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What do you mean when we say that the atom is existed?
A river, 400m wide is flowing with a rate of 2 m/s. A boat is sailing at a velocity of 10m/s with respect to water, in a direction perpendicular to the river. The time taken by boat to reach the opposite bank is?
A golfer is practising on a range with an elevated tee 4.9m above the ground strikes the ball so that it leaves the club with a horizontal velocity of 20ms^-1. What is the speed of the ball 0.80s after it leaves the golf club?
Shawn and his bike have a total mass of 44.2kg.Shawn rides his bike 0.73km in 13.2 min at a constant velocity. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is Shawn's kinetic ? Answer in units of J
The spring constant of a toy dart gun is
2367 N
m. To cock the gun the spring is com-
pressed 4
8 cm. The 7 g dart, fired straight up-
ward, reaches a maximum height of 27
796 m.
two men A and B are facing a flat and hard wall as shown. when man A makes a clap, man B hears two claps.if the speed of sound is 320m/s.what is the time interval between the two claps heard by man B?
If rays of light parallel and close to the principal axis are incident on a ______ mirror, they converge to a point after reflection from the mirror.
a 4kg block of wood is pulled along a horizontal ground from rest and a force of 15 N is required to produce an acceleration of 2 m/s^2. In order to pull the block of wood with constant speed 5 m/s on the same horizontal ground. what should of the magnitude of the force be?
A 2kg ball is launched from a height of 1.5m, with an initial velocity of 8.0ms^-1. The launch angle is 60° to the horizontal. What is the maximum height from the ground that is reached by the ball?
A projectile is launched at 60° from the horizontal and lands 50m from the launch point. What was the projectile's speed at launch?
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