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Hi, I was wondering what market structure the rail industry operates in?
It costs you about $3 to produce a pizza.

Last week you sold 500 pizzas for $12 each.

This week you raised your price and sold 300 pizzas for $16 each.

What price should you be charging? (round to the nearest penny)
Supposs that you are a writer for the blog fashion boutiques & are writing a post that illustrates how principles from your economics class can be illustrated by the market for boutiques.you want to include some headlines from recent news stories find actualnews articles using chocolates to illustrate each of the following concepts,or if name are available,create your own detailed headlines.you may draw a graph to illustrate the changes in equilibrium.
1.change in quantity demanded
2.change in quantity supplied
3 change in buyers of butiques
4.change in the price of related goods
A prime example of the negatives effectives of "Path Dependency" is the QWERTY keyboard layout, which persists in usage despite there being far more efficient ways to organize a keyboard. Path Dependency can also be used to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Identify a firm and product, other than Apple, that has used path dependency to its advantage and discuss how this was accomplished.

Use Microsoft as the company.
Robinson's technology for producing coconuts (x) is represented by x equals square root of l, where l is labour, in hours per day. His preferences for coconuts and labour are given by the utility function u left parenthesis l comma space x right parenthesis equals x minus l over 2. Assume Robinson is the only consumer of coconuts, and the owner of the only firm that produces coconuts. Suppose the price of coconuts is set at 1.

The Pareto efficient allocation of labour and coconut is l= and x=
Find the equilibrium price and quantity
Set Qd = Qs:
100/3-P/3 = -5+P/2
the differnce between price ratationing and non-price ratining
understanding development- living in hetrrogeneous world-islands of prosperity
If the investment accelerator from an increase in government purchases is larger than the crowding-out effect, then

the multiplier is probably equal to one.

the multiplier is probably less than one.

the multiplier is probably zero.

the multiplier is probably greater than one.
The interest-rate effect

is the least important reason, in the case of the United States, for the downward slope of the aggregate-demand curve.

depends on the idea that decreases in interest rates increase the quantity of goods and services demanded.

is responsible for the downward slope of the money-demand curve.

depends on the idea that decreases in interest rates decrease the quantity of goods and services demanded.