The mass of the gold plated on the top surface of the tray is 3.86grams. Given that the density of gold is 19.3g/cm^3 determine the thickness of the gold on the top of the tray. I need the answers for the following: length, width, mass, density, volume, area, and thickness, put in the calculations so I can see how you got the answers. Thanks
38 g per liter solubility at 50 degree Celsius has been reported in chemicals catalog but I haven't been able to dissolve 100mg of cerium sulfate tetra-hydrate in 1 liter of water. Is there a special method to dissolve cerium sulphate tetrahydrate in water?
Calculate the number of CO2 molecules in 2.44×10−2 mole of CO2.
The zinc in a copper-plated penny will dissolve in hydrochloric acid if the copper coating is filed down in several spots (so that the hydrochloric acid can get to the zinc). The reaction between the acid and the zinc is: 2H+(aq)+Zn(s)→H2(g)+Zn2+(aq).
When the zinc in a certain penny dissolves, the total volume of gas collected over water at 25 ∘C was 0.949 L at a total pressure of 758 mmHg .What mass of hydrogen gas was collected?