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Hydrogen bonding between uracil and Adenine and compare it with adenine and thymine
Consider the Following Reaction : 2Mg + O2 -> 2MgO
Determine how many grams of MgO will be formed if 40.0g of each reactant is used?
How many moles are contained in 2.29 x 1019 molecules of carbon dioxide? Include the units, but do not write the chemical formula. Round the answer to 3 significant figures.

5. Calculate the wavelength in centimeters of
a. An airport tower transmitting at 118.6 MHz
b. A VOR (radio navigation aid) transmitting at 114.10 kHz
c. An NMR signal at 105MHz
d. An infrared absorption peak with a wavenumber of 1210 cm
Which oleamide and erucamide crystallize faster?
I think that erucamide has a faster crystallization rate than oleamide because erucamide has higher purity than oleamide and has long chain compared to erucamide. please send me the report or impormation related to the my question, if you have them.
How many significant figures are in 5.070 x 103 g?
how many moles of NaCl are there in a bag containing 10.0kg
A Zn wire and Ag/AgCl reference electrode (E° = 0.197 V) are placed into a solution of ZnSO4. The Zn wire is attached to the positive terminal and the Ag/AgCl electrode is attached to the negative terminal of the potentiometer. Calculate the [Zn2+ ] in the solution if the cell potential, Ecell, is -1.061 V. The standard reduction potential of the Zn2+ /Zn half-reaction is –0.762 V.

[Zn2+]= ? M
what radioactive nuclear will produce 234/90 Th following alpha decay? write the nuclear equation
If a solution of aspirin has a [OH-] = 4.4 x 10–12 M, what is the pH of the solution?