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For the questions below, write what effect the listed scenarios has on the demand of the product and why.
1. Winter coat: unusually mild winter
2. Winter coat: relocate to Nepal
3. Winter coat: rock star makes it trendy to wear winter coats
4. Shorts: schools ban wearing shorts
5. Shorts: famous people wear shorts in public
6. Ski sweater: Skiing becomes more popular
7. Ski sweater: Ski sweaters are out
Consider a production process which encounters diminishing returns right away. Draw the TP curve and, directly below, derive the APL and MPL curves. Then, in another graph, show the TVC, TFC and TC curves in this case and graphically derive the AVC, ATC and MC curves. Be sure to carefully label your graphs and use light trace lines to show the coordination between the top and bottom graphs.
How to calculate Year over Year growth rate for non-yearly data? for example how to calculate US Q4 you GDP growth rate?
Having to do with tourism in New Zealand Vs. Tourism in Australia.
What Factors of production of the germane resources in each country were different in 2009 as compared to 2013?
Imagine that to preserve the traditional way of life in small fishing villages, a government decides to impose a price floor that will guarantee all fishermen a certain price for their catch.

a. Using the demand and supply framework, predict the effects on the price, quantity demanded, and quantity supplied.

b. With the enactment of this price floor for fish, what are some of the likely unintended consequences in the market?

c. Suggest a policy other than the price floor, working within the framework of demand and supply, to make it possible for small fishing villages to continue.
Imagine that to preserve the traditional way of life in small fishing villages, a government decides to impose a price floor that will guarantee all fishermen a certain price for their catch.
1 In a competitive market, the industry demand and supply curves are P= 200 - .2Qd and P = 100 + .3Qs, respectively. Find the market’s equilibrium price and output
A countrys long run equilibrium price level has increased, but the position of its aggregate demand schedule has not changed. What has happened and what factors could have caused this
Provide an original example of a series of schemes of recurrence sustaining an economic enterprise. Identify some of the invisible acts of meaning that maintain the schemes. Diagnose some of the threats to the schemes and so to the survival of the enterprise?

Can anyone help me with this question? Or lead me in the right direction, I am so so lost!!!
You are required to include a production possibility frontier for each country in your paper. As well, you will need to answer a few questions…

What would be the production possibility frontiers for Brazil and the United States?
Without trade, the United States produces AND CONSUMES 32,500 units of clothing and 125,000 cans of soda.
Without trade, Brazil produces AND CONSUMES 50,000 units of clothing and 25,000 cans of soda.
Denote these points on each COUNTRY’s production possibility frontier.
Using what you have learned and any independent research you may conduct, which product should each country specialize in, and why?