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A pound of coffee beans yield 50 cups of coffee. How many milliliters of coffee can be obtained from 1.5 g of coffee beans?
If your car gets 39.5 mi/gal, how many gallons of gasoline would you use if you drove 474.2 miles? 1 mile = 5280 ft (exactly)
what is the molarity of a solution containing 240.g of NaOH that is mixed with enough water to make 0.875L of solution?
Lewis acid base reaction of
1. BH₃+(CH₃)₂S -> H₃B:S (CH₃)₂
2. CaO + CO₂ -> CaCO₃
Starting from Lewis structure, determine the hybridization types of the central (5) atom of TeCl4 and ICl4.? Please Give me full solution
What is the formula for nitrogen tribromide?
If there are 'x' atoms in 5 grams of carbon, how many atoms are there in 5 grams of silicon?
What is the mass, in grams, of a pure iron cube that has a volume of 4.00 cm3?
Starting from Lewis structure, determine the hybridization types of the central atom of TeCl4 and ICl4