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Question: For the retaining wall below, assume W1 - 1,650 lbs., W2 = 1050 lbs., W3 = 6,000 lbs., Pmax = 720... For the retaining wall below, assume W1 - 1,650 lbs., W2 = 1050 lbs., W3 = 6,000 lbs., Pmax = 720 lbs, the height of the wall Show transcribed image text
For the data given below (ps - 2.68 Mg/m3): (a) Plot the compaction curves. (b) Establish the maximum dry density and optimum water content for each test. (c) Compute the degree of saturation at the optimum point for data in Column A. (d) Plot the 1UU duration <1em air voids) curve. Also plot the 70%, 80%, and 90% saturation curves. Plot the line of optimums.
In a certain road construction, a forward tangent of 3% is to connect a back tangent of 5% by a 200 m symmetrical parabolic curve. It was found however that the grade intersection at Sta. 10+100 w/ elev. 100 m, fall on a rocky section w/ the exposed boulder at elev. 102.67 m. To avoid rock excavation, it was decided to adjust the curve in such a way that the curve will just clear the rock w/o altering the portion of PC and grade of the tangent. Determine the station and elevation of the new PT.

who is sir Robert Hooke with respect to strength of materials?

Prepare a report for smart building: ● Prepare a building of your own plot area or plinth area. ● Choose environmentally friendly ideas to solve electricity problems of electricity. (Say if 1 sq m of solar panel produces 100 wt of power, how many solar panels would you need to run the size of the building you are designing?) ● Try to prepare a very comprehensive report as you can. ● Assume a budget and research all the possible rates of objects that you will be using in the smart building and verify if they fall within the budget. ● Choose the location of the building of your choice. As the location of the building changes, material availability, prices and other things change too.
Design a road that goes from Point A to Point B. You cannot cross any water bodies or remove any trees or just 2 trees • When students have finished, pass out the string and rulers and have students measure how long their roads are. Each block(H/V) = 500 meter of roadway(Double lane- 7.5 meter, i.e., 3.5m+3.5m+0.5mdivider), and that every 1 KM of roadway costs CAD 12,500 to build. Calculate and report how much the road costs. Now you can remove trees, removing each bush(500 m2) costs CAD 14,000(for its lifetime). If you wish to construct a bridge on the lake, it costs 3 million per 1km of 2 lane bridge. Propose an alignment of the road such that it is scenic and safe to travel.
A 2 tonnes car is towed by a 2.5 tonnes truck which moves off from rest and reaches a speed of 2m/s before the tow-rope tightens on the stationary car. The rope then stretches taking up the strain for 0.15 seconds.Find: (a) the common speed when the rope ceases to stretch (b) the average impulsive force in the rope.(Neglect resistance and the effect of the truck’s propelling force during the stretching period
Short notes on unit process in waste water management
A plant operation has fixed costs of RM 2,000,000 per year, and its output capacity is 100,000 electrical appliances per year. The variable cost is RM 40 per unit.
short notes on : 1) Objectives of Water Supply System 2) per capita demand of water 3) variations in water demand
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