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Magnetic flux may be varied by
Suppose the resistance of a copper wire is 2ohms at a temperature of 100degre. Find the resistance of the wire at 0degre and 100degre(temperature coefficient of resistivity of copper wire is 0.00393)
Q. A parachutist of mass 60 kg falls at a steady speed of 10 m / s. The gravitational field strength g is 10 N / kg. What is the upward force acting on the parachutist? A 0N B 6.0 N C 60 N D 600 N
A 50-gm mouse falls onto the outer edge of a phonograph turnable of radius of 20cm rotating at 33 rev/min. How much work it does to walk into the center post? Assume that the angular velocity of the turnable does not change.
9. How many orders of magnitude doe the Young’s Modulus of proteins span according to the book? (2 points) It is from the book Introduction to Nanoscience by Lindsay, available as a pdf for free.

For a metal sphere, what must the value of the relative dielectric constant be for the polarizability to become infinite? What is this resonance called?

A student exerts a force of 140 N at an angle of 30 above the horizontal on a box and causes it to move 2.5 m horizontally.what is the work done on the box?

What is the Moment of Inertia for an object with angular acceleration of 10rad/s/s and a Torque of 5 Nm ?
A flagpole weighs 53kg with a flag. The flagpole is 8.4 m long. The flagpole is attached to the wall partly at point A and partly with a horizontal line extending from the top end of the flagpole. The center of gravity of the flagpole and flag is in the bar 5.0 m from the point A. The angle between the bar and the wall is 45 degrees as the figure shows. Determine the power of the cable.
A long solenoid (1000 turns/m) carries a current of 25 mA and has an inside radius of 2.0 cm. A long wire which is parallel to and 4.0 cm from the axis of the solenoid carries a current of 6.0 A. Determine the magnitude of the magnetic field at a point on the axis of the solenoid.
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