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Using illustrations, explain why a car moves faster to a pedestrian moving in opposite direction than to a bystander
A box is resting on the ground and you can assume its location is the origin of the system. A person applies a westward force of 31.7 Newtons (N) to the box while another applies a northward force of 43.5 N to the box. Determine the total force applied to the box.
if we charge a balloon negatively, it cling to the wall. does it mean that the wall become +vely charge? and why it falls after sometime?
Derive expression for average rate at which energy is transported by a progressive
wave propagating in a medium.
Consider N identical masses connected through identical springs of force constant k.
The free ends of the coupled system are rigidly fixed at x = 0 and x = l. The masses
are made to execute longitudinal oscillations on a frictionless table.
i) Depict the equilibrium as well as instantaneous configurations.
ii) Write down their equations of motion, decouple them and obtain frequencies of
normal modes.
The steady-state amplitude of a weakly damped forced oscillator is given by
2 2 2 2 2 1/ 2
[( ) 4 ]
( )
w −w + w
w =
Depict it as a function of frequency and obtain expression for resonance frequency.
Also obtain expression for peak value of steady-state amplitude
Establish the equation of motion of a damped oscillator. Solve it for a weakly
damped oscillator and discuss the significance of the results
A large man sits on a four-legged chair with his feet off the floor. The combined mass of the man and chair is 95.0 kg. If the chair legs are circular and have a radius of 0.500 cm at the bottom, what pressure does eachleg exert on the floor
A satellite revolves in a circular orbit around the earth at a certain height (h) above
it. Suppose that h << R, the radius of the earth. Calculate the time period of
revolution of the satellite
Derive expressions for average energy of a body executing SHM.