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A regular pentagon ABCDE is jointed at the angles and stiffened by two jointed bars AC and AD. Two opposite forces P, each 3N, are applied at B and E. Find the force in each bar of the framework, stating whether it is tensile or compressive.
Determine the cost of an accident in the workplace from given data.
An untrained employee falls five meters through a fragile roof he was repairing. The worker
had suffered a broken leg and had breathing difficulties. The employee was kept in hospital
for three days. A car parked near the house where the roof was being repaired also suffered
a windscreen damage. An official report found out that ABC LLC company failed to inform
their employee that the roof was fragile nor give him any sort of a training in how to work
safely at height.
The company has been successfully prosecuted under Health and Safety ACT 1974, breach of
duty to employees and lack of training. The company was fined 30,000 Dirhams by the
courts and was widely reported in the press.
From the information given above calculate the approximate cost (both direct and indirect
cost) of the accident. Provide references but also use approximate costs where actual cost is
not available.
An inventor has developed an electronic instrument to monitor the impurities in the metal produced by a smelting process. A company that markets this type of equipment is considering the purchase of the patent rights to this instrument for $40,000. The company feels that there is one chance in 5 of the device becoming a successful seller. It is estimated that if the device is successful, it will produce net revenues of $150,000 a year for the next 5 years. If the product is not a success, no revenue will be received. The company’s interest rate is 15%.

(a) Draw a decision tree describing the decision options and determine the best decision policy
Explain the consequences of management not abiding by legislation and
regulations and carrying out their roles and responsibilities in a given health and
safety situationز
Justify the methods used to deal with hazards in accordance with workplace
policies and legal requirements
In this task you need to makereference to the risk assessment outlines in Task5 and the
organisation you visited where you identified hazards and put control measures in place.
You now need to justify the methods used to deal with hazards in accordance with workplace
policies and legal requirement.
Explain the consequences of management not abiding by legislation and
regulations and carrying out their roles and responsibilities in a given health and
safety situation
contact with exposed live parts causing electric shock and burns (for example exposed
leads or other electrical equipment coming into contact with metal surfaces such as metal
flooring or roofs)
 faults which could cause fires
 fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in a potentially flammable
or explosive atmosphere
You should produce an information guide in the form of a leaflet for an electric type
environment which should explain;
i. The consequences of management and employers not abiding by health and safety
legislation and regulations.
ii. The consequences of management and employers not carrying out their roles and
responsibilities correctly in relation to health and safety.
The ranges of a course are t= 231.6 meters and p = 119.7 meters, Find (a) The bearing G and (b) the length l of the course.
Find the shortest length L for a steel column with pinned ends having a cross sectional area of 60 x 100 mm, for which the elastic euler formula applies. Let E= 200 GPa and assume proportional limit to be 250MPa.
use the graphical method to find out the following for a state of pure shear having magnitude equal to 30 k N / m square:
a) principal stresses and principle plane
b) planes of maximum shear
c) normal and shear stress on plane of maximum shear
d) stress on a plane inclined at an angle of 30 degree anticlockwise with the vertical plane
A pump is installed to deliver water from a reservoir of surface elevation 0 to another reservor of elevation 105m. the 20cm diameter suction pipe (f= 0.022) is 30 m long and 25.4in diameter discharge pip(f= 0.028) is 1600 m long. minor losses are neglected. the pump characteristic at 1100 rpm is defined by: ha= 100 - 7200Q² .