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Please help me this homework
A point object traverses half the distance with velocity v0. The remaining part of the distance was covered with velocity v1 for the half time and with velocity v2 for the rest half. Find the average velocity?
generally we define MASS as the quantity of matter in a body.. What does the term" quantity of matter" means?
1) A certain atom has an energy level of 2.58 eV above the ground level. Once excited to this level, the atom remains in this level for 1.64  10-7 s before emitting a photon and returning to the ground level.
a/ What is its wavelength? What is the color of this light?
b/ What is the smallest possible uncertainty in energy (in eV) of the photon?
2)Find the width L of a one-dimensional box that would correspond to the absolute value of the ground state of a hydrogen atom. What is your observation?
The one-dimensional time-independent Schrödinger equation is
a/ A particle of mass m is contained in a one-dimensional box of width a. The potential energy U(x) is infinite at the walls of the box (x = 0 and x = a) and zero in between (0 < x < a).
Show that the solutions have the form: U(x)=Csin(n.pi.x/a) . Find the constant C.
b/ For the case n = 3, find the probability that the particle will be located in the region a/3 <x< 2a/3
c/ Sketch the wave-functions and the corresponding probability density distributions for the cases n = 1, 2 and 3.
1) An electron (me = 9.11 × 10–31 kg) and a bullet (m = 0.020 0 kg) each have a velocity of magnitude of 500 m/s, accurate to within 0.010 0%. Within what limits could we determine the position of the objects along the direction of the velocity? What is your observation?
2)We have the energy level for hydrogen atom: .En=-13.6eV/n^2
a/ For high principle quantum number (n) for hydrogen atom show that the spacing between the neighboring energy levels is proportional to .1/n^3
b/ In which transition of hydrogen atom is the wavelength of 486.1 nm produced? To which series does it belong?

Please help me this homework
03.01.2016 21:25
Explain what happens when a body is raised to a height from the surface of earth and then given a horizontal velocity v such that:
i) 0 < v < 8.0 km/s
ii) v = 8.0 km/s
iii) 8.0 < v < 11.2 km/s
iv) v = 11.2 km/s
Please help me solve this homework
The only force acting on a 12.0kg object is 54N. What is the magnitude of acceleration?