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Gender bias is one of the ills of our society and thus impacts our workplace too. Most progressive businesses are moving towards gender neutral policies for talent acquisition & talent management. Explain how are businesses doing it

What are various decision criteria for deciding a location for a business setup? Explain these

decision criteria with reference to a location decision for setting up operations of a Large

Hospitality Setup (like a Resort. etc).

Empiricism as a philosophy of education insists that ... .

You are the Chairman of a French FMCG company in India by the name of “French Shine”. You are operating in the “Soaps & Detergents” category & are facing tough rivals like HUL, Nirma & P&G. You have been operating in India since 2016. During 2020, there has been a steady decline in your revenues & profitability. Your market share has also fallen from 6% to 2.5% during 2020. Your competitors are eating into your market share slowly & steadily during Covid-19 pandemic times.

a. What turnaround strategies can you suggest to arrest the decline of revenues & profitability of your company?

b. In your opinion, would it be considered appropriate to pursue a Strategic Alliance or a JV Strategy or should “French Shine” go it alone in India? State your response with appropriate justifications & reasons. What would be the advantages & disadvantages of such a strategy?

identify with examples the level of management responsible for csr in woolworths holdings, south africa.

Mr. Ramesh is contemplating to enter the men’s top end shirts category. The company already has a brand “CLINGERS” in the middle segment (₹350-700). The brand is very popular amongst the target audience. Mr. Ramesh now wants to play the value game and enter the top end (₹700+) category. He knows there are some formidable brands. that will make life extremely difficult . Mr. Ramesh has decided to keep the brand name as “Clingers Gold”. He has decided to allocate ₹10 crores for sales promotion and advertising budget. Unique Industries is simultaneously entering the readymade trousers market and shoes market. Mr. Ramesh has decided to keep the same brand name “CLINGERS” to leverage the success of the brand name to the two new categories.

a. Do you think the brand name “Clingers Gold” is right for the top end segment? Justify your


b. Which factors you think needs to be studied before making such entry in the market?

For situations a through l, complete the following analysis to determine whether a deductive or an inductive outline is appropriate for the following situations. Identify the channel you believe would be most appropriate for conveying this message; be prepared to justify your answer. Use the format shown in the following example. Answers should follow the following example, highlighting whether to use the inductive or deductive sequence.

1.      Develop a theoretical framework and two hypotheses for the research situation provided below:

People high in their Need for achievement, and who have high work ethics values, will be highly motivated to work.

2.      You are a Marketing Manager of a popular breakfast cereal brand in Malaysia. You are interested to know about the popularity of your brand compared to the other brand which was your competitors. You plan to conduct a research pertaining on this area. How could you apply primary and secondary data for this study? 

explain how the contemporary approaches are relevant to managing business organisations today. Use examples to support your answer

What is the difference between public management and public administration

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