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7. The following relations describe the supply and demand for specific good:
QD = 65000 – 10000P
QS = - 35000 + 15000P
a) Compute the following table
Price QS QD Surplus pr Shortage

a) What is the equilibrium price?
reason for nigeria's involvement in sale of eurobounds from 2013 to 2017
In the above figure, illustrate the effect on the AS curve from an increase in the money price of a key input/resource such as oil.
country’s current account / positive balance of payments
Use a diagram of the open economy model to illustrate and explain the effect of the following event on the market for loanable funds, the level of net foreign investment, the market for foreign-currency exchange, the market of good and services and the job market. In your answer make sure you discuss the impact on the following variables:
• Interest rates, public savings, private savings, national savings, investment, net foreign investment, supply of currency, the exchange rate and the level of net exports.
Event: There is a decline in consumer confidence in the economy
Note: Ignore the detail and politics of this event. Focus only on analysing the market adjustment in each case. Fully explain all the transmission mechanism.
Examine how the purchasing-power parity theory determines exchange rates and their implications on trade, job creation and interest rate on the country.
Explain how net foreign investment measures the international flow of capital and how it can influence the market of goods and services, labour market and financial market.
Hint: Provide possible examples or case studies.
You have discovered that controls implemented on the printing, postage and stationery account have made significant changes. Each month the savings made are $300. Use the first two columns to complete the
The majority of financial institutions in the United States are commercial banks? True Or False
How to face the changes in opportunity costs as it possibly produces various combinations?