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How did the Financial Industry, Transportation Industry and the Energy Industry benefit form freer trade with Iran
What would you expect to happen to the rents you can charge under the following conditions?
(i) A major organization in the city closes down.
When estimating a demand function, explain why fitting a line of best fit through observed
price and quantity combinations over time is not likely to yield good estimates.
Assume the following data for this economy. Full employment GDP occurs at $400.
Assume that the MPC = 0.75. All figures are in billions of dollars.

A concerned father wants to stop his young son smoking cigarettes. He decides to make his son smoke five full packets at once to convince him to stop.

1. Explain how the law of diminishing marginal utility will support the father’s plan and that his plan may actually work.
2. In your answer, explain all assumptions that you make and why they are important.
3. Do these assumptions apply to only the father’s plan or to the law of diminishing marginal utility in every situation?
What are the main disadvantages of an increase in income tax, assuming the economy has an output gap?
Consider a perfectly competitve labour market with two groups of workers differing in number and marginal productivity (measured in extra revenue)

In group A there are 40 workers with a marginal productivity of 9

In group B there are 60 workers with a marginal productivity of 5

Before hiring, employers do not know which group workers belong to

What would be the market wage rate? Illustrate with appropriate diagrams
With the use of a diagram,explain the effect of an expansionary fiscal policy on the equilibrium position of the economy and the adjustment process towards simultaneous equilibrium,assuming the economy is pursuing a flexible exchange rate system.
What workers in the us benefit the most from freer trade with iran
Is there any relevant news regarding aggregate demand/supply, fiscal policies, or monetary policies? I need a topic for my group presentation and couldn't find anything regarding these topics online.
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