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•Differentiate between ethics and ethical behavior.
•Why are ethical practices and corporate social responsibility critical issues for contemporary managers?
•Provide an example of how stakeholder’s decisions could lead to a company’s image and how customers view that picture, either positively and negatively.

answer should be not less than 150 words
Structures and Frameworks
•Explain formal and informal structures and decipher between traditional and non-traditional frameworks. Describe the characteristics that set functional, divisional, and matrix structures apart.
•What are the advantages and disadvantages of each design?
A supervisor wishes to engage the firsthand knowledge of the team to address defective product issues that are related to first pass yield measurements.
Which strategy should the supervisor use to encourage employee participation in this initiative?

A- scheduled monthly meetings
B- develop quality circles
C- establish benchmarking
D- document improved procedures
i) Identify the various risks facing the organization

Suggest possible remedies to the risks identified in (i) above
iii) Discuss why it is important to manage these risks
i) Identify the various risks facing the organization
How frequently should the budget review occur? Under what conditions is this different and when will the review occur in that case?
define gross domestic product (GDP) and discuss problems associated with GDP as a measure of an economy's total production
identify and discuss the key customer markets by using examples of businesses/companies who sell their goods in those markets as well as examples of goods/services sold in those markets
using two businesses/companies as an example, one with a flat or broad structure and the other with a narrow or high structure, discuss the factors that determine the best span of management
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