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What are the strategies that was practiced by the John J.Casey to regain the reputation of Braniff International Airways
briefly, explain the impact if Marissa Mayer continued her job as a CEO of Yahoo
What issues was faced by the Yahoo because of Marissa Mayer's leadership
Sam bought a leather corner sofa and chair from SCS Edinburgh for £5,490 in July 2009. Less than a year later, she noticed that the sofa’s stitching had started to unravel and reported the fault to SCS. Sam was shocked when a technician sent by the company to inspect the sofa, simply glued it back together. Seven days later, the stitching started coming apart again. Sam contacted her local trading standards office, which contacted SCS on her behalf. SCS said that it required photographs of the fault, and wanted to send round another technician – who turned out to be the same person who inspected the sofa previously. SCS then, via the manufacturers, offered to replace the sofa covers. Sam reluctantly accepted, providing that the colour of the covers would exactly match the rest of the suite. But, as the samples sent didn’t match the suite, a replacement leather panel wasn’t fitted.
Explain the applications of the learning curve.
Explain the advantages of using Value Added Statements (VAS) for interdivision for comparisons in decentralized firm.
A critic has suggested that budgets should be abolished because they introduce rigidity and hamper creativity. Discuss.
a) In his study of: “the impact of budgets on people” C Argyris reported the following comment by a financial controller on the practice of participation in setting budgets in his company:
“We bring in the supervisors of budget areas, we tell them that we want their frank opinion, but most of them just sit there and nod their heads. We know they are not coming out with exactly what they feel. I guess budget scares them”.
Explain why managers may be reluctant to participate fully in setting budgets, indicating the negative side effects, which may arise from the imposition of budgets by senior management.
Watt Lovell Ltd. (WLL) is trying to decide whether or not to drill for oil on a particular site in North Eastern Kenya. The Chief Engineer has assessed the probabilities that there will be oil as follow, based on past experience.

Oil 0.2
No oil 0.8

It is possible for WLL to hire a firm of international consultants to carry out a complete survey of the site. WLL has used the firm many times before and has made the following estimates:

1. If there really is oil, then there is a 95% chance that the report will be favourable.
2. If there is no oil then there is only a 10% chance that the report will indicate that there is oil.

The following additional information is also provided:
• The cost of drilling is Sh.10 million.
• The value of the benefits if oil is found is Sh.70 million
• The cost of obtaining information is Sh.3 million.
a) Advise the company on whether to acquire additional information from the consultants
b) Compute the value of imperfect information.

(ii) After analyzing the cost of various options for obtaining bolts, the company recognizes that ,Although the lead time is 3 days, the demand during lead time often varies. The company has kept very careful records and has determined that lead time is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 1.2 unit.
a) What Z value would be appropriate for a 95% service level?

b) What safety stock should the company maintain if it wants a 95% service level?

c) What is the adjusted ROP for the bolts?