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Why older employees are often neglected or discriminated against?
management is undoubtedly one of humankinds most important invention?
The disability manager, Helene, is constantly asking you to increase her budget. You have explained to her on a number of occasions that the board has officially adopted the budget. What will you do if her request begins to take up too much of your time?
what is difference between Job and process. (Course Name: Operating System)
Managers are born not made .Discuss (15marks)
Describe any five theories of management and explain how they can be used by managers to improve on the management of their organizations. (10mks)

List the advantages of methods of recruitment into Nigeria public service
Say your supervisor asked you to lead a team to plan the annual company outing to an amusement park three months from now.The outing will include a company sponsored cookout and picnic for employees, with games and prizes for the winners. Make a plan for how you will accomplish this goal. From which departments of the company will you draw your team members? What skills and experience should they have, and how many members should there be?
1. Experts say that organisations are becoming increasingly decentralised, with authority, decision-making responsibility, and accountability being pushed further down into the organisation. How will this trend affect what will be asked of you as a new manager? Some academicians and some industry practitioners have suggested that structure should be designed to fit strategy. Some theorists argue that strategy should be designed to fit the organisation’s structure. With which theory do you agree? Explain your answer in details.
As manager of the local branch of your bank you have been invited to speak at a combined meeting of the Small Business Club and the export club. Your subject is: ‘ What advise and practical help can a bank give to the small business which is seeking new export markets or endeavouring to enter the export field for the first time?
a) Prepare brief notes covering the points you would make. (10 marks)
b) Using four main headings describe the role played by banks in the field of International trade. (15 marks)
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