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Assume that banks hold no excess reserves, and the public holds no currency. If a
customer deposits$10,000 in Bank A,
(i) Explain what happens to Bank A (initially) and two additional steps in the
deposit expansion process, assuming a 5 % reserve requirement.
(ii) When will the money creation process end? Explain. 3marks
(iii) How much do deposits and loans increase for the banking system when
the process is completed? 3marks
(iv) What is the impact, if any, on the level of reserves and the monetary base?
(v) Use a T-account to show the banking system in equilibrium.
(vi) If the required reserve ratio remains 5% but the banking system now
holds excess reserves of 5%, calculate the money multiplier and explain
the impact of excess reserves on the money creation process
Suppose war broke out in the Middle East and gasoline and diesel fuel prices began rising. Jeepney drivers and bus owners feared future oil shortages if war cut off the flow of oil, and they rushed to fill up their fuel tanks. In this case, as the price fuel increased, jeepney drivers and bus owners bought more, not less. Is this an exception to the law of demand? Use the terminology of the demand and supply model to explain your answer.
A pain reliever currently being used in a hospital is known to bring relief to patients in a mean time of 3.5minutes. To compare a new pain reliever with the one currently in use, the new drug is administered to a random sample of fifty patients’. The mean time to relief for the sample of patients is 2.8minutes and the variance is 1.3minutes.Do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the new drug was effective in reducing the mean time until a patient receives relief from pain?. Test using p-value and let =0.10
Social services are a priority in the economy of which of the following countries?

In 1944, finance specialists and bankers from around the world met to discuss what the post-WWII monetary system would be. Given the instability of the pre-war period, the goal was to create a new system. The outcome of this was the Bretton Woods system, which had the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency linked to gold at $35 an ounce. All other currencies were tied to the dollar with limits on how much they could appreciate or depreciate. The system lasted until the 1970s, when the United States decided to move away from gold convertibility. The modern system is based on supply and demand for currency and a managed float. Discuss the following in your main post:

The U.S. dollar remains the world's reserve currency. Is this good for the United States, and if so, why?

•People usually think a "strong" dollar is good. Is this true for U.S. businesses, and does it help or hurt the U.S. balance of payments?
Here is the daily demand schedule and supply schedule of a cup of small latte in a local coffee shop:
Price ($) Demanded quantity (#) Supplied quantity (#)
6 0 1000
5 200 800
4 400 600
3 600 400
2 800 200
1: 1000 0
Give the coefficients in the equations for demand and supply: Qd = a+ bp and Qs = alpha a + alpha bp (the p is not alpha only a and b) find a, b, alpha a, alpha b
Using the AE/Y model, show how the AD Curve is derived using output of $1.5T, $2T, and $2.5T, and a Price Level of 90, 100, and 110.
Assume that the MPC is .8, calculate the effects of an increase in G of $30B on output, consumption and savings.
Explain how increases in C, I, or G, or decreases in T cause output to increase by more than the initial increase in AE ?
What is the nature of the UK regional problem and why do the policies used to address it seem to have failed?