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Tom the cat is chasing Jerry the mouse across a table surface 1.5 m high. Jerry steps out of the way at the last second, and Tom slides off the edge of the table at a speed of 5 m/s.
a. Where will Tom strike the floor?
b. What are his vertical and horizontal velocity components just before he hits the floor?
c. What are the magnitude and direction of his final velocity?
Suppose a 650 kg pallet of boxes is lifted up and stored on a Shelf 2.5 m above-the-ground how much work was done by a forklift to lift the pallet and story on the Shelf
A copper rod ( α = 0.000017 /°C ) is 20 cm longer than an aluminum rod ( α = 0.000022 /°C ). How long should the copper rod be if the difference in their lengths is to be independent of temperature? Hint: For their difference in length not to change with temperature, ΔL must be the same for both rods under the same temperature change.
A particle of mass m moves in a three dimensional box with dimensions a , b , c . Calculate the

allowed energy values.
For a=b=c=L give the first five eigenvalues of the energy and the coresponding degenerate energy levels .

Consider solution of this kind: Ψ(x , y , z)=Ψx (x)Ψy ( y )Ψ z(z ) with energy E and solve for
Ψx ,Ψy ,Ψz with energies Ex , Ey ,Ez where E=Ex+Ey+Ez
In the answer to question #84161 what is the flow rate in cubic meters per second? It is given as 2.6 kg per second.
Given that V=r²p/4hl,where p/l=pressure gradient,h=coefficient of viscosity,obtain an expression for the dimensionless constant in the expression V
Calculate the density of bcc iron which has a lattice constant of 2.87 Å and an
atomic weight of 55.85.
Calculate the atomic packing fraction of the fcc crystal structure
Vector diagrams
While snorkeling in the ocean, you swim directly towards shore <towards south >at 2m/s.The current of the water pushes you directly sideways <towards West >at 3m/s. Determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant velocity
Ball A collide head on elastically with identical ball B (initially at rest) with speed 2 m /s then find the final velocity of Ball A and Ball B.
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