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Abebe, who is Maryland International College’s MBA student, wanted to pursue his Master thesis with the title ‘’The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction: Case of Abyssinia Bank”. He wanted to distribute questionnaires and analyze it using statistical methods in a specific branch (Bole Branch).

Assume that Abyssinia bank at Bole Branch has 5,000 customers where there are two types of customers out of the 5,000 (i.e. Current and Saving account holders as 2,000 current account customers and 3,000 as saving account holders).


-What is the type of the research based on Outcome, purpose, environment, time and data?

-What is the accurate sample size using the formula you learned in class?

- How many questionnaires are going to be distributed for each type of customers (i.e. current account and saving account holders)?

How to make a Catchy and informative poster for grade 8 learners on a topic "Entrepreneurship"

Hi how can I attach a document please..


Explain whether the following instruments are examples of money market or capital

market securities.


Malaysian Treasury Bills (MTB)


Safura Berhad corporate bonds


AM Fujiya Berhad Common stocks


AEON CO (M) Berhad Preferred stocks


Bank Negara Monetary Notes-

 a company possesses two manufacturing plants, each of which can produce three products: X,Y, and Z from common raw material. However, the proportions in which the products are produced are different in each plant and so are the plant’s operating costs per hour. Following are the data on the production per hour and costs together with current orders in hand for each product.

Plant                                       product                                               operating cost per hour(birr)

                                   X        Y        Z

A                                2         4         3                                             9

B                                4         3         2                                             10

Orders on hand          54       24       60

You are required to use graphical method to find out the number of production hours needed to fulfill the orders on hand at minimum cost.

6. The J. Sports Inc. purchases tennis balls at $120 per dozen from its suppliers. The John Sports will sell 40000 dozens of tennis balls evenly throughout the year. The total cost to handle a purchase order is $25. The insurance, property tax and rent for each dozen tennis balls in the average inventory is $1.5. The company wants a 12% return on average inventory investment. Required:  Compute the economic order quantity.  Compute the total annual inventory expenses to sell 40000 dozens of tennis balls if orders are placed according to economic order quantity computed in part 1

4. A company manufactures a special product which requires a component ‘Alpha’. The following particulars are collected for the year 2021.

Annual demand of ‘Alpha’ is 12,000 units.

Cost of placing an order $ 1200 per order.

Inventory carrying cost 21% per annum.

Cost of ‘Alpha’ is $ 550.

The company has been offered a quantity discount of 6% on the purchase of ‘Alpha’ provided the order size is 6000 components at a time.

a. Compute the EOQ.

b. Advice whether the quantity discount offer can be accepted.

5. A company manufactures steel boxes for that it needs steel to calculate the quantity required EOD needs to be calculated.

Taking below Assumptions:-

Ordering Cost = $120 per order

Annual quantity demanded = 8400 units

Holding cost = $2.5 per unit

In the below-given figure, we have shown the calculation of the EOQ for a manufacturing company.

2. The annual demand for an item is 16,000 units. The units cost is $24 and inventory carrying charges is 20% p.a. If the cost of one procurement is $1200, determine:

(a) E.O.Q

(b) No. of orders per year

(c) Time between two consecutive orders.

3. RIL Industries Ltd. are the manufacturers of chemical products. The following are the details of their operation during the year 2021.

Average monthly market demand 10,000 units.

Normal usage 600 units per month.

Ordering Cost is $ 1000 per order.

Inventory carrying cost 24% per annum.

Cost of chemical products $ 850


(a) EOQ.

(b) If the supplier is willing to supply quantity to supply quarterly 2000 units at a discount of 6% is it accepting?

1. The regular yearly consumption of ‘ABC’ Ltd is 78,500 units at a price of $120 per unit. The storage cost is 22% on an average inventory and the cost of placing an order is $200.

a) How much quantity is to be purchased at a time?

b) State the number of order to be placed in a year?

Maja works with a variety of managers to design training programs for employees. In addition, she helps managers with performance appraisals and resolve issues with problem employees. Which type of manager is Maja? 

a. marketing

b. administration

c. finance

d. human resources

e. operations

Ozlem's firm is highly specialized and the cost of entry in to the market runs in the millions, and as a result, there are only three other firms that do what her company does. However, these products sell well, and parts needed to produce them are plentiful. What competitive force is Ozlem least likely to worry about?

a. the potential for crisis

b. the power of buyers

c. new entrants

d. the power of suppliers

e. competitive rivalry

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