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Assess the effects of the differing budgets on the employees, citizens, and external stakeholders affected by budgets and related services for the state of hawaii
This in criminal Justice
9. Does disparity in sentencing occur? What does the research reveal about disparities according to race/ethnicity? Sex? Socioeconomic status?
I will love to have a detailed plan on the forces of law and other in the management of crisis,in 2 parts and 4 chapters.thanks
please I need a detailed plan on the forces of law and order in the managements of riots
Mary, a director of XYZ Sdn Bhd has altered the Article of Association so that Ahmad, a minority shareholder could purchase the share of the company. Mary has also altered the object of the company so that the company can enter contracts with a foreign company. Vellu, a majority shareholder objects to the alteration and says that the alteration was invalid.
Dear Students,

This is your second Life Skills Assignment. Life skills assignments are worth 5% of your final grades each for a combined total of 20% of your final grades. For this assignment, you must use the format provided below in order to brief the attached case: SALSBURY v. NORTH WESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO., 221 N.W.2d 609 _1974
How significant is the UK’s lack of a codified constitution? Critically analyse whether there is a need for a constitutional codification.
Gilly a woman suffering from eclampsia attends hospital for her symptoms whilst pregnant the consultant suggests recommends that she stay under observation in fair green hospital until shes given birth. she is then discharge and goes to work before having baby lucy. after work she collapses and ends up in hospital again and the consultant recommends inducement gilly requests that she wait for her husband and 36 hours later he returns the baby lucy is born disabled physically and mentally the consultant apparently had the notes from fair green hospital. advise gilly on whether she has a claim a year before gilly was involved in a accident which was assessed by her gp as necessary for her to have a caesarean operation due to her injuries
Two years ago Peta purchased a house in Kew. This house had two old tennis courts down the back which were in poor condition. She purchased the property for two reasons:
? so that she and her family could live in the house; and
? so that she could build three units on the tennis courts and sell them at a profit.
In the current tax year the tennis club next door offered to buy the old tennis courts, but only if Peta first restored them to good condition. Peta decided to accept the club�s offer instead of going ahead with her plan to build and sell units.
Peta spent $100,000 on preparing the tennis courts for sale. This involved a great deal of work. Peta had to resurface the tennis courts and build new fences around them. She then sold the tennis courts in the current tax year to the tennis club for $600,000.
Ignoring capital gains tax, discuss whether the receipt of $600,000 is ordinary income under s 6-5.
Scott is an accountant who purchased a vacant block of land in
Brisbane on 1 October 1980. On 1 September 1986, Scott built a
house on the land. At the time, the land was valued at $90,000 and
the cost of construction was $60,000. The property has been rented
out since construction was completed. On 1 March of the current tax
year, Scott sold the property at auction for $800,000.
a) Based on the information above, determine Scott’s net
capital gain or net capital loss for the year ended
30 June of the current tax year.
b) How would your answer to (a) differ if Scott sold the
property to his daughter for $200,000?
c) How would your answer to (a) differ if the owner of the
property was a company instead of an individual?