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Discuss the role play of molten salts as non-aqueous solvent
A student mixed 100.00 mL of 1.00 M HCL with 100.0mL of 1.00 M NaOH in a calorimeter flask. The temperature of the HCl before mixing was 24.0 degrees C, and the temperature of the NaOH was 22.0 degrees C. The final temperature of the mixture was 29.0 degrees C. Assuming that the acid-base mixture has a specific heat of 4.184 J/g degrees C, and that the density of this mixture is 1.00 g/mL, compute the heat required to heat this amount of acid-base mixture by the amount recorded by this student.
what is the calculated answer for an 75.0 kg athlete running a "4-minute mile" (i.e. 4.00 min/mile)
in nm
At 20°C, the density of uranium is 18.9g / cm3. What would be the volume of the piece of uranium having a mass of 50.8 g?
Since electrons are moving so fast, we can never know their exact position.Who proposed the given statement
How many mol of glucosemcan be produced from 98 mol of Sucrose?
I’m working on quantitative numbers in chemistry. I’m confused on a problem.
I was given N=5. I was told to find from which outer orbital can you find the wave length of 4674
1. N=5, l=2
Balance H2C2O4 + MnO4- and CO2 + Mn2+ in acidic solution.
describe the phase changes from 50k to 250k at 11.5 atm?
calculate the number of moles of oxalic acid in the 25.00ml that was pipetted for each trial.
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