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The global digital trend is growing rapidly worldwide with billions of users and more than a quarter of the users live in Southeast Asia. Knowing this region is viable to the success of your global fast food expansion, you and your boss invite a Chinese marketing communications consultant who is visiting the United States next week to meet with you to determine the social media marketing strategy for the global fast food franchise. Given that digital social media are powerful marketing communication channels, discuss the following:

How would you use social media to grow the fast food franchise business in this China?
Conduct an analysis on the internal and external key findings and explain in details how they influence the operational decision making process in business
Suppose you are a senior manager in a global management consulting company. Which conflict management style do you think is the best and would you adopt? Justify your answer.
Consider any 2 Listed Companies pertaining to different sectors and determine their capital structure for the last 3 financial years and comment on the factors that you think influence such a structure.

Discuss in detail the meaning of financial stress testing and highlight its role in ensuring financial systems stability
What is the "psychological contract"? Why has it changed over the past 25 years? When considering the next 10 years, what changes to the psychological contract do you envision?
What can managers embarking on an organizational downsizing do to minimize the impact of the process on the "survivors" of downsizing?
Strategic management involves five essential tasks. What are these and explain the importance of each to the growth of the business.(15 marks)
Ben works 36 hours a week at €18 per hour. any time over 36 hours is overtime, which is paid at a rate of time and a half. this week her worked 45 hours. calculate his wage.... Basic wage=..... hours x ...... rate = ......... overtime = ....... hours x ....... rate= ............ gross pay = .............. wage + ........... overtime = ............