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A vertical wall of height 3.75 m is at a horizontal distance of 5 m from a point O on the ground. A particle is projected from O with initial speed 10 m/s at an angle of elevation x. Given that the particle just clears the wall, find
A) the value of tanx
B) the speed of the particle as it passes over the wall
C) the horizontal distance of the particle from the wall when it again reaches the level of O. Take g as 10 m s^-2
A convex lens of focal length of 2cm is used to view an object of height 2mm. What is the angular magnification, position of the object and the height of the image if the final image is formed at the near point?

a 54 newton horizontal force pushes a 5.0 kg mass sitting on a horizontal surface. Additionally , the horizontal surface exerts a 30 newton frictional force on the mass. What is the acceleration of the mass?

A person undergoes three displacements from point i to point c as indicated in the figure below. What are the magnitude and angle of the total displacement from point i?
d1 =6.00m,d2 =8.00m,d3 =5.00m,θ1 =40°,θ2 =30°,andθ3 =0°
A bullet is fired directly upward with an initial speed of 12 m/s from the edge of a cliff of height h = 30 m.
a. Find the maximum height the bullet reaches.
b. How long does it take the bullet to pass the cliff on its way back?
c. What is the bullet’s velocity as it hits the ground?

An airplane must reach a speed of 322 km/h to take off. If the runway is 500 m long, what is the minimum value of the acceleration that will allow the airplane to take off successfully?

A molecule has r.m.s speed of 550m/s at temperature of 20°c.what is its r.m.s speed at 80°c

The question are in the file below :

  • An isolated macroscopic system at temperature 300K absorbs a photon from the visible part of spectrum (say Wavelength=500nm) obtain a value for the relative increase ∆w/w in The number of accessible states of the system ?

Figure 5 shows two conducting rails 0.500 m apart with a 50.0 g conducting bar that slides on top of two rails. A magnetic field of 0.750 T is directed perpendicular to the plane of the rails and points upward. An external dry cell is connected to the rails supplying a voltage, V and a constant current of 1.00 A to the rail-bar system.

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