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Write a balanced equation to indicate reaction of h3po4, h3po2 and h3po3 and excess oh-
Substance 'A' on heating breaks into two substances 'B' and 'C'. Is A an element or compound? Give reasons.
How do forces between particles in liquid compared to forces in other states of matter
. An AM radio station broadcasts at 820 kHz while its FM partner broadcasts at
89.7 MHz.
a) What is the wavelength that corresponds to these frequencies?
Which best describes the motion of iron atoms in solid iron?
2.65g of anhydrous sodium trioxocarbonate (IV) were dissolved in water and made up to 250cm^3. 25cm^3 of this solution required 20cm^3 of hydrochloric acid of complete neutralization.

(a) The concentration of sodium trioxocarbonate (vii) in g/dm^3
(b) the concentration in mole per dm^3
(c) Write the equation for the reaction.

How many phases are presents if a container has a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and helium?

What are the major and minor product of 2,3-dimethyl-2-pentanol is dehydrated
give reaction mechanism of aconjugate addition reactions of wigilman reagent.
give reaction mechanism of acid chloride with gilman reagent.
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