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Have a history question you need help with? Many students are good in writing their essays, but may face trouble when it comes to giving concise yet relevant answers to their history questions. It isn’t just the dates and facts that you may not know: these are easy to google, though some history fact questions can still be tricky. More likely, it is the explanation of an event in history or a critical answer you are required to provide, and that is where you may need some help. We are happy to offer a free history questions and answers service where you can post your question and get a reply from a history expert within a short time. We cover World History, US History, 20th Century History, Ancient History, British History, European History, Australian History, Middle Eastern History, Women’s History and many other subcategories. Post your history question here and be sure to get a professional answer for free. If you need more than just an answer — a history essay or paper — order now, and our history experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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How many Americans history have been different if Mexico had succeeded in keeping Texas as Part if its country?
In what ways, do you think, the farming system helped the Sumerian people?
Who wrote the original draft of the Declaration of Independence?
read chapter 2, "Drawing the Color Line;" found in the book A People's History of the United States. As always, please try to have 5 things from each of your readings to discuss on Discussion Board. read the chapter, "Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation Without Freedom," found in Howard Zinn's book A People's History.
During crises (like we are in now) do you think it is important that leadership maintains it's ethics--(such as the Anishinaabe values) why.
prove that various colonial agriculture system in afica were introduced in different parts differently and accidentaly
What was the role of the wealthy during the gilded age?
Why did 1960s British policy makers feel that Britain had a 'productivity problem'?
Why can't King Henry VIII technically be considered a reformer?
Why did Europeans ultimately decide to import African slaves as their labor source
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