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Laboratory tests on human teeth indicate that hte area effective during chewing is approximately 0.25 cm^2 and that the tooth length is about 1.1 cm. If the applied load in the vertical direction is 880 N and the measured shortening is 0.004 cm. Determine Young's Modulus
A steel cube is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure of 1.5 MPa. Because of this pressure the volume decreases to give a dilatation of -10^-5. The Young's Modulus of the material is 200 GPa. Determine Poisson's Ratio of the material and also the bulk modulus.
Find the area of the polygon whose vertices are at (-3,4), (-2,-1), (4,4), (0,5) using the distance formula
What are the equations of the lines through (-5,-3) and passing at a distance 2 square root of 5 from (5,7)
What is the equation of the line through (-2,5) and whose segment intercepted between the axes in the 2nd quadrant is equal to 7 square root of 2
The equations of the sides of a quadrilateral are x+4y-6=0 , 4x-y+4=0, x+4y+2=0, 8x-2y+13=0. Show that it is a rectangle. Find its area
A circle touches the lines 5x+2y-10=0 and 5x+2y+2=0. Find its area?
Find the equation of a line perpendicular to 4x-3y+5=0 and passing through (3,-2)
find the equation of a line parallel to 3x+2y+4=0 and at a distance 2 square root of 13 from (1,5)
Un kilogramme de fluide effectue une dilatation d’après une loi linéaire a partir d’un expression de 4.2 bar jusqu’à 1.4 bar. Le volume initiale et finale sont 0.004 m3 et 0.02 m3 respectivement. Puis, le fluide est refroidi réversiblement a pression constante. Finalement, le fluide est compressé réversiblement d’après la loi PV = C jusqu’aux conditions initiales de de 4.2 bar et 0.004 m3
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