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Explain both original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction within the judicial system and how they differ in Texas
Explain the concept that is representation within democratic government. More specifically, define a delegate, trustee, and politic in Texas
Explain three criticisms/weaknesses concerning the judiciary and judicial campaigns/elections in Texas
Explain differences between the patronage system and the merit-based system within Texas government as it applies to the governor’s appointment powers.
Comparison on legal culture between that of China and African laws
Meaning of term breach of contract and critically discuss the remedies of breach of contract
Mutri buys goods from Nad for 2000 subjects to the national credit act, the agreement is entered into at Nad's office in sandton, what are the legal positions?
n what ways has the internet and modern technology increased the potential for business tort and criminal liability?
5 points on laws are for everyone
What are the rights and duties of the principal and an agent?
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