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commercial law - discuss the requirement of duress
What is the "discovery" rule that you have to do in Court?
‘’The doctrines of equity are said to be the cure for the rigidity and harshness of common law’’. Explain the veracity of this statement noting to use at least five principles of equity
Loius had heard about the changes to the companies Act 2008, specifically the changes to the different type of companies, he has asked you to discuss the two different categories of companies that exist and which companies fall into them, advise louis
S Tax Court is part of which one of the following levels of federal courts?

Special Court

District Court

Supreme Court

Courts of Appeal
advise sizwe on whether he has any recourse in terms of The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act No 3 of 2000. you are required to discuss what is meant by administrative action and when is such action subject to review
‘X’ has been working in an Govt. office for last ten years. ‘X’ is fired without any reason. What are the various administrative lapses for which ‘X’ can take action?
Assess the effects of the differing budgets on the employees, citizens, and external stakeholders affected by budgets and related services for the state of hawaii
This in criminal Justice
9. Does disparity in sentencing occur? What does the research reveal about disparities according to race/ethnicity? Sex? Socioeconomic status?
I will love to have a detailed plan on the forces of law and other in the management of crisis,in 2 parts and 4 chapters.thanks
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