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You work as a paralegal in the law firm that has been hired to represent the victim in a possible civil action. Your client is confused and simply does not understand the differences between a civil cause of action and a criminal case. She wants to know if it makes sense to wait until the criminal prosecution is finished before she files a civil lawsuit for assault. Does the different standard of proof at a criminal trial impact this decision?
The 2019 Telstra Sustainability Report is provided on the subject Moodle shell. Use this information to explain how Telstra is meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What is your opinion of these initiatives? Has Telstra produced any financial and social benefits in long and short terms with its sustainable approach? You can learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals via
Jim, Kit and Erik are out and about having fun in Melbourne. They stop by a café and Jim goes to the counter to buy some drinks. He finds some fancy bottles of soft drink he hasn’t seen before. He buys three. The friends are having a lively conversation as they drink their drinks. All of a sudden Kit starts coughing and spluttering. He then goes purple in the face. He is clearly choking. Erik, a trainee nurse, grabs Kit around the middle and pushes his clenched fist just under Kit’s chest. Kit coughs up a small plastic ball. This was part of the bottle top and has come loose. Kit starts crying and is comforted by Jim. Kit is very distressed as he realises what might have happened if Erik had not been there and had not had the necessary training. Kit has since been diagnosed with clinical depression and has not been yet been able to resume his University studies. Required: Does Kit have an arguable case in tort law? Who would he sue? On what grounds?
If a man write a will that only he's sons should inherit his property it is called
Balance report means A.two reports of same size B.reports in favour of govt that shows all the view point of topic D. None of the above
What are some of the advantages that U.S. firms gain by agreeing to resolve disputes through arbitration? What rights do they give up as a result?
What are your thoughts on the fact that items used in our every day lives may be connected to human trafficking? Would you be willing to stop using those items?
Abhay and seema have entered into a commercial agreement to license content however abhay did not deliver the content to the satisfaction of seema. Hence there are dispute arisen between abhay and seema. Abhay and seema do not want to go through a protracted litigation process in Indian Court. Can you advise them on A. What should be done to conduct an arbitration between abhay and seema to resolve the disputes.
Explain in details 2 real life instances of anti competitive agreement which have been prohibited by the competition commission of India
Paul Allen visited the Computer Science Department of a neighboring university to seek advice on how to improve the security of his business's local area network. Professor Jack Lee, an internationally recognized expert in the field answered several questions posed by Mr. Allen regarding network security. Upon asking Professor Lee to recommend a software package to identify security problems, Mr. Allen is informed that BeAlert got best ratings in a personal computer magazine. Professor Lee fails to mention that another product with fewer features but a much lower price was a 'best buy" rating by the same magazine. He also fails to mention that BeAlert is a product of a spin-off company in which he is a minor shareholder. a) State four functions that professional codes of ethics serve b) Use Alternative list of fundamental principles for an information technology related profession, list principles that are relevant to the moral problem described and determine whether the action taken is ethical
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