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A bird sits on a tree and drops a 0.15kg nut. When the nut is 50m above the ground it has a speed of 42.7m/s. How high was the bird when it dropped the nut if you ignore air resistance.
How do you find the electric field from a hollow uniformly charged sphere
Two 10kg spheres are placed 500mm apart.Express the gravitational attraction acting on one of the spheres as percentage of its weight on earth
During a storm, a crate of crepe is sliding across a slick, oily parking lot through a displacement d=(-3.0m)i while a steady wind pushes against the crate with a force F=(2.0N)i+(-6.0N)j. (a) How much work does this force do on the crate during the displacement? (b) If the crate has a kinetic energy of 10J at the beginning of displacement d, what is its kinetic energy at the end of d?
A garage mechanic uses a stroboscope to equilibrate a wheel. By decreasing the frequency of flashes, he observes that the wheel appears stationary for frequencies 60 Hz, 30 Hz, 20 Hz,... Calculate the frequency of the wheel.
A projectile is launched at ground level with an initial speed of 50.0 m/s and an
elevation angle (i.e., at an angle above the horizontal) of 30.0°. It strikes a target above the
ground 3.00 s later. What are the horizontal and vertical distances of the target from the place
where the projectile was launched? Ignore air resistance.
A football is kicked at ground level in such a way that its initial horizontal speed is
12 m/s and its initial vertical speed is 17 m/s. Assume a level playing field and ignore air
resistance. (a) How much later does the football hit the ground? (b) How far away does it land?
If an object has an initial position
(x1, y1) = (5.0 m, 9.0 m),
and an initial velocity
(v1x, v1y) = (2.0 m/s, −9.0 m/s),
what is the final position vector
(x2, y2)
of the object if its two-dimensional acceleration is described by the graphs in the figure below? (Express your answer in vector form in metres.)
The quantum mechanical wave function for a particle is given by
ψ =
0 , 0
( ) 2 , 0
x x
A x e
Determine (i) the normalization constant A and (ii) the most probable position of the
The top of the pool table is 2.75 ft from the floor. The placement of the tape is such that 0 feet aligns to the edge of the table (as shown). The winner of the competition wants to know if he has broken the world record for the break shot of 32 mph. His ball landed a distance 15.75 ft from the table edge. Calculate his break shot speed.