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Have a history question you need help with? Many students are good in writing their essays, but may face trouble when it comes to giving concise yet relevant answers to their history questions. It isn’t just the dates and facts that you may not know: these are easy to google, though some history fact questions can still be tricky. More likely, it is the explanation of an event in history or a critical answer you are required to provide, and that is where you may need some help. We are happy to offer a free history questions and answers service where you can post your question and get a reply from a history expert within a short time. We cover World History, US History, 20th Century History, Ancient History, British History, European History, Australian History, Middle Eastern History, Women’s History and many other subcategories. Post your history question here and be sure to get a professional answer for free. If you need more than just an answer — a history essay or paper — order now, and our history experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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6. The first form of agricultural mechanization arises with the industrial revolution and the use of machines for the fields. What is the nation that started this process? What is the social class that has developed it?
do you think Madison would approve or disapprove of the way the U.S government is run if he were to see it today? what would he praise and or change about it?
How did the United States try to help European nations devastated by World War I?
n approximately 250 words, describe and discuss whether the U.S. should be concerned with human rights in other nations. Should human rights and morality be the cornerstones of U.S. foreign policy? Why or Why not?. You must support your post with specific examples and be sure to be specific in your reasoning.
Why are individual and social aims of education important for the learner?
Compare and contrast the leaders, goals, and the outcomes of the Long March and the Salt March. Which would you rather participate in? Consider which leader you might respect more, the goals, and other factors that may influence your decisions. Please answer in AT LEAST 5 sentences.
Why didn't the U.S. do anything to stop the fascist invasions of Manchuria or Ethiopia, or to stop Germany's reoccupation of the Rhineland?
Did Independence free the Bahamas from all colonial ties from Britain?
general tactics of the Allies in battling the Japanese in PNG?
Explain how the ideas of Locke connect to modern politics.
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