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The Board of trustees of a leading state university is faced with a critical financial problem. At Present tuition rates, the University is losing $ 7.5 million per year. The President of the University urges that tuition be raised $750 over the present $3000 rate- a 25% increase. Based on the 10000 students now attending the school, he projects that this increase would cover the $7.5 million shortfall in revenues. Student leaders protest that they cannot afford a tuition hike; the president responds that the only alternative is cut back significantly on programs and faculty. The faculty supports the tuition increase as a means of preserving their jobs. The students quickly realize that any appeal that involves compassion for their plight is likely to fall on deaf ears. Their only hope is to demonstrate that the tuition hike is not in the best interest of the university. (A journal articles reveals that the elasticity for enrollment at state university is – 1.3 with respect to the tuition charges)
use the information provided below to calculate change in profits compared to the budgeted figures for each of the options
5. Explain the difference between a Bill of Material and Product Routing?
define and discuss the basic concepts relevant to information processing and retrieval.
explain the origin and development of Bibliometrics
The marketing manager tried to mitigate this competitive disadvantage by freight equalization; so that end customers would pay the same amount of shipping costs as the West Coast competition charged, regardless of where they were located. This met with some insignificant success because timeliness of delivery was another important issue. However, this did affect the margins negatively since the company now is taking the hit for the less-than-truck-load shipments to West Coast customers.

For this assignment, you will identify 2 subjective, qualitative factors and discuss 2 quantitative factors to consider. Once you have explained each select the one out of each, qualitative and quantitative listed that you recommend most. What factors may affect the demand for the product in the future?
What are the current trends and issues facing management in today's era
Discuss the purpose of king I and ll reports

The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific
Procedure. In light to this statement discuss the objectives of research?
Discuss any five ethical considerations in data collection. What should a researcher do to ensure compliance