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Does the refractive index of glass depends on colour of light?If yes why?
If no why?
What is the unit of electric charge in the MKS system?
A ball hits a wall horizontally at 6m/s, it rebounds horizontally at 4.4 m/s, the ball is in contact with the wall for 0.04s, what is the acceleration?
Q1 the speed of 90 hm /hr is equal to________ m/s. (Question2 )the trajectory of a projectile is
SHO (Simple Harmonic Oscillators) consists of a spring with constant k = 10 N/m and mass m = 0.1 kg.
Find the frequency of oscillations, angular frequency of oscillations, and find the solution for the SHO
for initial conditions given by at t = 0, x(0) = 0.01 m, and v(0) = 5 m/sec.
The fundamental interval of a thermometeric scale is
A stone is projected from ground such that horizontal and vertical components of initial velocity are 10m/s and 20 m/s respectively then at what time are the magnitude of tangential and normal components of acceleration of stone same
A car is traveling 90 km/h at night. The motorist spots a deer on the road 55 m in front of the car. If the speed and direction of the car remains the same, how long will it take for the car to reach the deer's position?
somebody is still, but yet moving at 106,560 km/h (approximately, the speed of earth around the sun). How can a scientist measure and be able to rate such speed?
A block of 10 g slides on smooth horizontal surface with 20 ms-1 towards aa spring of a spring constant 100 N/m placed horizontally . the maximum compression in the spring is?