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400ml or a 0.024 m pb(NO3)2 solution is mixed with 600ml of a 0.080 m NaCl solution. Will a precipitate from? Ksp PbCl2=1.6x10-5


a) Calculate the pH of a 0.015 M aspirin solution when its acid constant is Ka = 2.6 ∙ 10-5 mol/l.

b) The chemist suspected that the concentration of the aspirin solution was not accurate. So he decided to titrate 20 ml of aspirin solution with 0.05 M NaOH solution. The titration results are attached in the table. Draw the titration curve and mark the equivalent point on it. In addition, write the reaction equation and calculate the concentration of the aspirin solution tested.


a) What is the pH of a solution if it's oxonium ion concentration is 0.0025 mol/l ?

b) The pH of the solution is 10.4. Is the solution acidic or alkaline? What is the hydroxide ion concentration of the solution?

c) Determine the pH of the 0.035 molar potassium hydroxide solution.

1. Suppose the voltage rating of a batter is 180 V and the resistance are R1 R3-19 0 a What is the equivalent resistance? |2| = 3.20 , R2-780, b. What is the current through the circuit?

What is the molarity of a solution that has 0.75L of 0.25M Na2SO4

How many moles of sodium chloride would be in 2L of a 5M aqueous solution of sodium chloride?

How many moles of CaCl2 will be produced from 1.4 moles of HCl reacting with calcium hydroxide?

Procedures in determining the critical temperature of a liquid

What is the pH when 20 ml 0.1 M HCl is added to 100 ml 0.1M NaCN?

Lütfen birini seçin:

a. 8.6

b. 7

c. 9.8

d. 4.2

e. 5.6

What is the molar concentration of 600 ppm CuCl2 solution with a density of d = 1.08 g/ml ?

Lütfen birini seçin:

a. 0.0024 M

b. 0.0048 M

c. 300 M

d. 0.648 M

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