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) an educational researcher is interested in the relationship between students’ participation in two after school programs and academic achievement. She states the following hypothesis in the description of her study:
H.1. Children who participate in an after-school program that emphasizes critical thinking skills will score higher on measures of academic achievement and self-esteem than students who participate in an after-school program that emphasizes rote memorization.

a) What is the research Title or the Variable of the study and Identify the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s).
The term market refers ......
a. people who meet and negotiate
b. place where people meet for transaction
c. platform that allows for the business transaction
d. policies that governs business activities
Positive workplace behaviours that should be used by managers to assist in achieving business performance
What do you think would be the best way to deliver
an e-portfolio to a prospective employer?
Why older employees are often neglected or discriminated against?
management is undoubtedly one of humankinds most important invention?
The disability manager, Helene, is constantly asking you to increase her budget. You have explained to her on a number of occasions that the board has officially adopted the budget. What will you do if her request begins to take up too much of your time?
what is difference between Job and process. (Course Name: Operating System)
Managers are born not made .Discuss (15marks)
Describe any five theories of management and explain how they can be used by managers to improve on the management of their organizations. (10mks)
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