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The ranges of a course are t= 231.6 meters and p = 119.7 meters, Find (a) The bearing G and (b) the length l of the course.
Find the shortest length L for a steel column with pinned ends having a cross sectional area of 60 x 100 mm, for which the elastic euler formula applies. Let E= 200 GPa and assume proportional limit to be 250MPa.
use the graphical method to find out the following for a state of pure shear having magnitude equal to 30 k N / m square:
a) principal stresses and principle plane
b) planes of maximum shear
c) normal and shear stress on plane of maximum shear
d) stress on a plane inclined at an angle of 30 degree anticlockwise with the vertical plane
A pump is installed to deliver water from a reservoir of surface elevation 0 to another reservor of elevation 105m. the 20cm diameter suction pipe (f= 0.022) is 30 m long and 25.4in diameter discharge pip(f= 0.028) is 1600 m long. minor losses are neglected. the pump characteristic at 1100 rpm is defined by: ha= 100 - 7200Q² .
a)Draw the shear force & bending moment diagrams for a built-in beam spanning 8 meters and carrying a distributed load of 6 kN/m and a central load of 30kN,
b) find the maximum deflection of this beam if E=21 000kN/cm^2 and I=25 000cm^6
The length intercepted (R) on the stadia staff is 1.8m, the vertical angle +80degrees 26', the instrument constant (i) is 0.225 and the stadia constant (s) is 100. If the elevation of the instrument point is 151,90m , what is the elevation of the stadia point?
The vertical angle that the line of sight makes with the horizontal is +20degrees 45' and the length intercepted on the stadia is 1,945m. If the instrument constant is 0,375 and the stadia constant 102, determine
a) the horizontal distance of staff from centre of instrument
b) the elevation of stadia point above the instrument point
A regular pentagon ABCDE is jointed at the angles and stiffened by two jointed bars AC and AD. Two opposite forces P, each 3N, are applied at B and E. Find the force in each bar of the framework, stating whether it is tensile or compressive.
Draw the bending moment and shear force diagram for the cantilever beam shown below. Neglect self eight of the beam.(use scale 1:50)

| | | | |
| 5kN/m run | 5kN | 5kN |
|ccccccccccc =========!=======!====== |
| |
|----------------------5.5m------------------------------| 8kN
A steel bar, area 625 mm^2, is embedded in a block of concrete 100 mm x 100 mm. The length of both the steel bar and concrete block is 300 mm. Assuming a value of 210 kN/mm^2 for Young's Modulus for the steel, and 14 kN/mm^2 for the concrete, determine the load carried by the steel and the load carried by the concrete if the combined section is subject to a compressive load of 5 kN. Assume that there is no slip between the steel and concrete(the strain in both materials is equal) and that the load is applied over the entire cross section.