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which of the following is not an effect of negative feedback?
a) reducing the effect of noise
b) reduction in voltage gain
c) increase in system bandwidth
d) increase in harmonic distortion
a).How earth rotation effects gravity?
b). If the earth suddenly stops rotating what will hapoen to value of "g" at the equator and poles?
A 1400 kg car is traveling at 24 m/s when the driver takes his foot off of the gas. The car eventually rolls to a stop after 225 m. Find the force of friction acting on the car.

A car left skid marks 78 m long on a road as it slid to a stop. If the car’s acceleration was -3.9 m/s2, what was its velocity before it began to skid, to the nearest m/s? Record your answer in the grid below.
Alternating current have frequency of 50/60 Hz. it is audible sound. then why we cant hear it
I need a formula proof of how the Heron's Fountain works using Bernoulli equation. And why the water stop flows after some time being.
A series circuit consisting of an uncharged 42uF capacitor and 10M ohms resistor is connected to 100V power source. What are the current in the circuit and the charge on the capacitor after one time constant?
To resolve an object in an electron microscope, the wavelength of the electrons must be close to the diameter of the object. What kinetic energy must the electrons have in order to resolve a protein molecule that is 4.20 nm in diameter? Take the mass of an electron to be 9.11× 10–31 kg.
1kg X 10m/s2
a magnet is parallel to a uniform magnetic field.if it is rotated by 60 degrees,the work done is 0.8 J. how much additional work is done in moving it further through 30 degrees from that position?