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Two small charged beads of charge q and mass m are on a ring of radius R. Bead 1 is fixed at a position and Bead 2 can be moved along the ring. The angle between these two beads from the center of the ring is q
(a) Calculate the electric field of magnitude E at the position of Bead 2 as a function of q.
(b) Calculate the fore on Bead 2 in the direction along the ring and find the equilibrium position.
(c) If Bead 2 oscillates near the equilibrium position, calculate the oscillation frequency.
A non-conducting spherical shell, with an inner radius of R1 and an outer radius of R2, has carge spread non-uniformly through its volume between its inner and outer surfaces, where the volume charge density r is given by r=k/r with the distance r frome the center of the shell and a constant k.
(a) Find the net charge Q of the shell
(b) Calculate the electric field E at a distance R frome the center over the range 0 £R£¥
(c) Fin the maximum E.
It is possible to shoot an arrow at a speed as high as 118 m/s If friction is neglected, how high would an arrow launched at this speed rise if shot straight up
Consider the figure given below. Charges 1 2 3 q , q and q are placed at A, B and C,
respectively, and 2 C. q1 = q2 = −q3 = µ Determine the magnitude and the direction
of the electric field at point P.
Two cars travel in the same direction along a
straight highway, one at a constant speed of
59 mi/h and the other at 79 mi/h.
Assuming they start at the same point, how
much sooner does the faster car arrive at a
destination 12 mi away?
4.A girl places a stick at an angle of 60.0° against a flat rock on a frozen pond. She pushes at an angle and moves the rock horizontally for 2.00 m across the pond at a velocity of 4.00 m/s and a power of 160.0 W. What force did she apply to the stick? How much work did she do? Your response should include all of your work and a free-body diagram.
A 12.6 V battery forces 3 Coulombs of charge through a load. How much energy does the load convert?
A battery has an internal resistance of 0.30 Ω. The potential difference between its terminals is 1.48 V when a current of 0.20 A is being drawn from it.
a) What is its e.m.f.?
b) What is the power rating of a television receiver that uses 270,000 Joules to operate for 1.5 hours?
A 1.0 kg bar of copper is drawn into 0.50 mm diameter wire. Calculate
a) The length of the wire
b) The electrical resistance of the wire.
• Density of copper = 8.96 x 103 kg m-3
• Resistivity of copper = 1.68 x 10-8 Ω m
In the figure particle 1 of charge +6e is above a floor by distance d1 = 2.00 mm and particle 2 of charge +8e is on the floor, at distance d2 = 6.00 mm horizontally from particle 1. What is the x component of the electrostatic force on particle 2 due to particle 1?