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In today's world, innovation is a critical path to sustainability. What is the manager's role in this context?
Roles of financial instruments on economic development
Explain 5 banking problems and their solutions
A sound financial market reflects stability in the economic system, discuss.
Write short notes on the role of financial instruments on economic development
State and explain the specific challenges that are faced by banks and the possible solutions to this challenges
Draw the chart of linear ( hierarchical) functional organizational structure and explain how it works. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Tina has an annual contract with Johnson Insurance Brokers to provide property maintenance services; this includes lawn care, snow removal and parking lot maintenance. Tina spends, on average, 20 hours per week working at the company’s premises and is paid a flat amount monthly. She hires part-time workers, when necessary, to assist her. Tina does not have any other clients.

Tina uses her own small tools; however the company supplies and maintains a riding lawn mower and a snow plow for her use. Her contact at the company is Fred Sinclair, the Facilities Manager, who meets with her every Monday to discuss the work to be done that week. Fred approves Tina’s monthly invoices and submits them to Accounts Payable.

Does Tina have a contract of service or a contract for service with Johnson Insurance Brokers? As the company’s Payroll Supervisor, explain to Fred the process and factors you used to make your decision.
All of us bring biases to the decisions we make. What
would be the drawbacks of having biases? Could
there be any advantages to having biases? Explain.
What are the implications for managerial decision
case 20 jet blue airways:growing pains analysys