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A charge particle velocity in a plane perpendicular to a magnetic field describes a
In the cathode ray oscilloscope, when fast moving electrons strike the glass screen coated with zinc and sulphide they cause
The electrode by which the flow of the electrons leaves the electrolyte is called
A device which may be used to compare the potential differences of electric cells is called
A Wheatstone bridge ABCD (labelled in clockwise direction) with a galvanometer G joined to the junctions B and D. A cell E is connected across AC. Resistances of 15, 10, 4 and X ohms are inserted into the arms AB, BC, CD and DA respectively. The value of X is ------- ohms
A LRC series circuit has L=8.2mH, R=33ohm, and C=33uF. IF the ac source is 60-Hz and 5.0Vrms voltage, what is:
(a) the rms current in the circuit,
(b) the rms voltage of each element of the circuit
(c) the phase angle,
(d) the average power dissipated?
Long problem #1: Three wires carrying a 1.0-A current in the same direction. The wires are at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side s=1.0m. What is the magnetic field (magnitude and direction) at the center of the triangle?
A cyclist starts from rest and accelerates at 2m%2Fs square for 20 seconds. He then travels at a constant speed for 1 minute and then finally decelerates at 3m%2Fs square. Find the maximum speed
A centrifugal compressor which represents an open system takes in air at a pressure
of 2 bar and a temperature of 28 °C at the rate of 1. 4 m 3 s −1. Compression takes
place according to the law PV 1.3 = C and the delivery pressure is 3.5 bar. The characteristic gas constant for the mixture is 287 J kg −1 K −1 and its specific heat
capacity at constant pressure is 1005 J kg −1 K −1 Determine:
(i) the input power and (ii) the heat transfer rate.
Two forces of 75N and 100N acts at an angle of 63°. Find the resultant and the angle it makes at F1 and F2
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