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A ball rolls up a slope. At the end of 3 secs, its velocity is 20cm/s, at the end of 8 secs its velocity is 0. What is its average acceleration from 3rd to 8th second?
Which of these is possible;
a) A body having a velocity east and acceleration east.
b) A body having velocity east and acceleration west.
c) A body having constant acceleration and variable velocity.
d) A body having zero velocity and non-zero acceleration.
e) A body having constant velocity and variable acceleration
The moon revolves around the earth making a complete revolution in about 27.3 days. If the radius of its orbit is 3.85×10^8m, calculate the angular speed and tangential velocity of the motion. What are the angular and centripetal acceleration?
A ball is thrown vertically upward. The quantity which stays constant is a) displacement b)acceleration c)velocity d)speed e)momentum.
2) A ball is thrown from the ground into the air. At a height of 9.6m, the velocity is observed to be v= 8.0i + 6.5j in m/s. Find the maximum height the ball can reach.
Explain the physical significance of the Maxwell’s equation.
Derive the wave equation for the z-component of the electric field of an
electromagnetic wave.
A sinusoidal plane electromagnetic wave propagates from water (nw =1.33) to glass
(ng = 1.5). Calculate the reflection and transmission coefficients for this wave at the
interface of the two media. Show that when an electromagnetic wave enters from
one dielectric medium to the other, its frequency remains unchanged.
An electric generator comprises a square wire loop of side 100 cm. The loop has
50 turns and is placed in a magnetic field of 0.5T. By what frequency should this
loop be rotated in the magnetic field to produce an AC voltage of peak value 250 V?
Establish the relation B = μ0 (H + M) for a ferromagnetic material.
How do we differentiate between diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials? Show
that for diamagnetic atoms placed in an external magnetic field B, the change in
dipole moment is opposite to the direction of B.
A 10 eV electron is circulating in a plane at right angles to a uniform magnetic field
of 1.0 × 10−4 T. Calculate the orbital radius of the electron, cyclotron frequency,
period of revolution, and the direction of circular motion of the electron as viewed
by an observer looking along the magnetic field.