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Explain the Constitutional necessity and importance of the following Congressional Committees and provide examples of their activities where possible: House Ways & Means, House Judiciary Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Strawberry Corporation bought 200 tones of strawberries from ABC Company under a contract. The contract was stating that the strawberries are to be delivered in 5 different containers at 40tones each. After each delivery, Strawberry Corporation was to pay 20% of the price. ABC Company delivered the items as agreed, but Strawberry Corporation failed to pay the last installment of 20% of the price. After repeated reminders for payment, the owner of ABC Company started a media campaign against Strawberry Corporation and destroyed their reputation in the market. As a result, Strawberry Corporation lost part of their clients. Advise Strawberry Corporation and ABC Company. What are the available legal options for them?
with the aid of at most four relevant cases ,extensively discuss how south African courts have interpreted section 76 (33)b of the campanies act 71 of 2008 using primary rules ,secondary and tertiary aids of statutory interpretation in ascertaining the intention of the legislator
What is the WHS legislation for your state and the regulatory authority?

My state is vic
What is the constitutional basis for the Miranda rule?
What two things are necessary for the Miranda rule to apply?
Are warnings required during routine traffic stops?
During Terry stops? Explain why or why not.
Who besides police officers are required to give Miranda warnings?
What does a suspect have to do to invoke his or her Miranda rights?
What is derivative evidence? Give several examples.
What is the corpus delicti requirement?
Expound on the effect of misrepresentations and mistakes in contractual undertakings.
What powers does bureaucracy possess?
Explain the impact of the urban planning on the environment and its way

I am stuck with my law homework it's regarding criminal liability. it AQA unit 3 criminal law 2015 past paper question 2.

Kind Regards
As noted above Gru has one daughter, Ezmerelda. A keen amateur mathematician, Ezmerelda is a banker.

They couple also owned a coastal cottage which was purchased in 2012. Despite Ezmerelda paying the whole £150,000 purchase price, the cottage was conveyed in to Julie’s sole name. Since the purchase of the cottage in 2012 Julie has redecorated the cottage throughout and has also landscaped the small courtyard at the rear of the cottage.

In 2018 Ezmerelda and Julie ended their relationship after a prolonged period of difficulty. It appeared that they had simply fallen out of love. It later transpired that Julie had been having an illicit affair with a neighbour.

Heartbroken and furious, Ezmerelda demands to know how she stands in relation to ownership of the properties mentioned above. Advise Ezmerelda as to the ownership interests in this “cohabitation” section.

Please advise the parties as to the beneficial ownership of their numerous properties.
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