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vapor compression refrigeration cycle"explain its operation
Imagine a rocket with mass is moving toward a gas cloud with initial velocity . Naturally the rocket will be colliding with the gas particles and gradually losing its kinetic energy. Now for the sake of simplicity, we can model this gas cloud as tiny particles with very small mass and density /. The cross sectional area of the rocket is . Now find out how much time it will take to decrease the rocket’s velocity to half of its original.
An alternating pd of rms values 240v is applied to the terminals of an ideal transformer having 600 turns in the primary and 45 in the secondary. Across the secondary is connected a load of resistance 15ohms. Determine (a) the rms pd over the secondary (b) the rms current through the load (c) the power of the secondary circuit (d) the rms current, taken by the primary
If the space is expanding then does the distance between earth and sun is increasing?
A box of length 2m lies on the top of a rough wooden plank of length 10m. The coefficient of friction between the box and the plank is 0.1. The plank accelerates to the right at the rate of a=3m/s^2. If g=10m/s^2 then find the minimum time needed for the box to fall off the plank.
A disc of radius 12 m is rotating in the clockwise direction with an angular speed of 10 rad/sec. A small, smooth ball bearing capable of sliding along the rectangular slot moves with a speed of 10m/s with respect to an observer at O. The mass of the ball is 100gm. The perpendicular distance of the slot from the centre of disc is 8m. Moreover OP=10 m at an instant t. What is the relative velocity of the ball bearing for an observer on the ground at that instant? What is the centrifugal force on the ball? What is the coriolis force on the ball?
A wire of length 2m and radius 2mm is fixed to the center of wheel a torque of magnitude 0.0395Nm is applied to twist the wire find the regidity modulus of wire if angular twist is 0.038radian
An 80 kg patient went to a doctor . The doctor advised him to reduce his weight. Should the patient plan to live on the moon so that his weight gets reduced? Explain your answer.
If ur^•• = - k/r^2 and prove that the first integral of the equation of motion is 1/2ur^•2 = - c[1/R - 1/r] 'u' is meu
The mass (in kg), position coordinates (in m) and velocity (in m s−1) of a system of three particles A, B and C are as follows: Particle Mass A B C 2.0 kg 1.0 kg 3.0 kg Position (0, 0) (2, 0) (1, 1) Velocity r 0 4.0ˆ j 2.0ˆ
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