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Under which circumstances may a Legal Practitioners Fidelity Fund Board be removed from office

  •  Do you think labor relations is a major issue in criminal justice? Why or why not?

  • Do you think it is a right of society to expect a higher standard of conduct from criminal justice employees? Why or why not?

Jenny owns a clothing shop. Jenny buys all the clothing for her shop and 

although her manager, Shirley, runs the shop in Jenny's absence, she has 

no authority to buy for the shop. On one occasion Shirley, without Jenny's 

authority buys a batch of shirts from a wholesaler, which she thinks 

Jenny will like. When Jenny hears of Shirley's transaction she agrees to keep

the shirts. However, when the wholesaler claims payment from Jenny she 

refuses to pay, arguing that Shirley lacked authority to perform the 


Advise the wholesaler

Meanwhile, Sid is also a private contractor with five workers. Sid has contracted with Riku to renovate his kitchen as preparation for Riku’s engagement party in February 2021. Riku paid Sid RM5000.00 as a deposit, and they both agreed that the work must be done within two weeks and to be completed before Christmas 2020. Sid promised Riku that he would start the renovation on 1st December 2020. However, two days before December 2020, Sid and two of his workers tested positive for COVID-19 and were hospitalised for treatment. Sid informed Riku that he could not start the work within the time agreed. There will also be delays in completing the project as the other three workers were self-quarantined. Riku was so furious as he plans to organise a private Christmas party with his family and close friends to show them his newly renovated kitchen. Invitations have been sent, and Riku is embarrassed to cancel the event. Consequently, Riku terminated the contract and wanted to sue Sid.

With reference to the Contracts Act 1950 and relevant legal authorities, advise Sid on the legal implication(s) of the above situations against:

(a)      Riku                                                                                                                   (30 Marks)

Examine how the loopholes in the judicial procedure is dramatized in short story The Benefit of the Doubt.
iscuss the law of Taxation in Australia including the following criteria(refer to the relevant legislation and cases):(a)The legislation involved –particularly the Income Tax Assessment Acts 1936 and 1997 –why both? –and the New Tax System legislation;(b)The foundation of our tax system –a mixture of direct and indirect taxation;(c)Goods and Services Tax and Capital Gains Tax –a brief study.
describe the basic features of human rights
Why should SBEs receive certain tax concessions compared to other types of entities? List some of these tax concessions that you are aware of. What are the incentives to give SBEs those tax advantages?
One way in which the Federal Trade Commission and the Clayton Antitrust Act are similar is that both
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