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The manager of small candy shop operatinh in perfectly competitive market determines that his average cost for chocolates is given by 10-0.2Q +0.005Q^2 where Q is in pound per month. The market price of chocolates is expected to maintain at $8 per pound. How many pounds per month should he produce?
In a monetary policy , among other ways to finance a deficit – there are :
Issuing securities, Fiat money, Borrowing from abroad, or Borrowing from domestic financial institutions.
Elaborate – verbally and graphically on 2 methods:
One method leads to inflationary pressure, and another method leads to a negative impact on investment – through interest rate
Given the national income. Plotted on the horizontal axis and the GDP deflator on the vertical one. Explain verbally and graphically, how to use the fiscal policy-as an automatic adjustment to reach the potential level of GDP along the LRAS curve
Assume that the unemployment rate is 7 percent and GDP is $4000 billion. What is a rough estimate of potential GDP if the NAIRU is 5 percent? Assume that potential GDP is growing at 3% annually. What will potential GDP be in 2 years?
a driver wishes to buy gasoline and have her car washed. she finds that the wash costs $3.00 when she buys 19 gallons at $1.00 each, but that if she buys 20 gallons the car wash is free. Thus, the marginal costs of the 20th gallon of gas is
onsider a change that you believe would be profitable for your company in the long run (with short run analysis too).
Your written report should include:
* Clear statement of the problem

* Academic support of problem/solution (minimum of two, one can be your text)

* Industry support of problem/solution (minimum of one)

* Clear statement of proposed change(s) and expected outcome(s).

* The first page should be an Executive Summary using bullet points (this may be very similar to the sheet you use for your presentation)

a monopolist does not have a what curve
With regard to coal shortages and municipal debts. What forms of intervention do you think Eskom can put in place in order to cover up all the debts and continue operating? incorporate relevant graph's in your answer
Consider a monopolist with the following demand functions for different market segments q1=16-0.2P1
Where q1 and q2 are the quantities demanded in markets 1 and 2 respectively, and p1 and p2 are the prices charged in the two market s. The cost function is C=50+20 (q1+ q2).
A country reported a real GDP growth of 4.17% from 2011 to 2012 and reported a GDP deflator
of 125 in 2012 and 120 in 2011. What happened to the country’s nominal GDP and price level
from 2011 to 2012 (Increased, decreased or remained the same)? Calculate the percentage change
of each.
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