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Glass of relative permitivity 4 is kept in an external electric field of magnitude 102 Vm−1. Calculate the polarisation vector, molecular/atomic polarisability and the refractive index of the glass.
Draw a sketch of the graph that best describes the relationship between the vertical distance an object falls from rest in frictionless conditions and the speed that it attains
What are the limitations of science in regard to the service for the society?
Will my man d a job soon
An electron moving parallel to the x-axis has an initial speed of 3.70×(10)^6 m/s at the origin. It's speed is reduced to 1.40×(10)^5 m/s at the point x=2c.m
-calculate the electric potenial difference between the origin and that point?
Using the first law of the thermodynamics for an adiabatic processes, establish the relation PV power of gama =K Where gama is the ratio pf the heat capacity of constant pressure to that at constant volume .plot this equation on a P-v diagram .What will be its slope?
A box of mass 50 kg is placed on an inclined plane. When the angle of the plane is increased to 30º, the box begins to slide downwards. Calculate the coefficient of static friction between the plane and the box. Draw the free body diagram.
Missiles are fired towards the earth from a spacecraft.the missiles are moving with a speed of 0.8c with respect to earth ,how fast are the missiles observed to travel with respect to Earth? What would be the speed of the missiles as predicted by Galilean transformation?Comment on this result.
Derive an expression for the work done by a gaseous system for an isothermal expansion of an ideal gas.
Explain the working of a platinum resistance thermometer with the help of a neat am labelled diagram.