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Hi there, I I have a question about Physics/chemistry.

If I have a bag of iron oxide(lll) and powdered aluminium in the ratio of 3:1 totalling 72g, with 54g being Fe2O3 and 18g of 2Al, what would the temperature be when it burns during the exothermic reaction? Can you provide full working out please?

Thank you very much

P.S the powder would be mixed and put in a plant pot.
1)Calculate the mean free path of 10 moles of a particle of molecular diameter 6×10^-8cm at stp.
2)calculate the mean speed of a molecule of methane gas at 27°c.
3) Determine the excluded volume of a gas whose molecular radius is 2.9×10^-8cm
4) Determine the number of vibrational degrees of freedom that BeCl2 possesses.
A copper wire of diameter 1mm and length 30m is connected across a battery of 2 V.calculate the current density in the wire and drift velocity of electrons
Ball A rolled in a straight line with speed 5m/s towards bigger ball B lying 20m away.after collision A retraces &reaches starting point with 4m/s . What is the average velocity of ball A during time 0 to 6 sec
Determine the velocity of escape on the surface of the planet Mars. It is given that the mass of Mars is 1/9 and its radius is 1/2 that of the earth.
A rocket has a mass M and velocity v at a
time t. if U(rel)-> is the velocity of the
exhaust with respect to the rocket show that
V-> -V0->=U(rel)->ln(m/m0)- g->t where g-> is the acceleration due to gravity.
Here V0->and M0 are the respective initial values of the velocity and mass. Would this
equation have been valid if g-> had simply been written as g? Explain your answer.
A thin cylindrical candle is reshaped into a
thick cylinder what would happen to its
movement of inertia about the axis of the
cylinder? Explain
An extra-solar planetary system consists of a
star and just one planet. The mass of the
planet is 1/1000 times the mss of the star
The distance between the two is 1000 times
the radius of the star. calculate the location of
the centre of mass of the system. State whether it is inside the star or outside it.
A person of mass 60 kgs is standing in a lift.
What is his weight when the lift is stationary
and when it is moving with an acceleration
A satellite is placed in the orbit of the earth at
a height of1000 km from its surface . calculate
it's time period, given that a geo stationary
satellite has an altitude 36000 km