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1. A test charge of +2µC is located 4m to the east of a -5µC charge.(k= 9xNm2/C2) A) Find the electric force felt by the test charge. B) Find the electric field at that location.

2. Calculate the electric field felt by a positive test charge located half way between a charge of +2C and a charge of -2C, that are 3m apart

A wire of length 0.050 𝑚 and carries a current 𝐼 is in a horizontal uniform magnetic field B of 2.50 𝑇 which is perpendicular to the rod. The weight of the wire is 0.80 𝑁. What is the value of the current 𝐼 if the magnetic force on the wire equals its weight? 

A block of mass 20kg slides downward a plane inclined at 60° with the horizontal. The coefficient friction between the plane and the block is 0.4. Find the acceleration of the block

A flat circular coil which has 𝑁 turns each of diameter d carries a current 𝐼. If 𝜇0 is the permeability of free space, what is the expression of magnetic field 𝐵 at the center of the coil?

What is the kinetic energy of automobile with a mass of 1.25 x 10^3 kg traveling at a speed of 10.0m/s

A square metal plate with a length af0.20 m and with a charge of 9.7x 10 C.

Find the electric field of the square metal plate.

A student carrying an experiment discovered that it took 2 seconds for a sound wave traveling through a telephone line to cover a distance d meters and 20 seconds for the same sound traveling through air to cover a similar distance. Determine the ratio of speed of sound in air to that in the wire

The equation determining the liquid pressure in a tank is z = P/rg where z is the depth, P is the pressure, r is the density and g is the acceleration due to gravity. Show that the two sides of the equation are dimensionally the same.

Two blocks of weights W1 = W2 = 10KN rest on a rough inclined plane and are connected by a short piece of string as shown. If the coefficient of friction is μ1 = 0.20 and μ2 = 0.30 respectively: Determine a) The inclination of the plane for which sliding will impend.

Write Maxwell equation for harmonically varying field.

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