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A field is in the form of a regular pentagon. The direction of the bounding sides was surveyed with an assumed meridian of 5° to the right of the true north. As surveyed with an assumed meridian, the bearing of one side AB is N 33°20’ W.
Compute the true bearing of each side of the pentagon.
Compute the azimuth (from south) of each side of the pentagon.
A hollow circular shaft whose outside diameter is three times its inner diameter transmits 110 hp at 120 rev/
min. If the maximum allowable shearing stress is 50 MPa, find the required outside diameter of the shaft.
Ans. 89 mm
The position of a particle which moves along a straight line is defined by the relation x=t^3-6t^2-15t+40, where x is expressed in feet and t in second.A. determine the time at which the velocity will be zero B.the position and distance traveled by particle at that time C.the acceleration of the particle at that time D.the distance traveled by the particle from t=4s to t=6s.
what is the advantage of green wall for outdoor?
what is the advantages of precast concrete wall?
A rectangular 20-in by 12-in plate with thickness t = 0.25-in when loaded, shows an elongation of 0.02-in in the x direction and a shortening of - 0.0084-in in the y direction. For E = 30 x 10^6 -psi and poisson's ratio = 0.3, determine:
(a). the reading of strain gages A and B in the x and y directions.
(b). the stresses sigma_x and sigma_y.
(c). the change in the thickness and volume of the plate.
5 The gain of an amplifier is found to be G=20 log⁡(10V_out ),:

The tasks are to find equations for:

dG/(dV_Out )
(d^2 G)/〖dV_Out〗^2

(a) For the beam loaded as shown in Fig. 1, determine the maximum Bending 

Moment and Shear Force (present this in form of SF and BM diagrams)

(b) Using some of the information above, determine suitable cross-sectional 

dimensions for effective depth and width of the beam. Assume overall cover to 

reinforcement as 25 mm.

(c) Taking fcu as 25 N/mm2

, fy as 460 N/mm2

and fyv as 250 N/mm2

, design the beam 


(i) Bending

(ii) Shear

Fig. 1

(d) Draw a detailed reinforcement drawing showing elevation and typical cross-

section of the beam.

centrifugal pump is connected to a commercial steel pipe system which has the
following details: A strainer on the inlet to the suction pipe having an L/d ratio of
100; a one-way valve with L/d ratio of 130; a suction pipe of diameter 250 mm and
length 5 m; suction head 1.5 m; one bend with L/d ratio of 25 in the suction pipe;
a discharge pipe 200 mm diameter and length 70 m; discharge head 23.5 m; two
bends of L/d ratio of 20 each in the discharge pipe. The characteristic curve of the
pump can be plotted from the following data:

What is the factor for expansion and contraction of materials

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