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mass of acetic acid?
molar mass=60.052 g/mol
heat capacity=8.43kj/C
temp increase from 24.5 C to 36.8 C
deltarU for combustion =-874.2kj/mol
Identify how the name of an organic molecule indicates how long the carbon chain is. Provide evidence form two different types of compounds
Calculate the number of mL of 2.00 M HNO3 solution required to react with 216 of Ag.
what happens to the product of photosynthesis after they are made. how are they used
Why is Platinum catalyst gauze used for ammonia oxidation in the production of nitric acid? What are the safety requirements or percussion for this catalyst?

How to avoid Platinum catalyst gauze from getting spoiled?

what the advantages and disadvantages of Platinum catalyst gauze?
A bulb contains 1.250 g of He at a temperature of 16.50 oC and a pressure of 760.0 torr. Determine the volume of the bulb.
What mass of c2h5cl can be produced from 13.55g of c2h6 and 25.00g of cl2?
There seems to be a mistake in Q#56841
The problem is the number of electrons used to balance the equation. I think it should be 9e, This problem says 6.
A commercial gas cylinder contains 75.0L of He at 15 bar pressure. Assuming ideal gas behaviour for isothermal expansion, how many 3.0L balloons at 1.1bar pressure can be filled by the gas in the cylinder ?
A container holds 50.0 ml of nitrogen at 25 Celsius and a pressure of 736 mm Hg. What will be its volume if the temperature increases by 35 Celsius?
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