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What is price rigidity in short with exam write
If investment demand falls and multiplier is strong how big is the fall in equilibrium output?
what are the positive and/or negative impact of Brexit on the aggregate demand of UK nowadays and when Brexit occurs.
what is the role of hyperbola in economics and basics???
The MacWend Drive-In has determined that demand for hamburgers is given by the following equation:

Q = 205.2 + 23.0A - 200.0PM + 100.0PC + 0.5I
(1.85) (2.64) (-5.61) (2.02) (4.25)

where Q is the number of hamburgers sold per month (in 1,000s), A is the advertising expenditures during the previous month (in $1,000), PM is the price of MacWend burgers (dollars), PC is the price of hamburgers of the company's major competitor (dollars), and I is income per capita in the surrounding community (in $1,000). The t-statistics for each coefficient is shown in parentheses below each coefficient.
(A)Are the signs of the individual coefficients consistent with predictions from economic theory? Explain.
(B). If A = $5,000, PM = $1, PC = $1.20, and I = $20,000, how many hamburgers will be demanded?
(C). What is the advertising elasticity at A = $5,000?
The arc advertising elasticity is 1.5 as advertising expenditures of Rs. 12 Lakhs, what will demand be at an advertising expenditure of Rs. 10 lakhs?
Q. Consider the demand equation, Qx = 150 - PxP0 where the subscripts x and o refer to two different goods.
a. For this equation, write the expression for the point price and cross elasticities of demand as function of Px and P0.
b. what is the relationship between the price and cross elasticities ?
Write-Right, a vertically integrated firm produces both paper and writing tablets. The demand for tables is given by PT = 1.00 – 0.001Q where Q is the quantity of tablets. The marginal cost of producing the paper necessary for tablet is MCP = 0.20 + 0.001Q It costs the firm $0.10 to make the paper into a writing tablet. If there is no external market for the paper, what transfer price should top management set for the paper?
Fiscal policy objectives in South Africa
Suppose the government increases its spending and that net exports increase. In two or three sentences, explain how these actions affect economic performance.