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Have a history question you need help with? Many students are good in writing their essays, but may face trouble when it comes to giving concise yet relevant answers to their history questions. It isn’t just the dates and facts that you may not know: these are easy to google, though some history fact questions can still be tricky. More likely, it is the explanation of an event in history or a critical answer you are required to provide, and that is where you may need some help. We are happy to offer a free history questions and answers service where you can post your question and get a reply from a history expert within a short time. We cover World History, US History, 20th Century History, Ancient History, British History, European History, Australian History, Middle Eastern History, Women’s History and many other subcategories. Post your history question here and be sure to get a professional answer for free. If you need more than just an answer — a history essay or paper — order now, and our history experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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Most enlightened thinkers believed _ would prevail over _ .

A. Superstition/ Human Reason
B. Human Reason/ Superstition
C. Human Reason/ Religion
D. Religion/ Human Reason
All of the following statements are true of the Constitutional Convention in 1789 EXCEPT *

The New Jersey Plan suggested that representation in the legislature for each state be equal
Tried to strike a healthy balance between a strong central government and respecting individual state rights
The Virginia Plan offered that the number representatives in the legislature be determined by a states population
George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were prominent figures advocating for the revision of Articles of Confederation
The Great Compromise struck a deal to balance representation in the legislature
when was Julius Ceaser in power?
How did slave ships help condition enslaved people for what was to come?
The Europeans’ understanding of freedom based on ownership of private property had little meaning to most Indian societies. What was far more important than individual autonomy to most Indian communities, and why?
2. Evaluate “Gold, God, and Glory” as reasons for the European conquest of the Americas. Did one outweigh another in motivating the Europeans? How were these reasons used to justify the conquest? How genuine were they?
3. Examine the “Voices of Freedom” primary source excerpt written by Bartolomé de Las Casas, as well as Foner’s discussion of his work in the textbook. Explain what motivated him to speak out. What kind of influence did he have on the Spanish? On the Indians? On the African slaves? In what sense was his understanding of freedom limited?
“Capitalism equals efficient growth, pure and simple, right?”
Based on what he says in “A Model of Christian Charity”, what does Winthrop want his congregation to do once they get to the New World?

Outfit privateer vessels to prey on Spanish trade.

Plant marketable crops (like tobacco).

Work hard and cooperate, to ensure their survival.

Spend most of their time in prayer and bible study.
What led them to demon explanation or a failure or excess? Do you agree with their decision? How did the Europeans interrupt the natural world they encountered? What seem to surprise them the most? What did the New World signify to Europe? How did the experience of the New World compared to their expectations? Was there any disappointment?
Analyse the factors that led to state revolt in North America
What are the needs of an urban society? Think about the different ways people must organize themselves in a city versus in a small wondering group. What skills are important for individuals and groups to develop? Put another way, what new jobs would people do? How is this a result of agricultural surplus?
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