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Amsterdam, February 2006. Wednesday morning, 9 AM, a large beer truck, full of beer, was driven onto the market square shown above. The driver of the truck suddenly felt the ground moving. “It just looked as if there was an earthquake”, he said. There was a tear of more than 10 meters in roof of the parking garage below and people were afraid that the parking garage would collapse. The truck could only be removed when the floor on which the truck was standing had been reinforced with supporting beams.
As a result of this an independent investigation will take place. Assume you have graduated and are part of the investigating team. What questions would you ask and what information would you require in order to recommend the best course of action?
A helicopter is moving horizontally at 90 km.p.h. at a height of 200 m towards a target on the ground,
which is intended to be shelled, Estimate the distance from the target , where the shell must be released in
order to hit the target.
Also find the velocity with which the shell hits the target and the direction of shell at the time of hitting
the target.
Give atleast 5 interesting research topic. The research should be suitable for two statistical test. The research should be about Civil and Environmental Engineering
Calculate the reactions of the following statically determinate multispan beam, and
depict its internal force diagrams.
The two pipes A and B are at the same elevation. In pipe A, water is present and rises in the
tube to a level 63 in above pipe A. An oil is contained in B.
The inverted U-tube is filled with gas at 12 psi and 800
F. Atmospheric pressure is 15.68 psia.
(a). Calculate the difference in pressure between pipe A and B if the manometer reading is 12 in. Show
the answer in psi.
(b). Calculate the absolute pressure in B in inches of mercury, and feet of oil (s = 0.87)
A rectangular plate 0f 7 ft by 3.5 ft at an angle 450 with the horizontal, and the 7 ft side is
horizontal. Calculate the magnitude of the force on one side of the plate and the depth of its centre
of its pressure when the top of edge is
(a) at free water surface
(b) 1.75 ft below the water surface.
A flow field is determined by u= 8y, v= 4xy, w= 7z. Derive expressions for the x, y and z
components of acceleration. Find the magnitude of the velocity and acceleration at the point (2,4,5)
and at (1,2,4). Specify units in terms of L and T.
Sketch the flow field defined by u=0, v= 4xy, and derive the expression for x and y components of
acceleration. Calculate the acceleration at the point (3,4). Specify units in terms of L and T.
A bearing with 70 mm shaft in a 70.5 mm sleeve 150 mm long, the uniformed clearance space
is filled with SAE 45 lubricating oil at 350C.
Calculate the rate at which heat is generated at the journal bearing when the bearing shaft
rotates at 250 rpm. Show the answer in kN-m/s, J/s and hp.
A cylinder with high rigidity, diameter inside it is 25 mm containing a column of water 650 mm
long. Calculate the column length if a force of 2.5 kN is applied to its end by a frictionless plunger?
Assume there is no leakage.
Discuss the relevance of irrigation to agricultural development.
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