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Discuss various methods of reduction of esters?giving the product formed?
What is aci form of nitro ethane? Discuss
What is the H3O+ concentration in a 5 M solution of HCl?
One molecule of liquid methyl acetate (C3H6O2) reacts with two molecules of hydrogen gas (H2) to form one molecule each of liquid ethanol (C2H6O) and methanol (CH4O).
write the chemical equation
You have hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 2,0 mol/L. How can you make a 100 mL solution with concentration of 0,50 mol/L HCl from this?
In 0.25 liters of solution contains 2.3 gm of non-electrolite at 17°c and osmotic pressure is 488.2kPa. Find molecular weight of this non-electrolite solution.
What property was used by Mendeleev to classify the elements?
Calculate the empirical formula of vulcium chloride.
A local FM radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 97.5 MHz.

Calculate the wavelength at which it is broadcasting.
Wavelength = ___ meter

(1 MHz = 106 s -1)
if you react 16.3g of SCl2 with 10.5g of NaF, what is the maximum amount of SF4 that can be produced? Equation: 3SCl2 + 4NaF ---> SF4 + S2Cl2 + 4NaCl FW: (103.1) (42) ---> (108) (135.2) (58.5)